April 23, 2017

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  • This Listing Is For CAM Walker II Qty
  • 11-13, Women’s Shoe Size
  • Large, Dimensions
  • 4-1/2″ x 11-1/2″ Men’s Shoe Size
  • 1 Each Size
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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General description

Gives a lowered rocker design and Controlled Ankle Motion adjustability. Neutral to 45 adjustability is integral to the CAM walker. A distinctive ankle joint lets easy access for modifications and aluminum uprights for more customization. Latex free.

Compare with similar products:

Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Plus Ankle Support Titanium

MalleoTrain Plus relieves ankle ache and puffiness throughout everyday actions and especially throughout sports. Great for ankle stabilization comfy 3-dimensional anatomical knit ankle support with visco-elastic pads for intermittent compression massage and a figure of 8 strap system for stabilization.

Med Spec ASO Fle Hinged Ankle Brace : Large

ASO Flex-Hinge Ankle Brace The ASO Flex-Hinge Ankle Brace combines the proven technology of the ASO’s patented strapping system with an articulated plastic shell for superior ankle stabilization. The interior plastic shell with hinge is built into a ballistic nylon boot and flexes to comply to the anatomy of the ankle. Interior plastic shell: The upper part of the interior plastic shell is incorporated into the eyelet lace closure to create an inner cuff around the tibia and fibula which resists separation of the tibia and fibula to help treat syndesmosis ankle sprains (high ankle sprains). Interior plastic shell with hinge is built into ballistic nylon boot and flexes to comply to the anatomy of the ankle, which largely enhances patient comfort and compliance. Stabilizing straps: Figure eight nylon stabilizing straps and elastic cuff work in conjunction with the interior plastic shell to catch the calcaneus and resist inversion or eversion motion. Bilateral design: Fits left or right foot. US manufacturing: higher quality control standards. In Stock for direct shipment. Indications ASO Flex-Hinge Ankle Brace is indicated for average/serious sprains. ASO Flex-Hinge Ankle Brace can be used for immobilization following other ankle/foot injuries. Objectives Maximum stability. Prevent sprains/strains. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Improve joint function. Maintain flexibility.

Ultra CTS (Custom Treatment System) Ankle Brace for Acute Ankle Injuries – Treat and Rehabilitate Low and High Ankle Injuries and Return to Acti

Treat and rehabilitate acute ankle injuries with our super CTS, Custom Treatment System. The super CTS ankle brace is consisting of two pieces snap-in the PerformaFit upright for maximum acute injury support, snap-out the part to transform the brace into a low-profile variant that will assist prevent re-injuring the ankle. When you have to play, the super CTS is the final game day ankle brace. This brace is ideal for: athletes that need maximum lower leg compression and stabilization, people with an acute ankle injury who want to return to activity quickly, athletes or Osteoarthritis (OA) patients who want to decrease painful weight bearing affect that prevents ache free activity. The super CTS may be used as a lightweight, comfy alternative to walking boots when proper.

Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Pro Achilles Tendon Support

AchilloTrain Pro systematically counteracts irritation to the Achilles tendon through support and compression. The support promotes muscular stabilization whilst a shaped visco-elastic put (pad) with two wings and nubs massages the muscle-tendon transition to decrease ache and puffiness. A groove running down the center of the pad helps to relieve puffiness. Mobility is eased and assisted.

Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Pro Achilles Tendon Support

AchilloTrain Pro systematically counteracts irritation to the Achilles tendon through support and compression. The support promotes muscular stabilization whilst a shaped visco-elastic put (pad) with two wings and nubs massages the muscle-tendon transition to decrease ache and puffiness. A groove running down the center of the pad helps to relieve puffiness. Mobility is eased and assisted.

Bauerfeind MalleoTrain S Open Heel Ankle Support vs CAM Walker II 1 2 W 1 2 L pricing

MalleoTrain S Open Heel Ankle Support is an efficient alternative to taping. It stabilizes the ankle and decreases strain to maximize performance throughout sports and everyday actions. It does not keep heat and lets the skin to breathe. It also gives efficient compression and excellent wearing comfort. It promotes proprioception, heightening sensory awareness in the ankle for increased joint stabilization. Rising proprioception boosts self-confidence. The figure-8 strap gives ankle stabilization at the supination and pronation level, throughout rotation and other actions. MalleoTrain S Open Heel is great for sports and fits comfortably into shoes. It assists prevent lateral twisting and gives a feeling of security. May be used for: Ligament instability, Post-operative treatment, light ankle sprains, Ankle strains, Supination prophylaxis, as well as throughout sports. Made in Germany with the highest quality standards. Bauerfeind is the brand chosen by top professional and Olympic athletes.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is the ankle brace of choice for many professional and collegiate athletes. The ASO is one of the most suggested ankle supports by athletic trainers, orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists. The ASO is one of the leading ankle braces on the market caused by its distinctive mix of comfort, support and durability. The contoured tongue gives exceptional fit and is constructed of light-weight still lasting CoolFlex material. This material also lines the inside back of the boot, increased comfort to the Achilles area. The boot has an invisible seam to offer superior comfort. The shoe lace is attached to the tongue to ensure that the lace is generally focused. Finger loops at the end of the stabilizing straps help in securing straps for optimum support. The ASO is made to high quality standards in the United States of America by Medical Specialties, Inc.

Shell Air Ankle Cast Tall, Medium vs CAM Walker II 1 2 W 1 2 L review

See alternate pictures above for SIZING and extra description info. – Shell Air Ankle Walker TallBREG? S Shell Air Ankle Walker combines the protection of a full shell with the comfort and support of a pneumatic walker. Common Indications:Soft tissue injuriesModerate to serious ankle sprainsSyndesmosis sprainForefoot / mid-foot / heel ache and injuriesStable foot and/or ankle fractures Post ORIF or surgical stabilizationTendon / ligament repairsFeatures and Benefits:Three part design will include posterior and front shells for maximum immobilization Dual air chambers located medial/lateral at the ankle may be inflated for ideal compression, and a custom fit Lightweight low-profile design Rocker lone helps a more natural gait Deluxe liner will include a removable toe cover Wider foot base design for greater patient comfort and support will include free walker sock Latex freePart # Description0001x Shell Air Ankle Walker TallSHELL AIR ANKLE WALKER TALL SIZING map.

McDavid ANKLE Hinged Stirrup (Small/Medium)

The McDavid super Ankle is a professional quality hinged ankle brace intended to treat all ankle injuries as well as high ankle sprains. The McDavid Ankle X is the most well-liked hinged stirrup brace at The Brace Shop. The lowest profile hinged brace makes it the ideal choice for people who demand the maximum support, however have little room available in their shoe gear. A revolutionary new protecting ankle brace that’s so comfy you will not know you have it on after a full day of practice. The lowest profile hinged brace on the market. The molded support features a pivot hinge for greater maneuverability and comfort, and the stretch sleeve gives compression support. With a pivot hinge and lightweight design, the Ankle X doesn’t restrict maneuverability and may be worn for hours. May also be worn to treat and prevent all ankle injuries, as well as high ankle sprains. The result more comfort, more agility, more freedom to do at the highest level. Available in two sizes. Decide from Small/Medium or big/X big (as indicated by Shoe Size). Common Left or Right. Indications The McDavid Ankle X may be worn to treat and prevent all ankle injuries, as well as high ankle sprains. Objectives Stabilize ankle. Prevent inversion & eversion. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Improve ankle joint function. Improve endurance. Content: polypropylene shell and boot of 100 latex-free 3. 2mm neoprene (CR)-exclusive of strap/cover fabric.

AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support Right 3, Color: Titanium vs CAM Walker II 1 2 W 1 2 L price

11011013080603 Size: Right 3, Color: Titanium Features: -Achilles tendon support. -Knitted Achilles tendon support incorporating an anatomically contoured silicone put that runs alongside the Achilles tendon. -Silicone put leaves tendon pressure-free and gives intermittent compression for the reduction of puffiness and edema. -fitted contour of anatomical knit places ankle in slight plantar flexion.

Bledsoe Achilles Boot, Air Ankle/Heel Pad L

See alternate pictures above for SIZING and extra description info. –Bledsoe Achilles BootThe Bledsoe Achilles Boot saves time by eliminating casting series obliged to stretch the achilles tendon throughout rehab. Features are:Aluminum boot shell and upright system that, unlike plastic boots, may be reformed to fit virtually any leg or ankle shapeFour cast inter-locking 10? Urethane wedges supply fast change of foot angleContains three layers of pads that contour to the ankle form and support the ankle for total controlUnique rocker design lets patients to closely imitate a near normal gait without irregular loads on any jointsAlso available in Lo-Top and PTB (patella tendon bearing) variants (call for more info) Optional air ankle/heel pad lets for capability to change ankle pressure for increased comfort and gives pneumatic ankle support. Indications This device is indicated for direct application following injury to or reconstruction of the achilles tendon. Contraindications This device is contraindicated for unstable fractures and proximal tibial or fibular fractures. Bledsoe Achilles Boot vs. Other methodsFeaturesBledsoe Achilles Boot Other MethodsSkin Comfort Open-cell, breathable bubble laminate increases comfort and decreases possibility of skin problems. N/ARocker Bottom Computer-intended rocker tread lets a near normal walking gait, and low heel prevents pelvic tilt. N/ASecurity Control Straps engage and lock to brace uprights, holding the leg steady. N/AShell Uprights Strong aluminum alloy gives strength, still lets formability to change widths. N/AControlBoot has 4, 10 degree removable wedges allowing the foot to be plantar flexed while maintaining good ground contact. N/AAchilles Ordering info Shoe size (favored) or leg measurement taken from knee joint line to medial malleolus. Shoe SizeLeg Measure.

Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Stabilizer with Regular Laces (Medium) vs CAM Walker II 1 2 W 1 2 L reviews

Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Brace Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Brace is a Lace-up ankle brace that was proven to decrease the incidents of acute ankle injuries in athletes both with and without a last ankle injury. The Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Brace combines function and comfort the key to compliance is to keep your athletes in the game. some number of new materials make the Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Brace more comfy: Sharkskin material at the base of the foot decreases brace slippage, breathable spacer mesh lining wicks moisture away, and elastic forefoot material decreases fabric bunching. Intended to prevent inversion and eversion, the Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Stabilizer offers staunch protection to an injured ankle. Non-stretch nylon figure eight straps lock the calcaneous in neutral position. Figure 8 design mimics taping saving time, money, and resources. Lasting nylon and strengthened stitching design withstand extreme stress and wear. 6 month expanded warranty for teams. Cooler Materials – mesh material wicks moisture away from the skin keeping athletes cool and comfy. Speed laces – laces quickly change and secure for athletes with little time to apply a full lace-up. Achilles break – padding above the heel gives break and padding for the Achilles tendon. Controls irregular eversion and inversion. Common design fits right or left ankle. Prevent eversion or inversion by behind the ankle in a biomechanically neutral position. Efficient defending the ankle proactively or in the treatment of acute ankle sprains. The Wraptor keeps players in the game. Eversion and inversion straps supply figure-8 support in a fast fit. High ankle strap gives extra support and secures medial and lateral stirrup straps. New materials as well as Spacer Mesh lining to wick moisture away. Sharkskin material to decrease brace slippage.

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  2. Sammons Preston Ultra XR Cubital Tunnel Elbow Splint (Small/Medium)
  3. Sock Notch – Wide Style
  4. Sammons Preston Edema Gloves (A571224 Right Medium)

Models to consider:
264019-P 11011150010601-PINNERLOK-2 12013004080601-p189R 12013004080601-p
12013004080601-p 264019-P9.337.000.020.-P 11011150010601-PAP167005-parent H&PC-08296
H&PC-27401 O-12102432340BJ0-Parent 470611-PH&PC-02267 5122-BK-XL-P
BR-2WAE-BWER 0317BL-Y8684_8685 H&PC-04446A101T 5122-BK-XL-P
11011150010601-P STRAPLOK-1SLS206 855-01-32R-PH&PC-03256 195R
H&PC-26695 P2815 EG470611-P AC141FB07-P-P277401-Parent 21714-Parent
279702-Parent 32340BJ0-Parent264019-P B-212000004H&PC-02155 0413AP164004
64073/NA/SM MAP-01760346-P 01037EN189R INNERLOK-2
277730-Parent H&PC-26855195R H&PC-31149B0057D801G a11041900ux0175
195R H&PC-0215511011150010601-P DJ141AB03-LPC141AB04-M DJ141AB05-BLK-M
733313039367-P 8650001-FBA2bawl002 855-01-32R-P5122-BK-XL-P AC141AB01
760253-P 199RCL1050929-PARENT a11041900ux0175H&PC-03256 32340BJ0-Parent
32340BJ0-Parent 2-AB-SIZ277501-Parent A101T264019-P H&PC-27535
INNERLOK-2 B0057D801G12013004080601-p H&PC-3215764073/NA/SM 199RCL
470401-P Y76540SLS206 CAS12438C 12013004080601-p
32340BJ0-Parent 279702-ParentALO-100 264019-P32340BJ0-Parent H&PC-26695
855-01-32R-P 11011150010601-PSTRAPLOK-1 277730-ParentPW170 277730-Parent
9.337.000.020.-P DJ141AB03-LH&PC-27484 MUE6527001039PS 1050929-PARENT
32341BJ0-Parent 32340BJ0-Parent470611-P 195RH&PC-27484 32340BJ0-Parent
9.337.000.020.-P 5122-BK-XL-P855-01-32L-P H&PC-266801050929-PARENT 760346-P
H&PC-04446 12013004080601-pW-50087 O-121024bawl002 11011150010601-P
8650001-FBA2 ALO-10011011150010601-P MUE65270277730-Parent H&PC-26855
Ankleblack1 0317BL-Y760253-P 189RH&PC-10271 H&PC-08296
Y76540 11011150010601-P5122-BK-XL-P H&PC-03256DJ141AB03-L a11041900ux0175
AG-130065 11011150010601-PH&PC-27401 733313045146-PDJ141AB03-L 189R
410-black-1 470611-PA101T oh-01AC141AB01 M AKS-504 M
AC37 AC141FB07-P-PSAAK07 High-5BLK-L195R 11011150010601-P


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