April 23, 2017

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This is the Best Value Vacs 5″ x 5″ Rosin Manually Operated Heat Press with DUAL element heating plans: -5″ x 5″ Heating Plate -Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius -Digital temperature PID control panel -Temperature range 0 – 415F -Digital timer setting -Voltage – 110v/120v -Direct style press system -Swiveling upper heat element left or right.

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These single-use temperature recorders supply ROSIN-CP3815 secured documentation of uninterrupted temperature measurements. Use these recorders for HVAC applications and high-traffic regions; or install recorders in refrigerated trucks, rail cars, or Ocean/air compartments for in-transit use. Mount onto any irregular surface with adaptable hanger and sticky strip at top. Open front cover for operating information in both English and Spanish. Recorders are easy to activate-pull tab to take off shipping form and it at the same time activates the recorder. After activation, close the cover, and permanently seal with attached sticky strip. For extra security, recipient must remove a tamperproof wire seal to retrieve data. Each recorder has a distinctive bar Code serial number, which gives positive identification of data for computer tracking, and corresponds to the identification number on shipping form. Each recorder also will include a copy shipping form with identification number for extra security and dependable tracking. Each recorder is housed in heavy cardboard for easy disposal after use. Housing is water- and shock-tolerant. What is included: one AA battery. Save money while knowing temperature contact of shipped samples water and shock tolerant easy to use-just pull out tab to start recorder distinctive identifier and tamper-obvious seal ensures data isn’t corrupt.

Ohaus JR2500 Ruby Scale 2500 g 1 g

Intended with superior RF protection, the Ruby compact jewelry scales deliver correct and stable weighing results when used in production regions or near cell phones. Features are simple-to-use two button keypad, low battery display, mechanical and software overload protection, external push button calibration, and weighing units that include grams, ounces, troy ounces, pound-ounces, and pennyweights. Powered by three AA batteries, the lightweight scales are really movable and cost economical. The scales may also be powered by an AC adapter (included). What is Included: three AA batteries and AC adapter. Reliable results in a lightweight, low profile design Backlit LCD gives clear view of weighing results auto shutoff conserves battery life Removable stainless steel weighing platform makes cleaning easy.

Donegan Replacement Lens for Opti-Visor

The Donegan substitute lens plate for the OptiVISOR hands-free, headband binocular magnifier, has an optical-grade, acrylic lens ground and polished into a prismatic lens, and is available in many dioptric strengths which supply particular magnification power (X) at particular focal lengths, or distance from object. This magnifier enhances the size and resolution of an object or image, and is usually used for a range of applications like jewelry-making, watch-making, knitting, artwork, electronic inspection, book-reading, print inspection, and stamp-collecting.

SciCan STATIM 2000 Dental Instrument Cassette Autoclave Sterilizer vs ROSIN-CP-3815

Completely refurbished – 1 year warranty We surpass business standard for refurbishment. All our refurbished STATIMs include, full inspection, cleaning, and testing of every part, special attention for pressure break valves, PC boards, air compressors, check valves, and vent solenoids, substitute of all parts that don’t perform to maker plans or show signs of observable wear, substitute of cover, keypads, or front fascia if damaged, in depth inspection of all interior plumbing parts for leaks or weaknesses, and reassembly, repetition testing, and spore testing by our professional technicians. SciCan STATIM sterilizers use a cassette to transport instruments into a steam sterilization cycle. Easy to use, tough, and simple in design, the STATIM 2000 is the best sterilizer for small to medium size practices that favor a range of cycle alternatives and easy use for staff on the go. Features: Standard STATIM cassette size, aseptic transport cassette, single water use, automated sterilization programs Benefits: some number of cycles and alternatives, digital display, easy to use control panel and cassette design.

JYE DSO138 Digital Oscilloscope Kit 2.4" TFT Handheld Pocket-size DIY Parts Electronic Learning Set

DSO138 was intended as a training oscilloscope kit. It holds only the basical oscilloscope functions with no cool features. Simplicity in structure and easiness in assembly/operation are among the major targets of the design. For these function DSO138 uses usually through-hole parts. The heart of DSO138 is a Cortex-M3 ARM processor (STM32F103C8) from ST. It uses 2. 4-inch TFT LCD (320 X 240 dotmatrix, 262K colors) as its display element and displays nice and clear waveforms. In depth assembly information are provided in mix with troubleshooting guide and schematc. Source codes are available to let user to add their own features.

Ohaus Precision Balances – Pioneer Model PA153, 150g 0.001g vs 5 X 5 ROSIN-CP3815 pricing

Ohaus Precision Balances – Pioneer Model PA153, 150g x 0. 001g<TABLE class=tblBox border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2><TBODY><TR><TD class=tableheading colSpan=2>plans</TD></TR><TR><TD class=colHeading width=”30″>Application Modes</TD><TD class=coldata>Weighing, parts counting, </TD></TR><TR><TD class=colHeading width=”30″>Weighing units</TD><TD class=coldata>mg, g, ct, oz, dwt, tical, tola, mommes, baht, grain, mesghal, newton, ozt, teals</TD></TR><TR><TD class=colHeading width=”30″>Platform Size (mm)</TD><TD range.

Pure Chlorine Dioide VAPOR Deodorization: Reset Any Confined Space & Its Contents To Neutral. 10 Bio-Shock Tablets

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂), business's most efficient, versatile & eco-friendly chemical is available to buyers. Carefully clean & deodorize to neutral any confined space & its contents from all organic & chemical odor. Pure Chlorine Dioxide Vapor Treatments penetrate barriers & surfaces that spraying & wiping can not reach. ClO₂ removes pungent & implanted odors caused by cigarette & cigar smoke, food, garbage, mothballs, chemical masking agents, mold & mildew, pets, bio-fluids and anything else you may be able to imagine Standard Bio-Shock Vapor Treatments in less than 3 hours. Deep clean over 24 hours. There’s no have to cover or remove any contents from the treatment area. Quickly air-out the confined space before reoccupying. ClO₂ isn’t chlorine or bleach. ClO₂ (chlorine dioxide) is a powerful selective oxidizer, still it’s very light and satisfactory for use as directed on and around humans, animals, plants, food, water, furniture, upholstery & clothing. Green Material Tablet Technology: No increasing, No-Wiping, Non-Masking, Non-Staining, Non-Corrosive, No Fragrances, No VOCs, Neutral pH, No Enzymes. Will include 2 re-usable Reset Vapor Generator Container and 10 Bio-Shock Tablets. 1 Bio-Shock Tablet treats one Auto/SUV and up to 650 c. F. Or standard 10'X 7' X 9' room with chlorine dioxide vapor. Use many Tablets for bigger spaces. Simply add pre-calculated, color-coded Reset CLO₂ Tablets to water and the ‘no-spill’ vapor generator container and leave it in the center of the unoccupied confined space. (also, add Tablet to disposable cup & 8 oz water) Bonus: Bio-Shock Tablet residual concentrate may be used to produce a Reset CLO₂ Liquid Solution. Best results are achieved by using both Vapor & Liquid Treatments. No other chemical nor CLO₂ product has this capability.

Cole-Parmer pH 4 buffer solution, 4 L bottle, NIST-traceable reference material vs 5 X 5 ROSIN-CP3815 review

Cole-Parmer pH buffers are compared against and are traceable to NIST Standard Reference Materials. Each bottle will include a NIST-traceable calibration report supplied by the maker. Color-coded and colorless buffers are available in 500-mL, 1-L, or 4-L packaging sizes. Extra values and packaging sizes are available;. Store at room temperature. NIST-traceable reference materials include a calibration report from an ISO Guide 34 and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory Color-coded and colorless buffers available.

Generic Portable Metallurgical Metal Metallograph Microscope 100-500 with Carrying Bo

This movable metallography microscope,but the institutional framework of different metal and alloy needing to distinguish when it’s unable to make samples to be used in the on-the spot material is assessed live. Can apply to carrying on analysis and research and qualificationof the metal material in the metallography testing laboratory of the factor greatly. And the analytical work of metallography institutional framework after dealing with the material. May also used in jade article,pottery,bronze ware surface observation of the institutional framework examine. This instrument adopts LED to light vertically,uses lighty and carefully for users,and easy to carry. Can watch small samples,may also watch the majoy possessionmaterial. May also charge for about 40 hours continuously once that this instrument lights. Service time is long,the electricity,greatest feature of LED light of province rise warmly small,the heat not great,use the security. This instrument can dispose CCD digital camera,but the conveinient picture amassed,kept,imported at the sense is analysed and reserched. The major technical parameters: 1, Eyepiece:10X/18mm with reticle and WF12. 5x or you may be able to decide others lens as following link. 2. Plan objective10X/0. 25,Plan 40X/0. 60,and you may be able to decide it as your prerequisite (following link for your decide) 3, concentrating distance: 25mm 4, total magnification 100x-500x or as indicated by your objective decide 5. Mechanical tube length: 160mm 6, light source: adjustable LED lights,3. 6V 7, Weight:750g 8,Power may be rechargable. Directed from factory,welcome wholesaler .

Ohaus 710-00 Triple Beam Mechanical Balance with Stainless Steel Pan, 610g Capacity, 0.1g Readability vs 5 X 5 ROSIN-CP3815 price

If you”re in need of a basic but high quality mechanical balance or you”re looking for the top-of-the-line model that gives you complete flexibility in the classroom, Ohaus has a triple beam for you. Regardless which triple beam you decide, rest guaranteed you may be able to count on every Ohaus Triple Beam balance to be correct and reliable time and time again.

Won W225602-A Crimpenstein Electric Crimper/Decapper with 13mm Crimper and Decapper Jaw-Set

The Wheaton W225602-A Crimpenstein electric crimper/decapper is an ergonomic tool that attaches and removes aluminum seals, or caps, on crimp-top containers, and comes with a removable/replaceable 13 mm crimper and decapper jaw set for use with any 13 mm seal. This tool has an ergonomic design that minimizes exhaustion and increases productivity in comparison to manual crimpers and decappers. Jaw action may be adjusted to create tighter or looser crimping pressure, and microprocessor memory records the last setting and applies it when the tool is turned on again. The bubble-lined plastic carrying and storage case comes with an 11-foot electrical cord and power supply, for portability and fast setup. This tool crimps and decaps serum finish (“crimp-top”) bottles and vials that are usually used for lyophilization (freeze-drying), chromatography, or protein purification processes; for pharmaceutical research and development; for quality control; and in production or general chemistry labs.

A&D FC-2000i Hi-Resolution 5lb Counting scale vs 5 X 5 ROSIN-CP3815 reviews

The FCi Series counting scales use ACAI, A&D’s exclusive auto Count Accuracy Improvement. ACAI combines the two most important performance prerequisites of a counting scale: count accuracy & operation expediency. Initial Average part Weight may be determined through an operator’s choice of fixed, random, keyboard entry, or memory recall. What is Included: 115 VAC power adapter with 7-ft (2. 1 m) cord and US standard plug auto Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) assures high counting accuracy Store/retrieve 500 unit weights by ID numbers LED prompting navigation makes it simple to use 1/5,000,000 count resolution.

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Models to consider:
1550-SD CDI/26X0-062-1 count 47-0150A05215-M AP CT37
B1000 HoldPeak-HP-5100CBL106985 RGB-1050BBP11-34L BL05
B3D1308 1993-73A450gcls MDW-160MParent0914P06EA SJX1502N/E
CBL111503 W225630CL5000B-30 D1.5-32AFG-2225 8100XL/12-230VAC
NASCO B01065WA NW-HRB103-NWLcal335super W225608-ASDS25 AO-06696-00
LV5080 C15-3-2L.110CM089 PH66-SSHRB-6001-NW1 SV18135
LDO10105 TS1975450loopkit1 6723CRNBSC-16-VACUUM KA3305P
W225613-A BAS-150TScoonp-5 D31P300BXSP601 CBL108968
LB10S 22013-CGLLBOD10101 CBL108699SDS30 CDC40101
450gcls SE05.110GMD-2100 W225606-AW225353 LBOD10101
W225608-A SC2500SV18135 AO-12504-94H3D1020 HS5360A
PA3102 AO-10000-610914P06EA CL5000B-30AP CT37 CBL101676-OR
NW-HRB602-NWL 47-0150ACBL111592 PHC10105SRL18362P SJX1502N/E
AO-01379-01 3M 6400CBL107421 AO-06821-02L01Z-70 3M 6404
AO-99460-00 C30-10-5L.220W225602-A MP24ASG069993 EJ-610
HEMATEK-2000 1993-73ACBL102244 NASCO B01065WAUB-1000 Pro-cn-92
AO-00651-74 AFG-22251550-SD coonp-5PHC10101 CDC40101
OP-926-2000 NW-HRB103-NWLFG-30KAM CBL108106LBK 12a SE05c-S1.110
TR-9000 SG069993SE05c-S1.110 K1250NW-HRB103-NWL 6723CRNBS
RGB-1050 AWG-4105PHC10101 B1000ISENO318103 D51XW25WR3
8100XL/12-230VAC OP-926-2000HS5360A CBL1022441993-73A AO-90080-11
CS-2010SS-4×4 IN5665113-52434UCDI/2 PT312-AE402450loopkit HRB-6001-NW1
AO-01377-72 AO-06821-02AP CT37 0914P03EACBL111503 CDC40101
SP601 CBL108106D71P250QX2 AO-99460-00AO-80150-50 BAS-150TS
SDS30 9-88FLDO10101 SC2500W225613-A CM089
D1.5-32 SRL18362PNASCO B01065WA CL65W225606-A ASK-34218
MDW-160MParent W225353CBL108968 SV18135MP24A Pro-cn-92


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