April 23, 2017

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  • Features a spring loaded hinged pelvic band that rotates as patients move from a seated to standing position
  • Extends and hyperextends the spine to encourage immobilization
  • Large regular fits hip circumferences of 40″-44″ with height ranging from 21″-23″
  • Resistant aluminum frame provides stabilization and comfort for lumbar back pain
  • Quick release closure system and locking latch ensuring a secure fit
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

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Cincher Women’s Posture Brace Support Belt – Tan – Medium

The patented Cincher is intended HYXP-LR-06 entirely for the female form with added support the lower back where women put the most stress daily. It’s completely constructed with high density Power Mesh with hourglass shaping, large elastic triple side pulls and vertical support elements that add compression to those regions on the female form that are the most sensitive to stress and damage in the lower back. The Cincher emphasizes spinal alignment through compression to the stomach and lower back. Features adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable front closures, and adaptable spiral stays. Available in Tan, Black, and White. Measure around upper hips. If you’re under a Doctor’s care for your back, consult previous to handling. Measure before ordering. For hygenic reasons Item is non-returnable once worn. Ships in sealed medical non-retail packaging.

Drive Medical Vertewrap LSO Brace, Black, XL

Active Care has the ideal brace for back support. The brace is big enough to support and cover the back all the way from the rear bone to the nineth bone in the thoracic part of the spine, which is below the shoulder blades. It offers the best in spinal bracing and ache break, improves mobility and lets for faster recuperation after operation, and supports a correct posture. The brace is lightweight which leaves the user more comfy and lets it to be used anytime of the day, however more is the brace is made of a strong, adaptable, and breathable advanced nylon making sure the product is perfect in design. The inside and outside panels are rigid in design to let for better support of the abdominals and for constant consistent break. The brace is easily adjustable for each user with easy to use side pull straps and simple hook and loop fasteners.

Super Magnetic Support Belt From Dr. Bakst Magnetics, Medium

Magnatech Labs, Inc. was founded and established by Dr. Alvin Bakst in 1994. Since its inception, our company was dedicated to researching and developing efficient techniques of alleviating and eliminating ache in the body without the use of drugs or invasive medical procedures. Magnatech Labs, Inc. Manufactures the highest quality of magnetic ache break merchandise available on the market today. Our merchandise use both ceramic and neodymium magnets, depending upon the place and depth of the influenced nerve that’s causing your ache. The magnets are placed in supportive neoprene or rigid supports to offer maximum comfort and support for your body. Ceramic magnets are greatly efficient to decrease and eliminate ache feelings in influenced regions. Our Neodymium magnets are stronger and more efficient. Neodymium is a natural magnetic ore found in the earth and is able of creating a much stronger magnetic force than ceramic magnets can create, Neodymium magnets are more expensive than ceramic magnets. Consequently, other businesses don’t use Neodymium magnets to keep their costs and prices down. But, it’s our company’s policy to create the highest strength magnetic product for maximum usefulness, despite of cost. We refuse to agreement the quality of our merchandise and continually strive to offer our customers with the Rolls Royce of magnetic merchandise.

Elgin 3-Handle Ergonomic Walking Belt – Adult (fits 28" – 44" waist)

Elgin 3-Handle Walking Belt offers patient and caregiver true confidence. Washable preshrunken, soft nylon webbing, 4″ large Velcro closure, two vertical handles on the sides, one horizontal handle on the back. Excellent for hydro/aquatic medical care. Nylon webbing is very soft against the skin and extra lasting.

Zuliex Diamond Strength Brace Adjustable Support Belt Exclusive Heat & Ice Pack Pocket Lower Belt, Lumbar, Scoliosis Relief

Support & Relieve Your Aching Back With Zuliexs Premium Back Brace if your aching back is the result of age, scoliosis, lumbar, sciatica, herniated disks, spinal injuries, manual or sedentary labor, its never late to give yourself the chance to decrease ache and lead a carefree life. Final Support We have intended the best back brace on the market, aiming for your comfort, convenience, and discretion. How Can Our Back Brace assist you? By wearing your Zuliex back brace, you may be able to: Maintain your range of motion Support your weak lower back, stomach, and hip muscles & get lower back ache break decrease muscle exhaustion Help relieve stress on the lower back and prevent back injury incidence while working or lifting heavy loads Remain sweat-free and comfy, during wear Focused break Take benefit of our back braces pocket and use your ice or heat pack, to go through especially painful or tiring days, armed with the best support available. Completely and expertly adjustable, thanks to its two straps, our back brace is suited for both men and women, catering to virtually all frames and sizes and waist circumferences, offering best compression and important ache break. Make a Wise Choice for Your Mobility & Improve Your life quality. Click Add To Cart Now Before We Run Out Of Stock.

Therapeutica Support, Petite / Short vs Cybertech Hyper-X Plus HYXP-LR-06 pricing

Back ache is something that majority of us will meet at some point in our life. Good back health is an important factor in the break and prevention of back ache. Correct posture plays a important role in the health of your back. In seated posture your spine is under increased stress and maintaining correct spinal alignment is important for correct posture. When viewed from the side a properly aligned spine holds an ‘S’ curve. A back support needs to think about the spine’s contour, the user’s size, freedom of motion and the support needed for provision of break and prevention of back ache and exhaustion. The Therapeutica Spinal Back Support was ergonomically intended to think about all of the above requirements.

MPH 420 Magnetic Extra Large Support Belt

AME now offers a big range of magnets as well as things like magnetic LS supports, wrist, elbow, knee, leg, head, foot, and neck magnet wraps, shoulder magnet wraps, insoles with magnets, cushions with magnets, mattress pads with magnets and more. All things are priced at wholesale. For extra info on magnets you may be able to email us at ausmed AOL. Com, call us TOLL FREE at 1-800-382-0300 or FAX you ask to 1-800-422-0515.

Cyber-Max LSO Lumbar Brace for Spinal Stenosis-L vs Cybertech Hyper-X Plus HYXP-LR-06 review

The Cyber-Max LSO Lumbar Back Brace for Spinal Stenosis gives stability with extra back and stomach support. With the Cybertech pulley system you’re able to change the amount of compression and support of the brace with just one hand in a matter of seconds. The compression that’s made by this brace decreases pressure on the spine, which helps in easing the back ache. This spinal stenosis brace features ergonomically molded shells at the front and back of your body, which helps to stabilize and support the lower back and stomach. The panels bound certain movements that may because more damage and ache to the spine. Another feature of this brace is that it has replaceable plush breathable bubble liners for maximum comfort. This lumbar back brace helps to ease the ache from various conditions as well as: lumbar mechanical back ache, spinal stenosis, shock injuries, spondylolisthesis, and facet syndrome. The brace may also be used as a post-operative brace for a range of procedures as well as: laminotomy, foranimotomy, IDET procedures, front laparoscopic fusion and multilevel decompression. The Cyber-Max Lumbar Back Brace can fit all sizes, ranging from small to extra big, and fitting waist circumferences 30″ through 50″.

Bledsoe Ninja LSO Brace (Medium – Standard Profile)

Posterior chairback panel extends from sacrococcygeal connection to T-2 vertebra. Front, posterior and lateral control. Rigid front and posterior panel unload spinal pressure for ache break. Posterior panel extends from sacrococcygeal connection to T-9 vertebra. Available in low or standard profile (Front Panel). Small- XLarge in Low Profile is 6″ Tall. Standard is 7″/XXLarge-XXXXLarge in Low Profile is 6 1/2″ tall and Standard is 8″ Tall. Fast pull gives 61 leverage for easy one-hand modification. Promotes correct body mechanics and posture. Weak or injured structures are stabilized. Optional Extender Chest part. Available in low or standard profile. Fast pull gives 61 leverage for easy one-hand modification. 90 day warranty. Indications Thoracolumbar injury, alteration operation, multi-level, mechanical back ache, disc herniation, disc degeneration, lumbar discectomy objectives Increase activity. Delay back operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease back ache signs. Improve back function. Improve life quality.

Spondylolysis & Spondylolisthesis Treatment Brace Stabilizer Corset-2XL vs Cybertech Hyper-X Plus HYXP-LR-06 price

This back brace stabilizer may be used for many lower back conditions as well as spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc illness, post operation and more. This brace for spondylolisthesis has stomach compression allowing a hydrostatic lift for the spine, which decreases the pressure placed on the tissues in your lumbar region. This spondylolisthesis ache break support features a mechanical advantage pulley system that lets you to easily apply compression in a matter of seconds, using just one hand. The low-friction pulley system amplifies your force by five, making it simple to accomplish a high degree of compression. The smooth pulley system of the back brace for spondylolisthesis treatment also allows you to to easily change the support as you transition from a seated to a standing position. The pull cord for applying compression attaches at the front of the body, meaning you do not have to worry about stressful or frustrating twisting. The hand straps also bound the need for any pinching or grabbing motions, making application easier for those with arthritis. The closures of the post-operation lumbar back support are Velcro, making it simple to apply, remove, or change the brace. The back brace for degenerative spondylolisthesis conforms to the body as you cinch the belt, making sure a simplified and comfy fit. The lightweight mesh material keeps you from overheating and comes in a neutral black color that may be worn over or under your clothes. The corset back brace comes with two panels for the back of the body (posterior) and one for the front (front). For those using this brace post-operation, the front panels may be added or removed, allowing you to slowly decrease your dependency on the brace. If you decide to take off this part, it turns into a regular corset style compression.

Minerva Orthosis Cervical Thoracic Halo Brace-L/XL

The Cybertech Minerva Orthosis Cervical Thoracic Halo Brace is intended for neck and upper back injuries that require a stabilized spine to speed the recuperation and curative procedure in the neck and upper back following an injury or operation. This spine immobilizer is great for treating a large range of neck and upper back injuries, while also making the recuperation procedure easy and comfy for the patient. The Minerva Orthosis lets for complete linear adjustability for flexion, extension, neutral positioning and immobilization. The two-part design of the brace increases airflow, comfort and easy application. There’s also a big trachea opening in the front, enabling the patient to breathe naturally. Also, the brace features a removable plush laminated bubble liner on all skin contact regions for extra comfort for the patient. Extra liners may be ordered individually. The Minerva Orthosis is totally Latex free. Some of the injuries and conditions in which a Minerva Orthosis could be needed for recuperation include: Jeffersons fracture, light wedge fractures, post shock, arthritis, acute ache, and spinal stenosis. This halo brace is available in sizes small/medium or big/extra-big, ranging from band sizes 2 _-5 _. To find out your band size, measure from the tip of your chin to the sternal notch.

DonJoy Deluxe Support – XX-Large vs Cybertech Hyper-X Plus HYXP-LR-06 reviews

DonJoy Deluxe Back Support – XX-big – Ideal Application This product will supply light to average low back support also as stomach compression. Features and Benefits 4mm warm, compressive neopreneEasy-on wrap-around designLow profile for everyday wearAdditional side pulls for extra support and compression This product will supply light to average low back support also as stomach compression.

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  1. Cybercross TLSO Osteoporosis & Kyphosis Thoracic Extension Spine Brace
  2. Cybertech Postural Extension Kyphosis & Osteoporosis Back Brace-L/XL
  3. Neo G Medical Grade Dorsolumbar Lower/Mid/Upper Back Support – Medium 70-85cm
  4. Hyper-X Plus TLSO Back Brace, Medium

Models to consider:
473700-P CETL-NB-503B0901XXXXL AP160005-P493R 627xxl
H&PC-04261 AnOs-11103B0402XXL 03B0101XXXXXXLDJ143CT08-1W MB02
CMAX-NB-3 G708MCTO-SG-2 AFS24210-883-D142-1 2027MD
03B0801 CETL-NB-2H&PC-01851 H&PC-33943ESFP-NB-3 03B0901XXL
ETSP-SB-3 03B0901SAC141KW01 631xlORT18000R 00362-0631-3X
ORT23220S TCLS-NB-3OM500-L 2000TMH&PC-33925 H&PC-01516
CTO-SG-2 EGFP-LG-3CETL-NB-4 H&PC-0216703B0902M 5-BB-SIZ
627xl BBSPINE-30350-883-D142-1 EGFP-LG-203B0902XXL 650-beige-2
H&PC-04002 H&PC-08099SB100L H&PC-05308AFS2421 CETL-NB-4
5-BB-SIZ 03B0901S00362-0631-3X OM500-XL473700-P H&PC-33943
CETL-NB-2 H&PC-09796SB1004XL B003UPGUARD3000 0-883-D142-1
493R H&PC-06481DJ143CT08-1W SDA301I LS-112(i) M BL 03B0101XXXXXXL
ETSP-SB-3 PW140RT00361X 0-883-D142-1H&PC-34700 SDT302
03B0801 CTO-SG-203B0902XXL 03B0901XXL0-883-D142-1 H&PC-04261
CETL-NB-3 493R3102SM 473500-P627xxl 0107 Comfort
473700-P H&PC-01741CMAX-NB-3 SDS30003B0901XXXXL H&PC-01516
ETSP-SB-5 H&PC-02167NY-7100-M PW140H&PC-04261 H&PC-02045
AFS2421 473700-PORT18110RS VE-WA0205-BB-SIZ H&PC-05308
PB2154 Beige MDS16086803B0402L IC0954BAX001 03B0101XXXXXL
MCTO-SG-2 650-beige-2216-black-3 EGFP-LG-3H&PC-04002 H&PC-34700
03B0801 CMAX-NB-3279856-P MIMO-SG-4G708 ORT18000R
H&PC-08099 493R0-883-D142-1 03B0901MSDT302 1458B
H&PC-06118 H&PC-032202000TM 627xxlH&PC-01333 H&PC-34635
2027MD CETL-NB-3H&PC-01741 ORT21310SMDJ143CT08-1W 03B0901XXXXL
OM500-L 03B0101XXXXXXLH&PC-09796 279814-ParentMW-BHC1 104-600-BL


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