April 23, 2017

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  • Blow-off valve limits the amount of force that can be applied
  • Actively moving treatment surface ensures efficient application of traction
  • Split table design replicates clinical traction and promotes consistency of treatment
  • Easy to read pressure gauge provides total control of the force at all times
  • Friction-free surface ensures smooth motion
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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General description

Lumbar Traction gives High-Quality Treatment That Replicates medical Traction The patient is held secure by comfy thoracic and pelvic belts. Most users can position themselves without help. Patented pump incorporates an easy “click into place” system for pumping, sustaining, and releasing the traction-it is easy to use and removes air leaks. Gauge is calibrated in lbs/kgs to offer feedback and advertise consistency in treatment. Cheap High-Quality Traction at Home Safe A proven alternative to operation for some patients Friction-free surface assures smooth motion Easy to read pressure gauge gives total control of the force at all times Blow-off valve limitations the amount of force that may be applied efficient A cost efficient choice to uninterrupted medical care Split table design replicates medical traction and promotes consistency of treatment Actively moving treatment surface assures economical application of traction Patented pneumatic system assures dependable force accuracy and leak-free performance Easy to Use A movable treatment solution that increases patient compliance and satisfaction Comes complete – no assembly obliged Non-slip harness integrate belt-organizers for fast set-up Patented pump design incorporates a simple “click in place” system.

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Electric Chiropractic Adjusting Activator Tool /Gun Therapy Spine Activator Massager For Spinal Correction 4 Heads Impulse (Black)

The electronic Trigger lets the delivery of single thrusts or many thrusts. Pulling the trigger and now letting go will result in a single thrust. Holding the trigger will begin the fast thrust mode which will deliver 12 consecutive thrusts. Or throughout fast thrust mode if you release the trigger you discontinue the thrusts.

Traccollar Crevical Inflatable Size: Large / XLarge

50-1096 Size: big / X-big Features: -movable and lightweight traction band softly stretches and relaxes muscles somewhat for ache break. -worked on by orthopedic engineers for comfy, efficient, daily treatment. -For professional and home use. -Fastens easily with buckles. Product Type: -Rehab Equipment.

DRHO’s Neck Comforter with Spinal Secrets DVD

DR-HO’s neck comforter is a cervical traction device that can stretch and relax the neck and shoulder muscles while improving your spinal posture. Use the high-efficiency hand pump to inflate the neck comforter. Partially inflated, the neck comforter functions as a neck support, perfect for resting or travelling. Completely inflated, the neck comforter will support the weight of the head, decreasing stress on the neck and shoulder muscles while promoting better posture. Simultaneously, it’ll stretch the muscles and decompress the spinal discs of the cervical spine. The neck comforter may be adjusted to your comfort and doesn’t require battery, chemicals or drugs. It’s movable, safe, painless and easy to use. One size fits all.

DMI Replacement Foam Padded Head Halter for OvertheDoor Cervical Sets to Relieve Neck Pain, White

DMI substitute Head Halter for Cervical Traction SetsThis substitute head halter may help you continue your physical medical care exercises in the convenience of your home if you own an over-the-door cervical traction set. Cervical traction may be an efficient treatment for neck ache and related neck conditions, like arthritis or disc bulges and herniations. This bubble padded head halter comfortably fits most adults due to hook and loop modification which gives you a customized fit.

CTrax Supine Cervical Unit w/TMJ Halter

Supine C-Trax TMJ (050318) Intermittent Cervical Traction System intended for best supine positioning and comfy intermittent traction force. Using any door frame, it’s quickly and easily set up; positioning into cervical flexion or extension is as effortless. To securely hold the cervical halter, the uniquely intended spreader bar removes the common problem of slippage. Will include a 20 lb. Water weight bag. The Supine C-Trax TMJ also will include TMJ Halter which avoids impingement of TMJ.

Everyway4all EverTrac CT800 CTD Neck Cervical portable Unit system made in Taiwan vs NEW Lumbar pricing

Video: https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=udHTgBEfNhQ EverTrac Cervical Traction Device (CTD) is your final cervical traction unit that’s safe to be used in the comfort of your home. This device gives you with efficient traction or stretching to your neck (cervical area) with direct tractional force toward the occiput or back of the head to effectively decrease strain on the jaw and neck. Indications for Use The EverTrac Cervical Traction Device is meant to treat a musculoskeletal or neurological damage of the cervical spine to relieve ache, relax muscle spasms, and decompress spinal structures. Your doctor or health professional may tell you base on your conditions. Based on each individual’s condition, EverTrac Cervical Traction Device may be used to treat the below related conditions: • headaches • muscle tightness around the neck area • nerve root compression • neck ache • upper back ache.

Extender Plus Back Stretcher

Relieve tension and back ache caused by tight muscles, extreme flexion and poor spinal alignment with the Lumbar Extender Plus. Change for the level of stretch you want, lie down and relax for just 5 minutes, twice a day. It stretches your back muscles and helps restore your spine to its natural position, improving your posture.

Everyway4all Evertrac ET800 Cervical Machine vs NEW Lumbar review

Features •very clear displays •Static, Intermittent, and Cyclic Traction •Variable speed control •Minimum and maximum force settings 2. 5kgs / 5. 5lb – 91kgs / 200lbs •Patient safety switch with audible alarm CE marked to the medical device directive 93/ 42 / EEC •Traction force reimbursement •Audible alarm protection monitoring of traction forces •uninterrupted electronic monitoring of traction forces •2 years parts and labour warranty.

Disk Dr. CS500 Subtrack Neck Pain Relief cervical Disk Dr. Cervitrac CS500 Neck Pain Relief Air Support Belt

VAP technology, powerful and efficient cervical traction Changeui Medicals exclusive VAP technology gives cervical traction for the treatment of herniated discs and spinal stenosis. VAP is a distinctive technology worked on by Changeui Medical to deliver air pressure in the vertical direction only, behind the cervical vertebrae by effectively countering the force of gravity. By separating the cervical vertebrae, the pneumatic columns help restore normal cervical curvature and relieve ache caused by herniated discs and spinal stenosis. Traction in a comfy position CS500 is intended to make traction possible when a patient is in a supine position. In a sitting position, the neck muscles and ligaments bordering the cervical vertebrae are tense, while in a supine position, they’re relaxed, making traction more efficient. Hybrid complex design The neck support is intended for the most comfy traction, which uses lasting materials in a horizontal direction to decrease the pressure around the neck throughout traction. It also uses smooth materials in a longitudinal direction to minimize irritation around the neck and chest. The creatively intended CS500 will ensure the most comfy, exact, and powerful, traction experience. Removable structure for comfy use in any position CS500 gives comfy traction in both sitting and supine positions as the belt and bracket (neck support) can be detached from the frame.

Spine Shark Spine Stretcher Spinal Alignment vs NEW Lumbar price

The Spine Shark is available in 4 sizes, Medium – fits 4′ 10″ to 5′ 5″ big – fits 5′ 6″ to 6′ 0″ X big – fits 6′ 1″ to 6′ 5″ XX big – fits 6′ 6″ to 6′ 11″ The Spine shark is intended to put the spine in its most natural or neutral position what could be considered perfect posture or if your spine was in its perfect anatomical position. The neutral position lets the vertebra to open up and take the vertical pressure off of the discs and the soft tissues bordering the bones giving them a chance to heal, rest and recover from all of the uncomfortable and tiring positions our calling for lifestyles require. Inside every Spine SharkTM, there’s a patented Spine alignment Tracker system that’s made up of two rails intended to have the contours of a perfect human spine. The two rails move independently, maximizing contact with the spine, ensuing in fast relaxation of the muscles along the spine and encouraging light decompression, to help relieve ache. The patented Spine Tracker System is engineered and intended as a professional therapeutic device and is available for personal us. Using the Spine Shark, you may be able to quickly and carefully remove irregular tension along the muscles behind the spine that because ache in the neck, shoulders, back, hips and also help to enhance and Alleviate signs of Sciatica and Hip ache. When performing the Spine Shark’s suggested exercises, Spine Tracker Technology will really track with your movements as you perform the core strength, balance flexibility and mobility motions – more than if the support were just a static device. The Spine SharkTM will advertise Regeneration and Remodeling of the spine also as the Soft Tissue and Muscle that support the spine. It’ll advertise and increase the flow of the body’s nutrient rich fluids that may help to fix damage from shock, stress, and physical exertion leaving you with High Quality Deep Rest.

Core Products PRO994 Cervical System with SootheACisor Pillow

Cervical Traction is a well-liked way to alleviate pressure on the spinal column. A variable, water-filled weight bag gives needed tension. The system also will include an adjustable head harness, Soothe-A-cisor pillow, and needed hardware. Consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Traction systems are frequently used as part of an violent medical care to relieve neck ache. It’s relied upon to alleviate neck ache related with cervical disc herniation, spondylosis, osteoarthritis and cervical radiculopathy. It’s also used when a pinched nerve in the upper spine is related with the ache radiating down upper extremities, muscle spasms in the upper back, fibromyalgia, and whiplash. Helps restore correct cervical curve.

Curve Cervical vs NEW Lumbar reviews

Intended by a successful chiropractor, the Curve gives efficient break for your cervical ache. We use up too much time bent over looking at our computers, straining while we drive, and sleeping on unsupportive pillows. The Curve gives cervical decompression and extension to softly correct the misalignment of the neck. The Curve is made from exceptional quality materials. No cheap bubble, plastic, or elastic cords to break or wear out. No inflatable bladders that can leak or burst. All at half the cost of the competitor. discuss with your healthcare provider previous to use.

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  1. ComforTrac Home Lumbar Traction Device w/ Case
  2. Saunders Cervical Traction Device
  3. Sit and Decompress The Ultimate Low Back Stretch and Decompression – Increase your disc space by 20 instantly while in use. Version 2.0 (Medium Harness Only)
  4. ComforTrac Cervical Traction Unit
  5. Back Bubble Spinal Decompression Pain Relief Device
  6. Deluxe Full Spine Posture Pump – Model 4100 – POS107

Models to consider:
W52100TS ORT31400W52100T POS1100SGLA100 BD-NT-235
4200U 2960BST-PKG48 TM82500NP0001 FAB04-3908
MSO-ORT31300 FM110GLA100 LBT-11.5H&PC-03525 BDSTC01
H&PC-01640 LX-1003ICNP-001 H&PC-04318DSHC70001 DSLSA2
A 115 CNT-1MS883 FM140FAB50-1070 33-NETR-BR
LW0036-200 ST-PKG56FAB00-4502 JB4866GF1871 8798 S
H&PC-05608 33-NETR-BRCS500
FM110 2960BST-PKG56 FAB04-3908W52100TS LW0036-200
ICNP-001 POS1100STM82500 JB4866GLA100 33-NETR-BR
BDSTC01 CS500H&PC-05608 H&PC-04318ORT31400 FM140
FAB00-4502 BD-NT-235A 115 MS883H&PC-03525 ST-PKG48
DSHC70001 4200UDSLSA2 GLA100NP0001 8798 S
33-NETR-BR W52100TLX-1003 GF1871LBT-11.5 FAB50-1070
H&PC-01640 MSO-ORT31300CNT-1
CS500 33-NETR-BRJB4866 FAB04-3908GLA100 LBT-11.5
2960B ICNP-0018798 S W52100TST-PKG56 LW0036-200
MS883 ST-PKG48LX-1003 BD-NT-235ORT31400 W52100TS
H&PC-01640 FM110TM82500 H&PC-04318A 115 33-NETR-BR
FAB50-1070 GF18714200U H&PC-05608H&PC-03525 FAB00-4502
GLA100 NP0001POS1100S


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