April 23, 2017

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Maker #79-95455 Brand MaxTrax Diabetic Walker maker DJO Application Walker Boot Color Black Fastening Type Hook and Loop Closure Shoe Size Female Size 6. 5 – 11 / Male Size 5. 5 – 10 Size Medium Target Area Left or Right Foot UNSPSC Code 42211532 Features intended with a wider foot bed for increased stability and a soft nylon/bubble liner with no seams in important post-surgical areasLow profile, rocker bottom padded outer lone for shock absorptionIdeal for substitute of total contact casting; treatment of pre-ulcerative or ulcerative conditions of the plantar surface of the foot1 Each / Each.

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Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Orthotic Insert Insoles ((C) M 66.5W 88.5) vs 79-95455-EA

Maximum Cushioning, Full Support with 79-95455EA fitted Met Pad. Pinnacle Plus Full Length Orthotic shoe inserts feature fitted metatarsal support to spread and cushion the metatarsal heads to help alleviate ache. Ideal for Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia, the Pinnacle Plus gives the perfect blend of foot control, flexibility and cushioning. The encapsulated design with a firm but adaptable support shell, fitted arch support and heel cradle offers stability and motion control. Plush cushioning with VCT Technology increases stability and comfort in informal, athletic and work shoes. Ideal as metatarsalgia orthotics, Pinnacle Plus inserts prevent and alleviate ache related with plantar fasciitis, metatarsal ache, heel or arch ache and discomfort, light to average pronation, sore/aching feet and other common foot conditions.

Warmawear Deluxe Wireless Rechargeable Battery Waterproof Heated Insoles with Remote Control

WarmawearTM Deluxe Wireless Rechargeable Battery Waterproof Heated Insoles with Remote Control Never let your toes go cold again with the rechargeable remote-controllable insoles. Decide between three separate time and heat settings so you may be able to decide what is right for you. Intended with your final comfort in mind, these insoles are ergonomically shaped and contoured to get you that tailor-made feel. It’s possible to trim these insoles to size to get the perfect fit. We have also included a useful carry bag. Features: – Easy-to-use remote control keychain to switch on/off, or flick between heat settings- decide between Three heat settings – choose the temperature setting best for you- Wireless battery system – self-contained system means no fuss or external battery boxes- Convenient socket located in side of heel – no have to remove the battery to recharge- Charge on the move – using any micro-USB car charger or battery powered micro-USB charger pack- Bright LED charge display – check at a glance your insoles are switched on or charging- Advanced far-infrared heating element distributes heat softly and evenly- Adjustable to your shoe size – trim the soles for the perfect fit following size guide- Insoles can remain warm for up to 4. 5 hours – this may be increased by switching them on only for short bursts plans: – Small – US: 4 -6, EU: 36-38- Medium – US: 6. 5-8, EU: 39-41- big – US: 8. 5-10. 5, EU: 42-44- XLarge – US: 11-12. 5, EU: 45-47 – High – lasts up to 3 hours up to 122F- Medium – lasts up to 3. 5 hours up to 113F- Low – lasts up to 4. 5 hours up to 104F.

Breg Integrity Tall Air Walking Medium

The honesty Fracture Walker offers support and comfort for the lower leg, however in an economical walker boot. The walking boot comes in both tall and short variants, pneumatic and non-pneumatic and is offered in fives sizes XS-XL. Substitute liners are available for all sizes and types. Rigid uprights for security and stability. Circumferential strapping encapsulates the extremity. Low heel height lets for normal gait. Energy absorbing heel helps minimize heel strike force. Breg Walking Boots come with a 3 month warranty. Indications Acute ankle sprains. Puffiness. Soft tissue injuries. Syndesmosis (high ankle) sprains. Stress fracture of lower leg/ankle. Forefoot/midfoot/hindfoot ache and injury. Stable foot and/or stable ankle fractures. Post ORIF and surgical stabilization. Post tendon/ligament repairs. Tarsal, metatarsal and phalange fractures. Post bunion operation, Achilles tendon ruptures and/or repairs. Objectives Increase stability. Protect ankle injury/operation. Decrease edema. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Restore ankle joint function. Improve compliance.

Walkfit Platinum Orthotics Size E (W 9 9.5M 8 8.5)

New and improved design. NEW. Weve added a distinctive gel pad to our Bio-Lock heel cup for advanced cushioning and shock absorption. So you get cushioning where you need it and firmness where you need it. NEW. Patented Nano-Silver technology Realigns your spine and pelvic area to decrease knee, hip and lower back ache. Independent medical study showed Walkfit technology relieved foot ache in 90 of users. NEW WalkFit Platinum orthotics takes comfort and stability to the next level with extra cushioning and odor protection. See how the worlds #1 custom-fitted orthotic can improve your life Walkfits help decrease ache in feet, knees, hips, and back. Each pair of WalkFit insoles comes with 3 customizable arch inserts, low, medium, and high. Once your feet have adjusted to the WalkFit Orthotics, you’ll experience a obvious increase in foot support and comfort. Available in mens sizes 6 through 14 1/2 and womens sizes 5 through 12 1/2.

Ossur Footup Shoeless Accessory Size 3 Black

The Shoeless Foot-Up Accessory connects to the Foot-Up & lets the orthosis to be worn at home without footwear. The Shoeless wrap fits around arch of the foot & clips to the Foot-Up anklet. Note that this product doesn’t include the ankle part & so should only be ordered in conjunction with the Foot-Up or if you already have an Ossur Footup. Note: Accessory only, used in conjunction with the Foot-Up ankle orthosis (AFO) brace.

Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotics Insole vs DJO MaxTrax Walker 79-95455EA pricing

The Pinnacle is the most well-liked Powerstep® orthotic caused by its versatility and capability to help alleviate many common foot conditions. The Pinnacle offers the perfect blend of foot control, spring and cushioning for remaining comfort. The dual-level cushioning with a plush top level and a fitted arch support and heel cradle to help stabilize the foot in informal, athletic and work shoes.

Trulife Matrix Max 2 Drop Foot BraceLargeRight

Trulife Matrix Max 2 Drop Foot Brace This item is only sold to health care professionals. It requires fitting and molding. If you’re a buyer don’t order this item. Completely adjustable AFO for patients with unilateral or bilateral drop foot. Easy-Trim foot plate; fit up to 3 shoe sizes with one product. Somewhat more rigid strut for increased durability and stability. Narrower foot plate in the medial arch allowing for an easier and better shoe fit. Heat-moldable, trimmable and height adjustable front shell. Protecting shrink tubing along lateral strut; protects shoe against damage. Small to X-big sizes available. Not available to consumersPlease let 10-14 business days for delivery. Indications Trulife Matrix Max 2 Drop Foot Brace is intended for Low to high activity patients with unilateral or bilateral drop foot; suited for fractional foot amputations objectives Prevent drop foot. Prevent falling. Stabilize gait. Decrease foot contractures. Improve ambulation. Improve life quality.

Darco International (n) Darco MedSurg Shoe Black SquareToe Women’S Large vs DJO MaxTrax Walker 79-95455EA review

The Darco Med-Surg Shoe offers the new in post-operative foot protection. Its easy-to-use strapless forefoot closure removes buckle pressure on the forefoot and can expand to accommodate dressings up to 17″ in circumference. Simultaneously, the ankle strap and raised heel counter help eliminate heel slippage, which is the biggest complaint about post-op shoes.

Bledsoe Mid Calf Leg MediumMidCalf wEZ Hinge Pneumatic Ankle Support

The Mid-Calf Boot is a shorter and lighter variant of the regular Bledsoe boot intended for second degree ankle sprains, toe and forefoot contusion, and incision protection. Computer-intended rocker tread lets a near normal walking gait & low heel prevents pelvic tilt. Straps engage and lock to brace uprights holding the leg steady. Strong aluminum alloy gives strength still lets formability to change widths. Low profile rocker bottom helps eliminate pelvic tilt. Aluminum boot shell and upright system may be reformed to fit virtually any leg or ankle form. Distinctive rocker design lets patients to closely imitate a normal gait. Holds 2 layers of pads that contour to the ankle form and support the ankle for total control. Low profile aluminum shell for greater stability and strength. Computer intended rocker bottom that simulates normal gait. Breathable bubble wrap for maximum comfort. Strong aluminum alloy gives strength, still lets formability to change widths. Optional EZ Set Hinge. Available with or without pneumatic ankle support. Indications Tarsal, metatarsal fractures. Forefoot sprains/strains. Stable fixed tibia/fibula fracture. Objectives Ankle/Foot immobilization. Post operation protection. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Improve ROM function. Easy use.

Shop Flash Men’s 520 mmHg Knee High Ribbed Compression Socks, Black, SmallMedium vs DJO MaxTrax Walker 79-95455EA price

The Men’s 15-20 mmHg Knee High Ribbed Black Compression Socks accelerates blood circulation, aiding muscle recuperation and decreasing pollutants. Graduated compression technology – by a decreasing degree of pressure the sock improves circulation to move old blood out and new oxygenated blood into the region. This decreases muscle exhaustion, minimizes puffiness and speeds recuperation. The arch and ankle bracing give extra support whilst the padded heel, ball and toe zones, super flat toe seam and fitted heel all supply extra comfort. First worked on a distinctive double level cotton/nylon running sock as a medical aid for patients from poor circulation and foot related problems, particularly among diabetics. As the benefits and repute of the compression merchandise, athletes became interested in the socks as a means of preventing blistering, and controlling perspiration, throughout their training and competitive running programs over the past 7 years, 10 point compression socks has worked on a range of different socks for different markets, road cycling and running, track, trail cycling and running and triathlon. Compression base layers improve performance in training, competing and recuperation, and are intended to decrease the fast build up of lactic acid in the muscles, whilst keeping you comfy and dry throughout exercise by wicking moisture away from your skin. Body molded compression garments also improve recuperation after periods of sustained exercise and help to regulate your body temperature. Compression base layers also help prevent muscle oscillation which leads to muscle exhaustion and help to minimize muscle soreness. Powerful zoned high compression panel wraps around the ankle to create a peak pressure zone to ensure better circulation. Lightweight zoned panel surrounds the shin and calf to create a gradient but consistent pressure at the calf while high denier yarns in back ensure maximum muscle stabilization.

StepSmart Drop Foot Brace Location: Right, Size: XLarge Large

23215 place: Right, Size: X-big / big Features: -Exclusive jacob joint pushes the foot into light dorsiflexion throughout the swing phase. -Pre-loaded feature of the joint absorbs shock and decelerates the plantarflexion phase instantaneously throughout heel strike. -Jacob joint comes complete with 3 sets of replaceable bumpers offering differing degrees of shock absorption. -lets the practitioner to change the shock absorption level to go with the weight and step length of the patient. Product Type: -Ankle/Foot.

Bauerfeind GloboPed Heel Relief Shoe vs DJO MaxTrax Walker 79-95455EA reviews

Bauerfeind GloboPed Heel break Shoe removes pressure from the heel for injuries and post surgical foot conditions. Ideal for treating diabetic and neuropathic heel ulcers, also as different other heel injuries and post surgical heel conditions. Features a removed lone from underneath the heel to eliminate stress when the foot makes contact with the ground. Unlike many other orthotic shoes, the Bauerfeind GloboPed Heel break Shoe has no interior stitching that can irritate the foot. Two (2) easy-to-close straps supply users with an best fit, while the seamless inner lining gives comfy support while walking. Helps decrease recuperation time and advertise faster curative.

Models to consider:
SK1652 – BD H&PC-09601439-BK-LGXL 3269-Golf 3DArt 134, Medium H&PC-02952
58403-c PED-1799211-8L9-NS-SIZ 7305EA3662-Relief ECS-470
ECS-473 P1291-LPED-1799211-7L BKC – 2002BKC – 2003 SWE23315
ECS-487 3362-HeelH&PC-07160 ECS-471H&PC-07979 3662-Relief
EH503FW B003LZRR1QFOT-8155 BKC0123ECS-495 ECS-489
PC141FB02-S 6326106CS10520CT BH700ECS-474 IG-310
PC141FB02-M BKC – 19987305CS SF-BSX-86568949ECS-468 ECS-490
3362-Heel 7300CSBKC – 2005 CM 1443CArt 166, Large BEAYG-BK1327
H&PC-01093 DF-RTW3-O54FAC141FB10-M ECS-49210A1201 ECS-493
ECS-470 MQW2B3662-Relief ECS-487Art 165, Large P1291-L
PED-1799211-8L ECS-491SF-BSX-86568949 H&PC-07160PC141FB02-S H&PC-01093
Art 166, Large ECS-4753662-Relief ECS-4896326106CS Art 134, Medium
7305EA SK1652 – BDBKC – 2001 H&PC-06330ECS-474 BEAYG-BK1327
FOT-8155 3362-HeelSWE23315 439-BK-LGXLBH700 SP-278
H&PC-02952 AC141FB10-MBKC – 1998 H&PC-022809-NS-SIZ ECS-490
ECS-495 BKC – 2002H&PC-07979 7300CSEH503FW 10A1201
ECS-471 10520CT3362-Heel BKC0123ECS-472 9-NS-SIZ
BKC – 2003 PED-1799211-7LIG-310 ECS-493ECS-494 ECS-468
ECS-472 H&PC-02952DWSC2004 PC141FB02-SECS-489 PED-1799211-8L
ECS-490 3362-HeelSK1652 – BD B003LZRR1QBKC – 1998 7300CS
MDT823330SW BKC0123ECS-475 BKC – 2003ECS-494 H&PC-07160
BKC – 2005 3269-Golf 3DAC141FB10-M Art 165, Large1448C PS-8M
P1291-L 3662-Relief10A1201 3662-Relief3662-Relief ECS-474
PC141FB02-M ECS-4709-NS-SIZ 7305CSDF-RTW3-O54F SP-278
ECS-487 Art 134, Medium7305EA BKC – 2001ECS-493 MQW2B
IG-310 439-BK-LGXLH&PC-02280 CM 1443C6147MLEA P8155
ECS-468 58403-cECS-491 Art 166, Medium3662-Relief BEAYG-BK1327


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