April 23, 2017

What I found out: Orthosis TLSO (Extension)


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See alternate pictures above for SIZING and extra description info. –Code L0456 accepted The Cybertech Extension Orthosis (TLSO) is ergonomically intended to comfortably control and relieve acute ache frequently related with anomalies of the spine. It may be efficient in treating osteoporosis, compression fractures, spinal stenosis, strain, and extreme kyphosis. The distinctive structural honesty of the ergonomic posteriorshell offers the practitioner customization and conformity of the anatomical contours. This lets an expanded alignment of the thoracic spine and stabilization of the lumbar spine and pelvis. The patented mechanical advantage pulley system and stomach compression enables the patient to actively partake in their medical care regimen ensuing in comfort, control and improved compliance. The placement of the extension straps lets the patient to bring the shoulders and upper spine into comfy extension alignment. Indications: Acute ache break by thoracic postural extension alignment Early start through variable phases of osteoporosis Compression fractures of the thoracic spine Kyphosis Thoracic mechanical back ache As an adjunct to pre and post surgical protocols Features and Benefits: Cybertech patented mechanical advantage pulley system lets patient to change compression to the individual? S support needs, enhancing compliance and better conformity to hip development. Strengthened spacer mesh is lasting and lets breathability. The soft plush inner liner and a patient friendly strap place for superior comfy support. Ergonomically intended posterior plastic shell with spine break and 15 degrees of lordosis supply anatomic conformity. It extends from the inferior spine of the scapula to the sacrococcygeal connection. Posterior shell is enveloped into zippered plush spacer materials. Sof.

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Saunders S’port All Support with White Compression Shorts, Men’s,

The Saunders S’port All Back Support completely supports the lower back and sacroiliac (SI) joint, throughout tiring activity. This is made possible by an groundbreaking design that anchors the back support to white athletic compression shorts, made from 83 nylon/17 spandex. The patented “stay-in-place” design lets you move, still gives excellent support, throughout the most active movements. From the gym to gardening to work, the Saunders S’port All Back Support will stay securely at the height you change it to for comfy support. Simply change the side pulls higher for lumbar support; lower for sacroiliac support.

Bell-Horn Spine Brace in Gray / Blue – Medium

BH99510M Size: Medium Features: -Spine brace. -Ergo-dynamic panels. -adaptable pulley system in an intermediate brace which comfortably contour. -Conforms to each patient’s body. -Low-friction adaptable pulley system has a fast. -One-hand modification controlled compression and support level. -Single front closure gives easy opening and closing. -many level decompression, laminectomy, posterior lateral fusion. -Small: Fits waist circumference 25-30”. -Medium: Fits waist circumference 30-35”. -big: Fits waist circumference 35-40”. -Extra big: Fits waist circumference 40-45”. -2 Extra big: Fits waist circumference 45-50”. -3 Extra big: Fits waist circumference 50-55”. -4 Extra / 5 extra big: Fits waist circumference 56-68”. Alternatives: -Available in small, medium, big, 2 extra big, 3 extra big, 4 extra / 5 extra big and extra big sizes. Color/Finish: -Color: Gray / Blue. Warranty: -6 Months warranty.

Comfortland Discovery 9 Brace Universal

Finding 9 LSO back brace enables a common fit for almost all patients in only 2 models while considerably decreasing the annoyance and cost of unwanted stock. Standard size cover from small to X-big, and Maximum size cover from 2XL to 5XL. Our easy-to-use pully system and pull tabs make it simple to accomplish best compression for most efficient ache break, it’s easy to tighten, for arthritic and/or geriatric patients. Finding special breathable fabric materials advertise air flow to keep patients cool and dry. This low-profile brace automatically conforms to patient’s anatomy for a custom fit, optimum comfort and support for ache management or operative treatment.

Brace for Herniated Disc Treatment, Degenerative Disc Pain, Bulging, Ruptured and Slipped Spinal Discs-XL

The capability of this belt to totally support the lower back makes it a great treatment for various lumbar injuries or conditions like herniated discs, degenerative disc illness, sciatica, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome, and other resources of degenerative back ache. This break for herniated disc also has many features that help make it stand out from all of the other lower back braces that are on the market. The front and posterior panels support the tissues located in your lumbar back region, which helps relieve your discs from the pressure of your back. These inserts are intended to get you a comfy fit. The rigid back panels of this lumbosacral brace for herniated disk treatment are made of ABS plastic insertsa lasting, affect- and heat-tolerant material. The rigid panels of the herniated disc treatment are contoured to the body and both panels may be removed. This brace for lower back ache break is made up of a soft and breathable material so you don’t have to worry about the brace rubbing or irritating your skin as the mesh material lies comfortably against your back. Caused by the lightweight material, you may be able to wear this lower back support under or over your clothes, based on your preference. This belt for a herniated disc in the lower back is secured via Velcro contact closures that make application simple. Elastic double-pull tabs make it simple to accomplish a secure and customized fit. These closures are located in the front to help prevent you from twisting or turning which could more harm your back. The belt for ruptured disc treatment may also hold a gel pack for cold or heat medical care in the back of the brace. Such medical care may be essential for the curative procedure of your herniated disc condition. You may be able to remove the gel packs based on the stage of recuperation you are now in. This brace comes in sizes XS all the way up to 4XL (waist circumferences of 25″-65), making it simple to find the right fit.

McDavid Support

Protect yourself from strains and pulls with 6 spring-steel stays strategically located for maximum support,Vented elastic side panels feature hook and loop closures and neoprene wrap for custom fit and comfort,Latex-free neoprene construction for thermal/compression medical care and soft tissue support.

LordoLoc Support Size: 1 vs Extension Orthosis TLSO pricing

12185000080001 Size: 1 Features: -Back support. -Four, 9. 25″ adaptable, stainless steel stays integrated at the back may be adapted individually. -Easy to put on and take off, Velcro fastenings with hand straps. -extra elastic tension straps permit individually adjustable compression and variable modification of the stabilizing effect.

Shock Doctor Ultra Support (Black)

Easy-to-wrap Velcro strap closure gives large range of fit Adjustable overlapping Velcro compression/support straps TPR molded stability supports and integrated stability inserts support lower back Terry lined lumbar pad and Lycra attaching for comfort and long lasting wear No-slip silicone gripper pattern decreases unwanted support motion Vented hex-mesh gives maximum moisture wicking breathable compression Integrated antimicrobial technology.

LSO Brace for Sciatica & Spinal Stenosis-4XL vs Extension Orthosis TLSO review

The LSO Sciatica back brace is a distinctive disc unloader back support that eases back ache by taking pressure off the lumbar discs and changing the load to the stomach region. The lumbosacral support is constructed of lightweight, soft material that’s breathable and non-irritating to the skin. The front and posterior panels of the sciatica back brace can hold inserts for gel packs that supply your choice of cold or hot medical care. This disc unloader spinal brace was intended by a leading physiatrist with the aim of relieving degenerative to acute ache in the back. This back brace may help with some back conditions and injuries, as well as spinal stenosis, herniated discs, sciatica, facet syndrome, and many more. The modular design of this back brace helps ease intradisc pressure through circumferential compression. The compression feature of this back brace increases blood flow, decreases ache, and promotes curative. The mix of compression, unloading, and use of hot or cold medical care makes this distinctive back brace ideal for treating and easing back ache. This back brace includes an expanded front panel for extra support to the stomach to help persons experiencing pendulous stomach or who simply need extra stomach or torso support. The rigid front and posterior panels of this back brace are very lasting and affect-tolerant also as lightweight. The brace may also be easily secured via elastic double pull and contact closures. They are located at the front of the brace for easy access. This spinal stenosis back brace is available in some sizes ranging from XS-4XL. To find out your size, measure the circumference of your waist in inches. This back brace fits waist circumferences of 25″-65″, making it a great bariatric back brace.

Comfortable Brace for Sleeping & Nighttime Support-L

The BraceAbility back brace for sleeping and nighttime support is a distinctive back brace intended to be worn while sleeping. For extra user comfort, the back brace includes gel pack pockets for hot or cold medical care or a pressure pad while resting. The back support for sleeping is constructed of premium-quality soft neoprene and elastic that contours to the form of one’s body, making it a great, customized fit for anybody. This makes the nighttime back support well suited for treating average to serious lower back ache, also as muscle weakness, strain, or instability of the lumbar back. The gel inserts for heat or cold medical care are sold separate through BraceAbility. Com. This pocket may also hold a pressure pad for extra compression medical care. Heat/cold medical care and pressure pads are both great solutions to ease low back ache and decrease inflammation from injury or muscle strains. The nighttime back brace is closed via contact closure, meaning one won’t have to strain or excessively turn to secure the brace for low-back ache. Wearing a back brace like this one at night can prevent one from causing more damage to their back while one is sleeping, and it may also address inflammation and support curative while one is at rest. The back brace for sleeping is available in eight sizes ranging from S-4XL. To find out your size, measure the circumference around your hips in inches. The back brace fits hip circumferences ranging from 24″-60″.

Core Products Wraptor Belt Lumbosacral -XLarge vs Extension Orthosis TLSO price

Gives front and posterior support from the sacrococcygeal connection to the T-9 vertebrae. Patented CON-FORM technology with mechanical advantage tensioning. Modular system from rigid post-operative support to comfy compressive support. Sized proportionally in height and width. Black. Available in S, M/LG, XL or 2X. PDAC Verified to LO631. Indications Spinal Stenosis; Spondylolysis; Sciatica; Degenerative Disc; Prolapsed Disc, Osteoarthritis of Spines objectives decrease lower back ache. Improved patient comfort. Decrease ache medications.

Extended Abdominal/ Support For Large Stature Black/8"

Lightweight, breathable latex-free elastic helps contain & lift the stomach. Front panel tension straps supply extra support. Back of the support is intended to support the spine and help move the load evenly and comfortably. Flat measures 60″. One size fits 2X-4X. Completely adjustable. Latex-Free. Made in the U. S. A.

Men’s Side Lace Lumbosacral Support 517 (42) vs Extension Orthosis TLSO reviews

MODEL 517: Men’s Side-Lace Lumbosacral Support w/Steel Stays. Modification: Three-pull side lace. Front Closure: Snap-button with reinforcing hook-and-eye. Materials: White canvas. Elastic Releases: Across top and groin. Preshaped Steels: One pair 14″. Adaptable Stays: Front, side and back. Comments: Perineal straps aren’t included. For perineal straps order Model PS (visit our store). Note: Same as Model 521, however with broad mesh elastic release across top front. Sized as indicated by hip sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52 (For measuring info, click on the 2nd picture in this listing. ) NOTE: This brace comes with fitting information, but they’re of general nature only and are meant to supplement the information of your fitter. You may have to seek a professional fitter in your area to assist you apply and change your brace. A correct fit is important to prevent more injury.

Models to consider:
TCLS-NB-3 H&PC-09796UPGUARD3000 SB1004XLH&PC-34635 H&PC-01543
MDS160868 0107 ComfortH&PC-08099 473700-PH&PC-05308 PB2154 Beige
ORT21300LXL SB100L2000TL 2027MDH&PC-33943 493R
5-BB-SIZ CTO-SG-203B0902XXL 03B0402XXL03B0101XXXXXL 10W0101XXXL
H&PC-01851 0-883-D142-1AFS2421 2000TMOM500-XL H&PC-33925
03B0101XXXXXXL 5-BB-SIZCETL-NB-3 627sVE-WA020 PW140
ORT21310SM 03B0902MH&PC-06481 2000TMH&PC-10026 VIAN0584
ORT18110RS 279856-PH&PC-03220 CETL-NB-4NY-7100-M SDS300
CTO-SG-4 RT00361XIC0954 ETSP-SB-5TONUS 0312 H&PC-02045
03B0901M 2000TMH&PC-09796 H&PC-34700SDT302 CETL-NB-3
631XS 2027MDCSTL-NB-2-TLSOX4 H&PC-02167G708 104-600-BL
H&PC-02045 03B0402LMW-BHC1 MB02IC0954 AnOs-111
PC210-TAN 473500-P493R 493RCMAX-NB-3 1458F
G710 UPGUARD3000H&PC-06481 VIAN0584ORT21310SM H&PC-08099
H&PC-33943 03B0101XXXXXXLTONUS 0312 03B0402XXLDJ143CT08-1W 216-black-3
H&PC-04261 03B0902MI LS-112(i) M BL CB-897602STAN-XL03 H&PC-04002
AC141KW01 03B0901XXL03B0902XL RT00361XSDA301 627s
279814-Parent 03B0202XXXLVE-WA020 ETSP-SB-3MDS160868 OM500-L
1458B 631XSPB2154 Beige VE-WA0205-BB-SIZ SDS300
IC0954 H&PC-09796AC143CT10 H&PC-04640727CA SDT302
ORT18000R 03B0901XXLNY-7100-M H&PC-0154303B0801 493R
0-883-D142-1 AP160005-PMIMO-SG-4 104-600-BLCRB 2000 AFS2421
H&PC-34700 ORT30310WSH&PC-05308 ORT18110RS0-883-D142-1 473700-P
OM500-XL 03B0901MH&PC-04002 ADAH3070-883-D142-1 473400-P
H&PC-02167 H&PC-01333CTO-SG-2 03B0901XXXXLH&PC-34572 SB1004XL
279856-P CTO-SG-4SDA301 H&PC-33943H&PC-04261 H&PC-08099
216-black-3 H&PC-040860-883-D142-1 CB-897602627s H&PC-03220


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