April 23, 2017

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General description

Meter will include: “All-in-one” pH/temperature (model 35808-71), Grip-Clip probe holder, and two AA batteries Backlit, rugged waterproof meter is ideal for any environment Intuitive, user-friendly icons – electrode position displays pH slope Grip-ClipTM electrode holder quickly and easily secures electrode to side of beaker or container USB or RS-232 output for up to 500 data sets expanded battery life or optional common power adapter fitted stand with wall mount choice lets for easy benchtop measurement or storage.

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SX610 Pen Tester, ±0.1 Accuracy, 0-14.0 Range, Suitable for Test Tube Testing, Replaceable Probe

The Apera Instruments SX610 pH AO-35618-30 Pen Tester is shown with dependable measuring performance with a single-button operation in a thin body. A cost-efficient choice for your regular pH testing, as well as hydroponics, aquaculture, water treatment, pools& spas, brewing, and so on. The pH probe is replaceable and suited for test tube measuring, which is particularly suited for educational use.

Hanna Instruments HI98103 Checker Tester and Batteries, 0.00 to 14.00, +/-0.2 Accuracy, 0.01 Resolution

The Hanna Instruments HI 98103 is a compact pH tester with a narrow probe for use in small samples or test tubes, and has manual two-point calibration, a single-line LCD screen, a replaceable electrode, and low power demand. A pH meter is usually used to measure the pH of matter like water, food, beer, or wine in laboratory, industrial, and food applications. The single-line LCD screen of this meter shows the current measurement. The meter has manual temperature reimbursement and manual two-point calibration through trimmers on the top. Two 1. 5V AA batteries supply roughly 3000 hours of use. The meter also comes with an HI 1270 pH electrode and information.

Dr. ® 100 0.01 Resolution High Accuracy Pocket Size ATC, 0-14 Measurement Range, White

Dr. Meter The Dr. Meter pH-100 is a handheld, correct pH meter that measures pH value of water or solution. It was widely used in the realm of hydroponics, education, water treatment, and swimming pools. This meter has ATC(auto temperature reimbursement) for correct readings in fluctuating temperatures. Plans -Measuring range: 0-14 pH -Resolution: 0. 01 -Batteries: 4x 1. 5V LR44 button cell (AG13) -Working temperature: 0-50 C (32-122 F) -Weight: 88g Package will include – 1 x pH Meter – 1 x Carrying case – 6 x Calibration packet – 1 x User manual – 1 x Warranty card – 4 x button cell – 1 x Warranty card Warranty:30 Days Money Back; 12 Month Free Exchange.

CandyQ High Accuracy TDS & digital ATC(Automatic Temperature Compensation) LCD 0-14

Things plans: Color: Yellow with Black (pH Tester)/Beige (TDS) Size: 14. 2 x 2. 7x 1. 5 cm (pH Tester) Size: 14. 5 x 2. 6 x 2. 0 cm (TDS) Package weight: 6. 90z/197g Accuracy: 0. 1PH (at 20) Battery: PH Meter: 4 x 1. 5V (AG 13 button battery) TDS Tester Meter: 2 x 3V (CR1620 button battery) Relative Humidity:.

Apera Instruments 60S Premium Food Pocket Tester, Swiss Spear Sensor (Replaceable), ±0.01 Accuracy, -2.00-16.00 Range

The Apera Instruments PH60S Pocket pH Tester simply calculates the pH level of food like cheese, sushi rice, meat, fruit, and other hard/semi-hard samples like soil, cosmetics, and hard growth media in an correct, fast& dependable manner (Also works great for regular aqueous solution’s pH testing). The probe adopts Swiss LabSen sensor technology, featuring a pear glass membrane with a long life reference system (polymer electrolyte), fitted temperature sensor, and a double connection structure without diaphragm, which makes it maintenance-free and anti-clogging. Up to 3 points (4. 00, 7. 00, 10. 01) of Auto Calibration with auto buffer recognition and 0 to 50˚C Auto Temperature reimbursement (ATC), ±0. 01 pH, 0. 5˚C accuracy with -2. 00 to 16. 00 pH measurement range, auto recognition and reminders of stable values improves consistency, saving you the trouble of guessing when to manually hold measurement (auto hold function available). The meter is CE certified and comes with a 2-YEAR Warranty (6 months for the probe). The company designs and manufactures scientific analytical instruments like meters and sensors for pH, conductivity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen for over 25 years, and meets ISO 9001:2008 Standards.

Sper Scientific 850056 Kit vs Oakton Waterproof pH AO-35618 pricing

Bench top level analysis in the field. Advanced pH Meter Kit (850056) Advanced pH Meter Kit will include: Advanced pH Meter 850055 in a hard carrying case complete with a removable temperature compensated pH probe with 3½” cable, pH buffers 4,7,10 and distilled water. Kit Dimensions: 14″ × 9″ × 2¾” (356 × 229 × 70 mm) Advanced pH Meter (850055) Reads either pH (in 0. 01 resolution) or mV in big digits, with time, date, and temperature (in °C or °F) shown at the same time on the lower display. Also indicates stable reading, low battery and displays calibration data. Scroll 99 data points with time stamps and min/max readings directly on the backlit LCD. Features hold, up to 5 point calibration, auto buffer recognition, manual or auto temperature reimbursement, and a USB port. Comes with 4 AAA batteries. Will accept any pH or ORP probe with a BNC connector.

Anaheim Scientific P771 High Accuracy Pocket Sized ATC, Measures 0.00-14.00, 0.01 Resolution

The P771 pH meter is a greatly correct, pocket-sized pH meter perfect for use in field environments and applications. With this meter you may be able to easily and precisely measure the pH balance of liquids. Contained in a rugged, waterproof housing, with replaceable electrodes, this meter will give long lasting service. High 0. 01 pH resolution and ±0. 02 pH accuracy gives you lab quality results at your fingertips. Auto temperature reimbursement (ATC) changes for changes in pH caused by temperature so you may be able to make sure of your results.

Bluelab – Probe Care Kit – and Conductivity – A Clean Probe is an Accurate Probe – CAREKITCON vs Oakton Waterproof pH AO-35618 review

The Blue lab Probe Care Kit holds everything you have to clean, hydrate and calibrate pH probes also as clean and test conductivity (ppm) probes. Probe cleaning and properly storing pH probes assures you get the most correct readings possible and will maximize the life of a probe. The probe surface is where the instrument takes the reading of the solution or soil/media. If the probe face is dirty or contaminated, the readings can be inaccurate. Much like the windshield of a car, if it is dirty you can not see out. If the probe face is dirty, it can not read the solution or soil precisely. A tip. If the conductivity reads low, the probe needs cleaning. PH probes exactly, should be kept wet at all times for best performance and life.

Ohaus ST5000-F Benchtop Touchscreen

The Ohaus Starter 5000 bench meter offers improved features, advanced technology and economical performance which support complex laboratory tasks requiring pH and ORP measurements. The 5000-F pH meter features an icon-driven, user-friendly color touchscreen interface alike to other smart devices used daily, memory to store and recall up to 1,000 measurements with calibration data for up to 10 different sensors, 8 pre-defined and 1 user-defined buffer groups, three different end point modes, user selectable resolution, real-time graphing, GLP measurement mode, USB and RS232 interface (USB driver included, RS232 cable sold individually). Also included are a glass, 3-in-1 refillable pH electrode, stand-alone electrode holder, in-use cover and pH buffer powder sachet. (ORP electrodes sold individually).

LIVEHITOP Digital High Accuracy Pocket Size Pen Tester ATC For Aquariums,swimming Pools, 0-14.0 Measuring Range, 0.1 Re vs Oakton Waterproof pH AO-35618 price

Specification: – Measuring Range: 0 – 14. 0 pH – Resolution: 0. 1 pH – Accuracy: 0. 1 pH(20C) – Use Environment: RH < 95, 0-50C(32-122F) - modification: trimmer potentiometer - Battery: 3 1. 5V LR button cell (AG-13) - Product Size: 15. 22. 91. 5cm / 5. 931. 130. 58inches - Weight: 0. 12kg / 0. 26lb Package List: 1 x PH Meter 1 x Carrying case 1 x modification screwdriver 2 x Calibration packets 1 x User's manual.

Pen Tester,THZY High Accuracy Pocket Size ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) LCD 0-14 Measurement Range, 0.1 Resolution Hand

This pH meter is the ideal device for testing the acidity or alkalinity of liquids. It comes with a carrying case and small screwdriver for calibration. It’s easy to use – simply remove the protecting cap and immerse the electrode in the solution to be calculated. Included with the meter are 6. 86 and 4. 01 pH buffers for an calibration. Information for calibration are included with the pH meter.

Zacro Digital Pack of 6 Extra Buffer Powder, Pen Tests Water, Aquarium, Pool, Hydroponics, Auto Calibration Button, ATC, 0.00-14 vs Oakton Waterproof pH AO-35618 reviews

Zacro pH meter is the ideal device for testing the acidity or alkalinity of liquids. It comes with a carrying case and 6 pack buffer solution powder. It’s easy to use – simply remove the protecting cap and immerse the electrode in the solution to be calculated. Included pH buffers for an calibration. Information for calibration are included with the pH meter. Besides, As for the handling of drinking water,aquariums and so on testing,the ph tester needs to be calibrated inside ten days. As for the uasage of lab, the ph tester needs to be calibracted every time before using. All in all, as long as the reading is non-correct,customers could calibrate it with included solution powder. Features: Measure Range: 0. 00-14. 00 pH Resolution: 0. 01 pH Accuracy:0. 05 pH auto temperature reimbursement: 0-80?/ 122? Button battery: 2X 1. 5V LR44 (included) Product dimensions: 152. 81. 3cm/61. 10. 5 inch Gross weight: 140g Package included: 1PH tester 6Buffer solution power 1user manual.

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Models to consider:
PH100 HI98402B-741 HY003120_RFG2-Kit-51302901 PH-099
PCE-PH20S PH-02BCBI8874 16WTR001-PHT-026M25560 HI991003
PH-991A HI7669/2WSAM1-2900 F251HI981405N-01 1200M04EA
AI411 AI511AI316 486798-KD-74 AO-35613-52
HI2210-01 AO-35613-24Pro10 MIMC110WD-35419-03 LUCL-2006
HI98128W PHS-25CWMW 802 AO-35614-91PH-001 1200M06EA
2AA213 I0420856173KBA 1192M22EApH kit v3.x AO-99359-30
S272CD-TC DM-1AO-35634-90 P771M-HG077 OK35423-00
HMPH-80 B-742HY003120 MW101PH-026 JF0001PH002
AM003120 AI4526021A AO-05754-02B-741 486798-K
AO-35613-24 1200M06EApHep 5 Bolayu1172TDSKIT001 HI98103
HI 98160N PH501A119A01000401 PCE-PH20SLTB-A8380-FBA HI7669/2W
H135 760KITAI221 WD-35634-14B-721 HI 7007L
1056-01-22-32-AN HI98103Bante220 HI1131B2AA213 AO-35420-72
MW101 HI98128WPH3649-4 LTB-A8381-FBApH kit v3.x SAM1-2900
AO-35613-52 U-51-2JF0001PH002 PH220-C1219B74EA HI99104
HI98130 MIMC110HI991002 WD-35634-40D-74 I042086
PH-001 OK35423-00AO-99359-30 HI 98127HI98308 mw101
SAM1-2900 LTB-A8381-FBAPH-991A EX800SG2-ELK-51302522 Pro10
HI 98160N PH100HI98103 HI99163HI981405N-01 B-751
AO-35613-24 AO-53026-40F251 HI98128AO-99359-30 AM003120
HI98108 WD-35425-00PH220-C B-722AO-27020-42 mw101
PH2011 B-721PHTEST30 HI991003MW 500 PH501
AO-35420-72 pH PEN-5I042085 HI983081219B74EA AO-35613-52
HI99104 PH-026HY003120_R SAM1-1750HMPH-80 QL-6AZK-JNZU
WD-35634-14 B-741pH kit v3.x D-74HQ11D53000000 ND1100042
AI501 486798-KA119A01000401 SAM1-2000ZPH1-AUX-1 MW100


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