April 23, 2017

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  • Anatomically knitted support incorporating contoured silicone insert surrounding the patella
  • During activity the insert not only counteracts patellar malalignment but provides intermittent compression for the reduction of swelling and edema
  • Promotes proprioception, thus heightening sensory awareness in the knee for increased joint stabilization
  • Innovative trapezoidal stitch in the popliteal region prevents bunching and pinching
  • An integrated guide keeps the patella from shifting out of place
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General description

The Bauerfeind® GenuTrain® P3 is an anatomical knitted support that is ideal for athletes. Two integral massage pads and an adjustable corrective strap hold the kneecap securely in a natural, central position, activating the musculature and speeding up the curative procedure. The elastic knit design adapts perfectly to the form of the knee; breathable materials and reduced pressure at the edges ensure comfy wear.

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Magnetic Brace-Large(Large 15¼" – 17)

Intended for those who may 11041403010603-Parent have trouble applying a conventional knee support. Suggested for break of discomfort and instabilities of the knee caused by injuries and joint related conditions. Spiral stays and tension control straps supply extra stabilization and support. Magnetic Knee Brace keeps the heat made by the body in a particular area and hence aids in the curative procedure. It gives excellent lateral support to protect the medial and lateral ligaments. Magnetic Knee Brace is a stabilized Knee Brace to offer extra support over the standard Knee Brace. It also helps to prevent sideways stress on the knee ligaments. RETURN POLICY:This Product has a 30-day money-back ensure and Non-returnable things:-things that have been laundered, changed, soiled, or damaged.

Beautyko TCC-3473 Thera-Copper Compression Pain Relief Therapy Sleeve

Anti-odor. Anti-static. Wash and wear convenience. Relieve the discomfort of poor circulation, light varicose veins and aching knees with sporty, ribbed compression knee support that supply 8-15 mm HG of support. For comfort and durability they have stay-put tops. Active compression may help improve blood circulation and blood flow to the legs, rising muscle activity, performance and endurance. Puffiness of the legs and exhaustion, energy loss and injury risks may be mitigated or reduced.

FUSION Women’s with AirTech Innovation, Right Medium Plus

See alternate pictures above for SIZING and extra description info. –FUSION Women’s with AirTech novelty(This Brace Comes only in Wrinklecoat, which is a speckled blackish color, in product pictures)As the 1st company to introduce a brace exactly intended for women, Breg understands women’s distinctive bracing needs. Fusion Women? S employs Breg? S revolutionary ProForm technology, an intimate, contoured fit while, offering the advanced ligament protection obliged for both athletic activities and normal daily actions. Fusion gives women the exact fit, unmatched comfort and unhindered mobility needed for unlimited performance. Indications:ACL PCL Collateral ligament protection Breg? S Fusion Women? S knee brace offers the following benefits:AirTech frame pads have windows and channels that permit cooling air flow, while allowing moisture and heat to move away from the skin ProForm technology redesigned for superior contoured fit and protection Lightweight Contoured frame padding that conforms to the leg Easily adjustable/removable straps ensure a correct fit PivotPoint Strap Tabs contour to the leg for a superior fitOff-the-Shelf009XX FUSION Women’s, Wrinklecoat OTS, Left, XS-XXL011XX FUSION Women’s, Wrinklecoat OTS, Right, XS-XXLFUSION WOMEN’S SIZING map.

Lenox Hill Swedish Cage

Lenox Hill Swedish Knee Cage Lenox Hill Swedish Knee Cage was intended to control Genu Recurvatum (hyperextension) of the knee. The Trulife Knee Cage permits knee flexion, aids in ambulation, and increases motion power of the quadriceps. The lightweight, thermoplastic construction of the brace conforms to the anatomy of the leg. The adjustable 3 point pressure strap behind the knee is padded for patient comfort. The new Knee Cage is indicated for hyperextension of the knee caused by plantar flexion contracture, quadriceps weakness, and hip extension weakness. Let 7-10 days for delivery. efficient control of Genu Recurvatum (hyperextension). Posterior pressure pad is adjustable at attachment to the uprights. Permits knee flexion, aids in ambulation, and increases motion power of the quadriceps. The adjustable 3 point pressure strap behind the knee is padded for patient comfort. Better control, comfort, and increased compliance. Permits flexion at the knee without mechanical joints and locks. Lightweight vinyl coated aluminum molds easily. Indications The Trulife Swedish Knee Cage is intended for light to average Genu Recurvatum caused by plantar flexion contracture, quadriceps weakness, and hip extension weakness. Objectives Control hyperextension. Improve ambulation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Improve joint function. Improve life quality.

Breg Custom Fusion XT OA Brace-Breg Custom Fusion XT OA, color/Pattern option,w/Adjustable Hinge

Breg Custom FUSION XT OA Arthritis Knee Brace By combining a high-strength frame design with lightweight, aircraft-grade tempered aluminum, Breg Custom FUSION XT OA Arthritis Knee Brace withstands the rigors of contact actions. CUSTOM FUSION XT OA knee brace now features new AirTech™ novelty. Our company was the 1st to offer the arthritis brace of the future. We’re happy to introduce the Breg Custom FUSION XT OA Arthritis Knee Brace arthritis line by Breg, a working OA brace that addresses not only the ache related with unicompartmental osteoarthritis but also the stability for the high-affect user. This brace has a high strength frame and gives all the benefits of an arthritis brace and working high affect brace. Not available for international customers The Breg Custom FUSION XT OA Arthritis Knee Brace redefine the relationship between the brace and the leg. Other bracing designs surrounds the knee in a rigid rectangular structure. CUSTOM FUSION design guards the knee by working with it. For the high-affect user, this brace has a high strength frame. With the joint unloader effect of an arthritis brace. BREG’s ProForm™ technology utilizes Zytel, a strong still adaptable polymer. This polymer lets the CUSTOM FUSION XT OA knee brace to comply to the form of the leg. Exact, contoured fit effectively “pre-tensions” the medial side of the brace. Lets the brace to engage sooner, resisting knee displacement. Largely decreases injury-causing elongation of the ligaments. Enables the medial side to accommodate the changing axis of the knee. This keeps the FUSION XT OA brace solidly in place to protect the knee in every situation. DuPont’s Zytel ST (Super Tough) is a nylon resin technology. Zytel can be used in a host of extreme sports merchandise like snow boards to jet skis. A lightweight, weather evidence material that offers superior strength. Zytel is the leader in wear and friction merchandise.

Double Patella Brace Stability System – Includes Dual Patellar Tendon Strap and BONUS Copper Infused Compression Sleeve vs Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 11041403010603-Parent pricing

Experiencing Knee ache? you may be able to maintain your active lifestyle without the ache with a Wimi Total Knee Support System. This Wimi Total Knee Support System will include: (1) completely adjustable double patellar tendon strap with both upper and lower patella knee support straps; and (1) Copper Compression Knee Sleeve to offer the stated curative effects of copper and stabilization support to outer muscle groups. This mix was shown to significantly increase comfort and speed up recuperation from runners knee, jumpers knee, and patellar tendinitis by helping in correct patellar tracking and decreasing the forces going to the kneecap and patellar tendon. Use together or individually to customize your break. Did you know?front knee ache accounts for 20 of all running injuries. A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research finished that:The joint application of an infrapatellar and suprapatellar strap can be the most useful in managing patellofemoral painThe Wimi System is suited for a large range of actions the biggest possible range of motion for sports athletic needs:Triathlons, Crossfit, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Hiking, Racquetball, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, or Martial Arts. Recover the right way. SIZING: – Measure thigh circumference (around your leg) 5 or 13cm above mid kneecap. – decide from 5 available sizes (S 14″-15″) (M 15. 5″-17″) (L 17. 5″-19″) (XL 19. 5″-21″) & 2XL (21″-23”). – If you’re in between sizes decide the next biggest size. See our pictures above for more help. BONUS – Order today and get our 22 page ebook “A Champion’s guide to Runner’s Knee – Causes, Treatment, and Prevention” as a special gift.do not let injury and ache slow you down. Wimi Sports and strength has you covered. Get yours Today.

Breg Men’s Fusion Refurbishing Kit (XLarge Left)

The Breg Fusion OA Plus Refurbishing Kit is all you have to keep your brace like new. Intended to be worn with the Breg Fusion OA Plus Knee Brace. The Refurbishing Kit for the Breg Fusion OA Plus only. Will include thigh and calf frame pads with velcro. Will include thigh and calf straps. Will include 2 stops sets. Will include information. Doesn’t include condyle pads. Doesn’t include brace. Decide correct sizing depending on your brace size. Decide left or right. Breg Fusion Refurbishing Kits come with a 3 month warranty.

Breg FreeRunner Brace (Large Left) vs Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 11041403010603-Parent review

The FreeRunner knee brace is the premier soft good for patellofemoral support. It’s intended for patients who have patellofemoral discomfort as result of maltracking, subluxation or another patellofemoral injuries. It gives dynamic stabilization by relaxing at full flexion then progressively compressing at terminal extension. The lateral buttress offers a comfy and personal fit, allowing a soft tissue wall to preserve normal patella tracking. The distinctive Smart-Zone compression fabric combines materials for a low profile and super lightweight silhouette. This brings together a average amount of compression for anatomic support along the superior/inferior and medial/lateral compartments with a light compression over the patella and popliteal panel, for a non-attaching fit. Athletes and patients can now concentrate on their game and not their brace.

Li-Ning Brace Compression Sleeve for Sports, Arthritis, Joint Pain, Injury Recovery, Single (Black)

The Li Ning brand was founded by the famous gymnast Mr. Li Ning in 1990. Li-Ning knee support is made in China. USES: Ease the ache of joint, prevent joint injuries. It’s good for Sports, Arthritis,Joint ache, Injury recuperation and More suited for all age groups to partake in all ball games, leisure fitnes, any sports and Family personal care. as an example: Running,Tennis,Golf,Basketball,Baseball,Weightlifting,Bodybuilding,strength,Riding,Mountaineering,Triathlons, .

Patella Stabilizer – Size: XXX Extra Large ( circumference 23.7 – 26.1 Inches) vs Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 11041403010603-Parent price

Patella Stabilizer Knee Support Used to treat patellar subluxation, instability, tendonitis, and post-fracture conditions, and offers compression and protection for post-op phases, also as passive support and protection throughout the rehab phase. Both Stabilizers have breathable, 100 cotton on the skin. Latex and Neoprene free. The salient features of this Patella Stablizer Knee support are common, fits Right and Left, Conforms very well, steel coil stays, Two removable buttress, Lightweight, Brace “lives & works” with muscles, Elastic straps in locking system, Thin cotton level on popliteal area, Low profile, Breathable and natural materials, Washable. The benifit of this Knee Brace will include – Fits thigh/calf size disproportions, Versatility, meets various prerequisites, Perfect patella tracking, lets knee total function, No migration, No pressure on the Patella, Popliteal skin breathes freely, may be worn under any clothes, No allergies or dermatitis, may be worn 24 hours a day, Well being and cleanliness, Buttress or stays may be replaced. Particular parts – 100 cotton velour (whatever surface is in contact with patient’s skin), Two “C” shaped buttress for patella, tracking reasons, Two removable steel coil stays, Swiftly adjustable and user friendly, locking system.

S Pro Brace-2-Beige-Right

Bauerfeind GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace The lateral splints on the Bauerfeind GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace active support have adjustable hinges. With two inelastic straps on the upper and lower leg, they keep the knee joint secure throughout motion. Based on how the hinges are set, the splints may be used to restrict and flexion and extension angle of the leg. This restriction of motion helps to correct incorrect movements and guards the knee throughout certain phases of treatment. The anatomically contoured joint splints on the Bauerfeind GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace may be individually adjusted by an orthotist / medical supply merchant and their range of motion may be constrained. By adjusting the hinge, the flexion angle of the knee may be restricted to 30, 60 or 90. The knee may also be prevented from stretching to its full extent by locking the hinge at 20. These limitations are intended to protect the knee and may be lifted in line with the progress of treatment. With two inelastic straps on the upper and lower leg, the joint splints supply secure support and relieve the collateral ligaments. The knee is guided throughout motion and its freedom of motion is kept inside safe limitations. Wearing this support can reimburse for any light to average instability, as an example caused by osteoarthritis of the knee, while giving optimum stability for ligaments weakened by arthritis. Lateral splints on the Bauerfeind GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace active support have adjustable hinges. Stable, light and reshapable. Anatomically contoured right and left variants. Direct connection between the non-elastic straps. Anatomically contoured knitted support. Round viscoelastic shaped put possesses the same proven properties as the GenuTrainSoft, breathable knitted material, especially behind the knee. Very comfy to wear. Available in nature, black or titanium colors. GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE.

Copper Compression Recovery Sleeve, #1 GUARANTEED Highest Copper Content With Infused Fit Best Brace For Men And Women. Wear Anywhe vs Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 11041403010603-Parent reviews

Knee problems? No worries, Copper Compression Knee Sleeves supply you the final in knee support, recuperation, ache reduction, curative and more. If you have blown out your knee, feeling arthritis ache or any kind of sprain, strain or knee joint injury, there is no better knee sleeve than Copper Compression brand. Expect These Benefits: • rouses blood flow to speed the curative procedure • decreases ache, puffiness and inflammation • Increases oxygen delivery to speed up recuperation time • gives warmth in the cold and cools your skin in the heat • Silicon bead keeps knee sleeve in place, throughout activity • lets full range of motion plus comfy enough for all-day knee support. IMPORTANT – don’t Be Fooled By Imitations and Knockoffs. Many businesses assert to have copper infused compression sleeves but when you get them and turn them inside out you can be disappointed to find that the copper content is low. In fact, one of the biggest brands stating to have copper infused compression sleeves really has only 4 copper nylon. Ours has 88 copper nylon. We Stand By Our Product With An Unbeatable 100 Money-Back ensure. Copper Compression Knee Sleeves are GUARANTEED to decrease knee ache, puffiness, and inflammation plus speed up recuperation. 100 Guaranteed or your money back. Order yours now by just clicking the “Add To Cart” button on this page. To measure for sizing see the sizing map image beside the other pictures at the top of this page.

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Models to consider:
8-SS-SIZ 1.19E+11RS9-MP H&PC-25302429R DJ141KS14-L
8-SS-SIZ DJ141KB14UTR3000 428RCT-0106 B-239600114
471100-P 422R1.11E+11 1.11E+11DJ141KW01-L-P DJ141KB30
03K1001XXXL 471701-P419R H&PC-2067707715XL BCP-3475
B-240629712 733313045160-P1.11E+11 H&PC-08897BCP-3474 NKN-139 S
PC141KW01-M SUP1024DJ141KB05 ABC2057H&PC-23028 JB6411
H&PC-05084 03K1301L79-94358EA 9.337.013.020.-PK2-Comfortline 76587EN
H&PC-07451 B-2396001151.11E+11 OA3CHML733313039541-P B-241529712
471201-P B-240619714K40014 B0057M3T7CB-240629713 H&PC-23243
H&PC-03957 72-4048-TR-FBA03K1301R DJ141KB05422R 4130o
B-239600115 CT-0526H&PC-23230 07715XLH&PC-05084 03K0202XXS
JB6411 B-239540116CJ-5108 22172G/11471201-P RS9-MP
G703 419R03K1801XXXXL CJ-541503K1002L B-241619712
1.11E+11 79-94358EADONJOY-54 TD-NCS00103K1002XXXL H&PC-01637
CT-0167 RMK(2)ABC2057 K3013-008-MDG702 DJ141KB14
B703 1.11E+11733313045160-P DJ141KB31BEC-09358 429R
425R DJ141KB07471701-P THRCPR-KNE-1001.19E+11 H&PC-06129
428R 1.11E+11CT-0106 1.19E+11BCP-3469 H&PC-23243
BCP-3471 B-239600114422R 07715XL733313039541-P 1.19E+11
H&PC-25925 H&PC-206771.19E+11 72-4048-TR-FBAH&PC-23230 OA3CHML
H&PC-01637 B703DJ141KB07 37-3743LNVYCT-1508 1.19E+11
DJ141KB31 bawk006B-239640115 471701-P03K1002XXL DJ141KB07
471201-P CK1001997 Black G PLG-820 XSCT-0106 733313045160-P
DONJOY-54 THRCPR-KNE-100B-240619714 H&PC-2168372344B-P 8-SS-SIZ
8-SS-SIZ H&PC-23243H&PC-01337 4110o471100-P 20233 – – SMALL
DJ141KB30 428RG703 B0057M3T7CK40014 03K1002XXXL
429R 22172G/11B-241529712 H&PC-05084B-239540116 ABC2057


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