April 23, 2017

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  • Floats the heel to eliminate pressure
  • Adjustable toe post
  • Breathable foam liner wicks moisture away from skin
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General description

The RCAI MPO 2000 Active with Ambulatory Attachment features a blue breathable bubble liner that wicks moisture away from the skin while maintaining skin honesty. The MPO 2000 Active floats the heel to eliminate pressure or friction on the heel, enhancing blood circulation important to curative. The dynamic flex action supplies uninterrupted counterforce to the plantar surface of the foot helping in the correction of foot drop, foot and ankle contracture and deformity. The adjustable toe post relieves pressure on the toes and may be located to the side in the treatment of malleous snd lateral ulcers. The rotator bar, located to the side, controls hip and leg rotation working alignment. The low profile removable ambulatory attachment changes the MPO 2000 Active from a bed positioning device. The ambulatory attachment is attached with a simple ‘turn and lock’ motion – no tools needed. An extender kit is available at an extra charge for patients with increased calf and foot circumference or edema. Sizing info: Max Calf Circumference – big: 17″, Foot length – big: 9″ to 10″.

Compare with similar products:

Bledsoe Flatform Plus Walking MediumStandard

Our classic walker boot with fl at innersole design helps to prevent dorsiflexion of the foot. To walk like a shoe, you have got to fit like a shoe. Bledsoe walking boots mimic a natural shoe to create a gait that’s so smooth. Bledsoe’s heel height replicates the height of a shoe. 75 inch. The business average heel height is about 1. 44 inches. Some number of models place the heel as high as 1. 75 inches. Higher heel placement forces the patient to walk unevenly or “circle the foot” to step, which frequently leads to back ache. Bledsoe makes the narrowest heel in the business, at 2 inches. Other boot heels average nearly 3. 5 inches across. To “accommodate puffiness,” one well-liked model has a heel 5 inches large. With Bledsoe’s narrow heel, there’s no pressure on the knee and no danger of slipping on the edge of the heel. Bledsoe is the only boot with a slight forward can not, which mirrors our natural stance in bare feet. Big manufacturers of walker boots set their stance between neutral (0) and -3. To the patient, it can supply a worrisome feeling of falling rearward that may be magnified when walking on inclines or stairs. Bledsoe’s 3 forward stance means patients move with confidence. To accommodate puffiness and dressings, Bledsoe uses formable aluminum arms that may change with the width of the ankle without negatively influencing the gait. Flat bubble innersole cushions the foot. Pneumatic fast-pump liner encompasses the forefoot, ankle and leg for complete immobilization and increased patient comfort. Push release button eases patient doffing. Bulb placement prevents self-inflation, common with competitor models. Full bootie encloses the foot. Pivoting forefoot straps. Completely adjustable calf straps for ideal placement. Strong and lasting aluminum shell. Available in Standard or Mid-Calf height. Indications For post-operative tarsal, metatarsals, and phalanges procedures requiring a flat innersole objectives improved mobility.

Ossur Rebound Air Low Top Walker – Medium

The Ossur ReboundTM Low Top Air Walker represents the next generation of low top walkers. The ReboundTM Low-Top Air Walker features a host of details intended to offer added protection, superior compression, simplified application and handling, improved comfort and, finally, successful patient outcomes.

Ossur Rebound Air Tall Walking,

The Ossur ReboundTM Hi Top Air Walker represents the next generation of high top walkers. The ReboundTM Air Walker features a host of details intended to offer added protection, superior compression, simplified application and handling, improved comfort and, finally, successful patient outcomes. The Rebound Air Walker’s rocker bottom is specially engineered to help advertise a natural, stable gait, while its trimmable, semi-soft toe bumper gives extra protection against re-injury. Ventilated panels make the Rebound Air Walker more breathable, improving patient comfort and compliance by wicking moisture to help prevent microbial increase.

Darco Med-Surg Shoe Black Square-Toe Men’s

Shoe / Men big 10. 5 – 12 The DARCO MedSurg Shoe is the most versatile post-operative shoe on the market today Its completely customizable insole is double-padded and removable to accommodate the PegAssist off-loading insole Square toe design acts as a bumper to offer extra protection when K-wires are present MetaShank Protection gives more rigid control under the metatarsal heads Stapless Closure removes buckle pressure on the forefoot and can expand to accommodate dressing up to 17 in circumference Rocker lone decreases plantar pressure on the forefoot and heel by over 25 Optional Peg-help Insoles available: use 1442PA-1442PG HCPCS Suggested Code: L3260.

Ovation Air Cam Walker Walking (Small, Red Sole)

(See Image above for SIZING map) OVATION Air Fracture Boot The Ovation R&D design team has delivered breakthrough after breakthrough for many years. This uniquely passionate team is led by experienced Orthopedic professionals. Consequently, basic Orthopedics meets inspired design. The new Ovation walker is a perfect example. This super low profile walker with its intuitive, natural gait is like nothing else available higher maneuverability and stability. Joint with distinctive pre-contoured calf, malleolar and heel break regions, no other walker comes close to your patients predictable shock needs. Attempt it for yourself. Wear any of the competitors walkers, then attempt ours. Some steps and you’ll now feel the difference, after that you’ll settle for nothing less. Super Light Weight Design Through the use of new materials and a relentless pursuit to cut weight while rising strength, the new Ovation super low profile walker is the lightest walker on the market.

Procare 79-90551 Podous, X- vs RCAI MPO 2000 pricing

A lightweight, quality plastic shell with poly/pile liner helps treat and prevent lower extremity illnesses related with shock or immobility as well as: pressure necrosis, ankle contractures and post-operative hip abduction or rotation. An adjustable toe extension helps protect toes from bedding and the anti-rotation bar can be repositioned to help with interior or external rotation. With a removable move pad on the dorsal side for restricted patient ambulating.

Nextep Contour Shell Air Cast Walker,

See alternate pictures above for SIZING and extra description info. –Nextep Contour Air Walker gives final protection and edema control following shock or post-operative procedures. A medial/lateral dual air cell system inflates both sides of the liner equally and is easily adjusted with an integrated pump for correct compression, comfort, and custom fit. A secure, full wrap-around shell gives maximum support for ligament and tendon fix, osteotomy, pinning procedures, stress fractures or post-operative bunion operation. Padded, non-slip rocker lone. Washable brush nylon bubble liner with toe cover for maximum comfort. Part Number:Female Shoe Size Male Shoe Size Size 79-952734. 5-8. 53. 5-7. 5S79-952757. 5-108. 5-11M79-9527711-1410-13LAccessories79-95192Replacement LinerPed/XS79-95440Toe Cover 3/PkU.

Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace / Walking (Elite, Short and Standard) vs RCAI MPO 2000 review

The Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace / Walking Boot is the most-advanced walking boot, engineered to offer the final in protection, comfort, and edema (puffiness) control. The Aircast AirSelect has a lasting, semi-rigid shell that assists support the limb while giving full-shell protection. Overlapping Duplex air cells line the shell intermittent pneumatic compression for 3-times faster edema reduction. The front panel is pre-inflated and joint with the overlapping air cells, which gives a total contact fit. SoftStrike technology absorbs and dissipates shock, while the lightweight and lab-tested rocker lone add to support a natural gait and a continuation of everyday actions. The Aircast AirSelect features a sleek, open-frame design that gives ventilation. The non-marking, skid tolerant rubber tread lets for greater traction and longer wear. Common fit lets the Aircast AirSelect to be worn on either the left or right foot.

Bledsoe Conformer Diabetic Walking (Small Conformer I Right Standard Ankle/Heel Pad)

Bledsoe Conformer Diabetic Walking Boot The Bledsoe Conformer Diabetic Walking Boot is the #1 prescribed physician walking boot for patients with diabetic foot ulcerations. The Bledsoe Conformer Diabetic Boot features a completely enclosed thick, however breathable bubble cocoon attached to a distinctive auto-molding innersole which embeds into a specially intended pre-molded mid-lone put in an aluminum shelled walking boot. Indicated to replace total contact casting for the treatment of ulcerative or pre-ulcerative conditions of the bottom of the foot. It’s also indicated for the treatment of average to serious plantar fasciitis or another foot conditions that could gain from a more distribution of body weight on the lone of the foot. A distinctive “Automold” triple density foot bed made up of an auto-molding innersole and a new pre-molded dual density mid lone is intended to evenly distribute weight across the complete bottom surface of the foot, and up to one inch (2. 5 cm) on all sides of the foot. The innersole molds itself to the foot form while the mid lone is specially intended to offer maximum perimeter loading superior to a total contact cast Conformer II comes with another walker liner. Aluminum boot shell and upright system. Unlike plastic boots, may be reformed to fit virtually any leg or ankle form. May be removed for daily cleaning, dressing changes and medication. Indicated for lasting use, when there’s extreme wound drainage. If repeated cleaning of cuff obliged, used Conformer II. Versatile-use one device for the complete length of treatment. Pre-molded mid-lone is specially intended to improve perimeter & side loading. Better than a total contact cast. Available only in Black. Boot size as indicated by shoe size. See sizing information. Optional Air Ankle/Heel Pad. Air ankle/heel pad lets for capability to change ankle pressure for increased comfort and gives pneumatic ankle support.

Ossur Air Equalizer Low Top Walker (Medium) vs RCAI MPO 2000 price

Ossur Air Equalizer Low Top Walker The Ossur Equalizer Air Low Top Walker is the premier short walker. Few businesses can match the comfort and lightweight features of the Ossur Air Equalizer Low Top Walker. A patented pneumatic system controls puffiness and ache. Used by orthopedists, podiatrists and physical therapists post-operation and throughout treatment following shock and injury of the ankle/foot. Air is easily adjusted to accomplish wanted compression and custom fit. Accommodates the puffiness patterns that happen during the treatment procedure. Pneumatic cells in the softgood supply superior fit and comfort. Featuring the Equalizer Walker low top frame design with a large base for extra stability. Low profile design decreases bulk and lets for easy ambulation. Lightweight and easy adjustable. Available in Black only. Indications Ossur Equalizer Pneumatic Air low Top Walker is indicated for soft tissue injuries of the foot/ankle, stable fractures of the mid-tarsal and metatarsals also as an adjunct to shock and rehab of the foot and ankle. Objectives Protect leg and ankle. Adjustable pneumatic compression. Immobilize foot/ankle post-operation. Improve ambulation throughout post-op/post-injury. Decrease ache signs. Improve curative time. Fracture immobilization.

BraceAbility Tall Air Walker Broken Ankle -L

This tall air walker boot adds compression and support to aid in broken ankle recuperation. The pneumatic boot has adjustable air cells that let you to inflate and deflate the boot, to customize the amount of compression. To inflate the boot, press the bulb till it feels comfy. To deflate the compression you open the cap and press the small button and you’ll feel the boot gradually deflating. This broken ankle boot helps to treat the ache of ankle fractures and sprains. It has a padded low profile heel that absorbs affect and lets you to walk natural. The boot includes a rocker style bottom that makes it simple and comfy to walk. The large footbed of this ankle boot brace lets room for bandages around your foot. The toe is open for breathability and a cooler fit. The five Velcro straps make it simple to securely change for a customized fit. Extra pad inserts are included to help fill in extra room if the boot feels too big. The upright struts that make up the lasting frame of this walking boot for broken ankle are polymer molded to fit your leg. The inside liner is made of a soft material that guards the skin against any chaffing of the frame of the brace. The boot can immobilize the ankle and protect it against any more damages. It also decreases the amount of pressure that’s put on the ankle. This air walker boot may be used for treatment of either an ankle sprain or a stable fracture where no bones or bone fragments have shifted out of place. It also can be an choice following a broken ankle or ankle fracture operation. This tall air walker broken ankle boot is available in many sizes ranging from size Small to Extra big. Sizes are depending on U. S. Shoe size.

Advanced Orthopaedics Aero Walker Cam Fracture, Low Top, vs RCAI MPO 2000 reviews

Inflatable bladder incorporated into liner for increased immobilization of the lower leg, ankle, and foot. Specially intended toe guard for extra protection. Padded lone for greater energy absorption. State of the art design gives greater protection without sacrificing wearer comfort. Fits either right or left foot.

Models to consider:
H&PC-20078 AC141FB04-L-P10A1302M SLQ3B360-Z N3822114-13
A-W0700BLK AC141FB04-L-P10A1301M BACS4390-Z 390-LAG
AC141FB04-L-P A-W0600BLKBACS2 1444EB-242900062 01PD-S
10-68100-XL ORT29100M10A1302S 01PD-S10A2001L H&PC-20070
03A0801S 01PD-S10A1801HT
01PD-S 10A1302M10A2001L H&PC-20070SLQ3B 360-Z
BACS4 A-W0600BLKAC141FB04-L-P 10A1801HTH&PC-20078 A-W0700BLK
10-68100-XL 03A0801SBACS2 AC141FB04-L-PB-242900062 1444E
390-Z 01PD-SORT29100M 390-LAG01PD-S N3822114-13
10A1302S AC141FB04-L-P10A1301M
390-Z 10A1301MB-242900062 BACS210A1302S ORT29100M
390-LAG 01PD-SAC141FB04-L-P H&PC-20070H&PC-20078 A-W0600BLK
10-68100-XL BACS4A-W0700BLK SLQ3B03A0801S 1444E
360-Z 10A1801HT01PD-S AC141FB04-L-P01PD-S N3822114-13
10A1302M 10A2001LAC141FB04-L-P


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