April 23, 2017

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  • The Medic-Kit5 features a chrome-plated, German-crafted palm aneroid gauge.
  • Mabis Medic-Kit EMT kits were designed with the EMT/paramedic in mind.
  • Provides easy access, fold-open carrying case is made of heavy-duty blue nylon for many years of rugged service.
  • The Medic-Kit5 includes: containing five cuffs; adult, large adult, child, infant and thigh
  • Mabis Medic-Kit EMT kits were designed with the EMT/paramedic in mind.
  • Provides easy access, fold-open carrying case is made of heavy-duty blue nylon for many years of rugged service.
  • Lifetime calibration warranty on gauge.
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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General description

The mabis medic-kit emt kits were intended with the emt/paramedic in mind. The easy access, fold-open carrying case is made of heavy-responsibility blue nylon for many years of rugged service. Medic-kit5 features a chrome-plated, german-crafted palm aneroid gauge. The medic-kit5 will include 5 calibrated nylon cuffs: adult, baby, child, big adult and thigh. Lifetime calibration warranty on gauge.

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Radnor 25 Person Industrial First Aid Cabinet

Radnor Three-counter cabinet industrial 1st 01-550-018 aid cabinet is ideal when space is restricted. Lightweight enough to be movable or may be wall mounted. Lasting metal construction with white powder coat assures long-lasting wear with minimal maintenance. The three-counter cabinet is available with a regular fill (RAD64058004) or may be customized to meet your company’s particular needs. Features: – Lightweight enough to be movable or may be wall mounted Benefits: – Ideal for businesses with many work regions inside a building will include: – 3 oz 1st Aid Spray – 3 oz Burn Aid Spray – 5″x 6″ Ice Pack, Boxed – 3-1/2″ X 5-1/2″ Blood-sopper Dressing – 3″ Cotton Tip Applicators – 3/4″ x 3″ Plastic Strips, 100/bx – 1″ x 3″ Woven Bandages, 50/bx – 1″x3″ Plastic Strips, 100/bx – Woven Fingertip Bandages, 40/bx – 1″ x 5yd Elastic Tape – 2″ Clean-Wrap Gauze, 1/bx – 2″x3″ Non-Adherent Pads, 50/bx – 2″x2″ clean Gauze Pads, 25/bx – 4″x4″ clean Gauze Pads, 25/bx – 2″x5yd Medi-Rip – 1/2 oz clean Cotton – Alcohol Wipes, 50/bx – Aspirin, 125 x 2 – 1/64 oz Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 20/bx – Ammonia Inhalant, 10/bx – BioHaz Bags, 7-10 Gal, 2/bx – 2″x 5yd Tri-Cut sticky Tape, – 4 oz Eye Wash – Triangular Bandage – Latex Gloves, 2pr/bg – Tongue Depressors, 6/pk – Antiseptic Wipes, 20/bx – 1st Aid Booklet – Knuckle Bandages, 40/bx – 4 1/2″ Kit Scissors, Stainless Steel – 3″ Tweezers – Pocket put for #180 Kit specifications: – Product Type: 1st Aid – Kit Size: 25 Person.

Tectron Palm and Wrist Support, 2 Braces

This distinctive design of this palm support gives firm support for a weak palm helping to prevent stress injuries. It’s particularly suggested for sprains or strains. One size fits all 2 part set Machine washable then hang dry. Palm support for men and women. Helps with carpel tunnel. One size fits all. 2 part set. Machine washable then hang dry.

200pcs/pack CPR Face Mask With Key Chain First Aid Kit For First Aid or Training

CPR Mask Keychain Kits Contents: (1) nylon case, (2)1pc disposable CPR mask, (3)1pc pair latex gloves, (4)1pc alcohol swabs. Details :This useful CPR faceshield will prevent over 99% of viruses and bacteria that because illnesses. Small compacted size makes it simple to carry Barrier mask has a filter type contagion stop.

10Person Small Office Emergency Kit (10100)

This compact, movable kit is the base unit upon which to build a complete emergency preparedness solution for your small office or work groups. It’s intended using U. S. Government suggestions to meet the direct emergency needs of up to 10 people at work. For a full 24 hours of support in an expanded emergency, buy one LifeSecure “10-Person expanded Support Kit (10110)” for each day of anticipated stay (preparation for 3 days is suggested). Contents: For search and rescue: (1) pair leather palmed work gloves (1) pair safety goggles (1) pry bar (1) multifunction tool needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutter, file/cutter, flat file, pointed screwdriver, mini-screwdriver, small screwdriver, screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, punch, knife blade For easier breathing: (10) dust masks For minor medical situations: (1) 1st aid kit (3) pairs latex gloves For warmth/shelter: (2) emergency thermal blankets (1) roll channel tape (1) roll plastic sheeting For communication and light: (1) whistle with lanyard (1) emergency AM/FM radio with two sets of batteries (1) flashlight with two sets of batteries (2) 12-hour light sticks For maintaining correct hydration: (24) 4 oz. Water pouches 5-year counter life – U. S. Coast Guard accepted For maintaining correct sanitation: (1) Carry-FlatTM movable toilet (3) toilet bags (2) biohazard bags (5) toilet deodorizer packets (1) toilet paper roll (30) moist towelettes For the emergency answer leader: (1) emergency instruction sheet (1) waterproof document pouch (1) writing tablet (1) pen For storage and carrying: filled in lasting duffle bag with double hand straps and adjustable shoulder strap Dimensions and weight: 19″ x 11″ x 10″, 19 lbs.

First Aid Only First Aid Survival Kit, 168Piece Kit

Whatever comes¿you are prepared. This 168pc. 1st aid survival kit is constructed of lasting ballistic nylon, with deep side pockets and patent-pending clear-pocket pages. Easy identification and retrieval of important supplies throughout emergencies, joint with basic survival parts in this really complete kit. Kit will include: 1st aid guide, vinyl gloves, 2400 calorie food ration bar, emergency drinking water pouches, emergency sheet, waterproof matches, triangular sling/bandage, plentiful bandages and gauze dressings, latex-free elastic bandage, eye wash, instant cold compress, 1st aid tape, medication canister, antiseptics and ointments, digital thermometer, OTC medications, antihistamine, sunscreen, blister prevention, cotton-tipped applicators, scissors and tweezers.

PhysiciansCare ANSI / OSHA Xpress First Aid Kit with Refill System (Contains Medication) 370 Piece vs Mabis Dmi Healthcare 01-550-018 Medkit5 pricing

PhysiciansCare ANSI/OSHA 1st aid kit with complete refill system. The Xpress 1st Aid kit makes maintaining your 1st aid supplies effortless. With our distinctive color coded refills, 1st aid treatment in easy to manage by chosen clean, treat and protect packaging. Each of the essential 1st aid supplies utilizes our reorder card system for easily keeping your Xpress 1st Aid kit in stock. This mobile fist aid station has attached handle or is wall mountable with fast install bracket system. Ideal for school, government, office or factory use. Exceeds ANSI Z308. 1 2009 and OSHA guideline 1910. 151b. Cleans: eyewash, antiseptic towelettes, and alcohol pads. Treat: burn cream and triple antibiotic ointment. Plastic kit holds absorbent pad, 5-inches by 9-inches; triangular bandage; mole skin; gauze pads, 3-inches by 3-inches; gauze pads, 2-inches by 2-inches; fabric bandages, 1-inches x 3-inches; plastic bandages, 3/4-inches by 3-inches; fabric knuckle bandages; fabric fingertip bandages; patch bandages, 1/2-inches by 1/2-inches; junior bandages; butterfly bandages; rolled gauze, 2-inches; rolled gauze, 3-inches; elastic wrap, 2-inches; finger cots; nitrile gloves; CPR mask with gloves; aspirin; non aspirin; ibuprofen; scissors; tweezers; 1st aid guide; tape.

Honeywell 5011103302 Construction First Aid Kits, Honeywell Safety (Pack of 2)

All construction kits are latex free Are tough and waterproof, intended to withstand the tough construction environment Each kit comes with a mounting bracket so the kit may be readily available for worksite emergencies Unitized cartons are color coded for easy identification of 1st aid treatment This listing is for Pack of 2 Weight 6. 48 lb Unit Pack of 2 Case Material Metal will include sticky Bandages, Forceps, Instant Cold Pack, Triangular Bandage, Alcohol Prep Pads, Ammonia Inhalants, Buffered Eye Wash, Compress Bandages, Eye Dressing, 1st Aid Burn Cream with Aloe, Gauze Compress, Gauze Pads, Medical Gloves. PVP Iodine Wipes, Wire Splint.

8 Oz Certified 35 H2o2 Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade & FREE 1 ounce Filled Cobalt Dropper bottle. SHIPPED FAST vs Mabis Dmi Healthcare 01-550-018 Medkit5 review

This Peroxide is 35 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. This peroxide is made only using the strictest standards following the chemical codex. No stabilizers to the 35 food grade hydrogen peroxide. We’re one of the biggest suppliers of 35 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in the USA since 1983. You may be able to trust our quality and purity. Our peroxide is certified 35 food grade hydrogen peroxide. We aren’t a homebased seller filling bottles in a kitchen sink making it appear like a real company. BEWARE: We also are THE ONLY main distributer of Trinity Nutralab hydrogen peroxide. Anybody ELSE stating to be selling “Trinity Nutralab” is either being dishonest or purchasing from us and rebottling it with of not known quality control. Unless sold by Pure Health savings on Amazon, the pictures they’re using in their listings isn’t a Trinity Nutralab label. Possibly, they’re purchasing gallons of us and rebottling it, we don’t know their quality control if so.

Classroom School Emergency Kit

Prepare the students of your school for emergencies, evacuations, and disasters with this school emergency kit built for 27 students. Our safe and easy-to-handle Classroom Emergency Kit will fit any school budget. Plus, a storage life of more than five years on most supplies will make it simple to stay prepared. Tuck a school emergency kit under a desk or near the front door of your classroom for easy access in a crisis. Value 169. 92.

Echo Sigma Trauma kit (Tan) vs Mabis Dmi Healthcare 01-550-018 Medkit5 price

If you’re in the field or at the range, on occasion fate strikes at the worst time. Having the right tools to be able to stabilize a traumatic hemorrhagic injury can mean the difference between life or death. Being Echo-Sigma, we had to take it one step more. Given the possible shortage of medical help throughout a large spread emergency event, we’ve also included a Suture Kit from Adventure Medical that lets you to patch yourself up presuming you have the know-how. Also, if you’re looking for a great all-in-one kit for your outdoor adventures you may be able to exchange out the Suture Kit for one of our great Echo-Sigma Compact 1st Aid Kits. The choice is yours.

Nexis Preparedness Systems FA912NB ”EMT Style” First Responder Kit 409Pieces NavyBag

Our “EMT Style” 1st Responder Kit is a must have for anybody in the field With contents validated by nurses, EMT's and firefighters, it was produced for trained medical responders for any field emergency. 409-part Kit Contents: 1 stomach Pads clean 8″ x 7 ½” / 1 stomach Pads clean 5″ x 9″ / 1 Multi shock Dressing 12″ x 30″ clean / 2 Triangular Bandages w/ Clips 40″ / 2 Bloodstopping Compression Bandage 9″ x 5 ½” / 50 Gauze Pads 4″ x 4″ clean / 200 Gauze Pads 2″ x 2″ Non-clean / 2 Gauze Rolls 2″ clean / 2 Gauze Rolls 4″ clean / 5 Fabric X-big Knee Bandage 2″ x 4 ½” / 25 Fabric Bandage 1″ x 3″ / 10 Butterfly Bandage Closure Medium / 2 Cloth sticky Tape 1″ x 10yds. / 1 Disposable Padded Splint 12″ / 2 Elastic Bandage 3″ x 5yds. / 1 Wire Splint / 1 Medical Tourniquet 18″ x 1″ Non-Latex / 1 Eye Wash 4oz. / 2 Disposable Eye Cup / 5 Oval Eye Pads clean / 3 Non-Latex Nitrile Exam Gloves Pair / 1 Dual Head Stethoscope Classic Style / 1 Blood Pressure Kit Adult Sized Classic Style / 1 Paramedic Shears 7 ½” / 1 Cyalume 12-Hour Green Lightstick / 1 Disposable Penlight w/ Pupil Gauge / 2 Disposable Plastic Tweezers/Forceps / 1 30-Page AMA 1st Aid & CPR Guide / 2 Tongue Depressors clean 6″ / 2 Emergency Mylar sheet 54″ x 80″ / 1 Paramedic sheet 54″ x 80″ / 10 Sanitary Cleansing Towelettes 5″ x 7″ / 2 Emergency clean Water Pouch 4. 225oz. / 20 Benzalkonium Antiseptic Wipes / 20 Alcohol Antiseptic Wipes / 5 Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets / 5 Cotton Tip Applicators 3″ / 2 Burn Ointment Packet / 1 Burn Dressing 4″ x 4″ Pad / 1 Triage Tape 4-Pack (red,black,green & yellow) / 1 CPR Face Shield / 2 Instant Ice Pack 5″ x 9″ / 1 Sharpie good Point Marker Black / 1 Content Card. Packaged in a “Easy Access” Heavy responsibility Navy 1st Responder Bag. This kit will include the contents listed under this item description.

Jeep Truck SUV Car First Aid BAG and 50 Piece Aid Kit attaches to Roll Bar Other vs Mabis Dmi Healthcare 01-550-018 Medkit5 reviews

Brand new 1st Aid holder for your roll bar up to 3″ in diameter, form fitting, attaches with three straps, get this cool roll bar accessory and see our other cool Roll Bar Accessories in our store to make your driving experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible. THIS DOES include a 50 part 1st AID KIT and comes with the following item: 2 Gauze 4×4 2 Gauze 2×2 Scissors Cold Pack Gloves stomach Pad CPR, AED and Basic 1st Aid Guide 2 Tongue Depressors Guaze Bandange 3″ and 2″ Tape 3 Antiseptic Towlettes Triangular Bandage 3×4 Non Adherent Pad Non Adherent Pad Small 16 Assorted Bandaids 3 Sting break Pads 3 Antiseptic Pads 2 Burn Gel Packets 2 Hydrocortisone Cream Packets 2 Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets 2 Cedaprin ache Reliever Packets 2 Aypanal Non Aspirin ache Reliever Packets. It’ll hold the following 1st aid things; big pouch for 1st aid things, gauze and bandage holder, scissor clip holder, swab and bandage holder, breathable mesh zipper pocket. This is an item you may want to get today. MAKE and MODEL: 1955-1986 Jeep CJ All Models 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler YJ TJ All Models 2007-2008 Jeep Wrangler JK All Models Most common roll bar applications Fits in any car, truck, or SUV and or Utility car.

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Models to consider:
711520-GR 1002MDBKit23 ACM14303TS42000B 0329B
IH214 2073F636841K 019702-0002LKIT008 CFAK100
B0026MRZMQ 2202KSL77680 FA-504PLT-K100 6720F
019704-0003L LED130fa-145 SAT-4500X5/R 999207N
JOJ8162 KEX1PFR-MF-5 S5-2P700S-00767 SS46004
AB-266-6-37 0329BSTP-SL-10-BR-35 3300FSI/LGSSTS001 019700-0001L
15-7611007000-P 4294AAA1001-RC-0103 500-223-U/FAOOB353 DSD540175
249-O/P WBBLKADJGS129VHTSM-100 4180AAAADA-500 45-OE8C
10-OUT-02012 FA-462MS-B3351K 228CPAQPFAK-100 ZH20G
019704-0003L DSD540175LHS-8161 MS-B3351KJOJ8162 1002MD
220-O 4330AAAKIT008 FSSK12FA-TK8TB ZH20G
700S-00767 SSTS0010329B RAD64058001SL92026 QA238
RK8102 MA41010500-223-U/FAO 6720F636841BLK AM-FA/CAB3
SS46004 636841K734M1 019702-0002LWBBLKADJGS129 223-AN
DOTGIRL2010 KB-8004711520-GR 5SG5260-5262H5041-AMP QD610-1
STP-ER-01 2202KBKit23 249-O/PVHTSM-100 JOJ8274
TS42000B FA-462X5/R 3300FSI/LGSKG2 15-7611007000-P
228CP 223-AN019725-0012L GSV-D2SVEOfa-145 818M1
CFAK100 15-7611007000-PRAD64058001 SSTS001PLT-K100 248-O/FAO
SL77680 AQPFAK-100KIT008 IH214019700-0001L X5/R
BKit23 636841BLK807M1 FC 8025FA-504 HIKE03
B0026MRZMQ RK81022073F AID-520-FRRou-2061 LED130
36547P VHTSM-100First Aid_1001_X 228CPQA238 6720F
DSD540175 JOJ8274S5-2P 3300FSI/LGRS-08-COMBOKIT MA41010
4180AAA 999207NZH20G 5SG5260-5262019704-0003L SAT-4500
223-AN QD610-145-OE8C SP905GSV-D2SVEO STP-ER-01


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