April 23, 2017

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For the most up to date info, we suggest you visit the maker web site for the best product details, as well as ingredients, hazards, directions and warnings. This product offering is for 1 Retail Package.

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Medline Prisma Matrix Dressing by Systagenix 40 Each / box / Case 9. SQIN

In the presence of exudate, the PROMOGRAN PRISMA Matrix transforms into a soft, conformable, biodegradable gel, and lets contact with all regions of the wound. PROMOGRAN PRISMA Matrix, when covered with a semi-occlusive dressing, maintains a physiologically moist microenvironment at the wound surface.


POLYMEM MAX, 8″ X 8″, BOX/50SOLD BY BOX 5/EAManufacturer: Ferris (FR) – One of the world leaders in manufacturing and distribution of healthcare equipment and supplies. Most of their merchandise offer a restricted lifetime warranty (excluding disposable merchandise). Estimated ground shipping time on this product is 2-5 business days.

Systagenix Wound Management 532982 Fibracol Plus Collagen Wound Dressing 4" X 4-3/8",Systagenix Wound Management – Carton 2

Combines the structural support of collagen with the exudate management of alginate This mix gives the versatility needed when addressing a range of wound types and a widerange of exudate levels (from low to high) Maintains a moist wound environment, which is conducive to granulation tissue formation and epithelialization that enables curative to continue optimally supported by a 10-year safety record, is easy to use and lets patients and caregivers to take charge of dressing changes.

3M Tegaderm Adhesive Dressing 5.5in x 5.5in 9062

Benefits distinctive multi-level design gives high absorbency with high breathability to decrease the risk of maceration Adapts to changing levels of exudate to preserve moisture balance for best wound curative Ideal for situations where increased securement or longer wear time is required Conformable for hard body contours Dressing doesn’t stick to wound bed thus minimizing disruption of curative tissue gives a water tolerant seal while dressing is intact. Lets for showering Spoke delivery gives easy application Film backing prevents strikethrough and protects against external bacteria and viruses In vitro testing shows that the transparent film gives a viral barrier from viruses 27 nm in diameter or bigger while the dressing remains intact without leakage.

Calcium Alginate 4"x4" Sterile 00 Dressings

Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing. Clean, in a BOX of 10. 4″ x 4″. From Areza Medical. High Quality Dressing. Expiration Date 05/2017. If you have any questions contact us. Also for wholesale or big amounts contact us for a special pricing. Description: This dressing is made from seaweed spun into flat dressing. When coming into contact with exudate it transforms into moist gel consistency. It absorbs up to 20 times of its weight. Conforms to the form of the wound and fills in dead space. It promotes curative and helps autolytic debridement. Indications: Full- or fractional-thickness wound with average to heavy exudate, as well as infected wounds or wounds with tunneling and/or undermining Bleeding wound (helps accomplish hemostasis). Contraindications: 3rd-degree burns, minimal exudate or dry wound. Frequency: change every 1 to 3 days based on amount of exudate (per wound care provider). Change when exudate “strike-through” in the top level or bordering tissues. If dressing needs to be changed more than twice daily, reassess appropriateness. Cover it with secondary dressing. Do not moisten this product before using. Don’t use this product in mix with a hydrogel. Dressing can dehydrate wound bed. If the wound bed dries, the dressing won’t form a gel and may adhere to granulation tissue, causing shock to curative tissue. If alginate dressing seems dry or sticks to the wound, saturate it with clean saline or wound cleanser to help dressing elimination. If dressing is frequently dry upon elimination, reassess if continued use of alginate dressing is proper. Do not use too most of the product because overpacking may delay wound curative.

Alimed Hydrocolloid Sacral Dressing with Film Back and Beveled Edge vs Proctofoam NS Hemorrhoidal pricing

Hydrocolloid Dressing with Beveled Edge. State-of-the-art hydrocolloid formulation effectively absorbs wound exudate; ensuing in cleaner, less painful and easier-to-care-for wounds. Uniquely smooth, low-friction film backing decreases shear forces that can give to skin tearing. Beveled edges to minimize edge lift. Made in the USA. Clean, Sacral design, 6″ x 7″, Each.

Opsite Flexigrid Traparent Film Dressing – 4 x 4(3/4)" – – Box of 50

OPSITE FLEXIGRID is an sticky film dressing that’s tolerant to water and body liquid which lets the patient to bathe without changing dressings. A waterproof dressing also helps to prevent bacterial contagion. The OPSITE film creates a moist wound environment by retaining exudate. OP SITE is a transparent dressing and part of the Smith and Nephew wound care family. It’s transparent, sticky film, with a distinctive wound measurement grid for recording wound size. The OPSITE FLEXIGRID film is greatly extensible and conformable, which joint with its high moisture vapour permeability, means the dressing may be left in place for up to 14 days or as directed by your healthcare professional. This minimizes interference at the wound site and decreases the amount of nursing time obliged. Each dressing measures 4in. X 4 3/4in. (10cm x 12cm) and is easily cut to dress uncomfortable regions. Box of 50 individually wrapped dressings.

Smith and Nephew Primapore Dressing 8in x 4in 6600039 vs Proctofoam NS Hemorrhoidal review

Smith & Nephew Primapore sticky Non-Woven Wound Dressing combines an absorbent pad with soft and conformable fixative level. It assists in simple and efficient management of sutured wounds. Indicated for minor cuts, abrasions, lacerations and puncture sites where water tolerant dressing is needed, which aids in the prevention of bacterial contagion. Can be used as a secondary dressing over gels, ointments and other main dressings.

COPA Ultra-Soft Dressing – 4" x 8" –

COPA super-Soft bubble Dressing – 4″ x 8″ COPA super-Soft bubble Dressing is an super-soft hydrophilic bubble that protects and cushions wounds. Small pores decrease the chance of tissue migration into the bubble dressing. COPA super-Soft bubble Dressing is the new substitute for Kendall’s HYDRASORB bubble Dressings. COPA super-Soft bubble Dressing Features Surface: Petal-soft is no exaggeration. A touch of smooth satin glides across your skin, light and cool. Thickness: A cushiony bubble pad offers high support, springing back when pressed. Conformity: Pliable bubble lets for fast, easy shaping to apply over any wound. Wear: It rests lightly on the wound surface, left over soft and pliable while absorbing and trapping exudate. COPA super-Soft bubble Dressing Product Benefits Reduced possible for skin maceration Soft, conformable – patient comfort Increases nursing convenience and efficiencies COPA super-Soft bubble Dressing Product Indications Pressure ulcers Skin tears Skin graft donor sites Abrasions Neuropathic (diabetic) ulcers Venous leg ulcers, as well as use under compression wraps.

Seasorb Ag Alginate Dress W/Silver 6 X 6 vs Proctofoam NS Hemorrhoidal price

(SOLD BY BOX 10/EA) Seasorb Ag Alginate Dress W/Silver 6 X 6 vs Proctofoam NS Hemorrhoidal price. Distinctive mix of calcium alginate and greatly absorbent carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) with the addition of an ionic silver complex that releases silver ions in the presence of wound exudate. As exudate is absorbed, dressing forms a soft, cohesive gel that conforms to wound surface. Silver ions protect dressing from a broad spectrum of microorganisms over a period of up to four days. May be removed in one part. Indicated for the management of pressure, leg and diabetic ulcers; second-degree burns; grafts; donor sites; and shock and cavity wounds. 6″ x 6″ (15 cm x 15 cm). 10/pk. Brand: Coloplast.

3m 620 Tegaderm First Aid Traparent Dressings 2 3/8" x 2 3/4" – Box of 00

Transparent film dressings intended for defending skin and wound sites. Frame style lets customization of form and size to fit any site. Distinctive sacral form is intended for challenging and hard-to-dress regions. Features and Benefits:The hydrophilic nature of Tegaderm HP (holding power) Film sticky on the sacral shaped dressing makes it more adherent in moist conditionsTegaderm Film, with the “frame” delivery system, lets maximum versatility as it may be cut to any form and sizeDressings conform to the body and flex with skin for greater patient comfortTransparent dressings let easy monitoring of wounds without the have to remove the dressing.

Alimed Iodosorb Cadexomer Iodine Gel Pad Dressing. 0g 2-/8" X 3" (36 Per Case) vs Proctofoam NS Hemorrhoidal reviews

Iodoflex Cadexomer Iodine Gel Pad Dressing removes barriers to curative by its dual action antimicrobial and desloughing properties. The broad spectrum antimicrobial action is offered by the sustained release of iodine and the desloughing action is offered by the distinctive cadexomer matrix. It creates an efficient wound curative environment and are efficient for the management of degenerative exuding wounds, as well as infected wounds. It’s efficient deslougher. Non-adherent which can decrease shock at dressing changes and support patient compliance. Supports wound curative environment. Large range of high level medical support. Creates a moist wound environment. Changes color as iodine is released. Clinically proven to treat infection. Biodegradable and versatile. Helps eliminate odor. High absorbency.

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MSC8644EPZ SC288100-CHSMSC9169 50506488-CHSCUR47147RB NPSSWCD0404
NON21454 MSC2044EPDR46405 VF-6IVR-90L9MSC2077EP NON21456
DT13385 MSC8622EMSC8722EP HB4414TS-3183 NON25720Z
MSC27PAR 1626W60MSC9614EPZ-CHS OSAWD50505C6855566AMD Mar-7416
MSC9145 CUR47399RBTM81810 EL0030460MSC9614EPZ PRM21450
MSC019613 NON241283A475 CUR250383MSC2404H BND-7951
60MSC9604EPZ-CHS MSC9445EPZTM81868 MSC9636WNON21454 EL00302-CHS
PH100 NON21450621967CA MSC30PAR889546HP-CHS TS-3254
HE100033 MSC8722EP50HBRS4520 MSC8644EPZMSC6444EP EL00302-CHS
NON21454 EL00304MSC8622E MSC6455EPMSC2077EP MSC8644EP
MSC2044EP BND-79516855566AMD UHS-CUR47399MSC2404H VF-6IVR-90L9
60MSC9614EPZ-CHS NON241283MSC9445EPZ JJ-2390KE3175 EL00302
Mar-7416 MSC6444EPZCUR250383 SC288100-CHSNON21450 P00500
50506488-CHS CUR01496TS-3183 XCTWBC103251650940CA 6196D
55548AMD MSC30PARHP16998 532983-CHSNON21456 XCTWBC1033
Convatec187957 SQU187660UXT300 881685-CHSCUR47148NRB TM81810
55544P LIL-KA-318889546HP-CHS BND-841FMC5045-BX-ISG2G HB4414
6855566AMD CUR47396RBMSC6444EPZ MSC9169NON241283 SQU187660
NON21450 MSC64812EPLIL-KA-318 CUR47148NRBMSC2044EP VF-6IVR-90L9
NON21456 55544PNON21454 CUR47147RBTS-3254 MSC9145
MSC6444EP MSC01945260MSC9614EPZ-CHS 50506488-CHSNON21450 55548AMD
XCTWBC1035 NON25710881685-CHS 53MTP701MSC8644EPZ XCTWBC1032
MSC8644EP HB4414PRM21450 CUR01496Mar-7416 MSC8722EP
NPSSWCD0404 NON25720ZMSC9445EPZ 6196DMSC8644EP MSC8622E
GL-LF2512 XYL0100110ZEL00302-CHS 1565C-3NON25710Z MSC019613
DR46405 MSC2077EPJJ-2390 MED-MSC1244PA475 50HBRS4520


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