April 23, 2017

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  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Weight Capacity 400lbs.
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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General description

The Health O Meter Pro Raised Dial Scale has exact and correct weight measurements and no batteries to replace it’s another big platform with a heavy responsibility steel base and a non-slip textured mat. 8″ diameter easy-to-read dial with big numbers. 400 lb. Capacity with 1lb. Gradations. 1 year restricted warranty. Product weight: 9lbs.

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142KL ( ) Prfessinal Hme

HealthOMeter Professional ScalesPrepare to discover the most advanced medical scales made today. Health o meter is at the forefront of novelty creating more new medical merchandise than ever before. Healthometer is recovering its place as the leader in the medical scale business by investing in new technologies and expanding its product offerings.

PRTRD, Prfessinal Wall Munted Height Rd

Professional height rod is prepared to mount to a wall for convenient and correct measuring. Use with any Health O Meter Professional Scale. Laminated scale on rod measures heights from 24″ to 83″ in 1/16″ and 1mm increments. Lock the measuring arm with natural of the tension of the height rod. The measuring arm won’t move unless you change it. Lightweight rod is made of plastic and will include a hardware kit so you may be able to mount it easily to a wall.

haus Bench & Flr s – Defender Mdel D31P250TX, Defender 3000 with wheels, 500lb x 0.1lb (227kg x 0.05kg) – default reslutin

Ohaus Bench & Floor Scales – Defender Model D31P250TX, Defender 3000 Scale with wheels, 500lb x 0. 1lb (227kg x 0. 05kg) – default resolution <TABLE class=tblBox border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2> <TBODY> construction</TD> <TD class=coldata>304 stainless steel pan, painted frame, polyurethane wheels with locking system</TD></TR> <TR> <TD class=colHeading width="30">Platform Size (in/cm)</TD> <TD class=coldata>20 x 28 in / 508 x 710 mm</TD></TR> <TR> <TD class=colHeading width="30">Column Height (in/cm)</TD> <TD class=coldata>40. 5 in / 1,030 mm fixed height tubular painted steel with handle bar</TD></TR> <TR> <TD class=colHeading width="30">Leveling parts</TD> <TD class=coldata>Externally observable level bubble and polyurethane wheels with locking system</TD></TR> <TR> <TD class=colHeading width="30">Safe overload capacity <FONT size=-1>(as % of the rated load)</FONT></TD> <TD class=coldata>150 of rated capacity</TD></TR> <TR> <TD class=colHeading width="30">Load Cell Material</TD> <TD class=coldata>Aluminum</TD></TR> <TR> <TD class=colHeading width="30">Load Cell Protection</TD> <TD class=coldata>IP67</TD></TR> <TR> <TD class=colHeading width="30">Housing</TD>.

Prtable Flding Veterinary

Simply fold in half, and with the useful carrying handles, you have scale that is easy to take wherever you need it. The professional scale has a 3/4″ LCD display to show correct weight up to 33 lbs. Other convenient features are lb/kg conversion, auto-off, auto-zero and zero out/tare functionality. The tray measures 23 1/2″W x 11″D x 1″H. Requires 2 AAA batteries (included). Two year restricted warranty.

Seca Mechanical Clumn

The seca 755 is one of the 1st mechanical column scales which, also to showing the weight, also displays the respective nutritional condition of the patient with the BMI function. When the patient mounts the scale, a "BMI disc" of contrasting colour is set in motion below the exact weight display in the big, clear dial. It’s observable in a small window beside which a height scale is printed. Once the weight was determined, it’s easy to read the BMI range which, with contrasting colours, is split up into underweight, normal and overweight also as adiposity strangely overweight. A flat tread area and practical transport castors are more benefits of the seca 755. It may also be transformed into a complete measuring and weighing station by fitting the optional measuring rod seca 220. Body Mass IndexBMI is one of the most correct ways to find out when extra pounds translate into health risks and is becoming the measurement of choice used by health care professional and investigators. Br? Capacity: 352 lbs/150 kg Graduation: 1 lbs/500 g Function: BMI Optional: Measuring Rod Seca 220.

Yamat M-28/UD160, Accu-Weigh 32 z Prtin vs Health O Meter pricing

This mechanical dial scale from Yamato will include an air dashpot for faster readings. It also has a removable stainless steel platform and has an 8″ dial for easy reading. This scale has a good point display for accuracy and is made from lasting steel. Weight capacity is 32 ounces and measures in increments of 1/8 oz. Lasting Steel Construction good Point display For Accuracy Removable Stainless Steel Platform Zero Setting system 8″ Dial Weight Capacity: 32 Oz Length: 10-7/8″ Width: 7-1/4″ Height: 10-1/2″ Model #: M28/OUD160 113440 113440.

Salter 200 Academy Prfessinal Mechanical, White and Gray with Mini Tl Bx (Fs)

The Salter Academy Professional scale has a distinctive and distinctive look that’s all Salter. A staple in the Salter line for many years, the Academy will supply correct results, day after day. Featuring extra robust steel construction, this scale is tough built to last for many years and years. Extra big 7 dial is easy to read, and features both pound and kilo measurements. Non-slip textured mat. 330 lb capacity. 5 year warranty. Comes with Mini Tool Box. Great for storing any miscellaneous things or your spare change. In general dimensions: 4 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ x 2 3/4″. Mini Tool Box is shipped from a separate warehouse and will arrive inside some days of your order.

Detect Prdc Series Cmfrt Height Dctr PD30 Style: Mechanical Height Rd vs Health O Meter review

PD300MHR Style: Mechanical Height Rod Features: -will include four patient / family member weight memory recalls. -Doctor scale. -fitted wheels for fast transport. -View weight in lbs or kg. -Adjustable locking feet and a bubble level for weighing on any surface. -Selectable sleep mode (up to 9 minutes) and selectable auto shutoff (up to 9 minutes). Product Type: -Physician Scales. Country of make: -United States. Generic plans: -Power: 6 ‘AA’ alkaline batteries (not included) or optional 9V AC / DC power adapter (not included). Dimensions: -48′ High, comfort height display for easy looking at of measurements. -Display: Five digit, seven part, 1′ high LCD. -DHR cable length: 35′. -Base dimensions: 3. 33′ H x 12. 5′ W x 13′ D. In general Height – Top to Bottom: -48″. In general Width – Side to Side: -12. 5″. In general Depth – Front to Back: -13″.

American Weigh Al-311 Precisin Balance, 300g X 0.001g

Presenting the new line of precision balances from american weigh. The al-311 precision balance is intended for everyday laboratory routines. Featuring a 360° glass draft shield and advanced force motor technology, the al-311 produces un comparable accuracy in its class. Underweighing, counting, and % weighing features are standard.

400KL Series Beam s vs Health O Meter price

The 400KL Physician’s Beam Scale features: Rotating poise bars for dual reading of pounds and kilograms. Poise bar lock-in for error-free operation. Permanent, engraved readings on poise bar for long-lasting readability. Heavy-responsibility steel base for improved strength and durability. ABS plastic platform cover for easy cleaning. Factory calibrated to ensure accuracy. Assembly obliged. 2 Year restricted Warranty. 350 lb/160 kg capacity.

Taylr Precisin Prducts Mechanical Rtating (Black)

Reach weight objectives and measure progress with the working and stylish Taylor Precision merchandise Mechanical Rotating Dial Scale (Black). Read weight at a glance with a rotating scale dial in 1-pound/1-kilogram increments. With high quality steel construction, this mechanical scale doesn’t require batteries. Simply step on the scale and wait for the dial to come to a stop to read the weight. Built to accommodate up to roughly 300 pounds (136 kilograms), the steel platform is covered with a bump-patterned mat for stability and easy cleaning. Fit the scale in tight regions with its compact design. This mechanical scale will include Taylor’s 5-year restricted warranty.

Detect Mechanical Chair – Mdel 555541 vs Health O Meter reviews

Easy side or front access with lift-away arms and footrest make it easier for patients to get in and out of this scale. Die-cast, easy-to-read beam from both sides. Oversized wheels let easy transport. 400 lb. Capacity, 4 oz. Increments. White-finished metal is complemented with black vinyl seat and armrests.

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  1. Salter Professional Mechanical Dial Scale
  2. Professional Raised Dial Scale
  3. Salter Academy Professional Mechanical Scale (White and Gray)
  4. Health o Meter Large Raised Dial Scale
  5. HealthOMeter 142KL (Health O Meter) Professional Home Health Scale
  6. Health o meter Oversized Dial Scale with Easy to Read Measurements and X-Large Platform

Models to consider:
4832W PD300DHRFX-1200iWP V2-600-REDAMW-PEN-10 ZQB-11102
HHM160LB 160LB20005014T AMW-CDV2-100753KL 8320KL
BAB901-95 SM-501-BLUMDW-250L DS1150954F100P SM-5DR-BLK
PT-500RK 954F50K11S400H PD300MHRM28/OUD160 AMW-CP4-650
L-HOMWA-1 854F100P854F100PK ZQB-11135142KL FM271WCU
MSB-25 222KLOP-919-40 DS110011S200HKG 549KL
W46245 PL400PD300 OP-919-48PD300DHR CARD2-600-BLU
400KL M-5PKAMW-AL-311 ZQB-11091SM-201-SIL HE-55000
2210KL W462592020W AMW-TL330142KD-41 PD100
854F100PK OP-919-40SM-5DR-BLK 142KD-41HHM160LB ZQB-11091
DS1150 V2-600-REDCARD2-600-BLU M-5PKPD300 11S200HKG
854F100P SM-201-SILMDW-250L 400KLBAB901-95 PD300DHR
954F50K 916WHSVLKRAMW-PEN-10 M28/OUD1601370BOW FM271WCU
OP-919-48 AMW-AL-311DS1100 SM-501-BLUPD100 MSB-25
11S400H PD300DHR954F100P AMW-CDV2-100W46245 HE-55000
222KL 4832W20005014T PD300MHR2020W 2210KL
8320KL AMW-CP4-650RW-15P ZQB-11135753KL 142KL
PT-500RK PT-25-SRPL400 W46259FX-1200iWP 549KL
8320KL AMW-AL-311AMW-CDV2-100 400KL11S200HKG 954F50K
PT-500RK 20005014TPL400 MDW-250LPD300DHR W46245
SM-201-SIL 549KLBAB901-95 DS1100M28/OUD160 CARD2-600-BLU
854F100PK 4832WW46259 ZQB-11091PD300DHR AMW-PEN-10
PD300MHR ZQB-11102142KL SM-501-BLUPD300 RW-15P
954F100P 1370BOWHHM160LB DS1150854F100P ZQB-11135
OP-919-48 160LB2020W OP-919-4011S400H 753KL
V2-600-RED PT-25-SRM-5PK FX-1200iWPMSB-25 FM271WCU


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