April 23, 2017

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General description

The Garaventa Evacu-Trac CD7 gives safe, dependable and fast emergency evacuation. The Evacu-Trac should be kept in any multi-story building where persons with disabilities live, work, or visit. In case of a fire, bomb threat or another emergency, elevators shouldn’t be used for emergency evacuation of a building. In this circumstance, people with disabilities can be trapped or have to wait for a long time in an area of refuge. The Evacu-Trac was engineered and rigorously tested to meet the most rigorous demands of an emergency evacuation bench. Easy to Set Up and Load Passenger into the Emergency Evacuation bench The Garaventa Evacu-Trac is lightweight, compact and sets up in seconds. The open sides of the Evacu-Trac are intended for easy move from a wheelchair. This can frequently be done without help. Once the passenger is located in the Evacu-Trac, Velcro straps are wrapped securely around the passenger’s torso and lower legs. The passenger is then wheeled to the stairway for descent. Failsafe Brake and Speed Governor Control the Descent The Evacu-Trac is totally stable and self-behind on flat surfaces and on the stairs. Its patented speed governor and braking system let a small attendant to easily evacuate a bigger person securely and maintain full control of the speed of descent. The lasting rubber tracks firmly grip the stairs and the safety brake can stop the unit on the stairs if needed. The Evacu-Trac comes with a sling seat, three safety straps and a deep foot pocket for passenger safety and comfort. Evacu-Trac Dimensions Capacity: 136kgs/300lbs Speed: 1. 1m(3. 6ft)/sec Stair Angle: 40 Max. Weight: 20. 7kgs/46lbs.

Compare with similar products:

MOBILITY HybridLX Rollator Transport #LX1000B

Lumex Hybrid LX Rollator Transport EVACU-TRAC bench In Majestic Blue Color 1 Each Packaging. The HybridLX is an groundbreaking rollator that combines the function of a wheeled walker and a transport bench into one lightweight design. Keeping the patient’s want for independence and comfort in mind, the HybridLX is intended with secure handgrips, a comfy and large seat and backrest, and the effortless design to transition from a rollator to a transport bench. Other features are: Lightweight frame – lasting, aluminum frame weighs only 22 lbs (this will include footrests) making it easier for users to move about freely. Hybrid idea – intended to be used mainly as a rollator while easily transforming into a transport bench with removable footrests (adjustable in length) when user needs a short rest. Super-Compact design – easy to assemble without the need for tools and folds effortlessly for convenient transport and storage. Easy-to-use handbrakes – let for short and longer period braking when used as rollator and transport bench (user must be accompanied when using as a transport bench). Adaptable, soft polyester backrest and 18" large mesh seat with pull up strap for easy folding gives comfort for user. Big 8" wheels for easy rolling indoor and outdoor on rough surfaces. Complete with storage pouch for personal things. Available in nice, modern color: Majestic Blue. Warranty: 3 years on Frame. Intended to meet the prerequisites of HCPCS E0143 & E0156. Plans:- Width Inside handgrips:18. 5″, in general Width:26″, in general Depth:40″, Depth Front To Rear:28. 5″, Seat Width:18″, Seat Depth:11″, Seat To Floor:21. 25″, Wheels:8″Black,PVC, Minimum Handle Height:30″, Maximum Handle Height:37″, Approx. User Height: 5’4″-6’2″, Weight Capacity:300lbs, Product Weight : 22lbs.

Drive Medical Travelite Transport Wheel in a Bag, Black

The Travelite Transport bench in a Bag from Drive Medical is a lightweight still tough aluminum framed movable bench. It’s easily transportable and comes with a compact carry bag, making it ideal for stowing away in cars, buses, trains, and more. This wheelchair may be used both indoors and outdoors on forgiving terrain, with a convenient step for the attendant to lift the bench over obstructions. This transport bench gives you the freedom to go, with the added convenience of folding up to a controllable size.

Invacare Bariatric Heavy Duty Transport

The Heavy-responsibility Transport bench is intended for persons requiring a transport bench that can support a weight up to 400 lbs. This transport bench is available in a 22″ seat width and comes complete with removable desk arms, a fold-down back and swingaway footrests. It also incorporates 12″ polyurethane rear wheels with flat-free tires for increased maneuvarability and 8″ hard rubber casters.

Convaid Metro Stroller (18" Red)

Perfect for kids and teens needing extra upper body and trunk support. Adjustable pelvic support means the Metro Transport Stroller offers more than other standard lightweight transport wheelchairs, perfect for kids and teens who lack upper body strength and trunk control. The wheelchair is compact-folding for easy storage and super lightweight to decrease strain on caregivers. The integrated contoured seat and adjustable trunk support help to accomplish correct positioning. All this and a restricted lifetime warranty make the Metro Transport Wheelchair an unmatched transport value. Available in two models: Basic, with fitted adjustability features, and a crash-tested Transit model, for use aboard a bus or van. The correct Seat Width measurement is decided by taking the widest point across between the hips and the knees when sitting comfortably and adding about 1 to 2 inches for your child’s comfort and growth.

Roscoe Medical KT19BG Steel Transport Wheel 19" Seat, Burgundy

Roscoe Transport Chairs offer choice and flexibility. Offered in a conventional steel or lightweight aluminum frame with a double-coated chrome or powder-coated finish that’s nice, chip-evidence, and easy to preserve. Weighing less than 26 pounds, it’s equipped with comfy, padded nylon and a folding backrest that makes it simple to pack and go. Comes complete with a seat belt for extra safety. Tool-free swing-away, aluminum footrests with heel loops come standard.

DSS Ascender Bariatric Transport/Day (Elev. Leg Support w/Attachment Clamp Rose) vs GARAVENTA LIFT EVACU-TRAC pricing

Ascender Bariatric Transport/Day bench Functions as both a transport and a room bench. High seat makes sit to stand easier and helps prevent hip dislocation. Patented retractable footrest with extra big platform. Adjustable angle seat back and seat bottom. Horizontal push bar helps caregivers avoid injury. Optional leg elevation attachment offers exceptional support.

G&M Best Folding Wheel Full Arms Removable Footrest Drive Medical wheel locks Lightweight Foldable

Product Type: Manual WheelchairPadded armrestsNylon upholstery is lasting, lightweight, nice, and easy to cleanUrethane tires mounted on composite wheels supply durability and low maintenanceWeight Capacity 130kgActual Product Weight: 9. 7kgNumber of Wheels: 4Overall Length w/ Riggings: 91cmOverall Product Width: 59cmPrimary Product Material: SteelSeat Depth: 41cmSeat Width: 43. 35cmThe handwheel diameter: 20cmBack height: 40cmInclude1X Folding Wheelchair.

Shower Transport Bath Toilet Commode Bariatric 20" Wide Seat Aluminum Adjustable vs GARAVENTA LIFT EVACU-TRAC review

Top Mobility Scooters offers the EZee Life aluminum attendant shower and commode bench model# 185 is a hybrid large 20″ commode and a transport bench in one. The bench comes with four 5″ locking casters to offer safety when the user doesn’t have to be moved. The seat cut-out gives comfort and lets the bench to be located over a regular toilet for use, however also comes with a can to be used anywhere it is needed. The aluminum frame of the Shower Commode bench is an nice white color and is tolerant to rust which makes it ideal for the shower. Footrests come standard and include adjustable height and angle footplates. The Aluminum Shower Commode bench is ideal for anybody who is looking for a shower bench and commode for their home. May be located over a regular toilet or used as a movable self contained commode. May be located over a regular toilet or used as a movable self contained commode. White aluminum frame is nice and rust tolerant.

Roscoe Medical KTA1916SABG Aluminum Transport Wheel, Burgundy

Roscoe Transport Chairs offer choice and flexibility. Offered in a conventional steel or lightweight aluminum frame with a double-coated chrome or powder-coated finish that’s nice, chip-evidence, and easy to preserve. Weighing less than 26 pounds, it’s equipped with comfy, padded nylon and a folding backrest that makes it simple to pack and go. Comes complete with a seat belt for extra safety. Tool-free swing-away, aluminum footrests with heel loops come standard.

Drive Medical Expedition Aluminum Transport Wheel Hand Brakes, Blue, 19" vs GARAVENTA LIFT EVACU-TRAC price

The Expedition Aluminum Transport bench features 19″. This folding transport bench comes standard with fixed completely-padded arms, a fold-down back and swing away footrests. It also has attendant-operated wheel locks for easy use. This bench gives safe and comfy transportation for users up to 250 lbs.

16" wheel removable desk armrest, swing away footrest

Powder coated steel frame is lightweight, strong and lasting. The wheelchair comes with padded armrests and plastic footplates. The vinyl upholstery is lasting, and easy to clean. There are urethane tires on the composite wheel; push to lock brakes. There are 8″ front casters which are adjustable in 3 positions. The bench comes with a carry pocket on the backrest extra convenience. There are swing-away footrests or swing-away elevating leg rests with adjustable length riggings. The weight capacity is 250 lbs. 16″ wheelchair with removable desk armrest, swing away footrest. 16″ seat with removable desk armrest, swing away footrest.

Excel Deluxe Aluminum Transport Wheel, 19w X 16d, 300lb Cap vs GARAVENTA LIFT EVACU-TRAC reviews

Ideal for travel – weighs just 22 lbs. Back folds down for easy storage and transport. Loop brakes and seatbelt for safety. Full-length padded armrests. Convenient swing-away, removable footrests. 12″ wheels with dual-sealed bearings for stability. Black nylon upholstery with blue powder coated frame. Capacity (Weight): 300 lbs. ; Base/Frame Material(s): Aluminum; Seat Width: 19″; Seat Depth: 16″.

Models to consider:
MDS808200SLRR 329BKLT-1000HB-BD TR20MDS808200F2P CBL102993
131-18-24W-IF 4 Large TiresCBL103242 MDS808200SLKRS-115wb-tp KT19BL
348P ZCH9201BLKLT-2019-BL LT-1000HB-BL745R Km5000-tp
EJ796-1 563-795BU-LTCPLA418RBDDA MDS808200ABE00002CA MDS808200BAR
7915A-1-GFSKU 808200SLRRHL460BL PT8505TR17SV-DDA MDS808200W
LT-2017-BL 379RKT19BG 330BLX1000B -GFSKU MDS808200BAR
140-26-24W-F-MRI CBL103293MDS808200SLRR MDS808200TRCBL103485 FW19BG
CBL103161 T-2017ATC17-RD 131-18″-24 WLX1000T MDS808200ARE
PLA418RBDDA HL460BLMDS808200F2P MDS808200AREMDS808200SL 563-795BU-LTC
NRS185007 ATC22-R140-26-24W-F-MRI DFL19-BL3J010330 EXP19BL
EJ796-1 S-2501MDS806250NH2 INV9201FW19BG 348P
MRI-TC450MRI MDS808200TRS-115wb-tp KT1912BMDS806300H2 FW19BL
319R TR22-RMDS808200AR ATC17-BLMDS808200E tr37e-sv-dda
LT-2019-BL EXP19RDLX1000B MDS808210ARCBL102993 131-18″-24 W
CBL103293 131-18-24W-MRILX1000B -GFSKU MDS808200AB4 Large Tires BTR22-R
MDS808210AR MIIMDS808210ABEMDG3906661 KTA1916SA-BLPB9400BL MDS808200SLRR
TR18 CBL103485EJNAV-18RD PLA418RBDDA140-26BAR-24W 131-18-24W-FS
808200SLRR 319BKEJNAV-18BK EJ789-1R-4602-T-BD PT8505
BTR22-B 131-18-24W-MRITS19 HL460RDAIRPTMBDY20 TR22-R
EXP19RD Km8520fFW19DB LT-2017-BLS-2501 tr37e-sv-dda
ECTR004 T-2017MS 3000 CBL103508T-2700 348P
MDS808200F2S 745RLTTB19FR CBL103242MDS808200ARE S-115wb-tp
MDS806250NH2 Km5000-tpMDS808200TR 131-18″-24 WMDS808200SLKR EJ790-1
CBL102993 HL460BLBTR22-R ZCH9201BLKLF1600 MDS808210AB
KTA1916SA-BL TR 18SB-B130-15-24W-SL FW19BLTR37E-SV DFL19-BL


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