April 23, 2017

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The highest quality and most cheap AED Trainer available This 4-Pack of AED Trainers meets the new terms for 1st Aid and CPR/AED, and programmed with the most current ECC terms. These AED Trainers come standard with two (2) languages: English and Spanish.

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American-made ACUPWR voltage transformers/converters are the best available and guaranteed not to blow up or put on a fireworks display. You may think we are kidding, however research the cheaper, Chinese-made brands; they are notorious for breaking down, catching on fire, and taking your priceless appliances down also.do not risk it: ACUPWR is renowned for safety, dependability, and longevity. And not amazingly, they are used greatly by the US military, NASA, and United Nations. Our transformers and converters use premium parts-copper wire and laminated silicon steel cores-and they are safe for uninterrupted use at 120- beyond their stated wattage. More, they can handle bursts of 200- wattage for a short period. Unlike our competition, ACUPWR transformers/converters use thermal protection, not fuses. When an ACUPWR transformer/converter is overheated, it simply shuts down, returning to operation after some minutes. Our AJD-1000 model is a 1000-watt, step down model that changes 110-120 volts down to 100 volts, allowing Japanese devices to work in the US and Canada. ACUPWR gives a lifetime warranty with up to 10,000 in damage coverage for this product. (Questions about purchasing the right wattage transformer? Consult our wattage guide, send us a message or call us: 212-380-1191).

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Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1000W. No electromagnetic Interference, intended for TV, radio, audio. 1000W Full Output. True Pure Sine Wave. All Big Imported Mosfet, Strong Driving Capacity. Earth Connection for Both Inverter and PCB. Nice protections, Soft start, High stability and calm performance,High quality digital display for AC output and DC input voltages. Suited for household appliances, lighting, electrical tools and office equipments etc. CE EMC accepted Parameter: Inverter uninterrupted power: 1000W Inverter surge power:2000W DC input volt: 24V DC input range: 21V-30V NO Load Current Draw: 1A Efficiency:85-90 AC output volt: 120V Waveform: Pure Sine Wave Frequency: 60Hz AC guideline:3 Low Voltage Alarm:19. 5V-21. 5V Low Voltage Shut Down: 18. 5V-20. 5V Over Load: shut off, recover manually Over Voltage Shut Down: 30. 5V Over Thermal: Shut Off Output Automatically, Over voltage protection Start: soft start Cooling Ways: Cooling Fan.

Kawasaki Mule 2500 / 2510 / (19902000) Drive Clutch Converter OEM 490931064 w/ Replacement Puller Tool

This item fits the following models with gasoline engine: 2000 MULETM 2500 2000 MULETM 2510 4X4 2000 MULETM 2520 1999 MULETM 2500 1999 MULETM 2510 4X4 1999 MULETM 2520 1998 MULETM 2500 1998 MULETM 2510 4X4 1998 MULETM 2520 1997 MULETM 2500 1997 MULETM 2510 4X4 1997 MULETM 2520 1995 MULETM 2500 1995 MULETM 2510 4X4 1995 MULETM 2520 1994 MULETM 2500 1993 MULETM 2510 4X4 1993 MULETM 2520 1991 MULETM 2030 1990 MULETM 2010 1990 MULETM 2020.

Intellisense® Battery for Powerheart G3 Part No. 9146302

Yellow IntelliSense Long-Life Battery for Powerheart AED G3 by Cardiac Science. Four-year factory warranty, for Powerheart G3 9300A, 9300E, 9390A, and 9390E AEDs. Cardiac Science recommends generally having a spare battery stored with the AED, also as adult electrodes and pediatric electrodes that are up to date. This battery is made by Cardiac Science for use in their AED units. This battery replaces the 9146-101, 9146-102, 9146-202, and 9146-302.

Lind DC Power Adapter Model # PA15801921

The Lind PA1580-1921 DC/DC Power Adapter is intended to power your Panasonic-well-matched Toughbook and to charge its interior battery from an 11-16 volt DC power source. The adapter supplies current and voltage levels as obliged by the Toughbook. Lind Electronics, Inc. Reserves the entitlement to bound or restrict the sale of its adapters to any party for reasons unspecified. Well-matched with Panasonic Toughbook 31, Toughbook 51, Toughbook 51 (MK3), Toughbook 52, Toughbook 53, Toughbook 74.


On/Off switch with display lamp Analog meter on front of unit measures exact input voltage changes 110/120 Volt up to 220/240 Volt OR changes 220/240 Volt down to 110/120 Volt 4 outlets on rear of unit (outlets accept 3 or 2 prong US plugs and 2 prong Euro/Asian plugs) Insulated power cord is hard wired with a grounded European Shucko plug also good for Asian outlets Comes with 2 prong USA plug to enable non-grounded use in the USA, Canada and Mexico Easy to carry with attached handle, heavy-responsibility metal casing, fuse protected Weight: 38 Lbs Dimensions(LxBxH): 10″ X 12″ X 9″.

SMAKN® ISD1700 Series Voice Record Play ISD1760 Module For Arduino PIC AVR

ISD1700 voice module is quickly become familiar with and master the ISD1700 series chips intended for a simple and practical circuit board. It applies to all ISD1700 series chip, with a simple, completely working characteristics. Recording chip ISD1700 series is a greatly integrated, high-performance chips. It may be multi-part recording, sampling rate may be adjusted from 4K to 12K, the power supply can vary from 2. 4V to 5. 5V. ISD1700 there was the new recording prompts, when a new recording after, LED back flash once every few seconds to alert users to new recordings. Also there are four types of sound to prompt the user’s operating results, like start recording, stop recording, erase, erase all the next one and so on. Recording data is stored in the FLASH chip, without any compression, so there’s a better sound quality and power storage. Chip has two independent audio signal input channel, microphone input and analog signal inputs. In independent key mode, when the operation is finished, a working chip will automatically enter power-down mode to decrease power intake. In SPI mode, the user can do more functions on the chip operation. If any memory address for playback on the analog channel configuration register (Analog Path Configuration register, APC) for reading and writing. Module Description: Size: 5. 3CM 5. 0CM. Power supply: 5V. Recording time: 6K at 75 seconds, 8K for 60 seconds. Chip operating frequency 6KHZ and 8KHZ optional. With power display light, the chip display lights. Simple operation, no microcontroller or another modules will be able to work directly. Chip control pin is already leads to help the control connection. Feedback: We largely appreciate your POSITIVE feedback. Don’t leave negative feedback without asking for help. Our aim is to offer Top Level buyer Service, so we’ll attempt our best to crack any problem. Thanks much.

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Models to consider:
CE-H21X11-S1 ADC-1500AP8965 PSWNV720HY-1502 85014-RR
ESV113N04TXB AU-500VFD-037B43A GTI1000-45SBNI1032S WF-8955REP
PC-1200HD PS-TP3711ASBDO0012S WVC 300UP-8P6GM2 MPQ-120C
PC509 LC-500UKVHUBSMTCS6G1212 AC-5000VT-500 HY3006D
AC-EC5P LPS-100-12ADUH-6000 ULT11501072-PVTC2020U L09DYZHQ5000-1
V-SLR125-2 RSN1866642ML100THB SD-1000L-24NW1C HRP-300-12
a14062400ux0081 8132UTG-1500VA ML12-80HE-U-1000-USA ADX5F
ATVR-2000 AC-1500TP3005E Y1300200CASLR125-10 XTR12-155-4
WF-8945PEC ADB-1000RBP200012 WVC600SNI35 PW3500-12
LT-10000 VT-500JTR-ADAP-USB2-BK LC-500UKAUD-1500 SLR125-10
SM-1875KIT ML3500-24S-350-12 WF-8945REPPW6000-12 NW1C
XP-MAGIC-12 RSN1866642KC-09 SUN-300GULT350 DS-200
AU-500 S-700-12PC30PL 4X20H15594Y1300200CA WVC 300
AR-2000 DR-US180085TP6005E Cotek ST2000-124IDC-200A-12 DPS-55
VC1000W SPCi121207AD10-STK-DIY ADX5FAR-15000 TG-1500VA
AC-5000 SD-1000L-24BA-5-3P VC100WML600TW 10152NSB002SL
FR23 FZ200WKITPW3500-12 VMAXSLR175-4VMAXSLR100-8 LR-3000(DC)
SNI35 STU2000U.amaz1PE650 V-SLR125-2PAM-600 RSP-2000
PD4560K12LV 8132UDR-US180085 AUD-1500Y1300200CA CE-H21Y11-S1
WVC 300 XTR12-155GP3-11A VT-500a14062400ux0081 PC30PL
SD-1000L-24 SBAU0012STG-1500VA VMAXSLR85DS-200 APS-55
AD-1500 SBPO0021STS253ADN a16052500ux0036STU2000U.amaz1 SBCY0002S
SH-3202-P PDCPOE1224DRSBCH1002S SLR100-48706-0-EW FR23
PLC-60-48 WF-8945REPAUC-550 PD4045CSVESV113N04TXB PD4590CSV
TCA01 IDC-200A-12RBP200012 GP-5-3PKVT-500J DE2045-1320
VT-200J APS-5530ML1500-24 SPCi121207EJ 0-1 C WF-8955PEC
PS-TP3711A VTC305-12-24SLR125-10 TP6005EDRP-240-24 VC500W


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