April 23, 2017

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  • PC Software Language: English, Deutsch, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, Korean
  • Focus range: Manual focus from 0mm to 150mm / Video Format: H.264 / Photo Format: JPEG
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1280 x 720 (720P), 640 x 480 (VGA) / Magnification Ratio: 10x200x
  • System Requirements: iOS / Android / iOS 5.1 and later / Android 4.3 and later
  • Image Sensor: 1 Mega Pixels (true resolution) / Still Capture Resolution: 1280 x 720 (720P), 640 x 480 (VGA
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General description

High-tech Wifi Digital Microscope. Magnification is adjustable up to 200x. It’s easy to zoom in on stamps, coins, paper currency, plants, insects, skin, fabrics, rocks and minerals, and so more. Features: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery USB Digital Microscope on PC Multi-Language PC software Measurement on PC (done in both photo and video capturing) Measurement: Any Angle Line Measurement Continous Line Measurement Radius Circle Measurement Diameter Circle Measurement Three points Angle Measurements Can draw or add text on the import image then save for afterward analysis Timer function for video and photo capturing plans: Light Source: 6 LED (adjustable by control wheel) Power Source: Rechargeable Li-ion battery Working Time: 99mins. Charging Time: 100 mins Charging Power: 5V DC iOS / Android Interface: WiFi App: iOS (5. 1 and afterward): Wifi catch (Search and download from App Store) Android: Wifi catch, Install from CD, or search and download from https://play. Google. Com/store PC Interface: USB 2. 0 PC Software: movable catch HD (with measurement) PC Windows XP / VISTA / WIN 7 / WIN 8 P4 1. 8 or above RAM: 512M Video Memory: 64M USB port: 2. 0 CD-ROM Drive Supports 32bit and 64bit Size: Microscope: 154mm (L) x 44mm (R) Professional Stand: 165mm (L) x 118mm (W) x 12mm (H) Weight (whole item): approx. 1000g Set will include: 1 x Wifi Digital Microscope 1 x Stand 1 x AC Adaptor 1 x USB Cable 1 x CD Software 1 x Calibration Ruler 1 x Cleaning Fabric English fast Start Guide Standard Factory Packaging.

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Aihome 1080P VGA C-Mount Industry Camera SD Video Recorder + Mouse

Features: High Quality, High Resolution, M05-001 Clear pictures 1080P VGA output SD Card Video Recorder 19201080 FULL HD Panasonic Image sensor 1/2. 86 inch sensor 19201080 pixels The pixel size is 2. 752. 75um All metal shell certification:CE,FC,RoHS business CMOS Camera. It can Show the live image directly on any VGA monitor or Projector. Supply VGA USB output ports. Specification: Image sensor 19201080 FULL HD Panasonic sensor 1/2. 86 inch 19201080 pixels The pixel size is 2. 752. 75um White balance auto light control auto Packing as well as: 1 x business Microscope Camera 1 x Wireless USB Mouse 1 x Power supply(100-240V).

MARS Wall Mount ENT 00004Eds

Technical plans:-Binocular tubes : fixed straight at 90 degree Eye pieces : 10x large field3 step magnifications : 5 x, 10x 20xObjective lens : f=300 mmField of view : 50 mmI pd modification : 55 mm to 75 mmFine concentrating : manual concentrating handle. Illumination : 15v/150w twin halogen lamps with 100coaxial through the lenses focused fiber Optics light guide 1. 5 meter, bright light more Than 80, 000 lu x, maximum at standard Condition. Field of illumination : 70mmArm : counter balanced pantographic arm with 320 degree rotation. Vertical range of counter balanced arm : 250 mm to 300 mmWeight : 18 kg (approx. Without packingPower : ac 220v, 50/60 hz. (110 v on ask.

MARS Surgical Three Step

Specification of surgical microscope Binocular tubes : fixed incliend at 45deg. Optical head Eye pieces : 12. 5x large field Magnification : 3step magnification 5x, 10x, 20x Objective lens : f= 200, 250, 300 mm Field of view : 50mm Ipd modification : 55mm to 75mm good concentrating : manual Illumination : 15v/150w twin halogen lamps with 100 coaxial through the lenses focused fiber optics light guide 1. 5 meter, white bright light more than 80, 000 lux, maximum at standard condition. Field of illumination: 70mm Arm : counter balanced panto graphic arm with 320 degree rotation. Vertical range of counter balanced arm : 350mm to 550 mm Floor stand: mobile floor stand on caster wheels for easy handling and complete stability. Base : 600mm x 500mm (approx Height : 1500mm (approx. Weight: 65kg (approx. Power : ac 220v, 50/60hz. Spares: dust cover for covering the microscope, set of sterilizable of silicon caps, 15v-150w bulbs, fuses.

MARS Surgical Five Step vs Digital Wifi M05-001 200x price,Lcd,Camera,Motorized 05 vs M-05-001

Operating microscope sectionBinocular tube : 45 deg. Inclined fixed Eye pieces : 15 x w. F. Magnification : 5 x, 10x, 20x (5 step magnificationField of view : 50 mmObjective lens : f= 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mmWorking distance : 300 mmInterplanetary distance : 55 mm to 75 mmFine concentrating : good concentrating or motorized foot control system. Illumination part- Type : fiber optic cable light guide white bright light Light source : 15volt/150 watt halogen cold light sourceIllumination control : uninterrupted modification with low high intensityField of illumination : 70mm Stand part- Type : mobile floor stand on four wheel caster easier handling and complete stability Arm : vertical height modification range of counter balance photographic arm 320 mm to 550 mm rotation 320 deg. With lock. Optional accessory for surgical operating microscope1. Beam splitter with ‘c’ mount to live view on the monitor2. Ccd color camera3. Led screen 16″ (mount on the microscope4. Motorized good concentrating foot control system.

Hobby Student,Yuanj Stand-alone 3.5-inch LCD with 500x Magnification and 5mp Resolution

The 3. 5″ Desktop LCD Digital Microscope is a great microscope that gives a good way for you to have microscopic observation on the go. The 3. 5″ quality LCD panel brings vivid crystal image. Equipped with professional microscopic lens, it assists you to see tiny objects easily. With 250x optical and 4x digital zoom, the magnification may be up to 1000x. 800mAh rechargeable li-ion battery gives a 3. 5-4 hours standalone working time. The 8 bright LEDs, with light adjustable, is bright enough for perfect observation. More thrilling is the professional measurement software may help to measure size as small as 0. 001mm, which is very useful to your scientific researches. With this microscope, you may be able to enjoy your researches anytime.

ETA hand2mind, Corded Stereo, (21505) vs Digital Wifi M05-001 200x pricing

This lasting, high quality optic, precision, and reliable microscope is great for use at home or in the classroom. 3-D microscope is corded (120v) and has a metal frame with stain-tolerant enamel. Microscope features 95mm reversible black/white contrast plate, top/bottom illumination and paired large-field diopter eyepieces. Paired 2X goals produce a fixed magnification of 20X. Microscope is roughly 11″ and will include a dust cover. Science education merchandise integrate applied math and science rules into classroom projects. Teachers in pre-K, elementary, and secondary classrooms use science education kits and merchandise alongside science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum to show STEM notions and real-world applications through hands-on actions. Science education projects include a broad range of actions, like practical experiments in engineering, aeronautics, robotics, energy, chemistry, physics, biology, and geology.

AmScope T120 Turret Phase Contrast Kit

This a brightfield (BF) and darkfield (DF) turret Plan phase contrast kit for B360 and T360 series compound microscopes. It comes with a phase contrast turret condenser with iris diaphragm, a CT lens, and a set of plan goals, 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x. The 1. 25NA turret condenser will include open bright field position (BF), black field position (DF), and Ph 1, 2 & 3 positions. The mounting size of the condenser is 37mm (in diameter). The thread of the Plan goals is 20mm in diameter. Features & plans: Phase Contrast type: turret. Objective: Plan 4X/0. 10, PH 10X/0. 25, PH 40X/0. 65, & PH OIL 100X/1. 25. Condenser: NA 1. 25. Mounting Size: 37mm (in diameter). CT Lens: 30mm. Unbeatable Low Price. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Shipping Weight: 10.

Ushio AL-1824 21W 0V Solarc Metal Halide Light Bulb Lamp vs Digital Wifi M05-001 200x review

Ushio AL-1824 21W 60V Solarc Metal Halide Light Bulb Lamp – 21 Watts, 60 Volts, MR11, Metal Halide. Substitute lamp for LB24. S? Larc, a distinctive metal-halide arc lamp technology, delivers bright, daylight-quality light while requiring minimal power. These compact, rugged and greatly economical lamps have been integrated into a host of merchandise, as well as fiber optic illuminators for medical and industrial endoscopy and movable resources like bicycle lights, dive lamps and industrial flashlights. S? Larc lamps offer a three-fold increase in efficiency over comparable halogen resources. If it is more acute light driven by an equivalent amount of watts or equivalent light output that lasts three times as long, our S? Larc lamps supply OEMs with important cost and performance benefits.

40X-1000X Cordless Student Biological +Prepared & Blank Slides, Book

This microscope package is intended for students to learn science. It will include an advanced monocular compound microscope, an instructional book of microscope, 50PC blank standard microscope slides, 100PC coverslips, and 100PC prepared slides. The microscope offers five magnification settings, 40X, 100X, 250X, 400X and 1000X. It comes with glass optics, metal framework, 360 degree rotatable monocular head, coarse & good concentrate, and LED illumination with wall-power adapter and three AA batteries. The book, The World of the Microscope, investigates the huge range of objects too small for the eye to see, from insects, bacteria, to rock crystals and microchip circuits. The Step-by-step diagrams will show you how to get the best results from a microscope and how to make and keep slides. The book covers different kinds of microscopes, from magnifying glasses to electron microscopes, and there are lots of thrilling ideas for projects which reveal the unbelievable detail of everyday objects. The book also holds a part on the use of microscopes in science and business. 100-part nice specimen slides of different plants, insects and animal tissues in wooden box are included, also as 50PC blank slides and 100PC coverslips for students to make their own microscopy slides. This is a perfect microscope package for home school from elementary to high school. It’s brand new in original box.

MARS Surgical Five Step vs Digital Wifi M05-001 200x price

Specification- Operating microscope part Binocular tube : 45 deg. Inclined fixed Eye pieces : 15x w. F. Magnification : 5x, 10x, 20x (5 step magnification Field of view : 50 mm Objective lens : f= 200mm, 250mm, 300 mm Working distance : 300 mm Interpupillary distance : 55 mm to 75 mm good concentrating : good concentrating or motorized foot control system. Illumination part- Type : fiber optic cable light guide white bright light Light source : 15volt/150watt halogen cold light source Illumination control : uninterrupted modification with low high intensity Field of illumination : 70mm Stand part- Type : mobile floor stand on four wheel caster easier handling and complete stability Arm : vertical height modification range of counter balance photographic arm 320 mm to 550 mm rotation 320 deg. With lock.

C and A Scientific My First Lab Ultimate

This isn’t a toy but an real scientific instrument equivalent to microscopes used in intermediate and high schools global. An educational investment that supports students to increase their science knowledge through independent study, My 1st Lab? Microscope will be a useful tool for study during school years and into college. Features: Real optical glass lenses 10X WideField eyepiece with pointer 3 Achromatic objective lenses: 4X, 10X, & 40X Power Magnification from 40X to 400X 90mm x 90mm stage with clips 6 hole disc diaphragm Coarse concentrate, easy grip handle fitted 20W illumination fitted rechargeable battery & removable AC power cord tough all-metal construction One year restricted warranty Contents: Vinyl dust cover and instruction manual 5 prepared slides.

Monocular Compound, WF10x Eyepiece, 40x-1000x Magnification, Anti-Mold Optics, Incandescent Illumination, Brightfield, Abbe Condenser, Coar vs Digital Wifi M05-001 200x reviews

BoliOptics Monocular Compound Microscope has a 10x pointer eyepiece, a forward-facing nosepiece with four DIN achromatic goals, Incandescent illumination, separate coarse and good concentrate, a 1. 25 NA Abbe condenser, and a plain stage. The monocular looking at head has a fixed 45-degree vertical tendency, and 360-degree rotation capability. An anti-mold head preserves optics in high-humidity regions. The forward-facing revolving nosepiece has 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x finite achromatic goals. The completely-coated optical system gives sharp, high-resolution pictures. A compound microscope can be used for inspection and dissection of specimens when two-dimensional pictures are wanted. The microscope has lower (diascopic) Brightfield illumination that transmits light up through the specimen for improved visibility of translucent and transparent objects. Brightfield (BF) illumination lets the specimen to take in light, ensuing in a black image on a light background. Tungsten (incandescent) illumination gives bright light, and a rheostat controls the amount of light emanating from the lamp. The 1. 25 NA Abbe condenser may be adjusted to control the distance of the light from the stage and has an iris diaphragm to optimize the amount of light illuminating the specimen. The condenser is controlled using a spiral system. The plain stage has clips to secure the specimen in place, and is 4-3/8 x 4-3/4 inches (110 x 120mm) (W x D; where W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back). Separate coarse and good concentrate eases concentrating for left- and right-handed viewers, and a rack-and-pinion system gives exact and secure concentrating. All the mechanical parts of the microscope are constructed of metal to offer durability and resistance to wear. The metal frame has a stain-tolerant enamel finish for durability and to ease cleaning. The microscope is powered by a 110V wall outlet.

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  2. Vividia Wi-Fi Wireless Handheld Digital Microscope for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  3. Mustcam 1080P Full HD Digital Microscope, HDMI Microscope, 10x-220x magnification, to Any Monitor/TV with HDMI-In, Photo Capture, Micro-SD Storage, PC supported too
  4. Celestron 44313 Micro Fi Wi-Fi Microscope (Gray)
  5. Forestfish 2MP 1000X Magnification Handheld USB Digital Microscope Endoscope with Stand, Photo and Video Capture

Models to consider:
GSS-17805 GSS-17998Tathastu-3120 GSS-13493MARS1373 GSS-17482
GSS-13091 GSS-12310GSS-17284 GSS-12881GSS-18175 GSS-17469
MARS2372 MARS950HL150-BR GSS-12602GSS-13400 GSS-18069
GSS-17756 MARS2410GSS-17845 DCC1545MGSS-17600 Tathastu-1982
GSS-11791 LER2831MARS2398 MFL-02GSS-17607 GSS-17996
MU1000A weswox-107IN200TB-9M LER2344-4MARS1232 GSS-17203
MI-4112 Tathastu-3274GSS-12588 GSS-17297Tathastu-1812 DM500x-CE08
MARS1368 GSS-13181GSS-17399 Tathastu-3611GSS-12498 13613384US
GSS-17934 MARS2334weswox-121 MD200x500420 handymicron2
FBP-P5000i MARS310BI841-0000 GSS-17662MARS2073 Tathastu-3612
GSS-17805 GSS-12602MLTSCOP6 GSS-17977MARS2530 GSS-11899
MARS2410 GSS-12091GSS-17770 Tathastu-3819TET50001T MARS732
GSS-17363 DM500x-CE08Tathastu-3116 GSS-17867LT131#1 GSS-18103
GSS-17856 GSS-17446GSS-13493 GSS-11989AE31E AE2000
Tathastu-3595 MARS2334GSS-17845 GSS-18069GSS-12982 Tathastu-2296
GSS-17646 GSS-12677GSS-13600 GSS-11982M150C-E5 W6506
GSS-13383 GSS-14067GSS-12881 Tathastu-3120GSS-16545 GSS-17862
MARS130 MARS1373GSS-17998 GSS-13400GSS-18072 GSS-17399
MU130-CK GSS-17180MARS2410 MU1000AGSS-17399 GSS-18179
3S441-406 MARS1874Tathastu-3611 GSS-17363GSS-17881 BI841-0000
LVM-500 MARS1232weswox-121 GSS-13577GSS-17568 GSS-13387
GSS-13383 Tathastu-3273GSS-14067 GSS-17482Tathastu-4548 GSS-17089
GSS-17469 Tathastu-3120IN200TB-9M MARS1368M150C-E5 GSS-12091
GSS-17297 GSS-17977GSS-17646 13613384USPA100X-IRIS GSS-17600
MARS2334 TET50001TGSS-14101 MARS310GSS-12678 GSS-17446
PCT120 Hecate-116aGSS-18069 MARS562MARS2398 FBP-P5000i
GSS-13275 GSS-14081GSS-12395 GSS-11899TS130R-LED GSS-17284


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