April 23, 2017

Transfer Belt, (Lift-Easy) has great reviews


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  • Added loops that facilitate use as a gait belt
  • Thigh straps provide additional lift leverage
  • Hook and loop closures simplify use
  • Makes lifting easier than traditional transfer belts
  • Sizing: Waist size of 30-44 inches
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

The AliMed Lift-Easy move Belt has a superior design that makes lifting easier. This move belt can be used like any other move belt, however when the thigh straps are wrapped in place you’re provided extra lift leverage. With this extra leverage less force is exerted by the lifter and the person being lifted is given a increased sense of security.

Compare with similar products:

Headmaster Collar. Size: 4?" – Model 307002

(SEE AVAILABILITY ABOVE FOR ESTIMATED DELIVERY) – Headmaster band. Size: Medium, 4″ – Headmaster band – Padded tubular design. Bends to change for neck flexion or extension. Lets access to a tracheal tube. Optional pads available for extra support. To size, measure from center of chin to corner of jaw. If between sizes, decide the smaller band. Hand wash, air – dry. Optional accessories sold individually. Caution: This product holds natural rubber latex which may because allergic reactions. Extension Pads. Two pads that may be variably placed to give extension or lateral support. Neck Pads. One pad centrally placed for comfy extension resistance. Click here for Headmaster band brochure – Rolyan merchandise are internationally licensed & made for home & medical use. Most of their merchandise offer a lifetime warranty.

Invacare Full Body Mesh Sling – Medium R110

Invacare offers a complete line of slings to meet the dynamic needs in both the long-term care and homecare settings. Invacare ReliantTM Series Slings are an business standard, and deliver the easy use, comfort and security that’s standard in all Invacare merchandise. The Invacare Premier Series Slings offer extra fabric and style alternatives to meet a wider array of needs, also as value-adding features for the caregiver and patient alike.

Solidea Medical Men’s Plus Advanced Micro Massage Compression Legging

This very comfy men’s legging rouses the shallow network of lymphatic capillaries to support the body’s natural function to move liquid. Intended with patented Advanced Micro Massage 3D wave knit fabric, which expands and contracts on the skin, and lighter graduated compression, the legging creates a light wave of pressure to activate rather than collapse this part of the system. Use entirely or alternate with Solidea’s Therapeutic fabric garments for maximum effect. Solidea is made in Italy with the finest quality materials and craftsmanship. Latex Free 12/15 mmHg.

Beautyko 5 Pair Anti-Fatigue Muscle Rejuvenating Trim Undershirt, Black, Small

Beautyko Anti-exhaustion Muscle Rejuvenating Trim Undershirt, Black, Small, 5 pairs is the new multi-function slimming undershirt that’s subtle and thin allowing it to be hidden from plain sight. The shirt comes with many trim panels in the Abs part of the shirt that assists decrease the size of your stomach, giving your torso a toned look. The special blend of spandex and other fabrics gives the shirt enough elasticity to fit you while also being firm enough to keep your stomach flat. The state-of-the-art firming panels will assist trim your stomach and tighten your stomach region with continual use. The trim undershirt is best used daily to see lasting result, while the use of the shirt alone will not make your stomach permanently smaller, it’ll speed up and add your diet and exercise routine. The tightly woven Fabric also gives an unbelievable compression action which improves blood circulation in your midsection. The Improved blood flow means that your muscles and cells will get the extra oxygen it needs when you’re doing tiring physical actions. The extra oxygen will improve your muscle regeneration and growth while maintaining your energy level. The compression action and the firming panel will also improve your endurance while letting you look at your best. See for yourself today how our trim undershirt will make you look pounds lighter, inches smaller, and years younger. As the panel work to thin your stomach it also helps improve your posture and makes your chest look bigger and more robust. The light undershirt is thin but lasting giving you the look you want while being almost invisible underneath other garments. The small size is depending on a man that’s 5 foot 9 inch and weighs 120-150 pounds.

Aspen® Cervical Collar Neck Brace (Adult Regular Size) – Neck Support – Provides Relief from Neck Pain and Assist Recovery from Neck Injury or Sur

The Aspen band is built around functionality and support for improved comfort. This model is contoured to effectively decrease pressure points, and effectively limitations cervical motion. All contact surfaces are padded with cotton-lined, breathable bubble padding. The Aspen band padding may be washed by hand and attaches to the inside with hook and loop fasteners. This model gives cervical motion restriction without producing painful pressure points for improved patient compliance. The Aspen band comes in 4 sizes to fit every patient, and may be used for a range of cervical injuries ranging from whiplash to spinal stenosis. Sealed for patient protection – Non-returnable.

Jobst UltraSheer Thigh High – Moderate Compression 15-20 S, Silicone Dot Band Silky Beige vs Lift-Easy Transfer Belt 30×44 pricing

Available in regular and petite lengths. Knit with a distinctive blend of covered yarns and spandex for the sheerest, therapeutic usefulness in its class. Soft stretch contoured foot design with a relaxed toe cap and enlarged heel pocket supply added comfort. The 15-20 mmHg UltraSheer thigh highs’ are available with a silicone dot band or silicone strip lace band choice. Made with a strong double-covered nylon/spandex knit yarn and uncovered inlay yarns. Silicone dot band only available in classic black, silky beige, and sun bronze colorsAvoid fabric softeners or merchandise meant for Wool or Silk (like Woolite). Temperate water rinse. Hang or lay flat to air-dry. May machine dry on fragile setting if stocking doesn’t have silicone grip tops. Useful Hint: putting your stockings in a mesh laundry bag will assist protect them throughout the wash cycle. The following are the corresponding Jobst catalog numbers for easy cross-referencing: 117233, 117234, 117235, 117236, 117237, 117238, 117239, 117240, 117241, 117242, 117243, 117244, 117245, 117246, 117247, 117248, 117249, 117250, 117251, 117252, 117257, 117258, 117259, 117260.

DSS Belt (Large)

Lift-Easy move Belt has a superior design that makes lifting easier. It can be used like any other move belt, however when the thigh straps are wrapped in place you get extra lift leverage. Less force is exerted by the therapist, and the patient is given a increased sense of security for the patient. We have added two loops that help use as a gait belt. Hook-and-loop closures change use.

Abdominal Binder 10&#8220 Elastic, Large White vs Lift-Easy Transfer Belt 30×44 review

Stomach Binder 10&#8220 Elastic, big WhiteElastic stomach Binder Series 34-710XXX, UniversalBinders supply support to stomach muscles weakened by repeated operation, pregnancies or inactivity. All elastic construction for maximum compression with long hook and loop closure for improved fitting. Support is ten inches high. Available as Sized or as common. Color: White. Small : 24-30&#8220 Medium : 31-36&#8220 big : 37-42&#8220 X-big : 43-48&#8220 XX-big : 49-54&#8220 common : 24-48 Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Refer to the product description.

Juzo 2000 Soft Leggings-Size I-Cinnamon

Juzo Footless leggings supply a average level of graduated 15-20 mmHg compression, which also shapes the legs and thighs. Perfect with sandals, flip flops, or open toe shoes. If you have been identified with venous insufficiency or have average to serious edema, you may want to only buy a compression stocking with a foot. Features: -; Footless pantyhose. -; Seamless. -; Soft and comfy to wear.

DonJoy S.E.R.F. Patellofemoral Brace Support Strap vs Lift-Easy Transfer Belt 30×44 price

The DonJoy S. E. R. F. Patellofemoral Brace Support Strap is the 1st patellofemoral brace intended to treat patellofemoral ache (PFP) stemming from irregular hip motion(s). S. E. R. F. Stands for Stability through External Rotation of the Femur. Made of thin Breathe-O-Prene material that is intended to be worn underneath clothing, it is both lightweight and breathable. The DonJoy S. E. R. F. Support Strap Brace utilizes a distinctive 3-point hip-leg anchor to treat PFP caused by extreme hip interior rotation, adduction, and/or knee valgus. With the re-application markers, you may be able to easily match up key points along the strap, making sure a consistent fit. The term patellofemoral ache syndrome mentions ache that occurs in the front of the knee. On occasion called “runner’s knee” because it is common in people who play sports, this disorder affects the area of the lower femur (thighbone) where the patella (kneecap) slides through a groove. Patellofemoral ache syndrome ranks among the common knee complaints and affects athletes who play competitive or recreational sports and non-athletes alike.

Cyberspine Cervical Orthosis Neck Brace, Medium / Large

See alternate pictures above for SIZING and extra description info. –Code L0180 accepted The NEW Cybertech Cervical band incorporates the best design features of past proven systems with today? S materials for a working complete ALL adjustable cervical immobilization system to comply to each patient? S individual needs. The distinctive aluminum multi-post yoked front modification system lets complete linear adjustability for flexion; extension and neutral positioning and immobilization with distinctive modification pull tabs. The multi-post yoked design accommodates the passage of tracheotomy facilitation. The Y-Chin support members let width and narrowing customization for rotational control and patient comfort. The ergonomic molded posterior occipital part encompasses an aluminum adjustable spine element allowing the practitioner full customization and total contact conformity of the cervical arch contours. Semi-rigid links connect the occipital and mandibular sections with full pivot locking joints improving position and helps eliminate AP/linear shearing migration of parts and Indications: Post operative non-invasive restriction and immobilization of the cervical spine Post shock Acute ache Arthritis Spinal stenosis Features and Benefits: MRI well-matched two part design free of charge air flow ventilation, comfort and easy application. A big trachea opening and no tool easy adjustable yoke system. Molded polyethylene vented chin and chest parts Occipital panel with an aluminum spine element lets custom contouring of cervical arch. Distinctive business leading semi-rigid fast change straps removes part shearing migration. Removable plush laminated bubble liner on all contact regions for extra patient comfort. Extra liners may be ordered individually. No latex used. Fitting plans: Tw.

Vista TX Cervical Collar Neck Brace, With Extra Pad Set vs Lift-Easy Transfer Belt 30×44 reviews

See alternate pictures above for SIZING and extra description info. – Vista TX band groundbreaking height modification technology, offers six (6) collars in one. Restricts cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation to advertise patient recuperation. Two-part polyethylene with a thoracic extension design enhances patient comfort and is easily adjusted with Velcro tabs. Front and posterior flex tabs on the front and back panels supply improved rigidity and durability. The big tracheal aperture gives working access for the airway management and other essential procedures. Removable, bubble laminated pads wick away moisture to ensure correct patient cleanliness and comfort while preventing skin irritation. X-Ray, CT and MRI lucent. Band set will include extra set of substitute pads. Part Number:Description Circ. Size 79-83360Vista TX band Set13″”-19″”Adult79-83390Vista TX Collar13″”-19″”Adult79-83371Vista band repl padsAdult79-83377Vista band backLarge.

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  5. Transfer Lift & Turner 250 Pound Capacity – 4 Handles
  6. Posey Green Six Handle Nylon Gait Belt 6537Q
  7. Mobility Transfer System (a) Safetysure Mary’S Aide Transfer Sling
  8. Mobility Transfer System (a) Safetysure Transfer Sling

Models to consider:
02PMR 3022ACFS 3H&PC-04678 H&PC-07259DC-02S 76582EN
9255CR-B-XXXL Ann Chery_20315130-BK-L EB9010514R-B-M 3021ACFS 4
740-WHT 2186-Thigh High02MLL ME8100MDT012083L 7.11769E+11
OG-312NP BH161HG01-MMG08-3XL-BE 02PLRPC141NB03-S-MDM 13253P
DJ141KB11-CL 3021ACFS 3ORT4561 H&PC-03014514R-B-M 842PxW
CB-01-020 HS-484BJCAM001 ME660SC-2004 5115R-B-M
P73000 8201T-BK-3XL13252PS G BSM-715 2XL IVH&PC-02299 ORT21200
45843EN 3022ACFS 102TSR VH-SH85 REG0357A5 46TLS-A
76581EN H&PC-09451SHBB101 WDP3101-CC H&PC-06380
H&PC-04678 H&PC-06800SHBB101 ORT12300S535LPP CB-01-020
02TSL ec-6575518ORT21200 5115R-B-MMDT012083L 514R-B-M
46TLS-A H&PC-09451MG08-3XL-BE DJ143CT07-L5130-BK-L 5115R-B-M
H&PC-07259 BJCAM001SG583D100 02TSR2186-Thigh High 13222L
2186-Thigh High ME660a15072400ux0576 SC-2004H&PC-02088 BH161AW01-L/XL
9255CR-B-XXXL OG-312NPORT4561 3022ACFS 37991DD-BK-3XL SPO-2420000WL
MSO-HTP7906 0357A58201T-BK-3XL H&PC-09395H&PC-06380 V2-MED
02PMR H&PC-09568842PxW SCMXL55045843EN 02MLL
02MLR H&PC-02299119 BEI XL 13253PHS-484 21981336-bea-sp
OG-312NP 45843EN13253P DJ143CT07-LBH161AW01-L/XL ORT130005
7991DD-BK-L a13060500ux0522H&PC-02299 H&PC-0467813222L 21981336-bea-sp
02TSR MDT012083LSHBB101 6566-BOR-L1314ABB1050-EA 5115R-B-M
13252PS HS-4842062ADSH I 02MLR0355A5 DD211212B
46TLS-A MKM-PRO1025115R-B-M 02TMRTTC-56902 8201T-BK-3XL
SC-2004 1064BL-L2186-Thigh High ORT4561BH161HG01-M 3022ACFS 1
1757BL-T 740-WHT514R-B-M Ann Chery_2031D1032-15 76581EN
PC141NB03-S-MDM 6566-BGR-LP73000 SPO-2420000WLa15072400ux0576 SG583D100
0357A5 2186-Thigh High535LPP H&PC-07259119 BEI XL H&PC-06800


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