April 23, 2017

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  • Light weight design at 6.7lbs – can be used solo or with a friend.
  • Most Powerful electric massager available to the public Low of 400 rpm to a high of 4,000 rpm
  • Used by Doctors and Therapists to soothe aching muscles and relieve join pain and swelling.
  • Can be used on the neck, back, legs and feet as well as on the hands and arms.
  • Comfortable variable speed oscillating massage head for maximum circulation stimulation.
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

##THIS IS THE 2012 MODEL WITH THE SOFT TOUCH BLACK RUBBERIZED HANDLE## VARIABLE SPEED – SOFTER PAD Now with endlessly variable speed control from 400rpm to 4000rpm for good control settings. This is the most powerful hand held electric massager available in the USA without a license. Intended by a physical therapist, the Body Massager offers the final massage experience. MediMassager Body Massager may be used to treat a single area or for an invigorating full body massager experience. Used by massage therapists around the globe, this massager is an important tool for stimulating local circulation, easing muscle tension and alleviating joint ache and puffiness. The ergonomic design is no accident. This body massager is very easy to use solo or with a partner. Beautifully styled and finished in smart chrome and lasting powder coat, the pad is extra soft and is covered in the most lasting leather grained vinyl. MediMassager. Com offers a full range of accessories for more enjoyment and comfort. This Body Massager is engineered to exacting standards in an ISO 9000-2001 manufacturing building and is CSA certified for safety and dependability. Not only that, however this massager is FDA certified for therapeutic use. The price will include an unprecedented 1 year full substitute warranty against defects and failure. An optional LIFETIME substitute WARRANTY is available on the maker’s web site. Compare this MediMassager with the competition and you will realize that you do not have to settle for a lesser “copy cat” massager, buy the best for yourself – you’re worth it.

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Drive Medical Full Patient Lift Sling with Commode Cutout Option, Blue, Medium vs MMB04-B

With a commode cutout and MMB04B four sling points, this Medium Full Body Patient Lift Sling by Drive Medical is adaptable to any situation and works with any floor lift. The mesh-design, polyester product doesn’t require an optional chain or strap and can withstand a weight capacity of 600 pounds. The 53″L x 42″W sling will include 4 or 6 cradle points.

Fat Caliper Tester & Mass Measuring Tape Tester Keep Health Fitness

Body Tape Measure Features: 100 brand new and high quality movable retractable tape measure. Simply pulling the measuring tape will keep the measurement locked in place. Retract the measuring tape by pressing the button at the center. Help to measure your size, check your progress if you’re on diet it’s correct and easy to use, may be measures any part of your body – arm, chest, waist, calf, thigh, hip and more Keeping track of your body measurements and progress as your muscles grow and decrease your wanted form. Push-button retraction and locking feature ensure snug measurement; it’s easy to measure by yourself. Suggested Use: 1. Pressing the button in the center, and pull the end of the tape around the body part you want to measure. 2 Lock the rod at the end of the tape into the round slot 3 Press the button in the center and let the tape retract to a snug fit 4 Read and record your measurement on the tape to see the size of that body part. Specification: Color: White Material: Plastic Size:8x 5. 4 x2cm Measure Range: up to 150CM Note: The start scale of this tape is 5cm,not 0cm,so you have to deduct 5cm from the scale you measure, The reason why it starts at 5cm is that 5cm cover the length of the plastic part of the caliper. It starts from 5cm to supply correct results.

Breathslim BS-2008 Weight Loss Device

Ancient Oriental philosophers called air “An ocean of energy” and told that everyone should use breathing exercises to increase their bodies’ health possible. Breathing properly to lose weight isn’t a new idea or idea. In fact, it was practiced for centuries and is an important part of many yoga classes around the globe. But, for the average person, it’s hard to master these exercises. This is why experts in the respiratory field worked on Breathslim, a special system that makes correct breathing simple and easy In the mid 1990’s, a group of international scientists and breathing professionals decided to turn their research to different ancient and modern breathing methods. After 12 years of research, what these Scientists discovered was that calmer and slower breathing lets the body to keep more of its important resources. They discovered that an average person takes 17 breaths per minute; but by adapting your body to take no more than 10 breaths per minute, you get a 40 increase in your important energy and a raise in your lifespan. They finished that practicing any breathing technique is better than practicing none at all. But, breathing methods may be hard to master for majority of people. So why was there no cheap, safe, and easy device on the market that can make breathing methods simpler? This is why these scientists came up with the 1st prototype for Breathslim and testing began.

Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper vs MMB-04B

Lasting, correct, economical skinfold caliper is easy to use, gives exact measurement of body fat. Has convenient trigger operation with pistol-grip handle; jaw pressure automatically changes to 10 g/sq mm. Direct reading scale measures 0 to 85 mm and is correct to 0. 5 mm. Rugged ABS plastic instrument may be dropped without damage. Information included.

Skyndex¨ electronic skinfold caliper – Durnin formula

The Skyndex Digital Skinfold Caliper with the Durnin 4-Site formula was worked on to use with the general population and is a fast way to assess the body fat level of groups of people using body fat calipers. Ideal for Corporate Wellness, Health Fairs, General Exercisers. No have to input body weight. Simply choose the age range and gender with one dial. This makes assessing Body structure and Body Fat a 45 second job without the possibility of data entry errors Features: 4-Site Durnin Skinfold Formula fitted. 1 dial to choose Gender & Age. Removes skinfold data entry errors. Fitted direct Body Fat % calculation. 9v or 110v operation. Bubble lined ABS plastic carrying case, calibration dowel and Power Plug included. 1 Year warranty included.

Manual for the Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5 and Large Cognitive Level Screen-5 vs 2012 MODEL MEDIMASSAGER MMB04B pricing

Recently updated and modified variant of manual for administering both ACLS and LACLS is guided by the Standards for Educational and mental Testing (AERA, 1999). New sections include: meaning of “working cognition,” history of the cognitive disabilities model, set up of the tools with photos, color-coded governance information, modified scoring tables, assigning and interpreting scores, review of published research, and four Appendixes with references and resources for practitioners. Spiral bound notebook comes with a useful, clear plastic pouch to hold your ACLS and LACLS tools. By Claudia Allen (MA, OTR, FAOTA), Sarah Austin (MS, OTR/L), Sandra David (OTR/L), Catherine Earhart (OTR/L), Deane McCraith (MS, OTR/L) and Linda Riska-Williams (MA, OTR/L).

Cardinal Scale-Detecto FH-164-II-CH 72 in. x 48 in. Dialysis In Floor Scale 1000 Lb X .2 with Handrail vs MMB-04-B

The platform is level with the floor for easy access, so it also works well for multi-function weighing. The patient simply walks or is wheeled onto the platform and weighed. Stretchers and beds fit easily onto the 6-foot long model with no need for dual scale systems. The weight is displayed on a recessed or wall-mounted digital readout. The digital"dicator is AC powered for continual use and gives you a choice of pound or kilogram weight readings. The handrail is optional. A range of different platform sizes are listed below. Capacity: 1,000 lb x 0. 2 lb / 455 kg x 0. 1 kg. Platform Size: 72" W x 48" D.

Weight Watchers by Conair Wide Platform Analysis Scale vs 2012 MODEL MEDIMASSAGER MMB04B review

Conair Ww66 large-Platform Weight Watchers Body Analysis Scale. Brand: Conair. CNRWW66. Measures Body Fat, Body Water & Bone Mass Analysis. Tracks Weight Change For 10 Users. Recalls 5 Weights For Each User. Big 1. 5″ Display. 350-Lb Capacity. 15. 25″L X 12. 25″W large Platform. Will include Long-Life Lithium Battery. Product Class: Electronics-Other. UPC: 74108122728.

Cardinal Scale-Detecto 6868 32 in. W X 34 in. D Platform Chair Scale Or Stand On Scale Digital with Flip Up Seat Concealed Wheels 800 Lb X .2 Lb- 360

Engineered exactly for weighing obese and unsteady patients, Detecto's 6868 movable high-capacity scales feature a flip-down seat allowing weighing" a standing or sitting position. Tough handrails with padded bubble hand grips, a non-skid rubber mat, and another large platform adds comfort to the weighing of obese patients and those requiring help. Capacity: 800 lb x. 2 lb / 360 kg x. 1 kg. Platform Size: 34" x 32" / 864 mm x 813 mm. Power: Optional AC adapter or 6 "AA" size alkaline batteries.

BLUEWEIGH Smart Composition Analyzer Scale Measures vs 2012 MODEL MEDIMASSAGER MMB04B price

The BLUEWEIGH smart body structure monitor/analyzer works depending on the bias ( bioelectrical impendence analysis) new double electrode technology. The novelty of measuring of body bioelectrical impendence makes results of this device more correct than other alike devices in a market. The device measures human body bioelectrical impendence to compute the structure depending on physiological electro conduction. The blue weigh smart body analyzer is useful for regular bases of lasting measuring of body parts that’s making this device the great tool for targeted weight control for people who are seeking economical way between diet and exercise. Plans: Conductive: Ito film power: DC 6V battery: 4 x AA size: 325 x 310 x 30. 5mm LCD size: 59 x 75mm glass thickness: 6mm unit: Kg / lb. Minimum weight: 5kg / 11lb capacity: 180kg / 400lb user group: 10 age range: 10-100 years old height range.

Runtastic Libra Bluetooth Smart Scale and Analyzer

Runtastic Libra GET TO KNOW YOUR BODY – NUMBERS MADE RELEVANT With the Runtastic Libra App you may be able to: View in depth measurements every time you weigh yourself. See how you’re progressing over time Set controllable objectives and accomplish them Save body metrics on Runtastic. Com to view graphs, monitor progress and accomplish success Featuring simple, straightforward set-up, the Runtastic LIBRA scale recognizes and manages up to eight distinctive users Two year ensure ;if (typeof amznJQ === “undefined”) else amznJQ. OnReady(‘JQuery’, function() setTimeout(function() if(msa. Vowels) var amzvowels = new msa. Vowels(jQuery,16,,5,’0WK0P700N03C1M92AX32′,, “pictures-na. Ssl-pictures-amazon. Com”,,, 50, 50, 100); amzvowels. InitializeAndStart();, 8000) ); window. Ue_csm. Cel_widgets = ; (function(a) var b=document. Ue_backdetect;b&&b. Ue_back&&a. Ue&&(a. Ue. Bfini=b. Ue_back. Value);a. Uet&&a. Uet(“be”);a. OnLdEnd&&(window. AddEventListener? Window. AddEventListener(“load”,a. OnLdEnd, 1):window. AttachEvent&&window. AttachEvent(“onload”,a. OnLdEnd));a. Ueh&&a. Ueh(0,window,”load”,a. OnLd,1);a. Ue&&a. Ue. Tag&&(a. Ue_furl&&a. Ue_furl. Split?(b=a. Ue_furl. Split(“. “))&&b&&a. Ue. Tag(b):a. Ue. Tag(“nofls”)) )(ue_csm); var ue_pty=’Detail’, ue_spty=’Glance’, ue_pti=’B00G3YIDPG’; v (function(g,h) function d(a,d) var b= ;if( E F)attempt var c=h. SessionStorage;c? A&&(“undefined” ==typeof d? C. SetItem(a,d):b. Val=c. GetItem(a)):f=1 catch(g) e=1 e&&(b. E=1);return b var b=g. Ue,a=””,f,e,c,a=d(“csmtid”);f? A=”NA”:a. E? A=”ET”:(a=a. Val,a (a=b. Oid “NI”,d(“csmtid”,a)),c=d(b. Oid),c. E (c. Val=c. Val 0,d(b. Oid,c. Val+1)),b. Ssw=d);b. Tabid=a )(ue_csm,window); (function(b,c) var a=c. Pictures;a&&a. Length&&b. Ue. Count(“totalImages”,a. Length) )(ue_csm,document); (function(m,l) function I(a) if(a)return a. Replace(/ s+ s+/g,””) function x(a,e) if( A)return ;a. M&&a. M&&(a=a. M);var b=e. M e “”,b=a. M&&a. M? B+a. M:a. M&&a. M. Target&&a. M. Target. TagName? B+(“Error handler invoked by “+a. M. Target. TagName+” tag”):a. M? B+a. M:a? B+a:b+”not known error”,b= m:b,f:a. F a. SourceURL a. FileName a. Filename a. M&&a. M. Target&&a. M. Target. Src,l:a. L a. Line a. Lineno a. LineNumber,c:a. C?””+a. C:a. C,s:[],t:m. Ue. D(),name:a. Name,type:a. Type,csm:J+” “+(a. FromOnError?”onerror”: “ueLogError”),c,d,f=0,g=0,k;d=l. Place;c=a. Stack (a. Err? A. Err. Stack:””);b=e d&&d. Href “missing”;b=e z;(d=e)&&(b=””+d);if(c&&c. Split)for(b. Csm+=” stack”,d=c. Split(” n”);f (function(c,a) var b=c. Ue. Tag function() ;a. Ga&&a. Ga. Q&&b(“has-google-analytics”);a. BOOMR&&b(“has-boomerang”);a. NREUM&&b(“has-new-relic”);a. Bucky&&b(“has-bucky”);a. ADRUM&&b(“has-appdynamics”) )(ue_csm,window); (function(g,b,h) function c() var a;a=h. Cookie. Match(/session-id=(+)/);a=null ==a? A:null;var b=ue_sid,c;c=Date. Now? Date. Now():(new Date). GetTime();d (e. Log( k:k,t:c,nsid:a,osid:b,f),d=1) var k=”sbk”,f=”csm”;b=b. Navigator. CookieEnabled? 0: 1;var e=g. Ue,d= ;e. Log( k:”cinf”,enbl:b,f);b&&ue_sid&&(d=1,e. Attach(“beforeunload”,c),setInterval(c,1E3)) )(ue_csm,window,document);.

Omron composition monitor with total fat. " scan" HBF-252F-R Red scales vs 2012 MODEL MEDIMASSAGER MMB04B reviews

In auto recognition shown, equipped from the completion of the measurement of past measurement data in 4 seconds only ride, the auto recognition function to estimate the Who rode just ride. If you ride in the body automatically powers up,, then start the measurement. Measurement time is about 4 seconds. Without having to press a button, you may be able to measure quickly and easily body structure. ◆ In last value display, check the measurement results the change in the body, you’ll see the last of the calculated value and simultaneously. Body weight since seen in 50g units (up to 100kg), like small changes in body weight may be checked at a glance. ◆ in communication shown, in data management is simple communication shown, you may be able to easily data management in Android smartphone or PC. With mobile wallet function in the body Android smartphone or mobile phone, only holding the USB communication tray (sold individually), and move the data to the health management service “wellness link”. Android smartphone app “body graph” and, in the personal computer, will appear daily measurement data in easy-to-read graph. Well-matched models smartphone ※: (except some models) models corresponding to the mobile wallet or NFC in Android OS 2. 3 4. 0 mobile phone: NTT DoCoMo 903i / 703i series and afterward Wallet (i-mode FeliCa well-matched mobile phone) well-matched models (part check models except) the new supported model info on the maker page. ◆ Smart design transparent electrode and the glass top plate of the transparent electrode and glass top plate, there’s no flat design unevenness of buttons and display screen.

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758C B100-IOWD1000-3 FAB102EKGR-2 5798F
002-C-P AP02470MMB04 HBF306CKit6575XXXX PD350
HBF-375 FAB12-1347MT05 FT16HBF-306CN FH-133-II/C
BC-751-PK HBF-301BLPD350DHR BT01BF-2000 BTB-02
C-130 BS-2008BC-585P DW-91FT06 WA15348U
GF-0008 ESBS-56RUNSCA1W-PARENT BF 680W13221M CR-1000D
GS-7301-C MCB-14FH-164-II/CH BA913563-13222L-LTC HBF-306C
DBM-04 290001eBF180 C-120BHBF-306C BC543
HBF-252F-R WS100WA15348U WW28NEKGR-2 WBS05_03
7224FBOW WW66YPDQModel-HBF-306C BFM080DQ-05ZB21 BFMC-01B
LP30 XMBB 60MMB04 FH-133-II/CCR-1000D ZB20
13221M MCB-14BS-2008 MT05FH-144-II/C FAB12-1347
5798F HBF-306CGF-0008 BF-2000WW65 5761CF
BC-752-MT DBM-04DW-91 AM03D1000-3 758C
GS-7004W BC-751-PKBF180 WBS05_02GS-7301-C C-120B
HBF-306CN BA913B100-IOW AE7856BF 680W FH-164-II/C
HBF306CKit WW65BC543 FT06GF-0008 C-120T
BS-2008 CR-1000DFAB102 D1000-3WBS05_02 EKGR-2
HBF-375 WBS05_03FAB12-1347 BF 679W5761CF PD350DHR
AM03 BT0113221M HBF-375WW28N B100-IOW
BA913 563-13222L-LTCHBF306C AP02470C-130 DBM-04
HBF-301BL PWT80FH-164-II/C MT05FH-144-II/CH 5798F


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