April 23, 2017

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  • Fits users: 4’6″-5’5″; Height adjusts from 25.5″-32.5″ (65-82.5 cm)
  • Side cross braces provide extra durability
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds; width between hand grips: 16.75″ (43 cm); folded width: 4.5″ (11 cm)
  • Each side folds independently to allow easy movement through narrow spaces
  • Pushbutton, height adjustable legs
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

Easytouse, pushbutton mechanisms let walkers fold easily.

Compare with similar products:

Drive Wenzelite Rehab Pediatric Glider Walker (Flame Red-Junior) vs MDS86410-JW54-B

The Drive Medical Glider Walker MDS86410JW54B comes with adjustable handles and legs that make this walker very versatile to accommodate virtually any physical prerequisites. Aluminum frame with choice of colored cross bar. Height and angle adjustable handles. 90 deg. Handle on standard and junior model. 45 deg. Handle for pediatric model. 5″ flat-free tires let for both indoor and outdoor use. Tool free modifications. Large base gives stability and balance. Color: Flame Red Weight Capacity: 175 lbs. Restricted lifetime warranty. 1 Each / Each.

NOVA Medical Products 4236PL Vibe 6 Rolling Walker, Purple

The Vibe Rolling Walker is all about confidence and freedom. NOVA’s great features come standard, and you have the most choices in colors, alternatives and sizes. It is also a great value, making the Vibe a life changer you may be able to feel it. NOVA’s distinctive flip-up back is so convenient for compact transporting and just as easily flips back down to offer a comfy backrest when the user is seated. NOVA’s patented hand brakes are intended for maximum comfort and control. They let users to easily control the speed by pulling up and engage the park brake by pushing down. NOVA Rolling Walkers are made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. They’re supported by a restricted Lifetime Warranty. Extra Features and plans: Weight Capacity: 300 pounds; Unit Weight: 14. 5 pounds; Wheel Size: 6″; Width Between Handles: 17. 5″; Handle Height modification: 31. 5″ – 35. 75″; estimated User Height: 5’4″ – 6’1″; Pouch Dimensions: 9″l x 14″w x 8″d; in general Dimensions When Folded: 36″l x 24″w x 9. 5″d; in general Dimensions; Opened: 24″w x 25. 5″d; Seat Height: 22″; Seat Dimensions: 13. 75″w x 12. 5″d; Locking Hand Brakes, big Padded Seat, Under Seat Pouch, Flip Up Back, Foldable.

U-Step Walking Stabilizer – Walker – Standard -foot 1 to 6-foot 1

If you want to feel as stable as you could while holding onto another person’s arm, the U-Step Walking Stabilizer aid is for you. The secret to this stabilizing aid is in the patented U-shaped base that braces you in every direction. The groundbreaking braking system is easy to use and puts you in complete control; roll only when you want to. Plus, the mobility aid easily folds for transport. Weight capacity: 375 lbs. For users 5’1 to 6’1 tall. Will include seat and basket. Extra accessories include a laser light and substitute seat, each sold individually.

Essential Medical Supply Essential Rollator Loop Brakes and Red vs MDS-86410JW-54B

The essential rollator is the gold standard for cheap quality. The walker features a lightweight steel frame that’s strong enough to support 300lbs, however light enough for the user to put in a car. The frame on the rollator will easily fold with included folding strap for portability and storage. Height adjustable arms with molded ergonomic handgrips let the walker to meet the needs of most users. Soft padded seat and rounded back rest makes sitting down enjoyable and comfy. The heavy responsibility pouch will hold your valuables and it’s under the seat when in use for extra protection. Loop hand brakes let the unit to either slow down, stop or stay in place when locked. Hand brakes supply a secure fit on the 6″ rubber wheels but will still not “snap” your hands when unlocked. You may also feel at ease when buying the essential rollator since each of them comes with a restricted lifetime warranty on the frame and an out of the box ensure.

Drive Medical Patient Alarm, Chair

This pressure-sensitive bench alarm with reset button by Drive Medical alerts caregiver whenever a patient rises from a bench. The pressure-sensitive pad connects to the audio alarm, which features a safety alert, On/Off switch and low battery warning. Four AA batteries are included to operate the alarm. The bench-sized pad is 10″ x 15″.

NOVA Medical Products "Cruiser Deluxe" 4207 Junior Walker, Purple vs Medline Two-Button Folding MDS86410JW54B pricing

The Cruiser Deluxe Jr. Has a lower handle modification (30. 5″) and seat height (19″) then the Cruiser Deluxe. This versatile lightweight walker comes with our patented “Feather Touch” hand braking system, 6″ tires, contoured removable back, wider seat with fitted seat pad and anatomical hand grips. The Cruiser Deluxe Jr. Is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The basket is included (16″w x 7″l x 7″d). Our walkers include reflectors for extra user safety. Weight capacity – 300 lbs. Estimated patient height – 4’11”- 5’5″ Optional accessories – tray, hanging walker bag, basket cover bag, cup holder, travel bag, flashlight, Aloha seat cover, Aloha walker bag.

Lumex RJ4402R Walkabout Imperial Hemi Four-Wheel Rollator, Burgundy vs MDS-86410-JW-54-B

The Walkabout ConTour Imperial Hemi is the hemi solution for the bariatric market It has the same great features as the ConTour Imperial and folds quickly and easily for storage and travel. Features are a padded seat, ergonomic hand grips, easy-to-operate hand brakes, and a contoured, padded backrest. Heavy-responsibility 8″ wheels for indoor and outdoor use. 500 lb weight capacity. Weighs 18 lbs. Intended to meet the prerequisites of HCPCS codes: E0149 + E0156. Will include laminated color operating information.

Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker Fold Up and Removable Back Support, Padded Seat, 6" Blue vs Medline Two-Button Folding MDS86410JW54B review

The Walker Rollator with 6″ Wheels, Fold Up Removable Back Support and Padded Seat in Blue by Drive Medical comes standard with 6″ caster wheels, loop locks and serrated brakes to ensure safety. The seamless padded seat opens to a spacious, convenient, zippered storage pouch to easily and securely transport personal things, and the ergonomic handles are easy to grip, relieve hand pressure, and are height adjustable to accommodate users height. This Rollator by Drive Medical is a great value that gives the freedom of mobility. With a convenient seat for resting and loop locks that keep the Rollator from moving, you may be guaranteed that this mobility aid will supply a safe and secure way to regain your active lifestyle.

Drive Medical 1022RD Bariatric Rollator Red, 7.

If you are seeking a safe, convenient aid to improving your daily mobility, a Rollator may be the ideal solution. Wheels make a Rollator a superior choice over a regular walker, eliminating the have to lift the device and allowing you to walk with an easy, smooth gait. Plus, Rollators are better for traveling over uneven, outdoor terrain, making them great for your active, busy lifestyle. And with the fitted seat found on a Rollator, you will generally have a convenient place to rest. If a Rollator is the right choice for improving your daily mobility and you require heavy responsibility strength and durability, the Red Bariatric Rollator from Drive offers a full slate of features and a 500 pound weight capacity. With its increased weight capacity, the Bariatric Rollator is extra-large between the handles for more comfy use. The 7. 5″ wheels make it great for both indoors and outdoors and its big padded seat gives a comfy resting spot when you are on the go. The Bariatric Rollator will include a secure carry pouch for carrying things with you. Improve your mobility – and your life quality – with the new Bariatric Rollator from Drive.

Wenzelite Nimbo Rehab Lightweight Posterior Posture Walker, Lime Green, Junior vs Medline Two-Button Folding MDS86410JW54B price

The Nimbo by Wenzelite offers the best in treatment and support as a mobility aid. The walker is height adjustable allowing it to comply to different user sizes. The 5″ rear wheels may be set up to either move forwards only or forwards and backwards. Front wheels swivel for easy maneuverability but can also be set as fixed to prevent turning. The handgrips are latex free with flanged ends and the walker is easily foldable for convenient transporting.

Wenzelite Luminator Gait Trainer Posterior or Anterior Option, Black, Adult

The Wenzelite Luminator Posterior gait trainer is intended to help persons who don’t have the working gait expertise or postural control to carefully and independently use a regular walker. They support an upright body posture and natural gait pattern while encouraging early cognitive and learning development. They also supply cardiopulmonary strengthening and conditioning, decrease flexion contractures, increase special awareness and head control all while teaching the user to take steps. The posterior model gives alternate handgrip positioning and one-directional rear wheels.

Drive Medical (a) Double Button Extra-Wide Adult Walker (Bariatric) vs Medline Two-Button Folding MDS86410JW54B reviews

Walker without wheels For adult Bariatric use Wider and deeper frame design accommodates persons up to 500 lbs Vinyl contoured hand grip Precision design gives extra strength while adding minimal weight will include rear glide caps (item #1085B) allowing use on all surfaces. Restricted Lifetime Warranty Width (Inside Hand Grips) 20 in general width 28.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. Walker Folding Junior Deluxe 2 Button with Front 5″ Wheels By Healthline Trading
  2. Ez2care Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker with 5-Inch Wheels, Anodized Silver
  3. Walker Folding Deluxe 2 Button with Front 5″ Wheels By Healthline Trading
  4. Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker with 5″ Wheels
  5. Drive Medical Deluxe Two Button Folding Universal Walker with 5″ Wheels, Gray, Adult / Junior
  6. DMI Lightweight Aluminum Folding Walker with Easy Two Button Release, 5 Inch Wheels, Adjustable Height, No Assembly Needed, Silver

Models to consider:
4239BL 10289RDSR 3100 R-4800KA 5200N W1660R-1
HMK22S-C1 G07981T4010BL RJ4302BKST001 ROS-RL12010-BL
MDS86000 SR 3000rtl10555sl W1630R-12MDS86850ES MDS86825SLR_V5
FAB30-3503 4202BKFGA85790 0000 10216rd-1MDS86835EURO 4236BL
418-OR-3TW CM 1075G415-OR-3″ RJ4300PTK 1035 L LF1040
HMK10S-C1 750NRSC4001 rtl10261bcMDS86810B WKHD-600
MDS86410XWW 700175C4236PL 10216bl-1W1630B-12 UHS-MDS86800XW
P429/2 4237ORMDS86810BLK 716270A-14238PL NOVA-4218
4200CRD 438BG30760P R-4700W-BLFAB30-3503 RJ4718R
G07981T 4215RD438B WKHD-600G07887B W1630R-12
G07887R CH-1000MDS86810B 700-959ERJ4300R WT418-OR-3TW-T
SC4001 563-CAB2000-LTC795BU rtl10266MDS86410W54B 4208CBL
2015BS018/L RTL6062ka 3200s G30757W4236CH KST001
RJ4318AQ LF104010218FRD-1 MDS81000G07886G 6441-A
750NB E418-3TWKA 1200N 750NR10216bl-1 MDS86825SLR_V5
rtl10555sl MDS86825SLB716270B-2 W1660R-1G30754B TK 1035 L
4236BL E0143-reimburseR-4800 CWAL00064900RD- CM 1075G
SR 3100 SR 3000D12220 HMK10S-C1G07782 MDS86410W54
MDS86615 FAB30-3503G30757W HMK10S-C14202PL rtl10261bc
KST001 MDS86825BRKR-4800 WT418-OR-3TW-TG07981T RTL100017
4202BK D12230D12220 CH-10004237OR FAB30-3503
418-OR-3TW 603950ACBCR1204 4208CBLrtl10555sl 563-CAB2000-LTC
rtl728rd G07890TBPE 1200 MDS86615P716270B-2 4214RD
SC4001 MDS86000G2716270A-1 6441-ARJ4805L 438B
616470A HMK22S-C1MDS86615L 700175C4215RD 700-959E
MDS86410W54B rtl10266716070A-4 E418-3TWG07771 RJ4718R
10216rd-1 4010RD10289RD 795BUMDS86835BEURO TKW-12


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