April 23, 2017

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  • Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager – Variable speed (1400 rpm to 4600 rpm)
  • Fleece Cover, New Paraspinal Accessory, New Extremity Accessory, Carrying Bag
  • Made in America by American craftsmen. First choice of professional and patients alike.
  • 13 foot power supply cord. One year manufacturer warranty.
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General description

The brand new Jeanie Rub Massager Professional Package (2013) will include the 2 new accessories, a carrying bag, fleece cover and,, the Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager. The Jeanie Rub Massager Professional Package gives the final starter kit for a penetrating, relaxing massage. The kit will include the variable-speed Jeanie Rub Massager, the business standard among professional massage therapists, which delivers a custom massage between 1,400-4,600 rpm to carefully relax muscles and stimulate circulation. Also included are a para-spinal and extremity accessory and a soft fleece pad sheepskin pad cover. All of this fits neatly into the included lasting, padded nylon shoulder bag. The lavish, fleece cover gives extra comfort and added protection for the vinyl pad and is machine washable. The Jeanie Rub Massagers Professional Package is perfect for the practicing massage therapist or health professional for pre-deep tissue massage or pre-modification warm-ups. The kit saves wear and tear on your hands for targeted, hands-on, deep tissue pressure point medical care. The Professional Package comes with the standard 1-Year warranty and is satisfaction guaranteed.

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Body Foot

The Powerful Body Rub Foot 3405-0 Massager Platform gives deep tissue massage — Increases blood circulation — Helps prevent leg cramps — Eases aches in toes and heels — Relaxes tired or numb feet — and is ergonomically intended for comfort — use as foot rest under your desk Stimulate circulation and soothe aches and pains in legs and feet – The foot massager platform gives powerful deep vibration – The top Arch Bar is perfect for bare foot users to massage the foot arch or under your toes to relieve sore, tired, strained tendons and foot tissues. The Maxi-Rub Foot Massager Platform is so powerful you do not have to take off your shoes – ideal for use under your desk or for a fast foot and leg pick me up.

Thumper VMTX Single Sphere

The VMTX is the last addition to the Thumper line of professional massagers. Conceptualized in partnership with a leading Professor of Chiropractic from CMCC, the VMTX is ideal for treating all muscle groups, soft tissue and Fascia. The VMTX is easy to use; simply grip it like you could a computer mouse, strap the adaptable band across the back of your hand and you’re prepared to unleash the power its vibrational medical care. With some practice, the use of the VMTX becomes intuitive, as if the VMTX becomes an expansion of your hand.

Updated Version Shiatsu Foot with Switchable Heat Cover Is Removable & Washable One Year Warranty

Make every space your private massage salon. Think you have to book an appointment or wait in line at the salon for the ultimatemassage experience? We beg to differ. With this powerful still movable shiatsu foot massager from Belmint, you may be able to relieve tired feet also as a pro does – withoutspending a fortune in salon fees. Now you may be able to enjoy a deep-kneading massage at thetouch of a button, which helps relieve stress, and improves and regulates blood flow. Best of all, this foot massager’s nodes never tire, so you may be able to literally sit in pleasure all day long.

Beautyko GS-109 Accusage Supreme Pain Relief with Gel Pads

The Beautyko Accusage Supreme ache break Massager With Gel Pads uses the same Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology used by doctors and physical therapists to rehabilitate and strengthen muscles. The Beautyko Accusage Supreme ache break Massager With Gel Pads engages the nerves that surround your muscles, softly and carefully contracting and relaxing the muscles to ease tension, stress, and tightness. The massage-like action increases blood flow, decreasing lactic acid and waste to advertise muscle recuperation and rejuvenation. With six different muscle recuperation and relaxation programs, and customizable intensity levels of 0-99, this convenient and easy to use device soothes tired, expended muscles in ten different body parts. It is hands-free and accepted safe by the FDA.

Revel Body ONE & Pjur & Bag

Revel Body ONE comes standard with the new Revel Body QuietCore Attachment Set to upgrade the original put. The QuietCore Attachment Set will include a new QuietCore piston for quieter operation and three attachment info, Rose, Fawn and Ever, with more info available for buy. With ten different speeds and some interchangeable info, experience a range of personalized feelings with one product. The Revel Body ONE is totally waterproof. Use it in the bath or in the hot tub for muscle break and relaxation. Features: -Widest range of vibration from pulsing to sonic humming -Removable QuietCore Attachment Set for quieter use, easier tip storage and increased performance with pressure -Three interchangeable info for custom experience -Body-safe materials – no phthalates, nickel, or lead for peace of mind -Ergonomic form for comfort and easy use -Waterproof, travel friendly, USB rechargeable LiPo battery to take on the go -Most dependable battery-powered cordless massager -No returns or refunds are accepted on Revel Body ONE purchases.

Ottoman 2.0 Calf and Foot – Black vs Jeanie Rub Massager 3405-0 pricing

NEW OTTOMAN 2. 0 Robotic Calf & Foot Massage – Human Touch Technology is Interactive Health’s next generation of robotic massage technology. Worked on in cooperation with the medical community, this technology delivers a totally new level of massage functionality, emulating the methods used by chiropractors and massage therapists. Available in a New MicroSuede Fabric. (roughly 20″ high, 23″ large and 12″ deep) – 249. 95.

MEIPER Multi Speed Elegant Power Essentials Speed Controller Wand, Pink

Material: medical silicone & ABS Modes: Double motors + 10 speeds Length: 4 inches; Width: 1. 38 inches Using Time:2 hours Weight: 160g Controller Type: fitted – push button Power Type: 3 AAA batteriesNot included Max sound: less then 50DB Package contents: 1 x FIGAM Massage Wand 1 x Hand held Pouch 1 x Operation Guide.

Deluxe Digital Massage Boots (fully adjustable) vs Jeanie Rub Massager 3405-0 review

Soothing Low-Pressure Air Massage Helps You Feel Better In Minutes. The encouraging massage offered by the Deluxe Digital Air Massage Boots helps to relieve exhaustion and ache related with poor circulation. Simply slip on the vinyl boots, plug in the controller and decide your setting and zone to get a non-invasive and comfy compression treatment. Will include instruction booklet. Velcro changes fit up to a 20″ calf and up to a 25″ thigh. The Deluxe Digital Air Massage Boots let you to customize and individually target the foot, calf or thigh regions. You may be able to use the separate massage bags individually or at the same time to match your needs. New digital control is easy to use and easy to read. 20-minute auto safety shut-off. Massage Boots not suggested for persons with pacemakers, heart/vascular problems, recent injuries/surgeries or pregnant women. Meant for relaxation reasons only.

ONO Pleasure Cleo Bath Body, Purple

With a totally waterproof body and super sexy curves in bright vibrant colors, Cleo sensuously glides along your body ? TMs contours. But beyond her beauty, Cleo boasts a powerful, virtually-silent motor that offers 8 different vibration modes. Also, a distinctive suction cup at her base may be attached to any flat surface for a large range of possible relaxing pleasures making Cleo the cutest and most desirable of bathroom companions.

Electrode Wires Tens EMS Machine Standard Connection 2.5mm Reusable 2mm Plug in Long-life for Massage Machine (200) vs Jeanie Rub Massager 3405-0 price

Detail : Tens/EMS Machines electrode lead wires 2mm Plug. 10pcs/pack Fit for most movable electrotherapy units The lead wire can be used to connect the current from the TENS device to your electrodes. The connection to the Tens unit measures 2. 5mm and the pin connections to the Tens pads are a regular 2. 0mm connection. Full length of lead is 100cm.

LolliPoP Pazzo Combo, Multi-speed Magic Wand + Love Egg vibrator

The Lollipop Pazzo is a powerful lightweight advanced wand vibrator, with stylish form and ergonomic design. Made of medical grade silicone and ABS core wrapped in the smoothest silicone. The wand is completely-waterproof and easy to use, with 2-button interface that lets full control of vibration and 7 distinctive vibration modes. Wireless, USB rechargeable produced for many orgasms with or without your lover. Bonus product- travel friend, The love egg is a wireless bullet vibrator. Made of medical grade silicone, abs and premium materials. Splash evidence with a powerful motor and ergonomic design. Cordless 3 key control lets 7 distinctive vibration modes. The love egg is powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included) Included: Wand massager Love egg vibrator USB charging cable Black velvet bagUser manuals.

Vitagoods Scalp, Purple vs Jeanie Rub Massager 3405-0 reviews

The Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush softly lifts away dead skin cells and increases circulation to your scalp to keep hair healthy and clean. Use it as part of your improved scalp cleansing and exfoliating routine and experience the benefits of deep relaxation and healthier skin and hair. Available in 3 eye-catching colors: white, black, and purple.

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Models to consider:
0107-03-CD GS-164EP-VF50-W CNT 24 WFMS-150H EV2510K
AD247 SP-100HSC1991/00 LD001WV-100H BTS7W
WV-50H BKC0153FMS-200H BKST-00962700-017GN USJ-101
E-8299 SBM 200MD01 WM-100PRO-3401 QL-2000
SM100 MI10042000-Plus CP-1000FB51RX SP-20H
HT-1470 HS-20033Q-MG-F18 MBTS12SC5285-11 MSI-CS775H
KRD-1005/MPK AC281DRMA7301 iDream1168EH2862P-W ILG-916
CN 308DL IC0906BK0054 JTM-302CM-N810-P MR-2
EW-NA84-RP PT500KH496 FM60TM-1000PRO BM-EC958
PEC-L1706 MG800GS-109 CNT 24 WMedicomat-14 EV2510K
ILG-916 014BLightHT-1470 WV-50HSH-29 CX142WI03
EH-SP32-S EW-NA75-VPiDream1168 SP-100HFB51RX BK0054
YM01 IE-50-GFMS-200H XELO1340PT500 TM-1000PRO
PRO-3401 USJ-815SP-20H FMS-150HKH2650628 MCS-510H
PL008 GS-164SBM 200 CH-249-A -BAX-HL169 KH496
OS-260Y IB-7ZDR8573N1 HS-2003NMS-600 CP-1000
BKC0153 HHP-3502000-Plus WM-100PEI-L1508 TRS 24 W
FB-0104 SC1991/00IC0906 PA-400H3Q-MG-F18 WM-10
OS-260Y MCS-100BKST-00962 SM100G5 Gemini CNT 24 W
IC0907 GS-164CH-251 -B AX-HL169EW-NA84-S SP-25H
KH496 iDream1168CP-1000 2000-PlusMMF06B FM-H2O
VG30106-0300 IB-7ZKRD-1005/MPK YM01MBTS9 PL008
AAHN2012 E22982Medicomat-14 VM-150200-REFLEX2-001 AC120-PINK
SC1991/00 MSG-H401PRO-3401 RC-100IBW-SM100 USJ-101
SC5285-11 FB-300FMS-200H CK-1500MCS-510H PA-400H
ZRM100 IC0906EW-NA75-VP EH2862P-WMG800 GS-109
EV299W GHA508SBM 200 CEL 24 WHT-1470 MK9199 Plus


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