April 23, 2017

You asked for it: S3 Posture (Alignmed)…


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  • Improves posture and relieves back pain
  • Tight fit to engage back muscles
  • Easy to adjust
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General description

The AlignMed S3 Posture Brace is intended to offer scapular retraction to enhance postural alignment, improve scapular function, and to relieve ache. IThe scapula brace is intended to enhance posture, decrease ache and expedite recuperation. The patented design signals the brain to correct improper posture, by re-educating and re-engineering the muscles bordering the shoulder and spine. The S3 spine and scapular system has three sets of straps that may be used in three separate configurations (pictured below) to optimize the wanted postural correction. By adjusting the tension on the elastic straps the scapular stabilizing effect may be changed as needed. The zippered front of the scapula brace lets for easy elimination. The S3 brace is ideal for athletes, older persons with a rounded mid back, or anybody with rounded shoulders.

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MAC Plus Lumbar Decompression Back & Surgery Recovery BeltXL

This brace for lumbar decompression and support may help with many resources of degenerative low back ache, like bulging or herniated discs, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, or a compression fracture of the spine. Also, this support may be used for recuperation after a spinal decompression operation, like a lumbar laminectomy or a microdiscectomy. It assists by decreasing pressure on your discs and rising support to the tissues of the low back. The low-friction pulley system of this decompression back brace makes it simple to apply the amount of compression that you want. This pulley system amplifies your force by a percentage of three-to-one, for a smooth one handed modification. It may be easily adjusted as one shifts from a standing position or vice versa. The compression and support offered by the pulley system of this lumbar back belt makes it a great solution for spinal decompression. It’s constructed of a material that’s thin, lightweight, and breathable. It’s also lined with a soft fabric for maximum comfort. This spine brace features a tall bench-back panel for extra support. The panel may be easily adjusted to a different height as needed. You may also remove this panel if wanted without the use of any tools. Improving your posture may also help decrease lumbar back ache and wearing this back brace with a bench-back put may help with posture, particularly when you’re sitting. This brace is available in sizes S-2XL. To find out which size you need, measure the circumference around your waist at the narrowest part of your torso. The lumbar decompression brace comes in a simple, black. It should be hand washed in temperate water, completely rinsed, and air dried.

NadaChair BackUp Royal Blue with Rainbow Straps

The Nada-bench is the bench that you wear. This slouch-busting sling allows you to sit comfortably for hours with effortless good posture. When you sit forward, the back support follows. Since the Nada-bench follows your body with every move, you constantly enjoy firm, adjustable and dynamic support hugging your low back. “The Nada-bench acts like another muscle that never tires,” explains Arthur White, MD. By using the knees to stabilize the pelvis, muscles are relieved of their isometric tasks. The pelvis becomes a stable pedestal on which the spine can effortlessly rest with natural curves restored. Degenerative back ache patients who can not find ergonomic chairs that fit but still must sit all day in office chairs are guaranteed welcome ache break with Nada-bench’s Back-Up model lumbar support. The ergonomic back support may also useful for women suffering low back ache from pregnancy. No bench has flown higher than the Nada-bench. It has traveled with the astronauts to space to help e.

CFR Working Support Back Lumbar Belt Adjustable Straps Pain Relief For Women Men Neoprene Strap For Lower Waist Therapy Portable Pain Daily Care

CFR™ specializes in the sports equipment. We promise the merchandise and serivce in our store are quality and professional. The item you visit is the back braces, the strong support for back shoulder & arm. It is useful for injury recovering, prevent hunchback. Notice:Our product is not the standard US size, Pls read our size map to choose the most suited size for you Size map:Small: 72-92cm(The length of waist belt)Medium: 80-100cm(The length of waist belt)big: 88-108cm(The length of waist belt) X-big: 96-116cm(The length of waist belt).

LordoLoc Back Support Size 3 35.5 39.5

Size 3 fits waist circum. 35. 5 -39. 25 (loosely measure the circumference just below the waist) LordoLoc is a lightweight stabilizing support for the lumbar spine and lumbosacral transition with muscle activating and relieving properties The elastic breathable product adapts itself to the anatomy The adaptable stays integrated at the back may be adapted individually to offer anatomically correct support for the influenced area The extra elastic tension straps permit individually adjustable compression and variable modification of the stabilizing effect.

Cyber TLSO Back, Medium

See alternate pictures above for SIZING and extra description info. –Code L0460 accepted The Cyberspine Thoracal Lumbar Sacral Orthosis is intended to comfortably control and manage acute ache frequently related with osteoporosis, compression fractures, spinal stenosis, strain, and extreme kyphosis. The CyberSpine TLSO gives superior triplanar motion control, extending from sacrococcygeal connection and terminating just inferior of the scapular spine. The four segmental rigid plastic shell parts are ergonomically intended to restrict gross trunk motion in the sagittal, frontal and cross planes. The front rigid plastic and thoracic extension extends from the symphysis pubis to the sternal notch. Overlapping plastic lateral panels supply lateral stabilizing strength and control. The patented mechanical advantage pulley system and stomach compressive part lets the patient to actively partake in their medical care regimen ensuing in comfort, control and improved compliance. Indications: Acute ache break by thoracic postural extension alignment Early start through variable phases of osteoporsis Compression fractures of the thoracic spine Kyphosis Thoracic mechanical back ache As an adjunct to pre and post surgical protocols Features and Benefits: manufactured with a soft plush removable inner liner. Easy, no tools adjustable linear thoracic modification and articulating sternal pad and padded shoulder straps. Locking screw below removes patient modification. Ergonomically intended posterior plastic frame with spine break cutout extending from inferior spine of scapula to sacrococcygeal connection. Lateral plastic panels covered with spacer fabric for control and patient comfort. Fitting plans: Item # Size Waist Circ. Back Pnl Ht. CSTL-NB-2 Small 30? ? 35? 17? CSTL-NB-3 Medium 35.

Oppo SPINAL L vs Alignmed S3 Posture pricing

Apply brace to the back and place the shoulder straps over the shoulder. Make sure the two longer stays are located on each side of spine and secure the waist straps comfortably around the waist. Pull the two side straps to change tightness then fasten. Pull the two shoulder straps under armpits to the back and cross each other. Then bring to the front and fasten securely.

My Pro Supports Clavicle Corrector Support Strap (Small / Medium, Black)

My Pro Supports posture correction brace is orthopedist-intended vest that softly aligned your shoulders into correct position to help prevent degenerative neck and back ache and improve your posture. This brace more support and it also guards the body from more damage. Feels comfy to wear. Be aware that in some cases it’ll not be easy to strap it yourself so you may need a helper. Sizes: S/M – 28″-38″, L/XL – 38″-48″ (armpit to armpit). Armpit to Armpit Measurement. Take the end of a measuring tape to the armpit area then go to other armpit, Use a helper since it must be done on the back area. Suggested by Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Doctors For Men and Women. Color: black Brand: My Pro Supports.

VertaLoc Flex Fit Back Large vs Alignmed S3 Posture review

VertaLoc Flex Fit Back Brace The VertaLoc FLEX FIT back brace was intended to offer spinal support to relieve lower back ache and maximize immobilization without sacrificing comfort. The newly intended closure system works with the compression straps in conjunction with rigid posterior and front panels to offer sagittal balance. The VertaLoc FLEX FIT is a Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (LSO) that gives support from the sacrum up through the T-9 vertebra. Rigid front and posterior panels, in conjunction with compression straps, supply spinal stability and control, which relieves lumbar ache and discomfort. Compression straps help to increase stabilization for best support. The brace gives support from the sacrum up through the T-9 vertebra. Lightweight, breathable,three-dimensional mesh fabricprovides enough airflow fordaily comfy wear. Removable posterior panelallows space to put aheating pad or a cold pack. Indications degenerative low back ache. Spinal Stenosis. Osteoarthritis. Spondylosis. Spondylolosthesis. Postural Support. Herniated Discs. Objectives Maximum back support. Delay operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Improve back function. Improve life quality.

Men’s Side Lace Lumbosacral Back Support 517 (36)

MODEL 517: Men's Side-Lace Lumbosacral Support w/Steel Stays. Modification: Three-pull side lace. Front Closure: Snap-button with reinforcing hook-and-eye. Materials: White canvas. Elastic Releases: Across top and groin. Preshaped Steels: One pair 14". Adaptable Stays: Front, side and back. Comments: Perineal straps aren’t included. For perineal straps order Model PS (visit our store). Note: Same as Model 521, however with broad mesh elastic release across top front. Sized as indicated by hip sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52 (For measuring info, click on the 2nd picture in this listing. ) NOTE: This brace comes with fitting information, but they’re of general nature only and are meant to supplement the information of your fitter. You may have to seek a professional fitter in your area to assist you apply and change your brace. A correct fit is important to prevent more injury.

Disc Unloader Spinal Orthosis for Chronic Back PainL vs Alignmed S3 Posture price

A Lumbar Back Brace for Discogenic Disc DiseasePain in the lumbar back requires correct lumbar back support to alleviate the ache that hinders patients from performing daily tasks that were once simple and ache free. The Corflex Disc Unloader Spinal Orthosis is great for low back ache treatment for acute and degenerative low back ache. Features of the Corflex Disc Unloader Spinal Orthosis for Hot and Cold TherapyHelps eliminate intradiscal pressure with the use of compressing back panels anatomically intended and put in into the brace for the best lumbar back support. There’s an added gel pack that lets users to use hot and cold medical care to the back ache. The breathable fabric with rigid A. B. S. Inserts supply the needed support to the back lumbar and the added pull-closure lets the brace to be easily adjusted to the body. Incorporates a regular 6 inch front and 12 inch posterior panels with an available expanded 10 inch front panel in the Corflex expanded Disc Unloader. Best Back Brace for Lower Back ache and Degenerative Disc illness TherapyThis is recognized and related to discogenic ache and happens when the intervertebral discs in your spine slowly deteriorate. This can because the discs to bulge or have other effects that because nerve ache and other signs that may need treatment. This brace for low back strain works to stabilize and support the ache and helps with back ache treatment. Other Signs and signs of Low Back ache Treated by this Back Muscle Strain SupportChronic back ache and acute back ache are both comforted and treated quickly and effectively. Great for post-operation use if the back muscles and ligaments are instable and need extra stabilization to heal properly. Back strains and back sprains to the lumbar muscles are supported and allowed to heal properly. Utilizes correct posture to let the best support and comfort.

Cybertech Sport Back XL

Aka the Cybertech Bodyxcel back brace, the Spine Sport is a alike product to the Cybertech SPINE Back Brace. The major difference is the fact that the Spine Sport features an improved range of motion feature that’s ideal for an athlete or athletic individual recovering from sport-related back ache or injuries. This back support is equipped to fight back ache, exactly low back ache with other back conditions and injuries causing ache in this area. This is a great brace for recovering athletes, particularly when the patient reaches the stage in the recuperation procedure where they not need a bulky-style back strap, and can revert to more active motion and back treatment. The patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System of this back brace gives the needed compression to the stomach region to diminish back aches from operation and other injuries. This will let athletes the chance to be more active without their performance being hindered by their back ache. This brace may be adjusted with one hand for better usability in active situations. It’s also easily applied and removed to let users the freedom needed in recuperation. The nylon mesh design of the back brace lets for greater air-flow than other bulkier, lower lumbar braces. This brace is very versatile because it’s both practical and comfy for athletes or athletic use. The sports variant of the SPINE brace is great for common sports lumbar back injuries that frequently leave athletes unable to do to their full possible. The narrow, sleek design lets for best activity than the original variant to due a much bigger range of motion. This brace is ideal for back conditions like spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, or a fracture causing lower back ache in athletes. The brace is available in sizes ranging from S-3XL. To find out your size, measure the circumference around your waist at the narrowest part of your torso, in inches.

Aspen Summit 631 Back ; Black; Large 992540 vs Alignmed S3 Posture reviews

The SummitTM 631 limitations motion and gives efficient compression for the break of low back ache. Using groundbreaking materials and an ergonomic design, the Summit 631 contours comfortably to the vast most of patient anatomies without compromising support. Now available in a NEW one size adjustable and the original sized variants.

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Models to consider:
TCLS-NB-3 03B0902XL03B0901M CB-897602MCTO-SG-2 MIMO-SG-4
PW140 H&PC-34700SDS300 H&PC-08953BBSPINE-3035 H&PC-10026
493R MDS1608681458B 279856-PI LS-112(i) M BL SB1004XL
BAX001 ORT30310WS631xl UPGUARD3000493R SDA301
ESFP-NB-3 650-beige-2627s H&PC-021672000TL OM500-XL
H&PC-09796 ADTH30803B0402XXL HYXP-LR-06CETL-NB-3 0-883-D142-1
473400-P H&PC-33943CSTL-NB-2-TLSOX4 AC143CT10IC0954 AFS2421
G710 0108 ComfortSDT302 PB2154 Beige03B0902XXL PC210-TAN
727CA NY-7100-M0-883-D142-1 H&PC-017410-883-D142-1 CMAX-NB-3
ESFP-NB-3 2027MD627xxl CETL-NB-4MB02 2000TM
STAN-XL03 ORT30310WSADAH307 H&PC-34700CTO-SG-2 631xl
0-883-D142-1 AP160005-PH&PC-08953 03B0901SORT21300LXL ADTH308
DJ143CT08-1W 0-883-D142-1OM500-L HYXP-LR-06BBSPINE-3035 10W0101XXXL
H&PC-04002 SDS3002000TL H&PC-01741H&PC-06481 SDA301
MDS160868 03B0902XLCETL-NB-2 Ortho-1H&PC-02167 H&PC-04086
ORT23220S CB-897602H&PC-06118 H&PC-01516CRB 2000 216-black-3
03B0202XXXL VIAN0584OM500-XL H&PC-0154303B0902XXL 5-BB-SIZ
AC141KW01 VE-WA020ORT13200M PW140H&PC-04261 3102SM
CRB 2000 473700-PTCLS-NB-3 H&PC-02167AC141KW01 0107 Comfort
ORT18110RS H&PC-01741SDT302 0108 ComfortMCTO-SG-2 AP160005-P
H&PC-01333 279856-PG710 H&PC-06118MIMO-SG-4 STAN-XL03
03B0902XL 03B0801HYXP-LR-06 03B0202XXXL10W0101XXXL 03B0402XXL
CETL-NB-4 ADAH307MB02 IC0954BAX001 OM500-XL
5-BB-SIZ 2000TLH&PC-03220 H&PC-02045CTO-SG-4 727CA
03B0902M DJ143CT08-1WCMAX-NB-3 ORT18000RSB100L H&PC-08953
H&PC-04640 MW-BHC1627xl CSTL-NB-2-TLSOX4SDA301 ETSP-SB-5
493R H&PC-01543ORT21300LXL CETL-NB-2TONUS 0312 EGFP-LG-3


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