April 23, 2017

Quick facts about Telescoping Cool (DonJoy)


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  • Cool ELS provides improved patient comfort with abbreviated foam
  • Telescoping bar for customized length
  • Lock at full extension
  • Easily size and custom fit the brace to the patient
  • Brace can extend to ankle to help prevent migration
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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General description

The Cool ELS (Extension Lock Splint) features a slide lock system the capability to lock at full extension or have free range of motion. The brace is easy to use with a simple still efficient design. The brace is ideal for post-op use if full extension weight-bearing protocols were used. The Cool ELS gives improved patient comfort with abbreviated bubble. Lock at full extension. Cool ELS gives improved patient comfort with abbreviated bubble. Telescoping bar for customized length. Easily size and custom fit the brace to the patient. Brace can extend to ankle to help prevent migration. Ankle Stirrup available (extra Charge Applies). 50 flexion stop available (extra Charge Applies). Fits either left or right knee. Common Sizing. Indications The DonJoy Cool ELS is indicated following injury/operation and many ligament injury/operation objectives Adjustable Immobilization. Choice instead of cast immobilization. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Improve joint recuperation. Improve operation success.

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Ecourban Compression Sleeve (1 Pair)-Fit for Basketball, Running,Walking, Cycling and Training

Product Description: – Material: 39 nylon / 22 thermoplastic elastomer / 18 polyester / 11 spandex / 10 silica; – Kindly note that this knee support is a little thicker than those ones made of totally only polyester or spandex, however it’s really protecting, it may has sacrificed a bit comfy feeling for the maximum protection; Product Function: – Supports the motion of the knee throughout sports and protects against overuse strain; – The knee support exerts a useful massaging action with light compression throughout motion, improving the sensory motor function of the complete joint; – Its airy knitted fabric is both lasting and particularly lightweight, fits perfectly, and stays in position securely; – Improve your performance with better muscle support and muscle efficiency; – Greater muscle support, protects from shin splints and other injuries; – Prevent overuse and muscle damage throughout training or competing; – Faster and easier recuperation after your workout, as increase in oxygen helps remove lactic acid; – More efficient warm up as your muscles get warmed faster caused by rising blood flow; Size Specification: 1. Refer to the size map in the product pictures above carefully. 2. The measurement may have some amount of error 1-2cm. 3. There may be slight color deviation caused by different displays. From The maker: Ecourban specializes in combining groundbreaking technology and high quality materials to produce outdoor and sports equipment. The Ecourban Sports Knee Support is particularly for athletes prone to shin splints and knees injuries. Intended to contain the muscle when training and competing, this knee guard helps prevent overuse and muscle damage, every Ecourban product aims to assist you accomplish your maximum possible on and off the court.

Breg Recover Brace ShortLargeAirmesh

Breg Recover Knee Brace Short Breg Recover Knee Brace Short is the new addition to the Breg post-op family. This product, available in both Long and Short lengths, combines the low profile nature of a hinged ligament knee brace with the functionality of a post-operative brace. The wraparound design lets patients to apply the brace with ease, and with the alternatives of Airmesh or Neoprene, patients can decide the material that best meets their needs. The Recover knee brace utilizes the patented T Scope Premier user-friendly hinge, which offers range of motion control of the knee with simple, fast modifications. The common design accommodates both right and left leg procedures. The Recover knee brace combines easy use, comfort, and functionality – all in one brace. T Scope Premier hinge offers extension adjustability between -10 and 70, while flexion can be adjusted between -10 and 120. Easy to use extension drop lock lets the brace to be locked out in 5 positions (in -10, 0, 10, 20, and 30) of knee extension with the push of a button. Wraparound design for easy application. Common fit for a right or left leg to decrease stock. Open back design to ensure no bunching or pinching of the popliteal crease of the knee. Doesn’t contain natural latex. Recover Long: 16″ long. Recover Short: 13″ long. Common fit for a right or left leg. Available in Airmesh or Neoprene. Indications Most ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL injuries or instabilities. Tibial Plateau fracture. Meniscal injuries and repairs. Sprains/strains of the knee. Osteochondral repairs. Patella Tendon repairs. Condylar fractures. HTO’s (High Tibial Osteotomies). Objectives Increase activity. Delay operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Improve joint function. Improve life quality.

Ossur Unloader One OTS Osteoarthritic Brace-XS-Left-Short Medial

The Original Osteoarthritis Knee BraceIf you’re experiencing knee hardness in the morning, knee ache that intensifies when you go up or down the stairs, constrained range of motion or a crackling feeling in the knee, knee weakness, or knee puffiness, then you may be experiencing osteoarthritis (OA), the common form of arthritis. The unloader one knee brace may help, also as being lightweight and easy to put on and wear under everyday clothing. This brace is ideal for more active people like hikers, warehouse/consturction workers, farmers, and athletes. View all of BraceAbility’s knee OA braces. It’s unfortunate that a permanent cure for osteoarthritis has still to be found; luckily, although, there are ways to manage this sickness and the signs that come with it, which are the following: hardness, restricted range of motion, ache, and localized puffiness of the knee. The best way to manage osteoarthritis (on the side from hot and cold medical care, therapeutic massage, painkillers, and—the most extreme choice—operation) is knee bracing with an osteoarthritic support like the Unloader One OTS. The Ossur Unloader One OTS Osteoarthritic Knee Brace is a knee support brace exactly intended to help treat light to serious unicompartmental osteoarthritis also as a host of other knee conditions. A new design of this Ossur unloader knee brace for arthritis incorporates color-coded buckles, more intuitive strapping, and denser Sensil lining for increased patient comfort. Also, it features adaptable, perforated shells that conform easily to individual anatomy, giving this knee brace an excellent fit, right out of the box. This Ossur Unloader brace also combines a simplified, adaptable upright with Dual Dynamic Force Straps to produce more unloading leverage than any knee unloader brace to date. The proprietary dual Dynamic Forces Strap System gives fast ache break and can be adjusted by means of simple SmartDosing Dials.

Playmaker Headgear. Color: Black Size: Large 22?"- 23" (56.5 – 58 cm) – Model 920623

Lightweight, breathable and comfy head protection. Use throughout sports and other actions for kids with balance problems, head/skull injuries, or seizure illnesses. Hand washable (cold water) design prevents perspiration build-up and odors. Patented helmet gives extra protection to front and back of skull without obstructing peripheral vision. Made of closed cell EVA rubber bubble Lycra with a Velcro chin strap.

Hayaku 7mm Sleeves (One Pair) – Premium Neoprene Sleeves for Squatting, Powerlifting and Crossfit – Injury Prevention and Recovery/rehabilit

Hayaku 7mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve • Injury Prevention and recuperation Rehabiliation: Soft neoprene material keeps your knees warm which lubricates your joints and prevents injuries. Workout with a peace of mind. • Snug Fit: 7mm thick high quality neoprene prevents slippage. Knee sleeves intended with squats in mind. • Built to Last – High quality neoprene material will withstand many number of washes. The only pair of knee sleeves you will ever need. Knee Sleeves intended for Serious Athletes well-liked among serious athletes in the sports of weightlifting, strongman, powerlifting, and Crossfit. Renowned support, durability, and distinctive looks. A staple for the gym. Features • 7mm for a Snug fit. Ideal for squats in the gym. • recuperation and Rehab – use to prevent injuries and for faster recuperation and treatment from present injuries • The Right Fit – Get the perfect fit by using our sizing map in the pictures • Performance – accomplish more while feeling safe • Support and Stability • Warmth – prevention and reduction of inflexible muscles and joints 100 Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back Sold as a pair (2 Knee Sleeves).

Tru-Pull Wraparound Support, Small vs DonJoy Telescoping Cool pricing

See alternate pictures above for SIZING and extra description info. – Tru-Pull Wraparound Ideal ApplicationA simple, easy to apply bracing solution for patellar subluxation, dislocation, malalignment and instabilities. The Tru-Pull Wraparound brace, intended by Dr. John Fulkerson, incorporates his patented technology of independent straps, which supply a consistent pull on the patella. A choice of buttresses give the patient an choice for more violent support. The Tru-Pull Wraparound is an ideal choice for patellar subluxation, dislocation, malalignment and instabilities. Features and Benefits? Patented bifurcated pull strap design lets for constant pull on patella. ? Choice of two adjustable thickness of buttresses (1/4″” and 3/8″”). ? common left and right. ? Wrap style design for easy application and fit. ? Non-slip NEO. Part Number: 11-1111-x-06000Tru-Pull Wrap11-1112-0-06000Buttress Kit common Colors Available: black Sizing info: S-XLx=2=S15 1/2″”-18 1/2″” (39-47cm)x=3=M18 1/2″”-21″” (47-53cm)x=4=L21″”-23 1/2″” (53-60cm)x=5=XL23 1/2″”-26 1/2″” (60-67cm) Measuring info: Measurements taken 6″” above mid-patella.

Braceit K.2 Comfortline Brace (S3 (T=15-16.5"//C=10-11"), BLACK)


Breg FreeRunner Brace (X-Large Left) vs DonJoy Telescoping Cool review

The FreeRunner knee brace is the premier soft good for patellofemoral support. It’s intended for patients who have patellofemoral discomfort as result of maltracking, subluxation or another patellofemoral injuries. It gives dynamic stabilization by relaxing at full flexion then progressively compressing at terminal extension. The lateral buttress offers a comfy and personal fit, allowing a soft tissue wall to preserve normal patella tracking. The distinctive Smart-Zone compression fabric combines materials for a low profile and super lightweight silhouette. This brings together a average amount of compression for anatomic support along the superior/inferior and medial/lateral compartments with a light compression over the patella and popliteal panel, for a non-attaching fit. Athletes and patients can now concentrate on their game and not their brace.

Brace Support For Arthritis, ACL, Running, Basketball, Meniscus Tear, Sports, Athletic. Open Patella Protector Wrap, Neoprene, Non-Bulky, Relieve

People who play Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Wrestling, CrossFit, Golf, Bowling, Fencing, Bicycle Riding, and Soccer are projected to make lots of fast and dangerous moves throughout these sports that can provoke injuries. Also our merchandise are suggested to be used by runners, people who go to the gym, lift weights or go to strength programs. This merchandise may be used also as a recuperation technique after knee/ankle surgeries because it relieves knee ache, strains and arthritis. Works best for meniscus tear, arthritis, acl tear and tendonitis. The knee brace combines the mechanical effect of behind the muscles and ligaments and the heating effect, which causes high blood flow and helps to recover damaged tissues.

CO-Z Steerable Walker Rover Scooter – Double Brakes Handle Foldable Turning with Basket (Red) vs DonJoy Telescoping Cool price

Features 1. Adjustable Handle Bars and Knee Platform: Access to the modification of the height of the knee walkers,it’s ideal for everyone who recovered from injury or operation to the foot,ankle or lower leg also as below the knee amputees as well as our kids. 2. Foldable Knee Walkers: Convenient for you to carry this to anywhere you need this. 3. High-capacity Basket: you may be able to put your staff in it when you’re riding or after shopping. So you donot have to carry these thing in hand or pack them on back. 4. Comfy Padded Knee Platform: This knee seat is intended as indicated by the form when our knee put on it in which case can ensure your more comfy experience when walking. 5. Antiskid and Smooth Wheels: Insure you more safety when riding on wet road or floor. And save you effort when riding on rough surface like lawn,grass and so on. Handling Note 1. We suggest not to use this steerable knee walker in some place which has hydrops,or wet place. Since safety comes 1st,right? 2. If you find this rolling scooter isn’t stable or tough, use the tools to make some modification before use. Plans Item Type:Steerable Knee Walker Material: PU, Steel Knee Cushion Height: 18 1/2″24″ Handle Height: 32″ 42″ Front Casters: 8″ (Dia); PU; Black Rear Casters: 8″ (Dia); PU; Black (drum brakes included) Weight Capacity: 350lbs Net Weight: 23. 14lbs / 10. 5kgs Color: Blue Package Size: 32″ x 17 1/2″ x 15″ Package Weight: 26. 5lbs Package 1 x Foldable Knee Walker.

Rehab TROM/FastFit TROM (Small Rehab TROM)

DonJoy FastFit/Rehab TROM Knee Brace The DonJoy FastFit/Rehab TROM Knee Brace or Total Range of Motion Post-Op Hinge Knee Brace, are groundbreaking, easy-to-use braces that can change the range of motion with the click of a button. The FastFit TROM and Rehab TROM saves time in the operating room with a simple one-part application. The easy-to-use hinge gives controlled range-of-motion and fast locking potential to meet a range of protocols for big ligament surgeries, meniscal repairs and patella realignments. Sized, prepared-to-fit. Easy-to-use hinge. Lock at different degrees extension. Fast release buckle. Rehab TROM cuffs intended for expanded treatment. The FastFit TROM is 24″ in length and the Rehab TROM is 17″ in length. Indications The DonJoy FastFit/Rehab TROM Knee Braces can support a range of protocols following big ligament operation, meniscal repairs and patella realignment. Objectives Adjustable Immobilization. Choice instead of cast immobilization. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease knee ache signs. Improve knee joint recuperation. Improve knee operation success.

Bledsoe Lateral Patella Stabilizer Brace (Large Left Neoprene) vs DonJoy Telescoping Cool reviews

Bledsoe Lateral Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace The Bledsoe Lateral Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace achieves patellar stabilization with a tubular lateral “J” buttress. Lateral-to-medial strapping gives added stability. Lasting neoprene material gives support, padding, compression and warmth. New TriTec material is an ideal lightweight breathable material comfort, support and compression. The tubular lateral “J” buttress is ideal for behind lateral-patellar subluxation. Also good for dislocations or lateral patellofemoral mal-alignment. Lateral to medial strapping for extra stabilization. Low-cost alternative to hinged braces. Available in left or right configuration. Bledsoe Lateral Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace is only available in slip-on style. For medial tracking conditions, order the reverse leg. Only available in black. Decide either neoprene or TriTech material. Indications Bledsoe Lateral Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace is indicated for patellofemoral illnesses as well as lateral patellar subluxation, dislocations, and lateral patellofemoral malalignment. Objectives Stabilize kneecap. Delay knee operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs related with lateral patellar subluxation. Also good for dislocations or lateral patellofemoral mal-alignment. Improve knee joint function. Improve life quality.

Models to consider:
DJ141KB35 B-239640114472800-P DONJOY-534110o 733313045160-P
997 Black 1.11E+11KP-REH-7754-M DJ141KW01-L-PDJ141KB07 DJ141KB35
H&PC-21427 LM-605I NKN-133 R CT-0103NKN-139 S 37-3733LBLK
OA3CHXLR KW6001753SE-BLK-L/XL CT-0167CT-1504 B-241529713
4296K-11-N B-241619713H&PC-08488 K2-ComfortlineH1603150501K1 CT-1707
CT-0128 422R10-20120-MD 71562-L-A1-PBCP-3470 CJ-5108
FAB00-2026 SUP1024425R FFX-SM-1010ZD1010 H&PC-20685
K2-Comfortline 37-107MDBEGK40014 B-241629711H&PC-05979 9.337.013.020.-P
DJ141KB07 BCP-3469B-239640115 OA3CHMLH&PC-23230 03K1401XS
K2-Comfortline DJ141KB14DJ141KB05-M-R-ST DJ141KB14B-241619713 414R-BK-L-P
UTR3000 PC141PA01DJ141KB07 B-241519712CT-1708 CT-0125
JB6411 H&PC-04380OA3CHML B-240619713G703 OA3ML
03K0601M KP-REH-7781-SCT-1504 733313045160-P0309-M KP-REH-7754-M
03K1002XXL H&PC-04363CT-1707 RS9P-MP4296K-11-N CT-0167
5116-BK-XL-P 1.19E+11425R H&PC-08488DJ141KB30 K2-Comfortline
H&PC-01337 H&PC-2068510-20120-MD H1603150501K1CT-1509 8-SS-SIZ
37-3733LBLK 6446R-B-S-CLS9.337.013.020.-P CT-0164CT-0184 TKN-202
FAB00-2026 H&PC-21427DJ141KB31 B-239640115CT-0103 THRCPR-KNE-100
KP-REH-7781-S 03K0202XXXSDJ141KB14 K2-ComfortlineCT-1509 DJ141KB30-L-R-C
1110XL H&PC-21427CT-1504 K2-Comfortline471100-P SUP1024
H&PC-23734 6446R-B-S-CLS03K1801XXXXL DJ141KB354110o 9.337.013.020.-P
DJ141KB35 03K0601MKP-REH-7754-M H&PC-01337RS9-MP 404R
20233 – – SMALL BCP-3470CJ-5108 I NKN-133 RDJ141KB07 CT-0164
THRCPR-KNE-100 CT-0123CT-0107 OA3CHMLDJ141KB31 H&PC-24360
BCP-3474 CT-0184429R DJ141KB14KW6001 997 Black
BCP-3469 37-3733LBLK03K1301R 1.19E+11DJ141KB05-M-R-ST B0057M3T7C
K40014 MS99710-20120-MD B-241529713753SE-BLK-L/XL bawk006


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