April 23, 2017

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  • Actual_Product_Weight – 2.7 lbs
  • Overall_Product_Height – 1″
  • Cradle_Points – 4 or 6
  • Design – Solid
  • Overall_Product_Length – 49″
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

With four sling points and a padded head support, this Medium Patient Lift U-Sling with Head Support by Drive Medical is a priceless accessory to a floor lift. The hard-design, polyester product doesn’t require an optional chain or strap and can withstand a weight capacity of 600 pounds. The 49″ x 37″ sling will include 4 or 6 cradle points.

Compare with similar products:

CastCoverz Designer Color Crtches in Bbblegm Pink – SMALL vs 13220-M

CastCoverz gives fun and working 13220M merchandise that comfort orthopedic patients. With the world’s biggest selection of Made-in-the-USA brace, boot, splint and cast covers, designer colored crutches, crutch accessories and slings, you may be able to wear your personality or cover it up. Keep your cast, boot or brace clean and dry, protect your clothes, sheets and other people from snagging and scratching, and get comfy with CastCoverz Branded merchandise and friend merchandise. Feel Better, Heal Better with CastCoverz Your 1-stop orthopedic shop.

Bariatric Heavy Dty Crtches, Gray, Tall Adlt

This walking crutch by Drive Medical gives added safety and durability. Each crutch is made with steel to ensure extra strength on weight-bearing regions. Extra thick (latex free) underarm pads and hand grips supply maximum comfort when in use. Tool free push-button modification lets the height of the underarm pad to be easily adjusted in 1″ increments. Hand grips change individually without tools to ensure a correct fit.

Kids Knee Walker Child Knee Scooter Pediatric Crtches Alternative in Light Ble

The Knee Walker Jr is the 1st pediatric steerable knee scooter intended exactly for kids and small adults who can not bear weight on their foot or ankle, still want to remain active and mobile. The KneeWalker Jr. Gives excellent stability and safety with its tough design, distinctive 4-wheel frame, adjustable handbrake and rear disc brake. Weighing only 18 pounds, the KneeWalker Jr. Knee scooter is an excellent alternative to crutches, increased mobility and stability. Well-matched with both the right and left legs, this kneeling scooter offers a 3″ thick contoured knee platform and ergonomic rubber hand grips for complete comfort. The Knee Walker Jr knee scooter is lightweight and movable thanks to its simple folding system that utilizes an easy to use thumb-release lever. Also, these knee walkers are equipped with a free removable storage basket and feature tool-free assembly & setup. Plans: Color:Light Blue Product Weight: 18 lbs Weight Capacity: 160 lbs in general Length: 26″ Handlebar Height Range: 27″ to 32. 5″ in general Height w/ handlebar folded and seat removed: 14″ Knee Support Height Range: 14″ – 17. 5″ Knee Pad: 5″ width x 10″ length Front Axle Width: 16″ Rear Disc Brakes Wire Basket (7. 5″ x 5″ x 5″).

Gardian Red Dot Crtches – Adlt – Qty of 8 – Model 91-214-8

Clip-lock adjusted handle and push-button adjusted height lets for 10 second modifications. 1″ modification increments on both handle and height supply a exact fit which decreases muscle exhaustion. High density latex free rubber cushions and hand grips supply long wear and greater comfort. How-to-Fit and Use guides included as part of risk management program. 300lb. Weight capacity.

Mobilegs niversal

, a comfy, crutch alternative intended with the end-user in mind. If you have suffered a recent sports injury, have joint ache or issues with mobility, then think about mobilegs as a better crutch alternative. What makes Mobilegs so good is what makes regular crutches well, not so good. Mobilegs sets an completely new standard unmatched anywhere at any price.

Millennial In-Motion Pro Crtch vs Drive Medical Padded 13220M pricing

The In-Motion Pro is intended to decrease affect on the wrist and underarm decreasing nerve damage and carpel tunnel syndrome. The In-Motion Pro comes in 3 sizes that can fit any user roughly 4’6″ to 7’2″. They come in 3 different colors (Charcoal Gray, Metallic Blue, Electric Red, and hard White) and when bought direct from Millennial Medical come with a 1 year warranty. Refer to our sizing guide and product videos to ensure you’re ordering the correct size.

AW Adjstable Knee Scooter Walker w/ Basket Steerable Rolling Wheel Weight Capacity 300 lbs

Features:Padded Contoured Knee Platform with Easy Folding system 11. 02”x7. 87”x8. 66” Wire Basket is included for convenient storage and transport of your personal belongingsLeg Compatibility: Left and RightKnee Rest: 3. 5″ Contoured Molded FoamHandlebars: Comfort FormGrips: Easy Clean RubberAccommodates patient heightsSpecification:Product Weight: 20lbsWeight Capacity: 300 lbsTires: 7. 8″ hard Polyurethane Rubber Wheels (Non-Marking) w/ Shock-Absorbing Sealed WindowsOverall Length w/ Basket: 35”(31. 5″ without basket)in general Height w/ handlebar in lowest position: 33. 66”in general Height w/ handlebar in highest position:40. 75”in general Height w/ handlebar folded: 17”Handlebar Adjusted Height Range: 33. 66”-40. 75”3. 5″ Contoured Knee Support Adjusted Height Range: 18. 5”-22. 8”Front Axle Width:16. 14inchStopping: Rear Disc BrakesPackage Content:knee walkerX1,basket X1,User ManualX1.

Forearm Crtch Size: 74&qot; H vs Drive Medical Padded 13220M review

7740P Size: 74″ H Features: -Weight Capacity: 250 lbs. -Adjustable height. -Lightweight. -Size is set from 65″ – 74″ to accommodate a user 5’3″ – 6’2″ in height. Dimensions: Size 74″ H – in general Height – Top to Bottom: -74″. Size 74″ H – in general Width – Side to Side: -7″. Size 74″ H – in general Depth – Front to Back: -3. 5″. Size 65″ H – in general Height – Top to Bottom: -65″. Size 65″ H – in general Width – Side to Side: -7″. Size 65″ H – in general Depth – Front to Back: -3. 5″.

All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Heavy Dty Crtches Alternative in Ble

The All Terrain KneeRover Knee Walker is the most versatile and advanced kneewalker in the business – establishing a new level of durability and freedom of mobility for persons who can not bear weight on their foot or ankle, still want to remain active. These indoor – outdoor All Terrain kneeling walkers are an excellent alternative to crutches and feature 12″ diameter off-road pneumatic tires intended to easily traverse grass, sidewalks, gravel and dirt with unbelievable ease and agility (this is simply not possible with most knee scooters available today). Well-matched with both the right and left legs, the KneeRover offers a 3″ thick contoured knee platform and ergonomic rubber hand grips for complete comfort. And for maximum stability and complete control, these steerable knee scooters offer an advanced vehicle style tie-rod steering system and an adjustable locking handbrake. The KneeRover double bar construction offers unprecedented strength and stability all while left over lightweight and movable thanks to a folding system that utilizes an easy to use thumb-release lever. Also, these knee walkers are equipped with a free removable storage basket and feature tool-free assembly, setup and height modifications. If your are at home, at work, on the trail or on the town, experience a faster paced lifestyle with the All Terrain KneeRover – No Boundaries plans: Color: Blue Product Weight: 27 Lbs Weight Capacity: 400 lbs in general Length: 35. 5″ Handlebar Height Range: 35″ to 47″ in general Height w/ handlebar folded and seat removed: 19″ Knee Support Height Range: 19″ – 22. 5″ Knee pad: 6. 75″ large x 12. 5″ length Front Axle Width: 21″ Rear Clamp Brakes Wire Basket (7. 5″ x 12. 5″ x 8. 25″).

Hgo Mobility 721-785 Hgo Lightweight Adjstable Alminm Crtches, Medim Adlt vs Drive Medical Padded 13220M price

Crutches by Hugo are lighter than wood and are made from lightweight anodized aluminum, behind up to 300 lbs. These medium adult size, adjustable crutches can accommodate a user height of 5′ 2″ to 5′ 10″. Hugo Crutches feature dual push-button modifications, while estimated patient height settings are labeled on the center tube to inside 1″ increments. Contoured crutch info that feature a curved stair deflector at their tip, supply exceptional traction when a fitted metal ring protects against premature wear. Hugo Crutches feature thick padded underarm pads, intended with interior ribbing and strengthened ends that decrease pressure and underarm exhaustion. Hugo’s Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches have washable hand grips, made from a natural sponge cushioning that take in affect shock and are perspiration tolerant. Model # 721-785.

Giantex Steerable Foldable Knee Walker Scooter Trning Brake Basket Cart Black

Product Description This Is Our New Steerable Knee Walker, Which Is Perfect For Anybody Who Hurt Their Foot, Ankle, Hip, Lower Leg Or Knee. The Foldable Design Is Convenient For Storage When It isn’t In Use. The Contoured Channel lets Your Leg To Fit Comfortably And Securely. Moreover, it’s Equipped With Two Locking Handbrakes, Which Can Control The Rear Disc Brakes To Stop The Walker Easily. The Height Of The Seat And Handlebar may be Adjusted To Fit People In different Figures. With The Attached Basket, you may be able to Put Anything Small Coming With You Without Missing, like Your Wallet, Phone, Etc. Welcome High Quality With Competitive Price may be Realized Here Note: 1. Simple Assembly is needed as indicated by The Included Instruction. 2. Think about The Weight Capacity Before Using. 3. Do not Forget Your Belongings In The Basket. Feature Ideal For persons Recovering From Injury Or operation To The Foot, Ankle, Lower Legs Or Knee Steering Column may be Easily Folded For Transport And Storage Height Of The Seat And Handle may be Adjusted To Fit Your Figure tough Steel Frame gives Stability And Durability Deluxe Two Hand Braking System for extra Safety Contoured Channel To Fit Your Legs With Comfort And Stability 8″ PU Wheels Are Ideal For Indoor/Outdoor Use removable Storage Basket So you may be able to Carry Loose things like Your Phone Or Wallet.

DonJoy Rebond Ergonomic Crtches (1 Pair) vs Drive Medical Padded 13220M reviews

The DonJoy Rebound Ergonomic Crutches are intended to offer a comfy and liquid motion. Featuring a revolutionary spring action which absorbs affect and returns that captured negative energy to move forward, decreasing the amount of energy obliged throughout the gait cycle. The ergonomic grip keeps your hand and wrist in a neutral position, allowing for correct blood flow and nerve conduction. It also helps decrease carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist tendonitis. The DonJoy Rebound Ergonomic Crutches have a distinctive folding design which makes it convenient for traveling and storage. The padded underarm cradle helps decrease soreness and irritation, allowing you to be comfy throughout expanded periods. The DonJoy Rebound Ergonomic Crutches are sold as one complete pair (2 crutches total). Each crutch has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. (800 lbs. Joint). Available in 2 sizes: Short (Height: 4′ 7″ – 5′ 7″) and Tall (Height: 5′ 7″ – 6′ 10″).

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Models to consider:
MDSV80535 3612LF-8MWD6000 H&PC-28093G91-214-8H 3610LF-8
MDSV80536 21HD-30SC1001 KP-MWD5600-GMDS80542 G91-214-8H
G05161 CA901MDS80337Z CA901ADA97500 10403HD
8153A 3611LF-8MWD-6500 MDSV80534LFHMDS805161 MDSPPC107
3614A MDS80269BND9A410004 UNIV1TOP-0590H MDS80516CF
G90-214-8 3613C-8HFC20001BK MDS80337Z563-10412-LTC
KP-MWD5600-G UNIV1MDS80337Z MDS80337ZCA901 SC1001
3613C-8 MDSV80535BND9A410004 MWD-65003612LF-8 8153A
TOP-0590H HFC20001BK563-10412-LTC G91-214-8HH&PC-28093 MWD6000
G05161 MDS80516CFMDSV80534LFH 3611LF-83614A MDS80269
MDS805161 G90-214-821HD-30 CA901ADG91-214-8H MDSPPC107
A97500 10403HD3610LF-8 MDSV80536MDS80542
H&PC-28093 3610LF-821HD-30 G90-214-8MDSV80535 8153A
MDS80337Z HFC20001BKKP-MWD5600-G MDSV80536G91-214-8H 563-10412-LTC
MDS80337Z 3612LF-8UNIV1 BND9A4100043614A MDS80516CF
MDS80269 SC1001MDS80542 MWD6000MDSPPC107 10403HD
G05161 MWD-6500MDS805161 3613C-8TOP-0590H MDSV80534LFH
CA901 3611LF-8CA901AD A97500G91-214-8H


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