April 23, 2017

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Kerlix Gauze Rolls clean 4. 5 x 4. 1 yds Case/100.

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-, " ., 100 per bo

(SEE AVAILABILITY ABOVE FOR ESTIMATED DELIVERY) – KERLIX Rolls – clean, 4. 5″x4. 1 yds. 100 per box – KERLIX Rolls – Prewashed, fluff – dried 100 woven gauze with distinctive crinkleweave pattern for loft & bulk to cushion & protect wound regions. Six – ply construction with finished edges decreases loose ends & lint. Use as a main or secondary dressing. – Rolyan merchandise are internationally licensed & made for home & medical use. Most of their merchandise offer a lifetime warranty.

ChloraPrep Swabsticks – Case of 480

ChloraPrep Swabsticks 1. 75mL Applicator (Single) Product Uses: Peripheral IV insertions and restarts Dialysis procedures Routine venipunctures Percutaneous device insertions Simple biopsies Routine catheter maintenance Arterial venous fistulas (AVF)/arterial venous graphs (AVG) Arterial blood gas collections Surgical site cleansing after suturing Product Benefits: fast-acting: quickly kills a broad spectrum of skin-dwelling microorganisms pervasive: Maintains antimicrobial activity for at least 48 hours Broad spectrum: efficient against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as Methicillin-tolerant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Vancomycin-tolerant Enterococci (VRE), Clostridium difficile, Acineobacter, and most viruses and fungi Active in protein-rich biomaterials: Remains active in the presence of blood, serum, and other protein-rich biomaterials Aseptic technique: Single-use applicator design removes direct hand-to-patient contact, helping to decrease cross-contagion Friction clean: Soft bubble sponge s light-friction clean helps the solution to penetrate the 1st five cell layers of the epidermis where 80 of microorganisms live.

Medline Industries DYNJP6020 Obstetrics/Gynecology Surgical Pack III, Eclipse (Pack of 6)

Produced exactly for procedure need and doctor’s preference. Pack will include: strengthened table cover, 44″ x 76″ (112 cm x 193 cm); Eclipse poly-strengthened, L; Setup cover, 40″ x 70″ (102 cm x 178 cm); Under buttocks drape with liquid-collection pouch, 33-1/2″ x 46″ (85 cm x 117 cm); 2 Leggings, 31″ x 48″ (79 cm x 122 cm); stomach drape with sticky, 38″ x 53″ (97 cm x 135 cm); 3 Hand towels; 10 Gauze sponges, X-ray detectable, 4″ x 4″ (10 cm x 10 cm), 16-ply; Vaginal packing sponge, X-ray detectable, 4″ x 36″ (10 cm x 91 cm); Ear/ulcer syringe, 2 oz. ; Ear/ulcer syringe, 3 oz. ; 2 OB pads, 11″ (28 cm); Umbilical cord clamp; Placenta basin; Baby sheet, 30″ x 34″ (76 cm x 86 cm). Stomach Drape features Absorbent reinforcement, 21″ x 18″ (53 cm x 46 cm) and sticky; Non clean.

Medline Curad Oil Emulsion Dressing

Knitted, high porosity cellulose acetate is evenly impregnated with U. S. P. White petrolatum in an emulsion blend that permits the flow of exudates without adhering to granulating tissue and minimizes skin maceration. Greatly conformable dressing is ideal for lightly draining wounds as well as minor burns, lacerations and abrasions. To be used directly on the wound, under an absorbent secondary dressing. Latex-free.

Mckesson Puracol Plus Collagen Dressings PLUS, 22" 50 Each / 5 bo / Case

Ideal for wounds that are degenerative or stalled. 100 collagen with a high degree of nativity1,2 High gel integrity3 Helps advertise natural curative Jump-starts stalled wounds4,5,6 Indications: pressure, venous, diabetic ulcers, fractional and full-thickness wounds, ulcers caused by mixed vascular etiologies, burns, donor sites and other surface wounds, abrasions, traumatic wounds curative by secondary intention and dehisced surgical wounds. Contraindicated for active vasculitis or patients with recognized sensitivity to collagen or silver. Can be left in place for up to 7 days. Dressing change frequency will rely on amount of drainage.

Medline Dressing Derma-gel Hydrogel Wafer, 4 Inch 4 Inch, 25 Count vs Covidien n Kerlix Case 100 pricing

Gives cooling and padding effect. Manages bacterial burden. Greatly absorbent. Holds 65 glycerin. Cushions and protects wound. Helps create moist wound environment. Easy to apply and remove. Indications: pressure ulcers, fractional and full-thickness wounds, leg ulcers, surgical wounds, lacerations and abrasions, and 1st and second-degree burns. Contraindications: patients with recognized hypersensitivity to glycerin. Maybe be left in place for up to 5 days, Dressing change frequency will rely on amount of drainage.

Derma Sciences 97412 BIOGUARD Barrier Dressing Gauge Sponge, 4" Width 4" Length, 12-ply (Pack of 1200)

BIOGUARD Barrier Dressings, with a cationic biocide, PolyDADMAC, intrinsically bound to the substrate dressing, supply a >5 log-kill of bacteria inside the dressing and without toxicity to healthy tissue. Caused by its patented manufacturing procedure, BIOGUARD Barrier Dressings are the only dressing on the market that are non-leaching, non-tolerant and non-toxic. Doesn’t contain natural rubber latex.

Medline NON25865 Bulkee II Bandages,,, 100 /Carton vs Covidien n Kerlix Case 100 review

Ideal for both main and secondary wound dressings, as well as burn care applications. Open weave design gives fast wicking, absorbency and aeration. Tightly finished edge for reduced linting. Crimps supply increased cushioning and comfort. Stretches and conforms to a range of needs. 100 cotton, 6-ply.

Perfectemp Warming NC System II Non- Packs (1 Each)

An groundbreaking patient warming system for your OR. Combines sensored heating and advanced pressure reduction to uniformly warm 100 of your patients, 100 of the time. An inexpensively economical alternative to the current warming systems that considerably cuts set up time and equips each OR with a silent, nonrestrictive warming device. PerfecTemp bundles feature a control unit, patient cable, power cord and different warming mattresses to fit your OR tables. The pads' two bubble layers and thin, plastic heating element evenly warms your patients and actively controls normothermia. Pack will include standard arm boards, 10" head pad, 18. 5" foot pad,torso pad and control unit. PTPAD1000B has a 40" torso pad;PTPAD2000B has a 42" torso pad;.

3.4" 3.6 Yards 6 Ply, Case (6725) vs Covidien n Kerlix Case 100 price

Also: – Made of prewashed, fluff-dried 100 woven gauze with distinctive crinkle-weave patternfor loft and bulk to cushion and protect wound regions. – As main dressing, open weave design gives fast wicking action, superior aeration and excellent absorbency. – Ideal fo bandaging heads, limbs and hard-to-dress wounds; i. E. burns, plastic and orthopedic wounds.

A.M.D. Antimicrobial Bandage, Amd Strl Yd P, (1 CASE, 100 EACH)

(Item Number and Quantity: UHS-KND3332-1CASE-100EACH) KERLIX A. M. D. Antimicrobial Gauze Bandage Rolls, Kerlix Amd Strl 4. 5 X 4. 1 Yd P Size-4. 5″ x 4. 1 yd, – (1 CASE, 100 EACH) – Antimicrobial gauze bandage rolls contain PHMB (Polyhexamethylene Biguanide). Broad-spectrum usefulness gives protection against gram-negative, gram-positive, and fungi / yeast microorganisms, as well as MRSA and VRE. Resists colonization inside the dressing and decreases bacterial penetration through the dressing. Low-cost prophylactic main dressing or secondary dressing helps protect against and prevent infection while helping to preserve healthy skin. Clean. Features: Antimicrobial – holds PHMB Resists Colonization of Microorganisms decreases Bacterial Penetration Use as main or Secondary Dressing Maintains Healthy Skin clean suggested Billing Code: A6266.

Medi-Pak Performance Plus Split Sponges – High Absorbency – 22 – 70/ea vs Covidien n Kerlix Case 100 reviews

Product DetailsApplication: Sponge Dressing Dimensions: 2″ X 2″ and 4″ x 4″ HCPCS: A6402 Material: Poly / Rayon Ply: 6-Ply form: Square Sterility: clean Latex Free display: Latex-Free Medi-Pak Performance Plus Split Sponges – High Absorbency 2″ x 2″ (5. 1 cm x 5. 1 cm), 4″ x 4″ (10. 2 cm x 10. 2 cm), 6-Ply clean Excellent absorption with virtually no linting Split sponges for easy application around drains, chest tubes, catheters, tracheotomies and I. V. S Greater wicking properties than cotton gauze Strong and lasting Single Use Latex-Free Packaged: 1 Box / 35 Packs Per Box (2 Per Pack).

Models to consider:
CUR253590 MSC1044ZMDS80600 PRM25444NON27496 CUR20444RBI
00256CS 702406BTDyn-7522 NON26444B204 PRM25865
MSC4400 MSC6144NON21842 NON25865GL231 MD44OTCBACP1.CS
MSC7044EP GL704MSC9445Z MSC3066CUR250381 PRM21412CZ
CUR253180 ORTS832MSC3244 NON27497DYND75225 DYNJP9001
NON25408 CUR47439ERB2022A 104-LEANON25408 TM82038
NON264442 KND7088TXL100 683332-CHSGL711 DYNJ03009
CUR253220 NON21424NON7910 EC-OP55310CUR47316 MSC6044
MDS4001585 MSC30PARNON25412 PRM25444NONTP85I 1314LAP1818R-CA
NON21424 BND-400BND-7006 B2043456u MSC1044Z
TBM001 NONUNNA4HNON8000Z TM82038MSC6044 MSC3222Z
BND-300 NON4311NON21451 PRM21412CZPRM25444 MSC30PAR
CUR45701RB CUR253440NONTP85I MSC3266Z6242P NON25408
MSC3244 DYND70760NON25844 MSC6144ORTS832 MIINON21422
NON264442 MSC6044104-LEA TM100Sam-9558 DYNJP6020
BNDCOKG36284 GL231DYND75225 NON256000MED-PRM4408P NON25412
NON256015 683332-CHSMSC3244Z TM8153521426H MSC3245Z
MSC9614EP CUR47316EC-OP55310 CUR253590MSC4104 1114CS
MDS4001585 J0192BGL231 DYNJ08831D110 104-LEA
1314LAP1818R-CA CUR251636NON25444 KND7088BND-400 MSC4104
DYNJP6020A NON256001CUR253590 NON26444TBM001 CUR253220
D110 NON7910GEM1124 NONTP85INON27497 PRM25444
MSC9614EP CUR20444RBIPRM21412C MSC6144NON27496 MSC30PAR
NON256015H NON25852SKUWEMSC8622EP MSC7044EPMED-PRM4408P B204
Sam-9558 DYNJP9001TM82038 NON256000MSC6044 6242P
DYNJP6020 ORTS832CUR250381 Dyn-7522MSC3248 NON25412
CUR48439RB 1314LAP1818-CA683332-CHS CUR251318NON4311 DYND70760


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