April 23, 2017

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AMP – Comp Pack Stocked Basic

Really adaptable and prepared for 457974 any mission, the AMP (Any Mission Pack) derives its name from its capability to be changed to fit any mission. It offers a totally customizable interior, many techniques of wear and the capability to scale the pack size up or down based on mission prerequisites. The roughly 1150 cubic inch interior major pack is completely coated with loop-tape allowing the end user to arrange the included loop sets and pouches in a configuration that meets their needs. The sets included are- 18 Loop sets 3 zippered mesh pouches 1 gloves pouch (holds 10 pairs of gloves) -Surgical set put Both back pack straps and equipment attachment straps are included for wear of the pack. Two Packs in One. A full size MOLLE panel with low profile shoulder straps separates from the major pack so you have the capability to swiftly scale the size of the bag to meet mission prerequisites, or use the panel instead of the pack. The zip off panel comes with 3 nylon pouches attached that have elastic loops sewn in place for securing different medical things. The flexibility offered by the AMP makes it ideal for persons serving in many roles and with ever changing mission profiles. If you’re on an assault, patrol, range coverage or preparing for mass casualty events, the AMP will steadily perform in an uncertain environment.

waterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage (100 Gallons)

About the waterBOB:The waterBOB is a water containment system that holds up to 100 gallons of new drinking water in virtually any bathtub in case of an emergency. The waterBOB keeps water new and clean for drinking, cooking, washing and sanitation for up to 12 weeks. Constructed of tough, heavy-responsibility plastic, the waterBOB stays inside FDA food grade terms and is BPA-free. Never Be Without Water:A hurricane, tropical storm, flood or storm surge can disrupt or contaminate your water supply. Water stored in an open bathtub, with dirt, soap film and contact to debris will spoil and become useless. With the waterBOB you and your loved ones will never have to risk ingesting contaminated water. Generally be Prepared:While others rush to the store for bottled water, only to find empty shelves, or wait in line for water with dirty containers, taking the risk by drinking possibly hazardous water, you’ll feel secure knowing that the clean, new water stored in your waterBOB is available for you, your family and your pets too. Easy information:The waterBOB is easy to use. Simply lay the liner in any bathtub, attach the fill sock to the faucet and fill the bladder to capacity, which takes roughly 20-40 minutes, based on your water flow. A siphon pump is included to easily dispense the water into jugs or pitchers. Never wait in line again to purchase costly bottled water. U. S. Patent 8,627,980.

PhysiciansCareamp;reg; – Industrial First Aid Kit for 100 People, Contains 721 Pieces – Sold As 1 Each – Heavy duty steel cabinet is appropriate for a

Heavy-responsibility steel cabinet is proper for a professional office, still lasting enough for an industrial or manufacturing setting. Wall-mountable with handle mounting hardware not included. Complete with 1st aid supplies to treat minor and big injuries and address personal discomfort needs. Will include antiseptics, ointments, sticky bandages, gloves, implements and more. 721 pieces. System Capacity: 100 Person System Number of Pieces: 721 holds: Antibiotic Ointment Burn Cream Cold Pack CPR Faceshield Dressings Forceps Gauze Pads Gloves ache break merchandise Personal Protection Kit Tourniquet Sting break Pads Elastic Bandage sticky Bandages Scissors Alcohol Pads Iodine Pads Eye Wash Eye Pads Mounting: Wall.

Pac-Kit® Industrial Station First Aid Kit

PKT6155 Features: -Kit will include: heavy woven fabric strips, heavy woven x-big strips, heavy woven knuckle bandages, heavy woven fingertip bandages, clean 2″ gauze bandage, clean 4″ gauze bandage, 2″ gauze pads, 3″ gauze pads, 4″ gauze pads, hema seal shock dressing with gloves, 2″ tri-cut sticky tape, 40″ triangular bandages, alcohol antiseptic wipes, antiseptic towelettes, 1st aid/burn cream, triple antibiotic ointment, 4 oz. Eye flush, eye cup, pads and strips, 4 oz. 1st aid burn spray, 4 oz. Antiseptic spray, extra strength non-aspirin, cotton tipped applicators, instant cold pack (big), elastic bandage, latex exam gloves, metal scissors, plastic forceps and 1st aid instruction booklet. -Case material: Steel. -Mounting: Wall and door. -Number of pieces: 440. -Made in the USA. -Compliance standards: ANSI Z308. 1-2009. Product Type: -1st Aid Kits. Country of make: -United States. Dimensions: in general Height – Top to Bottom: -16. 5″. In general Width – Side to Side: -13. 5″. In general Depth – Front to Back: -6″. In general Product Weight: -15 lbs.

MobileAid Quick-Response Trauma First Aid Kit (31450)

Fast-answer Pockets: (1) 1st Aid guide book, (1) Writing tablet (1) Pen (1) adaptable emergency evacuation stretcher (1) Scissor utility shears 7-1/4″ (1) CPR filtershield (1) Instruction and stock sheet (1) Waterproof document pouch (2) Face mask with eyeshield (2) Vinyl gloves (pairs) (2) protecting gown (2) Disposable incident sheet (2) Splint board with pad fast- answer Module A – Protection, Instruments, Sanitation: (1) 1st Aid instruction map (1) Bandage scissors (1) Splinter forceps (1) Kelley forceps (1) Flashlight (penlight) (1) Hand sanitizer (1) Sunblock SPF 30+ (1) bug repellant (2) Emergency blankets (2) Vinyl gloves (pairs) (4) AA batteries (10) Instant towels (12) Bio-hazard bag (25) Aspirin (2 5-grain tablets) fast-answer Module B – Wound Cleaning & Treatment: (1) Hydrogen peroxide solution (2) Sting & Bite swab (2) Eye wash 1 oz clean (3) Vinyl Gloves (pairs) (3) Emergency water pouches (6) Burn gel (10) 1st Aid cream (10) PVP iodine swabs (10) Wound cleaner towelette (12) Cotton tip applicator (14) Hydrocortisone 1 fast-answer Module C – Wound Dressing and Bandaging: (1) Compress bandage 4″ with telfa pad (1) Bloodstopper bandage (1) Triangular bandage 40″ x 40″ x 56″ w/ safety pins (1) Waterproof sticky tape 1″ x 5 yards (2) Waterproof sticky tape 1/2″ x 5 yards (2) 2″ x 6″ gauze bandage (2) Co-Flex bandage 2″ x 5 yards (4) Eye pads with sticky strips (6) Non-adherent pad 2 x 3″ (6) Gauze clean-wrap bandage 2″ (8) Gauze pads 3″ x 3″ 12 ply (10) Plastic 2″ x 3″ patch bandage (10) Woven knuckle bandage (16) Bandage strip (16) Butterfly closure fast-answer Module D – big Wound Dressing and Bandaging: (1) Bloodstopper bandage (1) Waterproof sticky tape (2) ABD add pad (2) Burn dressing gel-soaked (2) clean gauze roll (4) ABD pads fast-answer Module E – Hydration & Cold Application (3) Emergency water pouches (4oz) (4) Cold pack unit.

50pcs/pack CPR Face Mask with Key Chain and Gloves For First Aid or Training vs Adventure Medical Kits 457974 pricing

CPR Mask Keychain Kits Contents: (1) nylon case, (2)1pc disposable CPR mask, (3)1pc pair latex gloves, (4)1pc alcohol swabs. Details :This useful CPR faceshield will prevent over 99 of viruses and bacteria that because illnesses. Small compacted size makes it simple to carry Barrier mask has a filter type contagion stop.

Lightning X EMS First Responder Stocked First Aid Bag Kit #4 – Blue

Tired of not having the supplies that you need when you get on the scene of a medical call? 1st responders are the 1st point of contact and one of the most important parts of an emergency medical call. You have to have the right supplies to be successful at your job For this reason, we have put together a line of medical bags pre-stocked with the much needed equipment for medical emergencies. All of our bags were intended from buyer ideas over the past 10 years. From our #1 Stocked Bag perfect for the volunteer with just the basic supplies, all the way to our #8 Stocked Bag tailored for the professional EMT, we are sure to have a bag that matches your job perfectly. Every kit is assembled “in-house” by our friendly staff of Firemen and EMT’s. If you do not find the kit that you want, just email us with your ideas and we will attempt to put together the right kit to fit your needs. Below is a list of what things come in this kit: Contents: Triangle Bandage – 1 Cold Pack 5″ x 6″ – 2 Gauze 4″ x 4″ clean – 5 Packets Ammonia Inhalants – 4 Iodine Wipes – 10 Band Aid 3/4″ x 3″ – 50 Roll Gauze 2″ – 2 Roll Gauze 3″ – 1 Roll Gauze 4″ – 1 Latex Gloves PR – 2 Sodium Solution. 09 100ml – 1 Triple Anibiotic Ointment Packs – 10 Gauze 3″ x 3″ – 5 Packets Gauze 2″ x 2″ – 3 Packets Tape 1″ x 10yd – 1 Eye Pads – 2 stomach Pad 5″ x 9″ – 2 Alcohol Pads – 10 Tweezers – 1 Kelly Hemostats – 1 LXMB20 Bag – 1 7. 5″ shock Sheers – 1 Disposable Penlight – 1 BP Cuff – 1 Dual Head Stethescope – 1.

Dog Series, Workin’ Dog, 2.3125 Pound vs Adventure Medical Kits 457974 review

On occasion the hardest working person on a ranch or on a hunt is not a person at all. For the hunting friend or ranching dog who’s generally faithful – on trips near home or far afield. The Workin’ Dog Kit has what you have to keep your friend safe, and the info you have to deal with serious canine medical emergencies when far from veterinary care.

BAND-AID Heavy Duty Waterproof Tape, 1 inch x 10 Yard — 24 per case.

BAND-AID Heavy responsibility Waterproof Tape, 1 inch x 10 Yard — 24 per case. BAND-AID Brand of 1st Aid merchandise Waterproof Tape firmly secures dressings or bandages to wounds. It’s extra strong, lasting, and stays on, when wet, so bandages stay on in the shower or bath without coming loose. It comes in an easy-to-use roll that keeps the tape clean, and it tears easily by hand, so it may be customized to fit any size bandage. Secures bandages to wounds Stays on, when wet Extra strong and lasting 100 % Waterproof Country of Origin: Brazil.

First Voice FAC100 UV Protected First Aid Card, 8-1/2" Length x 5-1/4" Width (Pack of 100) vs Adventure Medical Kits 457974 price

1st Voice 1st aid card (2 sided) containing information for: 1st things 1st (scene evaluation, safety), injury emergencies (bleeding, burns, shock, poisoning, overdose, eye emergencies, nosebleeds, mouth/tooth injuries, closed wounds, fractures, dislocations), medical conditions/sicknesses (serious allergic reaction, breathing emergencies, diabetic reactions, seizures, strokes, heart/cardiac-related), environmental emergencies (bites, stings, heat/cold contact) and CPR or AED information. Emergency lasting laminated UV 14 point ultrathick cardstock 1st aid card with up to date 1st aid and CPR and AED protocols. Great for car glove box, any responder kit, 1st aid kit, training room, employee break room, new employee hire handout. Card has useful illustrations and text information. Useful safety incentive for big employers with workplace safety incentive programs. Measures 8-1/2-inches length by 5-1/4-inches width.

RangeMaster Kit by Rescue Essentials

Contents Pictured: 2 – 2" x 10yds Durapore sticky Tape 1 – 36" Sam Splint Flat Orange/Blue 2 – 4" Elastic Bandage w/Velcro brakes 6 – 4" x 4" clean Gauze Pad Pkg of 2 2 – 40" x 40" x 54" Triangular Bandage 3 – 5" x 9" clean shock Pad 1 – 6" Elastic Bandage w/Velcro brakes 1 – Adsafe CPR Pocket Mask 6 – Pairs Bear Claw Nitrile Gloves, size big 1 – NAR Emergency shock Dressing – 4" 2 – NAR Emergency shock Dressing – 6" 1 – NAR Hyfin Chest Seal 3 – S-Rolled Gauze – 4. 5" x 4. 1yd 1 – Nasopharyngeal 28 Fr airway w/ lubricant 1 – Princeton Tec FUEL LED Headlamp 2 – Silver Survival Wrap, Heat Reflective 1 – SOFTT-W Generation 3 Tourniquet, Black 1 – Water-Jel Burn Dressing 4" x 16" 1 – Water-Jel Burn Dressing 4" x 4" – Celox -35 Gram Pouches 1 – Celox-A Applicator1 per/pkg 1 – EMS important Notes notepad 1 – EMT Shears, Neon Orange 5. 5" 4 – Eye Pad, clean 1-5/8" x 2-5/8" 2 – Fluff Bandage Roll-clean 4. 5" 8ply 1 – Hand Sanitizer, Coretex Corium 4 oz 3 – Mediwash Eyewash 4 oz. 1 – Mini Sharpie Marker extra SUPPLIES, INCLUDED BUT NOT PICTURED ABOVE 8 – 1″ X 3″ sticky Strips 4 – Knuckle Bandages 2 – 2″ x 3″ Fabric Oval Pads 4 – Packets of 2ea 2″ x 2″ clean Gauze 6 – Packets of 2 Ibuprofen Tablets 3 – Antibiotic Ointment Unit amount 6 – BZK Antiseptic Wipes.

Sawyers Prem. 24oz Permethrin Clothing Insect Repllnt Spray – 2 PACK vs Adventure Medical Kits 457974 reviews

For use on clothing, tents, and other gear, Sawyer Permethrin not only repels insects, however really kills ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, mites, and more than 55 other types of insects on contact. The active ingredient Permethrin is a synthetic molecule alike to pyrethrum which is taken from the Chrysanthemum flower. It’s odorless after drying and won’t stain or damage clothing, fabrics, plastics, finished surfaces, or any of your outdoor gear. A single application lasts 6 washings or 42 days of sun contact.

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fa-145 1001-RC-0103K206-205 10W0501UMMS-B3351K GSV-B2FVEO
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260-U/FAO 1001 (DMi KTABO-091 7911RFK223-AN WB-06-002
Rou-2061 FA-TK8TBADA-500 (SM202)JOJ8162 FR-MF-1
CAT00010 WMDK-001220-O 03W0202XL12999207N ABO-091
FAO-440 PLT-K100JOJ8274 1350-FAE-0103520-FR FAO-440
K206-205 738M115-7611007000-P FAO247OPACM14303 SB10
2202K FA-TK8TBRAD64058001 FAE-7006BCD3Z8 Battery 3300FSI/LG
AQPFAK-100 45-OE8CQM-710 ADA-500RK8102 FAC100
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32-ST1050-0000 FA138700S-00767 51BKSAT-3000 FSSK12
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MS-75163 QW-H5F7-7REFSL92026 PLT-K100AQPFAK-100 230564BK
700S-00767 SAT-300071602312354M JOJ8162S5-2P 4176AAA
10-OUT-02012 738M145-OE8C FAO247OPFAC100 4288AAA
4330AAA VHTSM-100FAE-7006 10280BJOJ8274 fa-145
FA140 SKT4734ANSI LUTR24BKK206-205 FR-MF-1
SB10 LDS-KEX4OB353 QB1422SB6520-FR 10W0501UM
BCD3Z8 Battery FA13851BK FAO-4286155R 2202K
FSSK12 1350-RC-0103X5/R 20EMR1BK223-AN SS-EMT1
999207N 7911RFK(SM202) RK810203W0202XL12 FAO-440


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