April 23, 2017

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Features 1. Adjustable Handle Bars and Knee Platform: Access to the modification of the height of the knee walkers,it’s ideal for everyone who recovered from injury or operation to the foot,ankle or lower leg also as below the knee amputees as well as our kids. 2. Foldable Knee Walkers: Convenient for you to carry this to anywhere you need this. 3. High-capacity Basket: you may be able to put your staff in it when you’re riding or after shopping. So you donot have to carry these thing in hand or pack them on back. 4. Comfy Padded Knee Platform: This knee seat is intended as indicated by the form when our knee put on it in which case can ensure your more comfy experience when walking. 5. Antiskid and Smooth Wheels: Insure you more safety when riding on wet road or floor. And save you effort when riding on rough surface like lawn,grass and so on. Handling Note 1. We suggest not to use this steerable knee walker in some place which has hydrops,or wet place. Since safety comes 1st,right? 2. If you find this rolling scooter isn’t stable or tough, use the tools to make some modification before use. Plans Item Type:Steerable Knee Walker Material: PU, Steel Knee Cushion Height: 18 1/2″24″ Handle Height: 32″ 42″ Front Casters: 8″ (Dia); PU; Black Rear Casters: 8″ (Dia); PU; Black (drum brakes included) Weight Capacity: 350lbs Net Weight: 23. 14lbs / 10. 5kgs Color: Blue Package Size: 32″ x 17 1/2″ x 15″ Package Weight: 26. 5lbs Package 1 x Foldable Knee Walker.

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Zamst ZK7 Brace, Black

Strong support – sleeve knee support with semi-open design for superior fit and to prevent slipping. Crisscrossed and parallel straps supply efficient compression and acute front stability for lower leg. Distinctive resin stays improve lateral/medial stability, enable smooth flexion and extension. Preventative and/or supportive of activity after average or serious sprain. Ideal for ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL support.

POD K300 MX Brace Pair, Distinct Name: White/Red, Gender: Mens/Unisex, Size: Md, Primary Color: White K3013008MD

Distinct Name: White/Red Gender: Mens/Unisex Size: Md main Color: White available, professional, protection. Knee protection is of the utmost importance in dynamic action sports like motocross, super-cross and off-road racing. The POD K300 is a medical grade working knee brace intended to support the knee joint and help decrease ligament injuries. Lightweight, low profile and secure fitting; all POD knee braces uses proprietary Synthetic Ligaments to reinforce the knees complex range of motion. This Human Motion technology moves so effortlessly, you’ll forget you’re wearing a brace. TOTAL COMFORT Deluxe moisture wicking frame liners and strap pads keep you cool and comfy. Lightweight, low profile frame design joint with four secure straps assures a snug fit and superior feel for the bike. Zero pressure points ensure your ride all day in comfort and control. HUMAN MOTION Adjustable extension stops are easily put in to offer progressive control from 0 to 25 degrees. Synthetic Ligaments help to replicate natural human motion and are easily replaced by the end user after contact to important forces or expanded use. PRECISION FIT A secure fit is essential to knee brace functionality, comfort and control. Decide from four separate frame sizes, available in left and right side to ensure a custom fit HUMAN MOTION Adjustable extension stops are easily put in to offer progressive control from 0 to 25 degrees. Synthetic Ligaments help to replicate natural human motion and are easily replaced by the end user after contact to important forces or expanded use. MEDICAL GRADE POD merchandise are a Class 1 medical devices suited for: ACL/PCL instabilities MCL/LCL instabilities rotating and joint instabilities.

VertaLoc Max OA BraceSmallLeft

VertaLoc MAX OA Knee Brace The VertaLoc MAX OA knee brace is constructed to comfortably maximize knee support. This easy to use, double vertical orthosos is intended to offer stability and ease ache, while helping the patient in returning to an active lifestyle. The VertaLoc MAX OA features a completely adjustable range of motion hinge and also gives rotation control. This comfy and lightweight knee brace promotes patient compliance in a safe, non-invasive manner. The VertaLoc Max OA Knee Brace is constructed to comfortably maximizeknee support. This easy to use, double vertical orthosis is intended to offerstability and ease ache, while helping the patient in returning to an activelifestyle. The Max OA features a completely adjustable range of motion hinge and alsoprovides rotation control. This comfy and lightweight knee bracepromotes patient compliance in a safe,non-invasive manner. Available for left or rightknee for correct fit and efficient support. Indications Osteoarthritis. Tear of medial meniscus. Rheumatoid arthritis. Light to serious ligament instabilities. Closed fracture of patella. Meniscal cartilage derangement. Sprains and strains of knee. Objectives Maximum knee stability. Delay knee operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease knee ache signs. Improve knee function. Improve life quality.

Rehband 7mm Sleeve Model 7051 Original Blue

The original 7mm blue knee sleeve from Rehband. This hard to find product is not offered by Rehband and is only available to our parent company through an exclusive agreement. This sleeve is the top choice among serious athletes in the sports of weightlifing, strongman, powerlifting, and strength competitions. Unbelievable support, durability, and distinctive looks, make the Rehband 7051 sleeve the top sleeve on the market. Swedish Design by Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH for prevention and treatment of athletic injuries. Featuring and : • Anatomical form • Preventive and recuperation Effect – use to prevent injuries and for faster recuperation and treatment from present injuries • The Right Fit – use the sizing terms to find the correct fit for your body • Performance – accomplish more while feeling safe • Support and Stability • Warmth – prevention and reduction of inflexible muscles and joints Note: generally discuss with your physician previous to buying this product for treatment of an present injury. • Measure the knee mid patella with the leg straight. If tight competition fit is wanted, order one size smaller than the Rehband suggested sizes • Sold as a single sleeve, not a pair.

Patella Strap (1 pair) by YSportLive For Patella Protection During Indoor and Outdoor Sports and Pain Relief One Size Fits Most, Black

Y-SportLive patella knee strap (1 pair), intended for indoor and outdoor sports also as knee ache break, fits majority of people with one size. Who are suit for using Y-SportLive patella knee strap? – Both men and women; one size fits majority of people – Athletes, Sport beginners also as amateurs – anybody who wants to prevent injury or rehabilitate a last knee injury Specifics: 1. Material: 75 synthetic rubber and 25 Nylon 2. Color: black 3. Size: free size Package Included 1 Pair of Y-SportLive patella knee strap Our ensure 100 REFUND ensure – Your satisfaction is what Y-SportLive considers most; Y-SportLive is so confident in the quality of our merchandise that we offer a 30 days Warranty. Click the ADD TO CART Button at the Top of this Page to Protect Your Knees NOW.

Breg Roadrunner Hinged Brace (XXLarge Sleeve Airmesh Closed Back) vs CO-Z Steerable Knee pricing

Breg RoadRunner Knee BraceThe Breg RoadRunner Hinged Knee Brace is a versatile intermediate brace ideal for medial and lateral instabilities. The Breg RoadRunner Hinged Knee Brace may be used in a large range of daily actions. The low profile polycentric hinges with contoured condyle baskets offer good joint line control. The wraparound variant is intended to let an easier “wraparound” application for patients with an strange leg form. May be used for ACL or PCL instabilities also as medial and lateral instabilities. Very low profile. Polycentric hinges with contoured condyle baskets with full flexion and extension control. Airmesh is a non-neoprene 3-D latex-free material. Ideal for those who are allergic to neoprene. Airmesh is a breathable knee support for expanded daily use. Airmesh is half the weight of neoprene. Airmesh absorbs moisture, wicking it away from the body. Removable and interchangeable hinge bars for correct care and maintenance. High quality 1/4″ neoprene will hold its form longer than thinner merchandise. A Versatile intermediate brace ideal for medial and lateral instabilities of the knee. Also indicated for light ACL or PCL injuries. Elastic piping along the top and bottom of the sleeves largely increases brace durability. Piping also enhances the healthiness and life of our neoprene braces. Available as a Short Runner for smaller legs (5′ 5″ or smaller). Decide either the wrap-around (for bigger legs) or slip-on knee brace. Decide open or closed back. (cutout in back of the knee to prevent bunching and prevent sweat buildup). New Full circumference straps. 16″ length. Note: RoadRunner wrap-around is only available in open back. Indications The RoadRunner Knee Brace is indicated for light medial and lateral knee conditions that effect the stability of the knee joint. Objectives Increase activity. Delay operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Improve joint function. Improve life quality.

Compression Sleeves (1 Pair) 7MM Neoprene Gymsack Crossfit, Weightlifting, Running, Team Sports, Powerlifting Great for Squats Mars Athl

INCREASE YOUR WORKOUT PERFORMANCE AND PREVENT INJURY Made for Athletes, by Athletes – at Mars Athletics, we promise to deliver the highest quality sports and strength merchandise to assist you improve your workouts. If you’re a beginner strength fan or seasoned athlete, our merchandise are made particularly for you. – Made from Premium Quality 7mm Neoprene and strengthened Stitching for maximum support, sturdiness and compression – Ergonomic Sleeve Design for Extra Comfort and the Perfect Fit – Great for exercises involving bending at the knees like squatting and deadlifting, other gym exercises also as running – Improves workout performance by enabling you to lift heavier, decreases risk of serious injury by insulating your muscles and joints and helps you deal with knee ache throughout workouts – The compression also helps relieve muscle and joint ache and aids in muscle recuperation and treatment Made for both Men and Women – check the Sizing map in listing pictures above for the best fit Inside Package – 1 Pair of Knee Sleeves – 1 Mars Athletics Gymsack Our ensure we’re so confident in our merchandise that we offer a 60 day annoyance-free money back ensure to assist you choose if you really like it or not. We also offer a 1-year maker’s ensure for any defects throughout the normal use of the product. Attempt IT NOW Click the Add to Cart Button at the Top of this Page to Start Improving Your Squats.

DonJoy Legend Brace ACL Right Brace Large vs CO-Z Steerable Knee review

DonJoy conventional Legend Knee Brace DonJoy conventional Legend Knee Brace is the original aluminum framed brace that all other businesses attempt to copy but can never compete. The Classic DonJoy Legend has made a name for itself as a strong and low profile brace in the off-the-counter market. The Legend is ideal for average to serious ACL, and/or PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities. The Legend is suggested for use in all contact sports. The brace features a non-chip outer covering which is safe for salt and new water actions. ACL, PCL and joint variants feature patented 4-point dynamic leverage system. Low-profile design. 7 sizes (ranging from a 13″ to 32″ thigh). Pneumatic condyle pads for extra comfort and fit. Flexion stops: 45, 60, 75 and 90. Extension stops: 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 (10 installed). More rigid frame in comparison to the SE-4 Legend. Sports cover, patella cup or undergarments available at extra charge. 1 year warranty on frame and hinge. Available only in black. Indications DonJoy Legend is indicated for the patient with ACL and/or PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities objectives Maximum activity. Delay operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs related with ACL/PCL injuries. Improve joint function. Final protection.

Medi USA Protect 4 EVO Ligament BraceLargeRight

Medi USA Protect. 4 EVO Ligament Knee Brace restricted sizes available, contact buyer Service for availability. The Medi USA Protect. 4 EVO Ligament Knee Brace is one of the most cost efficient working ligament knee braces on the market. Polycentric hinges. Extension limitation at: 0, 10, 20, 30, 45. Flexion limitation at: 0, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90. Immobilization at 0, 10, 20, 30, 45. Aluminum frame: Individually adaptable, low-profile, light-weight. Numbered straps ensure simple and correct fastening. Soft-grip padding material. Working rigid brace with limitation of flexion/extension. Best stabilization caused by 4-point principle. Limitation of front and posterior tibial glide. Stabilization of the collateral ligament. Prevention of hyperextension through limitation of range of motion. Reduction of medial rotation. Indications The Medi USA Protect. 4 EVO Ligament Knee Brace indicated for ruptures of the front and/or posterior cruciate ligaments with accompanying injuries, ruptures and/or instability of the collateral ligaments and for conservative treatment of knee joint instability objectives Maximum activity. Delay ACL Knee operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs related with ACL/PCL injuries. Improve knee joint function. Final protection.

Adjustable Brace Support (Black) Most Sizes For Sports Injuries, ACL and MCL Open Patella Stabilization vs CO-Z Steerable Knee price

SAVE 15 OFF YOUR complete buy WHEN YOU purchase 2 OR MORE ENTER PROMO CODE: GIVEME12 NewGenr Sports assures Complete Satisfaction And uninterrupted Motivation. Every Time That You Put On Your New Genr Sports Knee Brace, you’re Reminded To Stay Strong. Runners, Basketball, Volleyball, Football Players and BOWLERS experiencing Knee Injuries And Constant Knee ache Can decrease And Eliminate Nagging Knee ache. Put Your Adjustable Knee Support and FORGET ABOUT IT. Seriously Put It On And you’ll Forget That You Had It On All Day. We Know About ache Management Avoid Twisted Knees And Protect Your Ligaments With Our Open Patella Knee Brace Design. We Ensure Stability Of Your Knee Cap And MCL/ACL Area/ Helps Again All degenerative Knee Injuries Arthritis ACL Tears MCL Tears Knee Strains Compression Over The Knee To Fit On Both Right And Left Knees Comfortably – Side Steel Support To Ensure Stabilization – totally Adjustable To Most Sizes Up to 18 inches. Our distinctive Design And MOTIVATIONAL LABEL Motivational Message “Stay Strong” to get you The Extra Support You Need. will assist With The LOWS Of Knee Injuries. #StayStrong with NewGenr Sports get 60 DAYS Warranty No Questions Asked Guaranteed. Click the ADD TO CART Button Give Yourself the Support You Knee(D).

Ossur CTI OTS Ligament BraceSLeftStandard NonPCL

Ossur CTi Ligament Knee Brace New variant for 2015 Ossur CTi Ligament Knee Brace sets the standard for a really custom ligament knee brace. Substituting elements of the rigid CTi frame with a adaptable subshell and Adjustable Tibial Strap, CTi OTS gives adjustability and an excellent out-of-the-box fit while maintaining the level of support and protection that you expect from a CTi knee brace. The proven technology of the classic CTi knee brace is available with off-the-counter convenience. Equipped with anatomically correct Accutrac hinges and adaptable cuffs and buckles, the rock-hard CTi carbon frame gives a rigid exoskeleton that stabilizes the knee joint. Breathable liners coated with bio-inert Ossur Sensil Silicone ensure CTi OTS remains properly located on the leg, for best working benefit.. Warranty: Ossur warrants the frame and hinge parts to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years. Straps, liners, return cords, hinge covering and other soft parts shall be warranted free from defects in materials and workmanship for 6 months Indications The Ossur CTi Ligament Knee Brace technology is indicated for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotating and joint instabilities, All activity levels, Standard model for medium to high affect levels, Pro Sport model for highest affect levels Cti For MX & FMX Cti For BMX & Mountain BikeCti For WakeboardingCti For Surfing Cti For SkateboardingCti For Skiing Cti For Snowboarding objectives Maximum activity. Delay knee operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs related with ACL/PCL injuries. Improve knee joint function. Final knee protection.

Mueller Jumper’s Strap, Black, One Size Fits Most, 3Count vs CO-Z Steerable Knee reviews

Mueller Jumper’s Knee Strap is intended to enhance patellar tracking and elevation by applying light pressure on the tendon below the kneecap. The tubular put gives uniform pressure and helps supply ache break from Chondromalacia (irritated kneecap), Patellar Tendonitis and Osgood-Schlatter’s illness.

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  1. Knee Walker Pad Cover by Vive Faux Sheepskin Pad for Rolling Scooter Plush Synthetic Sheepette Greater Air Circulation, Helps Comfort Knee During Injury
  2. Seal Tight Freedom Cast and Bandage Protector, Best Watertight Protection, Adult Leg
  3. Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter Knee Cycle Leg Walker Crutch Alternative in Blue
  4. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Green
  5. Health Port Knee Walker, Rollabout, Medical Scooter, Four Wheel Rolling & Stearing, Folding Mechanism, Comes with Bonus Basket and Seat Cover, Ideal for 5’7″ and above. (Red)
  6. Isokinetics Inc. Steerable Knee Scooter Walker Blue Deluxe w/Most Sought Features a Removable Basket, Non Scuff Wheels, Locking Brakes and one just for fun a Bell
  7. Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative
  8. Health Port Knee Walker, Rollabout, Medical Scooter, Four Wheel Rolling & Stearing, Folding Mechanism, Comes with Bonus Basket and Seat Cover, Ideal for 5’7″ and above. (Green)

Models to consider:
B-239540112 CT-0121B-239600115 H&PC-20333DJ141KB14 H&PC-05014
B-217510104 THRCPR-KNE-80DJ141KB31 TC-0045472500-P H&PC-04713
72-4048-TR-FBA DJ141KB14H&PC-08897 1.11E+11CT-0105 1.19E+11
422R B-240619712KW6001 429RB0057M3T7C B-239540115
428R CT-0106472800-P 03K1002LCT-1509 H&PC-05304
B-239600112 CT-0122PC141PA01 471100-PH&PC-23734 TCC-3471
428R CJ-51084130o G PLG-820 XSJB6411 1.19E+11
10K0102XXXXXL 5116-BK-XL-PH&PC-07459 B-241519711CT-0162 DJ141KB31
YKP0103019 MS997CT-0164 H&PC-23232MD4200-01-33L NKN-139 S
TD-NCS001 429RCT-0122 CT-1505CT-0162 03K1802XXXXL
DJ141KB14 76587EN03K1801XXXXL KP-REH-7781-S428R CT-0128
CT-0106 YKP0103019CJ-5108 H&PC-23243RS8P-LP 9.337.031.020.-P
H&PC-25255 428RDJ141KB35 K2-ComfortlineCT-1704 CT-0121
BC-KNEEPAD-01 H&PC-01637K2-Comfortline 37-3733LBLKDJ141KB07 B-240619713
OA3SR DJ141KB31B-239540112 471701-PH&PC-08488 H&PC-05014
B-241629711 733313039503-PH&PC-07771 JB6411B0057M3T7C OA3LR
I NKN-133 R B-239600112101XXL SKP1THRCPR-KNE-80 B-241519712
B-239540115 10K0102XXXXXL472500-P CT-1703TCC-3471 DJ141KB35
472500-P NKN-139 SB-217510104 CT-170452344B-P BCP-3471
MD4200-01-33L DJ141KB14733313039541-P H&PC-04713101XXL CT-1706
BCP-3474 1.11E+11H&PC-08488 DJ141KB14H&PC-05304 03K1002XXL
DJ141KB07 03K1001XXL72-4048-TR-FBA THRCPR-KNE-8003K1002L 471100-P
G PLG-820 XS H&PC-0777103K1301R OA3LR1.19E+11 B-239600114
422R TD-NCS001CT-0121 DJ141KB19H&PC-25255 H&PC-23734
H&PC-20333 H&PC-23243CT-0164 H&PC-03957DJ141KB35 B-239540112
CT-0128 PC141PA01UTR3000 37-3733LBLKK40014 B-241519712
TCC-3471 6125oYKP0103019 B-239600112KW6001 422R


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