April 23, 2017

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For stalled wounds when antimicrobial properties of silver are wanted. 100 collagen with a high degree of nativity High gel honesty. Helps advertise natural curative. Jump-starts stalled wounds Ionic silver gives antimicrobial barrier Indications: pressure, venous, diabetic ulcers, fractional and full-thickness wounds, ulcers caused by mixed vascular etiologies, burns, donor sites and other surface wounds, abrasions, traumatic wounds curative by secondary intention and dehisced surgical wounds. Contraindicated for active vasculitis or patients with recognized sensitivity to collagen or silver. Can be left in place for up to 7 days. Dressing change frequency will rely on amount of drainage.

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3M Tegaderm Transparent with Absorbant Pad (3 1/2""13 3/4"") (by the Each)

Tegaderm consists of a thin film backing with a non-latex, hypoallergenic sticky. The dressing is breathable, allowing good oxygen and moisture vapor exchange. It’s waterproof and impermeable to liquids and bacteria. An intact dressing guards the site from outside contagion. Tegaderm transparent dressings may be used to cover and protect catheter sites and wounds, to preserve a moist environment for wound curative, as a secondary dressing, as a protecting cover over at-risk skin, to secure devices to skin and as a protecting eye covering.

Systeni Tielle Ma Non-Adhesive Hydropolymer – 4-1/4 4-1/4 Inch

Systagenix Tielle Max Non-sticky Hydropolymer Wound Dressing – 5-7/8 X 7-3/4 Inch from FirstOptionMedical. Com may be used for all levels of exudate. Tielle Max is cut-able for those uncomfortable to dress regions. It’s comfy to wear caused by it is easily adaptable design and better padding. It’s non-sticky, and may be secured using the most proper dressing for the patient, e. G. Compression bandage.

Tempo Nonwoven Sponges Sterile Sponge 2" 2", 4 Ply, 2 EA/Pack & 50 Packs/B & 30 B/CS, 2204S

There’s one important choice to think about when picking a wound dressing; woven vs. Nonwoven. Nonwoven sponges are joined with longer strands of absorbing fabric that have liquid-wicking properties that will keep the wound more dry and less vulnerable to infection. They also are intended to not stick to the wound, which makes removing them much easier. Woven gauze (standard gauze) has fewer liquid-wicking properties with shorter strands of fiber intended for minimal absorption. Nonwoven materials have a higher density level than woven materials, you with a more consistent level of liquid absorption. Keep your patient’s wound clean and dry with rate Nonwoven Sponges. They’ll require fewer changes, saving both time and money. Our nonwoven sponges are made from a premium polyester/rayon blend.

3M Reston Self-Adhering Foam Products 1560M, Pads (Pack of 5)

3M™ Reston™ Self-Adhering bubble 1560M is an open-cell, porous, polyurethane bubble pad; covered on one side with a hypoallergenic, acrylate sticky and a silicone-coated paper release liner. Reston self-adhering bubble merchandise protect against skin damage from splints, casts, and prostheses. The pad will adhere to a range of surfaces and may be cut, shaped, and adapted for many applications. It can be used as a protecting level and improve comfort for beds, chairs, and operating room tables. 1560M bubble merchandise are available in pad form and gives medium support. Dimensions: 7. 875″ x 11. 75″ / 20cm x 29. 8cm, 0. 94″ /2. 39cm thick. Contraindications: This product isn’t to be used as a dressing in post-surgical treatment procedures like liposuction. From easy-to-use, efficient wound care and IV site dressings to skin care merchandise, 3M offers simple, skin-friendly solutions that cover a continuum of care for healthy skin maintenance. 3M brands continue to set the business standard and offer the finest in skin health care merchandise, programs and services. For more than a century, people global have looked to 3M for new merchandise and ideas that crack everyday problems and make their lives easier and better. For decades, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories have reliable 3M as a dedicated partner supplying essential merchandise intended to meet the distinctive needs of health professionals, thus causing the advancement of better health practices, outcomes and quality of care.

Medline Opticell + Gelling Fiber, 8" 12"

Click here to access the available medical content for Opticell Ag+ Gelling Fiber Wound Dressing Opticell Ag+ wound dressing uses a distinctive gelling ChytoformTM technology that lets the absorbent fibers of the dressing to transform into a clear and conformable gel. The distinctive gelling action helps manage drainage and remove dead, damaged and infected tissue from the wound, trapping it for afterward elimination at the dressing change. ChytoformTM technology wicks liquid only vertically, not laterally, helping to prevent maceration. Opticell Ag+ has a conformable and thin profile that gives best contact with the wound. Though Opticell is intended exactly for average to heavily draining wounds, it may also be pre-moistened for efficient use on dry or lightly draining wounds. Opticell Ag+ delivers broad spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness. The dressings contain 0. 75 ionic silver by weight. When the dressing encounters a wound environment, silver ions are activated to manage bioburden. The silver inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, still is totally harmless to skin cells (noncytotoxic). 1.

Optifoam Antimicrobial Post-Op Strips – POSTOPSTRIP, 3.5",0/CS – MSC963 vs PURACOL AG Collagen 8” 8” pricing

Powerful antimicrobial protection from a comfy bubble dressing. Optifoam Ag+ removes 99. 99 of bacteria inside two hours and remains efficient for up to seven days. 1 The ionic silver gives an efficient barrier for managing repeated bacterial introduction. Numbered liners make these post-op strips easy to apply. The dressing acts as both a main and secondary dressing. Optifoam post-op strips use a thin and conformable sticky border that’s waterproof, adaptable and breathable. The dressing’s wear time of up to 7 days helps decrease the need for disruptive and needless dressing changes. References: 1. Data on file.

Mepile 8"8" Absorbent Soft Silicone Foam s, Bo of 5

Mepilex is a soft and greatly conformable bubble dressing that absorbs exudate and maintains a moist wound environment. The Safetac technology prevents Mepilex from sticking to the wound bed still adheres softly to the bordering skin allowing easy application of secondary fixation. The wound dressing may be changed without damaging the wound or bordering skin or subjecting the patient to extra ache. May remain in place for some number of days based on the condition of the wound. Can be used under compression bandages. Each wound dressing measures 8″ x 8″ (20 x 20cm). Individually wrapped. Box of 5.

Gauze Roll, 4"3.2yds, 6/Pack vs PURACOL AG Collagen 8” 8” review

Item #: 51650948. Soft, nonwoven, absorbent padding consisting of a blend of viscous/bicomponent and super-absorbent fibers. Guards the skin, extra absorption and distribution of pressure under compression bandages. 4 x3. 2 yards. Customers also search for: Medical Supplies 1st Aid Supplies Bandages and Dressings Discount Surepress Absorbent Padding, 4″ x 3. 2 Yards, 6 Per Pack, purchase Surepress Absorbent Padding, 4″ x 3. 2 Yards, 6 Per Pack, Wholesale Surepress Absorbent Padding, 4″ x 3. 2 Yards, 6 Per Pack,.

Medline Biostep Collen Matri Mat (4"4" 50 Per case)

BIOSTEP is a distinctive collagen matrix dressing that lets you to overcome barriers to wound closure while maintaining an best moist wound environment. It targets and deactivates extra MMPs and has a 6-day wear time for prolonged control of the wound environment. The greatly conformable dressing is easy to apply, and the gelling actions supply cooling, soothing effect for improved patient comfort. BIOSTEP Ag combines the anti-MMP activity and functionality of BIOSTEP with the antibacterial activity of silver to help maintain bacterial balance for contaminated and colonized wounds.

Dynare CuraFoam – Advanced Hydrophilic Foam s – Super Absorbent – Small 2"2" – Count vs PURACOL AG Collagen 8” 8” price

Intended to advertise a moist environment, thus accelerating the curative of many hard-to-treat wounds or degenerative wounds. Substances that help to offer ideal moisture conditions include alginate fiber, bubble, and hydrocolloid dressingsHydrophilic Dressings draw exudate from the wound and protect the wound from bacterial contagion. The Latex-Free Wound Dressing is ideal for Stage II, III, and IV pressure ulcers. A useful ruler is printed on each package for fast measurements. Dynarex is dedicated to delivering merchandise and services that match and surpass buyer expectations. Maker Contact info: 1-888396-2739.

Promogran Matri #PG004 (4.34 sq. in.) (Bo of )

Maker: Johnson & JohnsonProduct Number: PG004Size: 28 cm2 (4. 34 in2)Box of 10Johnson & Johnson’s PROMOGRAN Matrix Wound Dressing is an advanced wound care device that gives an environment which attracts cells and supports tissue growth. PROMOGRAN dressing can be used for many types of wounds as well as diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers, and pressure ulcers. In the presence of exudate the PROMOGRAN Dressing transforms into a soft, conformable, biodegradable gel, and lets contact with all regions of the wound. PROMOGRAN Dressing maintains a physiologically moist microenvironment at the wound surface. This environment is conducive to fast wound curative. PROMOGRAN Dressing is a main dressing that may be cut to fit wound with clean scissors and used in mix with either a semi-occlusive or non-occlusive secondary dressing.

Optifoam Antimicrobial Adhesive Gentle Border s (, OPTIFOAM, GENTLE BORDER, 44 ) Each / bo vs PURACOL AG Collagen 8” 8” reviews

Silicone border gives light adhesion greatly conformable1 border may be lifted and reapplied; Moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) changes to liquid level; Ionic silver gives antimicrobial barrier1; Can manage repeated bacteria introduction; uninterrupted antimicrobial protection1; Helps create ideal curative environment; Waterproof outer level; greatly absorbent1; Non- staining; Low friction and shear outer level Indications: pressure ulcers, fractional and shallow full-thickness wounds, surgical wounds, wounds with colonization, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, donor sites, lacerations and abrasions, skin tears, and 1st second-degree burns. Contraindications: 3rd-degree burns, lesions with active vasculitis, persons with a recognized sensitivity to silver.

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  4. Puracol Plus Ag Wound Dressing with Silver 2″x2.2″ Box of 10
  5. TheraHoney Wound Gel 1.5 oz (1 Tube)
  6. Medline Industries PRM21450 Abdominal Pads, Sterile, 5 in.x9 in., 25/BX, White

Models to consider:
PH100 MSC9169MSC019613 6196DNON21450 1626W
XCTWBC1032 621967CANON241283 BND-7951A475 MSC8644EPZ
ZORB66 50HBRS4520XCTWBC1033 1626WMSC1133 MSC8644EP
MSC2404H DR46405TM81868 6855566AMD55544P 5045B
60MSC8305-CHS SC288100-CHSCUR47399RB P00500TS-3254 PRM21450
CUR47147RB Convatec18795760MSC9604EPZ-CHS MSC8622ECUR250383 MSC8644EP
881685-CHS MSC9145889546HP-CHS MSC64812EP60MSC9614EPZ-CHS NON21450
NON21454 51650940CAMSC6455EP UHS-CUR47399NON21456 MSC019452
KE3175 CUR47399RBMSC8644EP DT13385NON21456 PH100
MSC30PAR BND-7951EL00302 TS-3183MSC2077EP NON25710Z
60NON21456-CHS ZORB66BND-841 CUR47148NRB5045B NON21454
NON21456 MSC64812EPCUR47147RB MSC6444EP10cmpads 51650940CA
1626W 55544PMar-7416 6855566AMDOSAWD50505C CUR47396RB
MSC8644EPZ HP16998MSC6444EPZ XCTWBC1032XCTWBC1035 MSC019452
53MTP701 NON21450EL00304 NON21453NPSSWCD0404 60MSC9614EPZ
1626W JJ-239050HBRS4520 K-5714-GCW-NYA475 MSC019613
ZORB66 60MSC9604EPZ-CHS1565C-3 MSC8722EPHP16998 MSC2044EP
XCTWBC1035 PRM21450MSC019452 PH1001626W 889546HP-CHS
FMC5045-BX-ISG2G NON21456DR46405 TS-3254NON21456 MSC2404H
EL00302-CHS 60MSC9614EPZ-CHSMSC019613 881685-CHS50506488-CHS OSAWD50505C
MSC64812EP MSC2077EP881626-CHS 60NON21456-CHSMSC9445EPZ MSC27PAR
NON21454 NON241283MSC8644EPZ HE100033HB4414 NON25710
CUR47396RB JJ-2390CUR250383 MSC8644EPEL00304 50HBRS4520
LIL-KA-318 K-5714-GCW-NYMSC30PAR NON21454NON25720Z CUR47399RB


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