April 23, 2017

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  • High and Low Intensity Control
  • TheraRub Pro-3700 Therapeutic Massager with extra long 12 Foot Power Cord
  • Solid Metal Handles with Rubber Grips
  • Comfortable Sturdy Padding
  • Lightweight and portable. Ideal for home or clinical use
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

Relieves tension, and decreases body and muscle aches Helps increase blood circulation to influenced area to decrease ache High-powered motor features two speeds: low (2,800 rpm) and high (3,700 rpm) Ideal for home or medical use Easily adjustable power switch Soft, vinyl cover slides easily over clothing One-year warranty.

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and Leg Spa

The Foot and Leg Spa soaks away your tension with calf-deep water and two hydro jets to massage and stimulate the reflex zones of your feet. Just fill the 14″ tub with water and flip it on. Two underwater rollers add with invigorating air bubbles and adjustable hot water (95 to 116) to offer a soothing spa-like experience. Set the timer from 1 to 60 minutes and relax. When you are done, turn on O3 sterilization to sterilize your water with odorless, colorless ozone. Plugs into an AC outlet.

Computerized Physical Lymphatic Beauty Device

Stimulate growth, and remodeling of the human muscular-skeletal system. Increase in natural blood flow thus also rising the supply of oxygen and different nutrients to different parts of the body. Increase in natural lymph flow bringing nourishments to different parts of the body and simultaneously decreasing pollutants and wastes in the body. Increase in natural energy metabolism in the human body, helping to burn calories and fats. Improve in natural muscle tone in the working muscles improving body tone and form. 19. 3L x 10. 4W x 10. 4H.

Pure Therapy PT200 Head & Eye Tension Relief Acupressure, Vibration, Heat Compression & Soothing Music

Pure medical care brings the relaxing benefits of a professional head massage to you with this comfy and movable device. Enjoy a massage that covers your neck temples and your eyes. Exactly located double layered airbags knead the head at important acupressure points. Customize your massage experience to concentrate on the regions where you need it most. Temple Massage separation Massage nodes are dedicated to the temple area and closely mimic the touch and feel of a professional. The temple area is an important area to concentrate and these nodes were intended to offer exact comfort. Conventional Chinese Acupressure Inspired by well-liked Chinese Acupuncture, the high-frequency magnetic fields stimulate the pressure points to support vigor and mental clearness. Calming Heat Compression Add heat to your massage session and more immerse yourself in the final massage experience. Soothing Sounds Use the included earphones and let the light nature sounds and music help to support relaxation. Sound selections include; Flowing Waters, Beach Waves, Drops of Water, Piano Melody, and Tranquil Gardens. Four Vibration Modes Optimize your massage experience with four different vibration modes. Adjustable Size An modification handle lets you to easily customize the massager to fit your head. It’ll fit nearly anybody. Movable System Bring your massager anywhere you want to take pleasure in a relaxing experience. Convenient eye sockets let you to see what is happening around you. Use four AA batteries or the included adapter for power. Batteries will last up to three hours.

Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Leg Machine Calf Ankle w/ Remote Pain-Relief

This shiatsu foot massager is intended with kneading rolling to break tension and exhaustion with conventional shiatsu and reflexology medical care. It targets the sensitive points of calf region and soles of feet. Auto massage program with 4 optional modes; kneading, rolling & massaging mixes. It comes with 3 custom modes to target your tiptoe, arch of the foot, lone of the foot. Pressure nodes located under the soles of your feet stimulate the important reflexology pressure points. This kneading and rolling shiatsu massager is specially intended as indicated by the sensitive points of the lumbar region, calf region and the lone of foot, also as the reflecting characters of the complex nerve system. It will include comfy clipping board and rolling devices to deliver an efficient healthy massage for dual-foot, single foot, and lone regions. With the high-raised rolling balls, four auto massage programs, the elastic step width of kneading discs and three adjustable speeds, it brings the most powerful soothing shiatsu massage on the bottoms of your feet and relieves tightness on your ankles. It fits most sizes of feet. It’s lightweight and movable with a fitted carry handle for easy transport. The touch-panel massage program control on the case is a plus. Operates it by useful touch-panel control on the unit or the remote control included in the package.

Human Touch HT-1470 Back Pad Robotic Massage Technology

The HT-1470 has an super-thin ergonomic design that will fit nearly any bench or sofa. Its expanded quad-point rolling and kneading massage reaches from the lower back all the way to the shoulders. Fitted heat adds to the massage delivers soothing comfort. If you want to take pleasure in a heated massage or just the heat by itself � it is all at your fingertips.

Shiatsu Neck Massage Pillow By VIKTOR JURGEN Shiatsu Kneading Heat,Relax, Sooth and Relieve Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain, vs TheraRub® 3700 Therapeutic pricing

Too busy to the spa? Why not get a relaxing massager right in your office? VIKTOR JURGEN massage pillow ergonomically intended,Specially intended 3D multi-direction rotating balls penetrate your tissues and muscles, Imitate real masseur’s hands,vigorously kneading and penetration your neck, lower & upper back, stomach, calf, and thigh regions,Relieves ache, aches, tension and knots. Calms and reinvigorates you if you are in your bench at home, sitting at your desk at work or while commuting in your car. Kneading & Heating4 deep-kneading rotating shiatsu massager nodes work to relieve aches, tension, knots, and stress. With the no-fuss adjustable straps, you may be able to secure the massager pillow to your beloved bench. Heating function make you more comfort and helps you relax by promoting blood circulation. The Massage nodes will automatically reverse rotating directions throughout each massage session. All you must do is sit back, press a button, and let your stress melt away. For a worry-free massage session. Enjoy the best massage cushion with a soothing Shiatsu Massager wherever you go – at home, at work, in the car or when you travel.fitted Over-heating PreventionEquipped with Overheat Protection Device. The fitted system will been started up when the temperature reaches 80. (UL accepted power adaptor works with both 110-120V & 220-240V electrical outlet)Features- 3D kneading shiatsu massage heads that relax and relieve tense muscles. – Pillow Massager will change the direction of kneading automatically every 1 minute. – UL certification accepted charger and FREE car adapter are included. – Equipped with Overheat Protection Device.

FDA Cleared Hidow 8 Modes Hi Dow ACU XPO Physiotherapy Device : 4 Pcs Large Hand Shaped Pads, ed By Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Lcd Di

T. E. N. S Unit 8 Speeds FDA cleared 510K121757 class II TENS and PMS, Over the Counter Use for safety and usefulness, simply follow operation instruction booklet, educational manual and placement points map Natural ache Reliever Battery Low display. When battery is low or stimulation feels weaker than common, the rechargeable lithium battery needs charging.

Hot Octopuss PULSE II SOLO vs TheraRub® 3700 Therapeutic review

Hot Octopuss PULSE II SOLO vs TheraRub® 3700 Therapeutic reviewMale Stimulator Male Sex Toy. About the Product ■ attempt the most powerful male stimulator ever produced. Uses patented multi- award winning oscillating technology to induce the most acute and distinctive orgasms ■ may be used totally flaccid – relax as the toy does all of the work for you ■ let the soft silicone wings to develop around you, making sure a tight and comfy fit as you grow ■ PULSE offers amazing possibilities for those with E. D. And mobility issues Founded on medical research and patented across the world, PULSE is the most powerful and efficient male therapeutic massagers ever produced. Using oscillating technology, the PULSE II SOLO has produced an completely new group for male massagers. Also as delivering an very powerful and distinctive experience, PULSE was intended so that you may use the PULSE II SOLO in both a soft and hard state, so also offering amazing possibilities for men who suffer from E. D. And mobility issues.

UNIX Air Relax Air Compression Leg . Blood & Lymphatic Circulation Therapy System. [FDA Class II Cleared]

Professional Massage medical care at Home. Just lie back and relax while Air Relax does the work for you. It assists relieve leg and feet ache after a long day. Massage can do wonders for our body, and exactly a leg massage can give you the break that your legs have to support your body. Benefits of Unix Air Relax Blood & Lymphatic Circulation medical care System: – Helps relieve knee problems, puffiness leg, tension, varicose veins, water retention, and cramps. – Improves blood & lymphatic system circulation, which nourishes cells and improves waste elimination. – Releases of nerve compression (carpel tunnel, sciatica). – Enhances energy and vitality. Decreases anger and aggression. – Improves sleep patterns and decreases sleep disturbance. – Against cellulite. It works best in earlier phases. Cellulite seems when the fat deposits in our feet compress the lymph vessels, turning hard the lymph flow. When the cellulite is on its incipient phases, it’s easy to activate the flow of the accumulated wastes and crack certainly the issue. – Supports and enhances the immune system. Helps to relieve migraine ache. – Releases endorphins/amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller. – Perfect after a workout. Air Relax is the one of the most favorite choices for professional athletes. Enjoy, Stay Fit And Healthy Specification – Rate Voltage: AC 110-120V, 60Hz – Power intake: 30W – Device Size : 10. 2(W) x7. 0(H)x 5. 1(D)-Inch – Cuff Size: Need Bigger Size? See extension cuffs – Air Compression Pump: 15 liters per minute – Contents: Air Relax Device, leg cuff, remote, foot plate, and U. S. Manual.

Casada Miniwell Heated Electric Shiatsu Massage, Relieves Muscle Tension PLUS GIFT Zen Head vs TheraRub® 3700 Therapeutic price

A nice sporadic Massage – the massager Miniwell sweetens your day. This practical and adaptable massage cushion softly loosens the muscles and increases the well-being inside a short time period. Create an oasis of well-being in the privacy of your home; let the stress of everyday life be massaged from your soul and bring your body and mind in balance again. We’re all familiar with the soothing relaxation of tense muscles by a massage. There are evident explanations for these processes inside the muscles, blood vessels and nerve fibres. In the body, there are two circulatory systems. The bloodstream, starting from the heart, supplies nutrients to the brain, organs and muscular system, whilst the lymphatic system assures that metabolic merchandise, dross and pollutants may be washed out of the body. Four ergonomically arranged massage heads of the massager massage the wanted regions of the body with nice, round movements. Your muscles are softly warmed by the thermal function and inside the 1st few minutes, a distinctive, nice feeling will pervade your body. Increase the in general Well-Being on a regular basis massaging with the massagerMINIWELL rouses the functions of the nerve tract and activates the metabolism. The blood circulation is stimulated and pervasive tensions are relieved. Blockages and disruption of the interior organs may be positively influenced. In Shiatsu the central part is, to see people considered as a unit. The conventional knowledge of the far-east medicine and modern day treatments are joint in this technique of massage. The Shiatsu-Massage serves to relax the body and to instil vitality and regeneration. Also to this it’s encouraging under stress situations and increases the in general well-being.

Lush 20 Speed Wand (Black)

Nothing delivers relaxation quite like a therapeutic massager. This Massage Wand is the final massager that can relieve your bodies tension and sore muscles. The bendable neck feature, coupled with a strong quality motor, and cheap price, makes this therapeutic massager one of the best on the market. USA Outlet Plug.

Jeanie Rub – Variable Speed PRO-3401 vs TheraRub® 3700 Therapeutic reviews

Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager An business Standard for Professionals Making bodies feel better since 1966, the original Jeanie Rub delivers invigorating 1400 – 4600 rpm massaging action with a turn of the switch. The orbital action gives a softer and deeper massage than “percussion” type massagers. Lower speeds deliver a soothing massage while faster speeds are more invigorating. Convenient fingertip control lets you to easily change speed. Ideal for personal health, strength and sports massage. Helps to relax tight muscles and relieve tension. Cast aluminum construction with red and black powder coat finish looks great and resists abrasions, making sure years of use. All Jeanie Rub massagers are fitted the USA to ANSI Standards and are CSA certified, making sure they have been evaluated to meet or surpass buyer safety standards. Pad measures 4″ x 9″ (10cm x 23cm). Jeanie Rub accessories sold individually. Made in the USA One Year Warranty 120V AC Nominal Power Source obliged 12 foot grounded power cord break with just a turn of the switch Built to ANSI standards and CSA certified Item Description PRO3401 Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager.

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Models to consider:
FRD-604 mp-651240MMF06 EH-SP32-SCH-251 -B HHP-350
AC120-PINK FB52KH496 DL-307WV-100H NMS-600
PM-50-9CTM 200-REFLEX2-001DR6622N1 M-29BEW-NA31-G 700-017GN
ES-1 KH492SP-100H MK9199 PlusAC868 MG-C11
SE-1560-11-3 ZRM100MMF06B BM-EC958MBTS9 CM-N810-P
IS-3000PRIO DRFB7010B4IE-50-G EW-NA31-PIB-7Z SKY2421
PEI-L1508 QL-20006084B BLR-0601BKSTRC-100 NM6V
MSG-H401 AB-762RFB-200 FMS-275HAD233 HM-253-BW
PA-100H EH2862P-WCHISC0095 AX-HL169FB-0104 60-2921P04
G501UK AB-7506084B MMF06FMS-270H KH255
VTHV270 VC 24 BEW-NA31-P BA-M200PM-50-9CTM HM-253-BW
IB-7Z PEC-L170660-2921P04 CHISC0095FB-300 MBTS9
EP-VF50-W MCS-100HHP-350 SP-100HBM-EC958 QQ01
SC5285-11 MCS-200HKH2650628 EW-NA75-VPVF762 IC0910
UC-633 EV299WOGCF2002A FB52IC0912 MSI-CS775H
VC 24 B WV-100HCM-N810-P AC868PA-100H PT200
LELO-4740 TM-MR-097AHT-1470 FB-200CLV01 MD-7300
SE-1560-11-3 AD233TT22 UC-633MCS-775H BB-D1-200
AAHN2012 CH-249-A -BKH496 OS-322AB-763B CHISC0095
HHP-350 FRD-604FM-H2O PRO-3401PT200 SP-100H
IE-50-G VC 24 BBM-EC958 BKC0156c001557 BKC0164
EH-SP32-S GS-164AB-750 SK2/2EH2862P-W FMS-275H
SP-20H PRO-3401CM-N810-P XELO1340MBTS12 RC-100
ES-1 AC8683Q-MG-F18 QB-60FB-0058 MCS-200H
EW-NA31-P 37540AMZBKC0155 LD0016084B SC5285-11
VC 24 B LELO-4740OGCF2002A CNT 24 W014ALight FB-300
BKC0153 PRO-3401153.113UK mp-785440AB-762R DRFB7010B4


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