April 23, 2017

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  • Extra long handle that allows you to reach all those hard to get to areas – Includes lovely storage pouch to keep your wand safe and clean
  • Includes a Free Body Heat Warming 1.25 oz Massage Lotion
  • At Sola we believe in everyday wellness, so we made the Sync light weight and able to be charged on the go, so you can bring it anywhere life takes you
  • Sola Sync packs a ton of power in its sleek design, with 10 vibrating functions
  • Life for a woman is very demanding and we face a lot of pressure, Sola hopes to make the relaxation and stress relief of massage available to you any time of day
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

Sola has launched its second item in the wellness massager group, the Sola Sync wireless remote massager. Sola is continuing their commitment to innovate with the 1st ever massager that comes with a wireless remote control. Sola Sync packs a ton of power in its sleek design, with 10 vibrating functions. The Sola Sync is ergonomic, so it is curved design is for easy reach and the head is adaptable enough to comply to any area of your body. The Sync is covered in platinum cured silicone making it totally non porous and easy to clean. It is totally waterproof and rechargeable, taking 90 minutes to charge the product completely with an hour and twenty minutes of uninterrupted use per full charge. At Sola we think in everyday wellness, so we made the Sync light weight and able to be charged on the go, so you may be able to bring it anywhere life takes you. Included with every Sync, is a lovely storage pouch to keep your wand safe and clean. Life for a woman is calling for and we face lots of pressure, Sola hopes to make the relaxation and stress break of massage available to you any time. Sola is dedicated to the well being of women by designing merchandise to make every day life more relaxing. Features: Powerful Vibrations – 10 Vibrating Fucntions – Wireless Remote – USB/AC Charger – Pure Smooth Silicone – Smooth Satin Finish – adaptable Massage Head – Phthalate Free & Body Safe – Waterproof – Lint-Free Antibacterial Storage Pouch – Extra Long Handle – 5 Year world Warranty.

Compare with similar products:

INeed Shitsu Set Topper with Het

INeed Shiatsu Seat Topper with Heat. Versatile i-need Shiatsu Seat Topper with Heat allows you to decide the kind of massage you want. Attaches easily to most chairs for instant break at home or office. Rotating, rolling Shiatsu massage program promotes deep relaxation to your complete back or targeted regions. Rolling vertical massage program allows you to change the rollers for custom break. Auto program combines light rolling and deep-kneading. Shiatsu massage. Add soothing heat medical care to any program 20-minute auto shutoff feature. What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that uses deep kneading pressure on targeted acupressure points in the body to help release tension and ease tight, sore muscles. Using the i-need Shiatsu Seat Topper with Heat, you may be able to Shiatsu anytime, in any bench-no appointment needed A kneading Shiatsu massage with heat reaches deep to help relieve tightness and tension, improve circulation and give you an in general feeling of well being. Get a warm, soothing massage just the way you like it. Order a Shiatsu Seat Topper with Heat from Brookstone today For adult use only. Remove all scarves, neckties, necklaces, and jewelry before using this massager. IMPORTANT: Any individual who can be pregnant, has a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes, phlebitis and/or thrombosis, is at an increased risk of developing blood clots, or who has pins/screws/fake joints or another medical devices implanted in his/her body should discuss with a physician before using a massaging device intended for home use.

Crepeutic Inversion Deluxe Wist nd bs Trining, White

Carepeutic Inversion Deluxe Waist and Abs Training Massager is the device specially intended for both shoulder and waist massaging. It comes with removable straps and Velcro extension belt that may be adjusted to fit different waist sizes. With its 11 pre-programmed massaging modes and 10 selective intensities, the Mega Sport shoulder massager can supply ache and exhaustion break on joints and those hard-to-reach muscles from neck, shoulder, waist, back, hip, thigh and legs effectively. The Abs training massager is made of high quality PU leather and still it weights only 5 lbs. With its user-friendly LED handheld controller, you may be able to simply sit back on sofa or lie down on bed to take pleasure in the deep down break on muscles. Extra adjustable waist extension belt included. Measures 15x9x7 inches and weights 5 lbs.

Muscles Kneding with Het. Shitsu Roller for Bck, Neck nd Shoulder Mssge. wesome Gift 3800

Professional maker of electric massagers, specializing in massagers with armrests. In 15 years of uninterrupted technical novelty, we have worked on 4 generations of massaging systems, with Taiji Multi Roller System to be its lastest invention. This advanced Taiji roller massager gives an direct soothing Shiatsu massage experience at the comfort of your place, either at home or in the office, or when you’re resting in the car after a long drive. Its special handle design lets a targeted massage, fast relif to knotted muscles on neck, shoulder, legs, buttocks, upper and lower back. Its soothing heat promotes blood circulation and oxygen in muscle tissues and acupuncture points, which enhances the usefulness of the massage. Tense of muscles are loosen considerably after the set 15-min massage. The rotating direction of the rollers are invertable different shiatsu experience, alleviates unwarranted pressure from incorrect posture, relieves painful pressure on the rear bone, and promotes better spine alignment. It’s a suggested gift for housewifes, drivers, office workers, nursing moms, seniors, and patients who benifits from massage medical care. Get this great gift to someone you care to add comfort to their lifes.

Kendl Foot with Kneding Shitsu Rolling 3-D ir pressure mssge 8803-blck

The air pressure foot massager improves metabolism, decreases stress, increases blood circulation, and promotes relaxation as effectively as the common mechanical foot massager. The air pressure feature foot reflexology, but, is much softer and soothing on the feet. Massage rollers relieve tightness at the bottom of feet while air compression makes your feet feel refreshed. There are 3 massage programs with adjustable intensities of air pressure and adjustable speed of kneading. The bordering fabric can be removed and cleaned, allowing for a long product life. No assembly obliged. Easy to store, transport and use.

HoMedics PQ-30H Therpist Select Qud-ction Percussion

The Therapist choose PAQ-30H Quad-Action percussion massager with infrared heat let us you say goodbye to knots and is ideal for pre and post work outs or after long days at the office. Like the steady beat of a drum, percussion action massage chips away at pent up muscle tension. The double dual-cam action for smooth still powerful performance begins with a percussion 1st, 4 massage heads At up to 6,200 pulses per minute, the quad heads really relieve tension and the soothing infrared heat helps create a deep tissue massage for penetrating break. The comfort gel grip hand held design lets for targeted break to most muscle groups- back, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, calves and more.

Presto Foot-Operted Stckers – djustble 3"Wx25"L Forks – 5-1/4" Lowered Height, 66" Lift Height vs New Remote pricing

Very maneuverable stackers move merchandise from one spot to another. Change your warehousing and material handling functionings with PRESTO Foot-Operated Stackers. Foot pedal lets you to hydraulically lift objects, and frees up your hands for other tasks. 5″ dia. Front and 4″ dia. Rear wheels.

Reflexology Foot

Sooth those aching feet with this reflexology foot massager that delivers kneading, percussion and infrared light. Place feet in the foot beds then sit back and enjoy the comfort of 3-dimensional massage: vibrating percussion to acupoints on the lone of foot, kneading on the sides and all around infrared light. Promotes blood circulation, releases tension and helps to relieve stress. Your feet will thanks over and over again.

Hitchi Mgic Wnd Originl vs New Remote review

Magic Wand OriginalAmerica’s number one choice for a personal massager for over 30 years. If you’re wanting to soothe an aching shoulder or want a more personal massage experience, the Magic Wand is the proven answer that has earned Americans’ trust and rave reviews for many years. Use your Magic Wand(R) by applying its firm massaging, vibrating head onto big muscle groups for up to 25 minutes at a time (refer to the manual). To offer a more stimulating massage, start on the low setting, then progress to the higher setting, if wanted. Many women have found the Magic Wand to be a great help in maintaining their intimate health and well being. Since the late 70s, many therapists and advisers have exactly suggested the Magic Wand to their clients as the superior choice, thanks to its deep, powerful and pleasure-filled vibrations. Pleased women and couples agree.

Relxzen 60-2907P04 10-Motor Mssge Plush Mt with Het, Blck

10-motor massage mat. Vibration massage motors to decrease tension and soreness in muscles. Soft, cozy plush fabric. Soothing heat treatment. 4 massage zones. 5 massage modes. 3 intensity levels. AC power adapter. Cushion size: 66. 9(W) x 22. 4(D) x 1. 4(T) inches. Here at Comfort merchandise, we develop, maker, and market targeted buyer merchandise intended to enhance and improve the lives of buyers in a range of applications. As the name implies, we put the “comfort” into daily life. With an stress on vehicle, seating and wellness merchandise, Comfort merchandise has a long history dating back to 1919. For decades, our company was a trailblazer in our product groups, and established long-standing relationships with our customers with loyal brand name followings like Kool Kooshion, Relaxzen. Headquartered in Memphis, TN, America’s distribution capital, our company has distribution buildings in Olive Branch, MS and Mesquite, TX, and permanent offices in Asia. Our long company history and strategic business partners let us to offer quality merchandise at tremendous values.

OSIM uPhori Wrm Foot vs New Remote price

The all-encompassing full-leg massager to pamper and rejuvenate tired legs after a long day. Featuring a 5-in-1 massage good-tuned to cater to your legs’ particular needs and aches. 1. Improved Calf-Gliding with Kneading massage (New & Improved) The distinctive soothing-ache of the Tui-Na massage, delivered through firm and sustained strokes, rouses key meridian points along the legs, which bring about good health and well-being, while the concurrent kneading massage more amplifies the benefits of the massage by releasing built-up tension in the calves. 2. Wrap-around squeeze massage (Exclusive to uPhoria Warm) Full coverage squeeze-andknead function gives the extra feel-good stimulation to alleviate muscle aches and strain, instant break to your tired legs. 3 Roller reflexology massage Programmed to complement the squeeze massage, the rollers stimulate the balls and arches of your feet while activating the important reflex points for better health and well-being. 4 Vibration massage Releases pent-up tension in the muscles and aids circulation to trigger the body’s natural detoxification processes. 5 Warmth medical care (New & Improved) With increased coverage, the warmth expands constricted veins and capillaries to aid more circulation and soothe tension in inflexible muscles.

Five Str FS8801-BLK Shitsu Neck ∓ Bck with Het – Shoulder – Foot – Kneding Mssge Pillow With Het (Blck)

Note: If you get a used or buyer returned unit, email the seller and we’ll send you a new unit. You do not have to return the unit you have. FIVE STAR FIVE S FS8801-BLK Shiatsu kneading massager with soothing heat, black color. 8 kneading rollers. One button to turn the heat on/off. 2 massage directions. One button to change the direction of rotation. It may be used for neck, shoulder, back, waist, body, arms, legs and feet. Auto shut down in 15 minutes. Note: you may be able to push the power button again and it’ll work for another 15 minutes. It isn’t suggested to use the massager for more than 45 minutes. Movable. Both AC adapter(110-220V AC to 12V DC) and car adapter are included for home, office and car. FIVE STAR FIVE S FS8801-BLK Shiatsu kneading massager with heat is just what you need after a hard day’s work to relax for your neck, shoulder, back, waist, body, arms, legs and feet. Size: 22 x 20 x 7 inches. Buyer satisfaction guaranteed: 30 days refund, no question asked. Factory Warranty: 3 years. Note: If you have a pacemaker, verify with your Dr. Before you buy this item. Note: If you get a used or buyer returned unit, email the seller and we’ll send you a new unit. You do not have to return the unit you have.

Mgic Wnd with Wnd Essentils Speed Controller’ vs New Remote reviews

The Magic Wand is an electrical personal massager that gives deep, strong vibrations for a satisfying massage. It also relieves pressure and loosens tense muscles, which increases blood flow to the cells. This may help improve function during the body. The Magic Wand massager is intended for a United States 110-120V/60A power source. Specifications: Massager: 12 Inches Long, Head: 2 1/4 Inches large, Cord length: 6 foot, 1. 2 Pounds, 110-120V/60A Power Source Only, 1-Year Warranty. Multi-Function Wand Essentials Controller: Turn your 2 speed wand into a variable speed wand with this variable speed controller. While your current wand massager can be strong and powerful, if it’s restricted to 2 speeds, that limitations your fun. The wand controller is an very useful tool for those with the need for adjustable speed. Simply input the box into the wall, input the wand into the box, and change the dial as indicated by your desires. This premium controller offers 6 feet of cord for extra mobility, quality long lasting parts, a custom dials and a large speed band.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. LuLu #4 Wireless Therapeutic Massager Made Of Body Safe Silicone
  2. Theapeutic Dual Function Massager Wand with 360 Degree Rotating Handle–Waterproof & Rechargeable– Purple
  3. Alessandro Yarosi Cordless Waterproof Therapeutic Wand Massager 8 Powerful Speeds & 20 Pulsating Patterns For Muscle Aches & Sports Recovery Rechargeable Wireless & Travel Friendly – Black
  4. LELO Smart Wand, Medium, Plum
  5. Theapeutic Dual Function Massager Wand with 360 Degree Rotating Handle–Waterproof & Rechargeable– Purple
  6. Premium Therapeutic Portable Wand Massager by TOTI with Multi Speeds and Pulsating Patterns – Wireless & Waterproof
  7. Wireless Wand Massager With 360 Degree Rotation-Therapeutic Waterproof Massager-Muscle Recovery Relaxation Exercises(Purple)
  8. Theapeutic Dual Function Massager Wand with 360 Degree Rotating Handle – Waterproof & Rechargeable– -Pink

Models to consider:
MI1004 PM3032mp-651240 BM-EC958153.113UK EP-VF50-W
VC 24 B HS-2003msc 600 Hv-260HM-253-BW BN574
G501UK AZDW1015_PurpleCM-N810-P SBM 200HS-2003 AAHN2012
MR-2 WM-100BKC0155 4500USM100 AX-HL148br
EV2710P-K HHP-325HSBM-500H FM3830ALELO-4757 LELO-4740
FMS-305H GK 24 NBSKY2421 FM-H2OEW-NA84-S FB-300
KH492 VF762PL008 VM-100PM-50-9CTM FMS-275H
OS-260Y KH319c001557 200-IJOYFOOT-001FMS-270H JMAS3000
IC0906 SE-1560-11-3EW-NA33-S SC5285-11AC281 TT22
L51-1080C0-1C 3Q-MG-F18IE-50-G EW-NA31-PBB-D1-200 EW-NA84-S
GK 24 NB E501NAFM-H2O KH492700-017GN msc 600
DR3121 VF762UC-633 CK-1600014ALight FMS-305H
BTS7 SM100SKY2421 IC0906FB-0053 SBM 200
MCS-100 ILG-916CN 308DL Medicomat-14AD233 HHP-325H
KH319 AAHN2012mp-651240 CM-N810-PPA-100 HS-2003
EW-NA75-VP CNT 24 WPL008 Hv-260BKC0153 LELO-4757
MR-2 ZRM100EW-NA33-S IS-3000PRIOLELO-4740 MC-2000
GHA508 PL009-PAZDW1015_Purple AK-3BKK-200 HS-2003
AX-HL148br SK2/2WM-100 OS-338SJ507R085 msc 600
AAHN2012 IC0912KH319 FM-H2O10S.1500 QQ01
EW-NA84-S IBW-SM100MMF06B 6084BVF762 MK9138
JIT1063 AB-763BPM-50 SM100DR3121 PD2407-20
BMAT-1 AZDW1015_PurplePL009-P FM3830AEW-NA31-P 3Q-MG-F18
HS-2003 MG800JMAS3000 GK 24 NBPL008 BKC0155
CN 308DL PM3032SE-5643-20-2 CM-N3000 WPA-400H QL-2000
700-017GN USJ-815AX-HL169 MC-2000JB5462 FMS-275H
EV2510K PRO-3401mp-651240 SI-Z01DL-307 AC868


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