April 23, 2017

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General description

12022110 Back Height: 17. 5″ HiBack Features: -totally removable full length arms for easy move. -Swingaway, removable footrests permit close approaches to beds, toilets and wheelchairs. -Recessed seat and frame side contours let easy access for toileting actions while seated. -Optional plastic coated handrims for improved grip. -Non-corrosive composite footplates. -Weight capacity: 250 lbs. -in general wheel diameter: 40”. Will include: -Removable, hygienic plastic pail and cover are included. Dimensions: -in general dimensions: 38”-41” H x 25”-27” W. Warranty: -2 year restricted warranty on sideframes and crossbraces.

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Drive Medical SSP218DFA-SF Silver Sport 2

The 18″ Silver Sport 2 12022110 Wheelchair with removable Full Arms and Swing Away Footrests comes in an nice, easy to preserve, powder coated, silver vein finish, and a steel frame for durability. The urethane tires are mounted on composite wheels to offer durability and a smooth ride over most surfaces. The embossed, nylon upholstery is lasting, lightweight, nice and easy to clean. The carry pocket on the backrest gives an easy and safe way to transport personal things. Comes standard with swing away footrests, padded removable Full arms, push to lock brakes and plastic footplates.

Cruiser III Light Weight with Various Flip Arm Styles and Front Rigging Options

The 16″ Cruiser III Wheelchair with Flip Back removable Full Arms and Elevating Leg rests by Drive Medical has a carbon steel frame that removes seat guides and lets for custom back inserts and accessories. The silver vein finish is nice and easy to preserve. The precision sealed wheel bearing, in front and rear, ensure long lasting performance and dependability, while the 8″ front caster wheels supply a smooth ride over most surfaces. The dual axle and removable, flip back, full arms makes transferring easy. Comes standard with, removable flip back full arms, elevating leg rests, black nylon upholstery, composite Mag-style wheels and push to lock wheel locks. Restricted lifetime warranty.

Karman Healthcare MVP502-18 Ergonomic V-Seat Reclining, Diamond Black, 22 Inches Rear Wheels and 18 Inches Seat Width

Karman’s reclining transport bench features a patented ergonomic/anti-sliding inches. V-seat inches to prevent sliding, sores and relieve in general pressure on the user’s body. The reclining backrest varies from 93 degree to 160 degree, allowing a comfy angle suited to the patient’s needs, and the ergonomic armrest may be adjusted to go with the reclined bench. The 3D elevating leg rests are intended to let greater micro-modification for up/down, left/right or inward/external movements.

Invacare IVC Tracer IV W-Legrest – BLUE

Invacare IVC Tracer IV Wheelchair W-Legrest – BLUE – The Invacare blue wheelchair features superior durability, maneuverability and simplified looks. This blue wheelchair with leg rests is intended for the active individual who needs the strength of a strengthened heavy-responsibility frame. Its many alternatives include parts that are interchangeable with the 9000 and Tracer series.

Karman Healthcare KN-880-E Standard Deluxe Reclining with Removable Armrests, Chrome

The Karman reclining back wheelchair is the most economical, high-quality reclining wheelchair on the market today. Elevating leg rests and anti-tippers are included as standard alternatives in the already low price. Also included in this low priced, premium wheelchair are great alternatives like a full 180 degree reclining range and padded, removable armrests with side panels. For value, the Karman reclining back wheelchair can not be beat.

Pediatric Red Posterior Safety Roller 1 pcs sku# 478074MA vs Rehab Shower Commode 12022110 17 5 pricing

This is for 1 pcs. Welded steel frame. Height adjustable in 1″ increments. One directional rear wheels, which may be disengaged to let full forward and reverse mobility. Patient is situated in the center of the Safety Roller, which gives maximum support and improved posture. Skid tolerant, non-marring, easy rolling neoprene wheels. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Folds easily and stands on own in the folded position.

Safe-T-Mate Anti-Roll Device for Invacare Tracer EX2

This new model of the Wheelchair Anti-Rollback Device was exactly intended to fit the well-liked Invacare Tracer EX2 wheelchair. Because it requires less adjustability, it is more economical to make and that means a reduced cost Like anti-rollback device, this unit automatically prevents the wheelchair from rolling back as the user tries to stand or sit. As early as the occupant lifts their weight from the seat, the brake arms grab the tires and prevent rearward motion. When the user is carefully seated, the unit is in standby mode and the wheelchair operates usually. Discreet design integrates nicely with the wheelchair. Doesn’t get in the way with fast collapse of the bench. Conveniently located override handles directly below handgrips for easy moving unoccupied bench. Works with all variants of Tracer EX2 of any width and axle height. Installs with basic tools in 20 minutes.

Fly Weight Chair19" Alum Blue vs Rehab Shower Commode 12022110 17 5 review

Deluxe all aluminum rear wheel locks. Weighs Only 19 lbs. About 30 less than conventional transport chairs. Aluminum frame for lightweight strength and durability. Composite wheels are lightweight and maintenance free. Comes with carry pocket on back of rest. Both 17″ and 19″ come with tool free, swing-away footrests.

Tuffy Bariatric 22"W x 20"D w/ Swingaway Footrests – Model 552700

Features a folding triple chrome plated frame with removable, padded desk length arms. Padded vinyl upholstery is double embossed and flame retardant. Swing-away removable footrests or legrests, and adjustable length footplates for extra convenience. 20″ floor to seat height, and back height of 17-3/4″.

Karman S-Ergo115Q16SS-E – 16" Seat Width, Ultra Lightweight, Ergonomic Model S-Ergo 115, Frame Color Silver – Quick Release Wheels &am vs Rehab Shower Commode 12022110 17 5 price

The Karman S-115 Ergo Wheelchair features an ergonomic “S” shaped seat that gives the perfect form to fit the human body to relieve pressure, increase stabilization, weight distribution and reduce the risk of pressure sores and scoliosis. Product Features : • Ergonomic Handrims & S-form Ergonomic Seating System • Fixed armrest w/ wider concave armpads • Swing In & Away Footrests • Backrest Pouch attached to the upholstery • 24″ flat free polyurethane tires, high tread, flat free wheels • Seat width: 16″x17″ • Silver 1/4? Aegis Anti-Bacterial Upholstery, washable • Folding backrest / folding seat for easy traveling • “Tube-in Center” foot-plate, assures better side leg support • High strength, starting weight at only 25 lbs. (w/o footrests) • 71″ Polyurethane front casters • Upholstery: Black breathable mesh bottom & top AEIGIS • Frame Color: Pearl Silver • Weight Capacity of 250 lbs Product Measurements : • HCPCS Code : K0004 • Seat Width : 16 inch. • Seat Depth : 17 inch. • Armrest Height : 8 inch. • Seat Height : 19 inch. • Back Height : 17 inch. • in general Height : 36 inch. • in general Open Width : 23 inch. • Folded Width : 12 inch. • in general Length : 39 inch. • Weight Without Riggings : 25 lb. • Weight Cap : 250 lb. • Shipping Dimensions : 33″ L x 31″ H x 13″ W.

E&J Traveler HD – 20X18 Detachable Desk Arm, Elevating Legrest – 3G010330

Everest & Jennings introduces the new in a long tradition of quality wheelchairs. The Traveler HD gives the ideal solution to the need for a heavy responsibility frame intended to support up to 500 lb users. The Traveler HD comes with double crossbraces, heavy-responsibility 5/8″ diameter axles, and a long lasting, embossed back and seat upholstery with a double inner liner for durability. Available in 20″, 22″ and 24″ seat widths, with 18″ seat depth (1″ longer than standard). Meets Medicare K0007 plans. The Traveler HD is made with the same commitment to quality Everest & Jennings is recognized for. Standard Features:Embossed black leatherette upholstery with double inner lining for durability Hammer tone paint gives a long lasting and lasting finish strengthened frame at all important load-bearing points “Tool Free” adjustable front rigging map pocket standard on back upholstery 24″ x 1″ black plastic wheels with black handrims and non-marking polyurethane tires business well-matched front rigging with heel loops standard on swing away footrests lasting aluminum black footplates Available in removable Desk and Full Length Armrests Two position axle and caster fork gives 2″ seat height modification 500 lb. Weight capacity Meets Medicare code K0007 Latex FreeWarranty5 year warranty on sideframe and crossbraces.

Sammons Preston Caremor Cliner CA 117 (Burgundy ) vs Rehab Shower Commode 12022110 17 5 reviews

Caremor Cliner. Featuring Drop Arm 3-Position, Convalescent, XL Convalescent and Caremor. They’re recognized for their durability and comfort that’s the result of tough construction, easy-clean maintenance and leak-evidence vinyl upholstery. Functions particular to the lasting Care and Orthopedic markets include drop-arms for easy patient move, position locks that let exact patient positioning and stability. The new Saddle Seat models help position the patient and relieve pressure points to decrease the possible of ulcers. Simple design is lasting and comfy. Side panels are easy to take off for cleaning. Recline lever may be moved for patient or caregiver use. Single-part seat and legrest is easy to clean.

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  7. Giantex 24” Lightweight Foldable Medical Wheelchair w/ Footrest FDA Approved
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Models to consider:
MDS806300NEE S-ATX1618YLMDS808450 MDS806100RBY3G010540-GFSKU STD24DFA-ELR
5240S 5080HK318DFA-ELR 2650KL3F030360-GFSKU CT7A
S-115q EIGP705060S MVP502-16FW19SL MDS806750
VIP515TP-16-E 5090HKM5000F18B-MS W16-400(K2)S-ERGO115Q20S-E TRSX52FB-T93HC
STD28DDA BND-MDS806200Dae2100 IN86AHANFR3F020330 563-11132-1-LTC
3G010320-GFSKU 3H011130MDS806250EE MDS806850FLA3E010230 M41M41SRB
pla416rbdfa W-22-400KM8520Q20W-HA STDS4Y4712STDS807 PLA422FBFAAR-SF
MDS806300NEE MDS808450563-11132-1-LTC STD20RBDFA806965E KN-926W-E
3E020330 220RADPSMDS806560 S-125F16SS-ESTD24DDA-ELR AK516ADA-AELR
EIRZ1 S-ERGO115F20S-EVIP-515-16 CW000CS18ADDA-SF 3E010230
51010350-GFSKU S-ATX1818YLI4-0TMH-PW6U S-125F18SO-ESTDS807 563-301PSBN-LTC
AK518ADA-AELR MDS809585S-305 D574-JKM-9020L18B S-ERGO115Q18S-E
5060S 5221Sssp118fa-sf W-22-400S-305 CX416ADDA-ELR
ssp20rbdfa MDS806850FLA2F100230 S-ATX-1616WTS-125F18SS-E rtlreb18dda-sf
MDS806550FLA KR20E-EA-ROS3H010150 ATC19-BL5090H MVP502-16
5090H AK518ADA-AELRMVP502-16 STD26DFAMDS806550FLA MDS806400FLA
MDS806850FLA A2FS2CUR015431 VIP515-18-E2650KL MDS806300NEE
S-125F18RS-E MDS8067503G010350-GFSKU KM5000F18B-MS5080H MDS806100RBY
STDS4Y4712 S-305EISP3 S-ERGO115F18W-EATC19-BL 7180L
VIP-515-16 pla416rbdfaSTD30DDA IN86AHANFRS-ATX1816YL KM5000Q16B-MS
MDS809750 TR17CX416ADDA-ELR S-305S-ATX1818YL 806965E
S-305 STD26DFA-SFKG 1000 220RADPSEC06 3F020360
LT-980-BD-E 3E020340PLA422FBFAAR-SF S-3053E020140 5221S
MDS806750 STD28DFA-ELRS-ATX1618YL MDS806550FLAMDS808450 S-125f


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