April 23, 2017

Obstetrical Manikin (Simulaids) has great ratings


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  • Manufacturer: Simulaids
  • Part Number: 180
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

Obstetrical Manikin by Simulaids. Will include soft carry bag.

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Mepilex Transfer Dressing, 8" X 20", 2 Per Box

(SOLD BY BOX 2) Mepilex move Dressing, 8″ X 20″, 2 Per Box. Exudate move dressing featuring Safetac(r) soft silicone technology. Thin, conformable and intended for a large range of exuding and hard-to-dress wounds, like radiation skin reactions and EB, and over-fragile skin. Can be used as a protecting level on minimal or low exudating wounds. Big sizes enable coverage of big, uncomfortable regions. 8″ x 20″ (20 cm x 50 cm). 2/bx. Brand: Molnlycke Wound Care.

57G 27" Qualatherm 1400 Gloves

57G- 27″ (Shoulder Protection) Packaged for ISO 5 (Class 100). Dry contact temperatures for 2100F to 14000F (-1340C to 7600C) with no charring, ash or residue. ESD protection Static Dissipative 109. No PCB, asbestos or fiberglass. Size: common big Only. Pack: 1 Pair/Poly Bag. Applications: Diffusion furances, quartz wafer boats; liquid gas flask handling (super cold), hot/dry glassware handling. Quantity pricing is available. Call us at 1-800-832-3882 for more details.

Adhesive Bordered Foam Dressing 6" x 6"

MPM Medical sticky Bordered bubble Dressing 6" x 6" Square with 4" x 4" Pad, Water-evidence Top level MPM Bordered bubble Dressing is waterproof with an sticky border. Absorbs big amounts of drainage and decreases pressure on wounds. • decreases pressure on the wound. • expertise bubble quickly absorbs big amounts of liquid. • gives moist wound environment. • guards the wound from contagion. • Precut, lint free. • gives soft, absorbent protection to painful wounds. • may be left on 5 to 7 days, based on drainage or protocol.


(HCPCS Code: NO CODE) sheet, WARM TOUCH, FULL BODY ( sheet, WARM TOUCH, FULL BODY ) 25 Each / Case. Dimensions: Not Available ; No description is available for this product. Product licensed and made by Covidien (Mallinckrodt Imaging). Sheet, WARM TOUCH, FULL BODY merchandise carry a restricted lifetime warranty. More info is on the manufacturers web site.

3M 8210 Dust Masks NIOSH Approved N95 1 Case (8 Boxes) by R3 Safety MS92530

3M 8210 N95 PARTICULATE RESPIRATOR intended to help supply quality, dependable worker protection against certain non-oil established particles. Welded strap attachment. Suggested applications; grinding, sanding, sweeping, sawing, bagging, woodworking, foundries and other dusty functionings and insulating with fiberglass.

Restore Adhesive Foam Border Dressing 6" x 8" vs Simulaids Obstetrical Manikin pricing

Hollister Restore sticky bubble Border Dressing 6″ x 8″ Size Square form with TRIACTTM Advanced Technology, 3-2/7″ x 5-4/5″ Pad Size By incorporating the lipido-colloid formulation directly on the surface of the dressing, TriactTM advanced dressings offer increased conformability and an initial micro-adherence that makes applying the dressing easy on a range of anatomical places. • A super-absorbent bubble pad gives vertical wicking and containment of exudate, defending the periwound skin from maceration. • Semi-permeable backing has high moisture transmission rate which helps decrease maceration and preserve wound margins. • The TRIACTTM ADVANCED properties help prevent the dressing from sticking to the wound, while giving light micro-adherence to the periwound skin for one-handed application. Upon contact with exudate, a protecting gel forms allowing for virtually ache-free dressing changes.

DASH Gloves AloePRO Synthetic Butadiene Exam Gloves (Medium)

Textured Butadiene Powder Free Exam Gloves with Aloe Vera. DASH AloePRO Synthetic exam gloves are your latex-free solution to better feeling gloves. Active Aloe inner surface soothes dry irritated hands by improving your skin’s capability to hydrate itself. Made from groundbreaking butadiene technology. Priced lower than most Nitrile gloves. Far superior fit than vinyl gloves. Six sizes for a exact fit as well as the well-liked size Small/Medium.

Scotchcast Soft Casting Tape 4" x 4 yds., vs Simulaids Obstetrical Manikin review

ScotchcastTM Soft casting tape consists of a knitted, fiberglass fabric impregnated with a distinctive, polyurethane resin. Contact to moisture or water initiates a chemical reaction that causes the resin to set. The finished bandage will keep its form while left over resilient. • adaptable, soft cast lets for mobility to accommodate particular patient prerequisites. • Casting tape is easy to apply and remove for fast application and improved patient comfort. • The soft, pliable cast edges improve patient comfort. • Ideal for use in mix with rigid ScotchcastTM casting tape, as soft edges supply extra comfort. • Each roll is individually packaged in a sealed, dated pouch for easy stock and use. • For use in the construction of casts where support is required but rigid immobilization isn’t obliged or a restricted range in motion is wanted.

Lg Pelican Case W/CutOuts Aed CprD & PediPadz

Total Protection for the 1st and Only Full-Rescue AED. An excellent shock-tolerant carrier for your ZOLL AED Plus, the Pelican Case and its molded high-density bubble supply total protection from the rigors of affect, vibration, and shock. Made of high-affect structural co-polymer, it’s very strong and lasting. With its exclusive 0. 25″ (6. 4 mm) neoprene O-ring, and ABS latches, this case seals perfectly. The Pelican Case also will include an auto purge valve for fast equalization after changes in atmospheric pressure. The AED Plus Pelican Case is NATO-codified and tested to MIL C-4150J (Military Standard) and IP67 (water and dust ingress protection). Big Case with cutouts for AED Plus, CPR-D padz, or pedi padz II Inside Dimensions: 17. 9″ x 12. 8″ x 6. 8″ (45. 5 cm x 31. 8 cm x 17. 3 cm) Outside Dimensions: 19″ x 15. 4″ x 7. 6″ (48. 3 cm x 39. 1 cm x 19. 3 cm) Temperature Ratings: Min: -10 F (-23 C) Max: 210 F (99 C) Buoyancy: Floats in salt water with 40 lbs. (18. 1 kg) load Color: Black Approvals: IP67 Military Standard C-4150J.

Invacare Silver Alginate Dressing 4" x 4 3/4" Box: 10 vs Simulaids Obstetrical Manikin price

Invacare Silver Alginate Dressing is consisting of a high G (guluronic acid) calcium alginate, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and ionic silver complex (Silver Sodium Hydrogen Zirconium Phosphate), which releases silver ions in the presence of wound liquid and creates broad-spectrum antimicrobial action over a period of up to fourteen days, depending on in-vitro testing. The dressing has exceptional absorptive capacity and is efficient against antibiotic tolerant bacteria. Clean.

Biolife Woundseal Powder, 4 Count

Powder forms an instant seal over the wound in seconds and it is safe to leave in place till the wound heals. Specially worked on to stop bleeding for people on blood thinners because it does not rely on the normal clotting factors in your blood. The 4-single use packets are easy to keep in your pocket or purse so you generally have on hand for emergencies.

Hydrofilm. Hydrofilm Plus LatexFree Transparent Film Dressings Hydrofilm, 4" x 6" (10 x 15.2cm) Box of 50 vs Simulaids Obstetrical Manikin reviews

High moisture vapor transmission rate prevents moisture build-up and peel-off. Applies onto skin securely and comfortably for a longer wear time. Transparent, waterproof film lets wound evaluation without dressing elimination and gives for easier patient cleanliness. Hydrofilm Plus will include an absorbent, nonstick pad that wicks exudate away without sticking to wound. Clean.

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Models to consider:
151948KJ37E75 BND-52600MDS098716 UHS-MSC30668313AWBGR LF01164U
M314 MSC1528NON27420 ICUM9000TMSC1723EP LF06208U
MED-NONFS300HP GA-76W49EBK1-6 p917823LF06702U 114M
702M1SK MED-DYND70660HPCYZ-1629 PP-AM-400-DS422208PUR LF06700U
W49EBK2-3 TGS PRO 737BND74350 DYNJ07254AM5072A 30033-SET2
DYND15200 NON70600UHS-MSC8744EPZ CB-3021-COMBO-6V30CH LF03721U
OB1269-54W MSC9210LF06102U PAD-PAK-01AQ1362 HOL7730
TL7254 S130MDS8800BIO1 MBSC-55UHS2-CUR8316 DYNJ03900
BNX912 WH 61550W009 IM60-102195 INNER KEN2600-X2
PP-AM-400-DS S130M5072A OB1269-54WMDS098716 KEN2600-X2
GA-76 LF06700U2195 INNER MED-NONFS300HPHOL7730 UHS2-CUR8316
W49EBK2-3 EBK2-3BNX912 V30CHMSC9210 RPS350-2
114M PAD-PAK-01MDS8800BIO1 30033-SET28 FL OZ NON27420
702M1SK LF06102UWH 6155 AQ1362IM60-10 MSC1528
UHS-MSC8744EPZ ICUM9000TDSX70011 TGS PRO 737DYNJ03900 422208PUR
LF01164U M314LF03721U UHS-MSC3066DYND15200 6855240A
DYNJ07254A NON70600MBSC-55 MED-DYND70660HPRE1005792 151948KJ37E75
TL7254 W49EBK1-6CB-3021-COMBO-6 BND-52600MSC1723EP LF06208U
MSC1528 NON27420CB-3021-COMBO-6 OB1269-54WMSC9210 LF01164U
LF06702U RE1005792KEN2600-X2 0W009BND-52600 MDS8800BIO1
ICUM9000T 702M1SKWH 6155 MSC1723EPPAD-PAK-01 2195 INNER
S130 LF06102UMED-DYND70660HP DYNJ07254ADYNJ03900 8 FL OZ
RPS350-2 LF06208UM5072A DSX70011422208PUR MED-NONFS300HP
30033-SET2 HOL7730p917823 NON70600LF03721U 8313AWBGR
EBK2-3 IM60-10TGS PRO 737 BND74350151948KJ37E75 V30CH
DYND15200 W49EBK2-3TL7254 AQ1362UHS2-CUR8316 PP-AM-400-DS
W49EBK1-6 114MCYZ-1629 6855240ALF06700U MDS098716


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