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  • PockeTalker Ultra w/ microphone 12 ft TV listening cord PockeTalker Dual Eabuds (LHS-EAR014) Users Guide 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • 20-40 dB acoustic gain. Compatible with neckloops for telecoil equipped BTEs External volume & tone controls Removable microphone with extension cord Removable integrated belt clip 2 ft. TV listening cord Up to 100-hours of battery life Operates on t
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When hearing situations prove most challenging, the Pocketalker delivers. Compact enough to bring anywhere, the Pocketalker is ideal for 1-on-1 conversations, TV listening, small groups, and more. The Pocketalker super amplifies sound obviously and easily for better understanding. 100 hours of battery life assures long-lasting performance. Use the Pocketalker with a range of available earphones and headphones of your choice, or, for best performance, use it with a neckloop and a telecoil-equipped hearing aid. With the optional Telelink adapter, listeners can use the Pocketalker to amplify telephone calls to a comfy listening level. How the POCKETALKER works in everyday situations: The POCKETALKER super picks up sounds and boosts them as indicated by the volume you have set. For best results, place or hold the POCKETALKER super’s microphone as close as possible to the person with whom you are speaking. In Small Groups – Place the POCKETALKER super on a table, in your pocket, or attach it to your belt and use your favored headset, neckloop, or another accessory to offer superior performance In the Car – For conversations in the car, you may be able to use the optional microphone extension cord (WCA 007 WC) and optional Lapel Clip Microphone (MIC 054) to attach the mic to the shirt or shirt of your fellow rider. TV Listening For TV listening, use the included 12 foot extension cord (WCA 007 WC) to extend the earphone or mic cord. You can also want to think about the WIR 238 for superior performance on your TV listening experience Using a Neckloop The optional neckloop (NKL 001) telecoil couplers magnetically couple the audio output from the POCKETALER super into a hearing aid equipped with a telephone coil (“T” Switch).

Recent reviews of Williams Sound PKT D1 E14 Pocketalker Ultra – Personal Hearing Amplifier System with Microphone and Dual Mini Earbud:

I have had this Pocketalker for about 1- months now and it certainly is a help for someone who has a hearing damage like many of us older people do. Some things you may want to know from my experience: The earbuds that come with it are almost worthless. The sound quality is poor and the bubble pads will get dirty and are impossible to clean. So, plan on buying some decent earbuds that come with soft rubber inserts of different sizes that could be used with a iPod. Do not get the cheap ones, either. You may want to plan on spending in the 10 to 20 range for these if you don t want to be disappointed in the performance of the Pocketalker. You may want to think about the “sport” model buds with a hook on the buds that go around your ear so the buds will not fall out of your ear so easily if you’re really active. You may also use headphones, however I favor the earbuds because it seems like you’re just listening to music like so lots of people do these days ( when conversing with someone.) and earbuds are less cumbersome. Since the Pocketalder isn’t a stereo device, you’ll also want to buy a small “mono to stereo” adapter that you plug into the Pocketalker earphone jack before you plug in the earbuds so sound will come out of both earbuds and not just one of them. The Pocketalker is good for close up conversations. It does have an omnidirectional mic, however it just doesn’t pick up voices all that well at a distance beyond say 10 feet away. At a distance, the voices will sound kind of “hollow” and weak in comparison to voices that are closer, however you may be able to get used to that with some practice. I set the volume at 4- or 5- (it goes to 10). If the mic is covered up with clothes or a sweater this will muffle the sound some and you’ll have to increase the volume a little.

I bought this for my grandmother to use. Other merchandise aren’t as comfy as this one for her. The best part is that this product comes with a 20-25ft extension cable which you use with the microphone. So in a family setting we just pass the microphone around to whoever is talking, and my grandmother can listen in whereever she’s sitting (presuming inside the extension cable distance). Once you get used to passing the mic around and talking, it is as if you are a spokesperson for a TV show and it becomes second-nature. This unit runs on 2x AAA batteries and lasts a amazingly long time. I believe 2weeks with at least 10hours of use a day. Pros: comfy for my grandmothers ears. Extension cable + mic is GREAT and other units don’t have the (this removes any ambient sound because you may be able to speak into the mic from 20-25ft away). Long battery life running on 2x AAA batteries. Neck strap included. Also comes with stickers so you may be able to hook the mic up to the TV speaker. Cons: only one extension cord, easily fixed by purchasing an extra unit (common extension cords don’t work as it only has one prong to control both right and left headset). That way you may be able to leave the extra mic + cord hooked onto the TV and take the other mic+cord around for family gatherings. The only other con is that the right and left headset buds can not be controlled seperately, if your grandparent has much worse hearing in one ear this may not be as useful.

My Starkey hearing aids failed while in the Boston area for 2 months. No way to get them repaired away from home. Desperate for a fast and inexpensive solution, I bought this Williams Sound Pocketalker. It’s a life changing experience. It has restored my lost high frequencies so that I hear myself and others say "s" and "t" and "d" sounds obviously. It has restored the lost highs to make TV and music enjoyable again. The feeling of all sound being far away is erased by amplification. Wonder if I will use my hearing aids when they come back from the lab? Pros: Variable tone control starts with bass adding treble to become balanced at midpoint, bass falling away as control is advanced to higher frequency area. This lets you to tailor sound to your hearing loss. Superior amplification. Unusually good answer from standard stalk mic, improved with desk mic or Olympus directional stalk mic. Long battery life exceeds 200 hours for set of AAA batteries in my daily use. Lasting as it survives many falls. May be worn with lanyard or belt clip. Cons: Mono input and output only. Requires attenuating patch cable and adapters to listen to some stereo devices directly from device. Lanyard mounts at base so the mic and controls hang down to your stomach. I tape the lanyard to the body so that the mic and earphone in jack are at the top where you could expect them. Belt clip looks a little big and hides some of the controls. Summary: This is the best personal sound amplifier as indicated by reviews I have read on Amazon. I affirm that this is true. After 2 months of use, I became totally reliant on my Williams Sound Personal Sound Amplifier as I have been on hearing aids. Unlike hearing aids, this device is reliable and requires no maintenance.

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CLARITY 54011.001 E814CC + 2 D703HS / Amplifies incoming up to 40 decibels / CLARITYE814CC3 / vs PKTD1-E14.1

– Amplifies incoming sound up PKTD1E14.1 to 40 decibels- Four tone settings to customize your listening experience- Amplified digital answering machine making it easier to listen to messages- big high contrast CID display- Extra deafening and clear speakerphone for hands-free conversations- big keypad with high contrast numbers- Five speed dial buttons to store important numbers- Ten deafening ringer melodies with six levels of volume- CID display lights up as super bright visual ringer- Expandable up to four cordless handsets (model #D703HS).

Starkey Products 3 Series I20 CIC/ITC/ITE Beige

Starkey 3 series 1 20 cic the 3 series i20 is an entry level hearing aid made by Starkey incorporating their bluwave 3. 0 processing chip. It has 4 channels, light sound reduction, light expansion and light wind sound reduction. The 3 series i20 also has adaptive directionality to best highlight speech in background sound. This is supported by ‘audioscape’ which make directional changes correct through cautious analyses of the listening environment. In total, the 3 series i20 can detect 5 different listening environments and offers 2 steps of personalisation for each of these. The capability to wirelessly communicate also enables synchronized user modifications whereby volume modifications and program changes made on one hearing aid are automatically moved to the reverse hearing aid. Also, it lets for a feature called ‘binaural telephone mode’. Binaural telephone mode is when the telephone ear hearing aid automatically changes to a dedicated phone program whilst the non-telephone ear hearing aid decreases in volume to assist you concentrate better. The 3 series i20 uses an older feedback algorithm to help decrease annoying whistling from your hearing aids. Also, it has a feature called ‘spectral iq’. This is a frequency lowering algorithm to helps high frequency sounds to be heard and processed effectively by the wearer if they have a serious/profound high frequency hearing loss. The spectral iq does this by converting high frequency sounds to a lower frequency range where the wearer’s hearing loss is less serious. Importantly, spectral iq also keeps the original high frequency content it has transformed as this may still be useful to the wearer if they’re unable to completely procedure it. The 3 series i20 is well-matched with Starkey wireless accessories like surflink mobile 2, surflink media and surflink remote.


MagniEar+ is the revolutionary sound amplification system that’s cheap and discreet. Lightweight and compact, you will not feel like you are wearing it. If you are in the theater, watching TV, listening to soft music or just having a calm conversation, you’ll hear deafening and clear. While some hearing devices can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, MagniEar+ is a extraordinary value The MagniEar+ comes with 3 sizes of soft info that may be worn in the right or left ear to get you a perfect fit. For your convenience, MagniEar+ also comes with 5 batteries. Say goodbye to the frustration and embarrassment that comes with not being able to hear properly and say hello to MagniEar+.

Aco, 210IF 2 Frequency Channel Device Noise Reduction Feedback Cancellation Invisible CIC Digital Aids He vs PKTD-1E-14.1

Package: 1 x hearing aid ; 6 x A10 battery ; 6 x earplugs ; 1 x cleaning brush ; 1 x wax guard ; 1 x manual ; 1 x warranty card 1, This AcoSound Hearing Aid supply standard usability with maximum concealment. 2, This unit sits softly in the ear canal and comes with 6 sizes of ear info to ensure a correct fit. 3, The most advanced audio technology available – nearly the same technology that’s being used in much expensive conventional hearing aids business-leading Adaptive Feedback Cancellation technology, which virtually removes annoying howling and whistling sounds State-of-the-art layered sound reduction (LNR) makes having a conversation easier and more enjoyable. 4, As speaking commences, only the vocal oral sound is improved and magnified, while at the same time decreasing the background sound. When no speech is present, our audio technology produces an direct transition to other bordering sounds, with no annoying delays and unpredictable volume-changes. 5, A large Dynamic Range Compression which balances the range of sounds in any listening environment – making soft sounds audible and deafening sounds comfy.

Etymotic Research ER135QSAPT2 Bean, Pair, Platinum

Do you wish you may make your world one click louder? Do you – or a family member – find it hard to: Follow conversations? Hear the TV or radio without considerably rising the volume? Or Understand what is going on in a religious service or a lecture? These challenges hold true for an rising number of adults – inside a large age range. Because of deafening music, motorcycles, power tools, gun sports, fireworks, sporting events, and more, many adults 40 and over, realize that life could be so much easier if everything proved just one click louder. Many struggle in silence rather than look for a solution to accomplish the clearness they once had. The BEAN can supply that one click of clearness. As a personal amplification device, the subtle, small earpiece fits directly into one’s ear to be worn when needed, if out on the town or in the home. It features a fitted sensor that automatically changes to the bordering sound level. It amplifies soft sounds, while keeping the volume steady on louder noises or decreasing it for very deafening sounds like fireworks or the strike of a drum. Moreover, it boosts soft high-pitched sounds heard in speech, which helps supply clearness for conversations, especially in less-than-ideal listening environments like in a worship service, classroom, theatre, or TV. For many users, The BEAN is like reading glasses: it can be used only part of the time. The BEAN gives the highest fidelity sound amplification available at any cost. Sold in pairs or single units.

Merry Black

The Merry is a state of the art personal sound amplifier which has technology that competitors pocketalker, reizen, superear, and other sound amplifiers. The Merry has many settings that let you to amplify particular sounds while the deafening sounds that you do not want to hear are tuned out. While most sound amplifiers are evident, the Merry personal sound amplifier has a stylish design that seems a mp3 player. The design makes it appear like you’re enjoying music and doesn’t bring attention to the fact that you’re using a in ear sound amplifier. Lots of people need some help from sound intensifying devices and the Merry will assist those in need. Up to 40dB amplification Buttons for power, volume up/down, listening mode Adaptive sound reduction Feedback cancellation Rechargeable Li-Ion battery Up to 20 hours of use Weight: 0. 45 oz Dimensions: 1. 4″ W x 1. 25″ H x 0. 6″ D Earbuds included Up to 40dB amplification Buttons for power, volume up/down, listening mode Adaptive sound reduction Feedback cancellation Rechargeable Li-Ion battery Up to 20 hours of use Weight: 0. 45 oz Dimensions: 1. 4″ W x 1. 25″ H x 0. 6″ D Earbuds included.

Starkey Surflink Mobile 2 vs PKTD-1-E-14.1

NEW Starkey Surflink Mobile 2 for connecting your Starkey Hearing Aids to your mobile phone and other audio devices. This product MUST BE SYNCHRONIZED with your hearing aids by a local hearing aid professional before use. Will include a 1-year fix warranty. Features: SurfLink Mobile 2 is a hands-free cell phone transmitter, assistive listening device, media streamer, and hearing aid remote all rolled into one. When paired with wireless hearing aids, it is everything you will have to talk on the phone, enjoy TV, music, and so more. You will get clear and consistent wireless streaming any time, anywhere. Enables hands-free cell phone conversations by turning our wireless hearing aids into the phone microphone and receiver: Microphone Your hearing aids pick up your voice and send it to the person you are talking to. Receiver SurfLink Mobile 2 streams the voice on the other end straight to your hearing aids. Directional microphone enhances one-on-one conversations in noisy environments. Omnidirectional capability is ideal for listening in meetings or group settings. May be used as a convenient and powerful assistive listening device. Wirelessly streams sound from any Bluetooth-enabled TV or music device.

Super Dri Aid Aid Dehumidifer

NEW Super Dri Aid Hearing Aid Dehumidifier with desiccant pellets included by HAL-HEN. Place your hearing aids in this dehumidifier overnight to take off extra moisture and prolong the parts of your hearing device. Audiologists recommend you use a good hearing aid dryer/dehumidifier and that you follow the information on all hearing aid care merchandise.

Ableware 718300000 Adjustable Head Pointer

718300000 Features: -Use for turning pages, drawing or as a keyboard aid. -Essential aid for people with restricted hand use, for actions as well as turning pages, drawing or painting. -Helps people with restricted spoken communication expertise to use communication boards and to point. -Excellent for pushing in switches. -Padded forehead cushion is comfy and cool. -Headband and cranial strap change to fit different head sizes and shapes. Product Type: -Task aid. Country of make: -United States. Dimensions: -Consists of 2 lightweight plastic pieces a headband and a cranial strap secured by metal hardware and exceeded by a 19” long aluminum rod. In general Height – Top to Bottom: -16. 5″. In general Width – Side to Side: -13. 5″. In general Depth – Front to Back: -8. 75″. In general Product Weight: -0. 5 lbs.

WIDEX Remote Control RCDEX

New Widex Remote Control for your wireless Widex Hearing Aids. A stylish, compact and user-friendly remote control that gives wearers better control of selected hearing aid functions. Lets the wearer to change volume and change between programs quickly and discreetly. Small enough to fit on a key ring.

Phonak Roger Pen

Phonak Roger Pen. Roger Pen is a cutting-edge wireless microphone that enables people with hearing loss to hear and understand more speech in deafening sound and over distance. The system consists of three major elements: your hearing aids (sold individually), Roger receivers that plug into your hearing aid, ComPilot, or another Bluetooth Streamer (sold individually), and this Roger Pen. Built on game-changing Roger technology, this completely automated solution is proven to do better than any wireless microphone in the business. It may be used as a standalone microphone or alongside other Roger Pens or the Roger Clip-On Mic. It includes Bluetooth for cell phone calling, and may also be used to listen to TV and multimedia.

Digital s PSAPs MaxRange Volume Control 64 Audio Settings SnugFit Ear Tips Batteries Included

AMPLIFY YOUR HEARING & AMPLIFY YOUR LIFE WITH DIGITAL finding Digital finding Brings You The Highest Quality Hearing Amplifier, Without Sacrificing Your Comfort. Each Premium PG-220 Digtal finding Hearing Amplifer Comes With A Sleek & Stylish Traveling Case Allowing You To Amplify Your Hearing Anywhere You Want To Go. Each Digital finding Traveling Case Is filled With: • 1 Cleaning Brush: We Make it simple Keep Your Hearing Amplifer Clean & new After Every Use. • 2 Premium Batteries: prepared For Use as early as You Open The Traveling Case • 3 EarPlug Covers: Small, Medium, big Sizes let You To Customize The Fit Perfect For You • 1 Premium PG-220 Hearing Amplifer: With 1. 5 V and & Low Sound Distortion it is Easy To See Why Customers Love Our new Behing-The-Ear Hearing Amplifier Do You Get irritated Completing your beloved Hobbies caused by Your Hearing? Hearing Loss Can Have A big affect While: • Hunting • Listening to Music • Watching Movies • Conversating With Loved Ones • Enjoying Sporting Events • Driving • Sleeping & Much more purchase YOUR DIGITAL DISCVOERY PG-220 HEARING AMPLIFER TODAY AND BEGIN intensifying YOUR LIFE.

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Models to consider:
PKT PRO1-0 8 mmC-128 Set820 TVCLS-1 Wax Trap2
LR-400-072 ER135-QSA-BG2-AER135-QSA-BG2 SE4000CD1083 Size 10
QE-T5NM-G7I1 RI900
SPL1/K4 SE4000PKTD1E08.1 ER135-QSA-PT2WEL28200 CD1083
Wax Trap2 HA600LPPA VP 37 PFM-330FM ADA KIT 37 WS-PKTPRO1-E08
PKT-PRO1-1 Set820 TVSize 10 PFM 360 RCHC-128 8 mm
RI900 ER135-QSA-BG2-AAUD070 ER135-QSA-BZ2ER135-QSA-BG2 SET820-S
BE8015 PKT PRO1-0
QE-T5NM-G7I1 ER135-QSA-BG2Wax Trap2 SPL1/K4SET820-S PKT-PRO1-1
PFM 360 RCH SE4000ER135-QSA-BG ER135-QSA-PT2AUD070 RI900
8 mm C-128PKT PRO1-0 LHSWS-WFM270PFM-330 CD1083
WEL28200 PPA VP 37Set820 TV LR-400-072Size 10 FM ADA KIT 37


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