April 23, 2017

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  • Gradient Sequential Compression Circulator + 2 (X-Large) Full Leg Sleeves + Tubing Connector Set, 220V machine available, ship to worldwide, Made in U.S.A.
  • Gradient Squeezing Compression Mode (Proven to be the Best for Blood, Lymph Circulation Therapy. Pressure: 20 100 mmHg, 60 min Timer & Continuous Mode), Quick & Easy to use Connector w/Safety & Lock System
  • High Technology Compression System; Inflate air 8 sec 1st chamber – Inflate air 8 sec 2nd chamber – Inflate air 1st+2nd chamber – Inflate air 8 sec 3rd chamber – Inflate air 1st, 2nd, 3rd chamber – Inflate air 8 sec 4th chamber – Inflate air 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th chamber – deflation air 24 sec all 4 chambers
  • Lymphedema, Edema, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Varicose Vein, Wound Therapy caused by poor blood circulation, Tired, Swollen, Aching feet, legs.. etc / Garment Cover Size: Mid Calf-23
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General description

What is the importance of having a sequential gradient pump? it’s intended to deliver a controlled amount of pressure which is greatest at the lateral end (foot) of the garment and slowly decreases towards the proximal (top) end of the garment. This improves the efficiency of the valves which return the blood to your body. The “squeeze” in a graduated compression garment is most firm at the bottom and decreases toward the top of the garment. This difference creates an efficient pump which, working with the motion of your calf muscle pushes liquid and blood back up trough the body. Our Squeezing Gradient sequential Compression System also prevent blood and lymph liquid reverse to leg or arms throughout inflation time. sequential pumps with gradient pressure proved to be the best devices for decreasing the lymphatic liquid from the limb in acomfortable and economical manner. These pumps function in much the same manner as the body does by using the muscle pump. The body uses different muscle groups to move the lymphatic liquid through the channels. Unlike the vascular system, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a fitted pump. The vascularsystem has the heart to pump the blood through the body. The lymphatic system relies on the muscle groups to rhythmically move the liquid through the body. Who should use compression circulator? Everyone, who.. spends long hours standing or sitting at their job has parents who suffered from leg or venous problems is overweight is confined to bed or a wheelchair is pregnant or may become pregnant has tired, swollen, aching feet, legs and ankles has light to serious varicose veins has degenerative venous insufficiency has prone to venous stasis ulcerations.

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Earthlite FleRest Face Massage Table Cradle (Black)

Gone are the days of “cradle face” The revolutionary Flex-Rest self adjusting face cradle flexes and pivots to adapt to the distinctive form of your client’s face. Since pressure is reduced and pressure points eliminated. When joint with our Form-Fit memory cushion, the Flex-Rest molds itself perfectly to all face, form and size.

Shiatsu Aid Massage Board

Shiatsu, finger pressure, is depending on ancient Oriental rules of medicine. Whereas massage medical care was worried with correct functioning of the muscles, blood, and lymphatic system, osteopathic and chiropractic systems of treatment were worried primarily with the correct alignment of the skeletal structure, especially the spinal vertebrae, and with the correct functioning of the autonomic nervous system which affects the interior organs. Japanese Shiatsu medical care incorporates many modern chiropractic also as conventional Amma rules, particularly the stress on the acupressure points called tsubo. Since Shiatsu Aid gives fast relaxation of the back and causes greater blood flow to the interior organs and away from the brain, it may induce sleepiness. While it’s useful to those who suffer from insomnia, one should avoid falling asleep on the Shiatsu Aid. Four design mixes should be enough for general relaxation. One for lower and center back, one for the upper back, one for the shoulders and one for the head. When using the Shiatsu Aid, start at the lower back and inch the board upward to the head, changing the designs as wanted. Stay no more than two to four minutes on one spot when sensitive. Using a firm pillow under the head or hip will brighten the weight of the body on the board. Shiatsu Aid can be used two or three times a day, like a short time in the morning upon waking, once after work,, and once at night just before retiring. If you have a degenerative, inflamed condition of the muscles, you may experience some ache when 1st using Shiatsu Aid. Place a folded towel over the knobs at 1st, and change them if needed. Stay on the board. Let yourself go, relax, love the. The discomfort should vanish. You may, in fact, experience relaxation bordering on drowsiness with the massage of the head and back.

Breo iDream1260 Head, Eye Neck Massager

Breo idream1260 head, eye, and neck massager. Head, neck, and eye massager gives break to the tense regions around your head. Four available distinctive massage selections with individual control settings. Integrated music sooths you more, pushing you more into relaxation. Attached remote control gives instant modifications at your fingertips.

Acupuncture for Body Massage – Acupressure Applicator Lyapko Roller BIGM (with rubber bushings)

“Patients carry their own doctor inside. We’re at our best when we give the physician who resides inside each patient a chance to go to work. ” Applicators, intended by reflexologist Lyapko N. G. (Ukraine) are meant to be widely used in complex medical care and to prevent different sicknesses and pathological states. It’s a great means to save and improve your health. Having taken as a foundation the Chinese technique of influence on the biologically active points and zones with a needle bundle, doctor Lyapko applied his distinctive technology, as indicated by which many-needle applicators and special needles are made of different metals and metal coatings (cooper, zinc, iron, nickel, silver),, then arranged them in some order on the rubber base. This helped to increase and diverse the number of factors influencing the skin and to add therapeutic and curative effect. The applicators are elastic rubber plates, rollers or belts with the needles fixed on them in a special way. The applicator “wakes up” the degeneratively changed zones and fills them with energy, making their state normal (bringing the lost function back). After the treatment the skin color of the changed regions becomes normal (evenly pink), the temperature of the skin changes and the patient feels much better (the pains and other pathological processes disappear, working capacity raises, etc. ) Reflex and mechanical stimulation improves metabolism, intensifies recuperation processes, produces resolving effect, promotes production of the biologically active matters (acetylcholine, histamine, heparin, etc. ), makes the nerve impulses conduction better, decreases ache sensitivity. Millions of people effectively use the applicator and are happy with its distinctive properties.

MyoGrip IASTM Tool Myofascial Release, Graston, Gua Sha, Massage, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy (Matte Grey)

The MyoGrip IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) tool was intended with the patient and the provider in mind. Physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapist, trainers and practitioners of manual medical care usually complain of thumb ache, especially ache at the 1st metacarpalphalageal (MCP) joint and carpometacarpal (CMC) joints. The MyoGrip tool decreases the stress on the hands of the user while giving superior quality IASTM for the patient. Most soft tissue tools are flat and one dimensional making them hard to grip, hard to use and stressful on the hands of the user. The MyoGrip tool lets for easy use by allowing a one size fits all ergonomic handle with individual finger holds and thumb rest decreasing stress on the fingers and the wrist. It gives many treatment surfaces to let the user to treat different densities of soft tissue. Contraindications to IASTM include but aren’t restricted to : Neoplastic illnesses/Cancer, Kidney Infections, Anticoagulant, Medication, Rheumatoid Arthritis, unrestrained Hypertension, Osteomyelitis, Osteoporosis, Generalized Infection, Fractures, Open Wound, Unhealed Suture Site/Sutures, Thrombophlebitis, Patient Intolerance/Non-compliance, Hypersensitivity, Hematoma, Myositis Ossificans, pregnancy, etc. User should be educated in IASTM and assumes all responsibility for treatment when using the tool. Do use MyoGrip unless properly trained to do so in the discipline you’re using it for, ie: IASTM, Gua Sha, massage.

Black Ice Wraptor Ice Wrap / Cold Wrap can hold ThermaFreeze or ANY ice & gel pack up to 510 inches Wraps around any body part small joints t vs Gradient Sequential Compression pricing

ThermaFreeze Black Ice Wraptor Ice Wraps make you and your ice packs mobile, by letting you wear them for expanded periods of time, offering cold medical care break for sore backs, knees, small joints, or bruises and sprains. With Ice Wraptor, you may be able to walk around, drive, and go outside. The wrap consists of an elastic band and pocket to hold the ice pack: with a smooth fleece outer level for insulation and comfort, and a mesh inner level to advertise cold move. Simply put the frozen ice pack to make it a wearable, movable, mobile wrap and you’re not tied to your home or sofa. The elastic sticks to itself also as the outer level, so it fits all body parts up to 57 inches. This ice wrap also holds a 4 x 2 cell ThermaFreeze Ice Sheet, sold individually.

Pranamat ECO Grey Violet & Violet Lotuses

Pranamat Eco is produced for personal use with 100% natural materials, like linen and coconut fibre, friendly to you and nature. All the materials are natural, eco-friendly merchandise that will attune you to the textures of nature. The placement of lotuses resembles a honeycomb, a natural design that will fill you with energy. Packaging. We endeavor to grant you the most positive emotional experience since you open the Pranamat package. It’s made full-size and it’s fir to avoid the slightest deformation. The package is nice and has got appropriate design. It’s a perfect gift.

Earthlite FleRest Face Massage Table Cradle (Burgundy) vs Gradient Sequential Compression review

Gone are the days of “cradle face”. The revolutionary Flex-Rest self adjusting face cradle flexes and pivots to adapt to the distinctive form of your client’s face. Since pressure is reduced and pressure points eliminated. When joint with our Form-Fit memory cushion, the Flex-Rest molds itself perfectly to all face, form and size.

Pranamat Eco Therapeutic Massage Mat Natural / Orange

You deserve the highest quality, so simply decide the distinctive Pranamat ECO all-natural massage mat today. It increases tissue metabolic pressures, your rate of blood micro-circulation, the secretion of beta-endorphin’s, and growth factors. It also works to decrease muscle or joint inflammation; plus its superb design incorporates conventional massage rules to help stimulate mind and spiritual growth, as it considerably revitalizes your body.

Cupping Massage Therapy Cups for Muscle Soreness, Trigger Point & Pain Relief, Cellulite, Swelling More Best Gift Quality in Class vs Gradient Sequential Compression price

SIMPLY THE BEST CUPPING SET: There are cups & then there are tempt cupping cups. Attempt the #1 reliable, favored & most suggested brand and choice of clinics, massage therapists, medical professionals, TCM, spas, athletes, Crossfit competitors, professional MMA fighters and BJJ champions from around the globe. Our premium quality cupping medical care sets supply superior suction & control. Engineered with custom premium medical grade silicone. Easy to squeeze and easy on your hands.

Herbal Choice Mari Organic Bath Body Massage Oil Health Spa for Your Body 100ml/ 3.4oz Bottle

Since 1995 Natures Brands Herbal Choice Mari line was offering buyers the best organic body oils. This certified organic herbal bath oil has moisturizing oils that offer great benefits for healthy looking skin. Enjoy a full aromatherapy health spa experience from the organic detox oils. It’s a prepared to use detox massage oil, no have to mix with a carrier oil. Holds natural fragrance oils from pure essential oils, no extracts or chemicals. Only cold pressed and hexane free. Check labels carefully, if it states "fragrance" then most probably it’s synthetic, aka phthalates. Phthalates are plasticizers usually added to improve the chemicals of fragrance. If the label states "parfum" or "fragrance" then it holds phthalates as it isn’t a prerequisite to be labeled on the merchandise. So be cautioned, if your fragrance lasts a long time without requiring re-application, it most likely has synthetic chemicals added to it. Scientific analysis have shown that phthalates can damage the male and female reproductive system and also recognized to disturb the endocrine system. Unless the label lists the essential oil that gives the scent it’s a phthalate. Your body can enjoy a pure herbal bath and body oil without the chemicals. Attempt it for 60 days You won’t be disappointed. See organic certification on this link; http://www. Naturesbrands. Com/natures-brands-NOP-certified-organic-certification. Pdf.

Hot Pockets WarmABed + WarmABody Microwave Heat Pack & Freezer Cold Pack Washable Hot & Cold Therapy Body Relaation (Blue Flow vs Gradient Sequential Compression reviews

A Natural and Reusable Hot/Cold medical care Pack intended to offer Warmth, Relaxation, break, and Refreshment. Use this heat pack as a body pack to keep warm and cozy throughout a cold winter, relieve aches and ache around the body consequently of muscle cramps, arthritis, injuries, stress, and more. Also, use it to warm up the bed before going to sleep. The pack holds a heating put filled with rice which keeps heat and cold well. The heating put is removable and lets you to wash the merchandise cover after removing it from the pouch. Its easy to use- simply heat in the microwave for heat medical care or chill in the freezer for cold medical care. The pack is ideal for adults, elderly people, and also kids. Supply your body with the warmth and comfort it needs to preserve a healthy, natural, and active lifestyle.

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  3. Sequential Compression Sleeve and Pump – Half Leg Complete Set
  4. Compression Pump and Garment-Half Leg Complete Set

Models to consider:
ZMA-08 SQ-CHERK-O16HW-59 KPR-B-00403ZMA-03A-OR P1000-T
iSee180 10184-BLU10604-BLU painkiller4ozEGBAK3 HW3559
iSee360 iSee370iPalm520 BBR412cgp10 iDream1260
IB 8 36HSSTZMA-10-PR PG-Grapeseed 8ozEBSIU7T GH-PM015
P1000-TM 10802PKGmy019S TTTMO-8ozLED-1000 GH-PM026
EOL-CM-06 110VPPK1018OZ PG-Avocado-8ozTS7951 P1000-SC
7412MOL6 ZMA-14-BKAVEGSO100US CGP5SM-8 cgp6
FFP 24 B GH-PM015W51087 SBM-200HDn-1608 GH-PM027
MAS040 10184-BLUEGBAK3 IB 8GBM 24 B FFP 24 B
EP0037-1 PG-Avocado-8ozNS6736 PPK1018OZW51087 GH-PM026
SM-8 ACFootMat01GH-PM015 GH-PM015BBR412 EOL-CM-01
iSee370 18CYP125EGBJO3 36HSSTHW3559 SC234
iDream1180 SD-1A110V EGBRH3painkiller4oz H&PC-40627
CGP5 iSee4my019S ZMA-03A-ORPP02 ZMA-14-BKAVE
coc8 ZMA-08PG-Grapeseed 8oz 10802PKGP1000-SC AB-07
TTTMO-8oz iSee180PP005 FF 24 BP1000-T JMAS5000
8OZ WARM THERAPY P1000-TMEGBRH3 iSee4iDream1168 iSee180
iDream3 CGP5HW-59 SQ-CHERK-O16GH-PM015 IB 8
36HSST PG-Grapeseed 8ozTS7951 GH-PM004W51087 ZMA-14-BKAVE
W67409G FF 24 Bcgp6 10802PKGPP02 EP0037-1
PP005 H&PC-40627GH-PM026 ZMA-08P1000-SC BBR412
iSee360 TTTMO-8oz10604-BLU HW-618SM-8 PG-Avocado-8oz
FFP 24 B GSO100USEGBJO3 18CYP125GH-PM010 P1000-T
painkiller4oz iSee370EGBAK3 10184-BLUGBM 24 B iDream1180


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