April 23, 2017

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  • Quick action spring pull pins secure the ramp for transport in the folded flat or vertical positions
  • Leveler bolt and anti-tilt collar included
  • Steel expanded mesh surface with raised 4″ side rails
  • Carrier can be folded up flat vertically against the rear of the vehicle saving space when not in use
  • Extra long 27.5″ wide x 60″ long self storing loading ramp handles even the most dificult chairs/scooters
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

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6′ Portable Aluminum &

Quality movable wheelchair ramps Made in the USA by PVI with a maximum 600 lb. Circulated weight capacity. Great for power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, scooters, power-chairs, or simply as a walk ramp. Intended for increased access over stairs, steps, curbs and into side or rear van doors. Movable PVI suitcase style folding wheelchair ramps measure 72″L x 29. 875″W which fold compact to 41″L x 15″W x 9″H for carrying. DWR-6 wheelchair ramps will include handles, (2) steel security pins, and a fitted level. Each mobility ramp features a high traction grip tape surface and is made with high quality aluminum construction for many years of use.

E. Z. Access Pathway Classic Hrails

A seamless nonskid driving surface makes it safe, secure and ideal for scooters, walkers, wheelchairs, canes and crutches. Heavy-responsibility and extra-large, this 36″ large ramp features an 850-lb. Weight capacity and easily accommodates wider chairs. Extruded aluminum and powder-coated handrails. Ramp can be used without handrails if favored. The light weight is ideal for temporary or semi-permanent home access. Outside width is 40 1/4″; handrails are 35 3/4″H.

Silver Spring 3" Rubber Threshold

Easily overcome rises up to 3″ high in your wheelchair, scooter, or power bench with the Silver Spring Rubber hard Threshold Ramp perfect for use at home, at work, or anywhere mobility is an issue. Made with all-weather rubber, these threshold ramps are an ideal solution to navigate small rises during your home or office. Silver Spring steadily offers customers superior merchandise at cheap prices, entirely from Discount Ramps.

Twin T Size: 156" L

A11212A19 Size: 156″ L Features: -Perfect solution for wheelchair and scooter access. -Use it to get out of your home also as in and out of a car to get to your destination. Product Type: -Roll up ramp. Bariatric: -Yes. Main Material: -Metal. Number of things Included: -3. Outdoor Use: -Yes. Country of make: -United States. Size 120″ L – Weight Capacity: -2000 Pounds. Size 108″ L – Weight Capacity: -2000 Pounds. Dimensions: Size 204″ L – in general Width – Side to Side: -12″. Size 108″ L – Ramp Rise: -22″. Size 108″ L – in general Ramp Length – Front to Back: -108 Feet.

EZ Access Threshold 5.75" – 6.25"

Increase independence, accessibility, and mobility for those in need with an EZ Access Threshold Ramp. Available in many sizes, the EZ Access Threshold Ramp is a lightweight, movable mobility ramp exactly intended for placement near doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings. The EZ Access Threshold Ramp is ideal for single use but when paired with another EZ Access Threshold Ramp, makes any entry and/or exit safe, working, and convenient for any user. The EZ Access Ramp is perfect for indoor or outdoor use as it’s constructed of high-quality aluminum that’s weather tolerant and won’t rust or corrode long-lasting use for many years to come. 3-Year restricted warranty with a weight capacity of 600 pounds.

Clarke Health Care MP66 -6 in.6 in. MP vs 500 Lb Capacity pricing

Decpac disability wheelchair ramps are constructed from laminated fiberglass. The top surface has a textured non-slip tread and the edges are marked with a caution stripe. The top edge is indicated with a label and has a thick, grooved rubber pad to hold at the edge of the step. The rubber grip surface wont scratch or mar your flooring. MP66 has 4 panels and carry handles. Decpac ramps have a 660 lb capacity. Length: 66″. Width: 29. 5″. Suggested rise: Up to 20″.

Clevr 4′ x 30" Non-Skid Aluminum Briefcase Traction Portable

Crosslinks is proud to bring you the Clevr 3ft aluminum loading ramp for wheelchairs and power scooters gives conveniently safe access to porches, curbs, and landings. The Clevr wheelchair ramps increase accessibility around the home and fold for storage and easy portability. Each ramp features a 29″ large usable grit coat surface for superior traction in any weather condition, safety pins for landing attachment, a fitted carrying handle. The lasting all-aluminum construction lets for maximum durability and portability. The Clevr ramp weights only 24 lbs but can withstand 600 lbs. Features:fitted handle for easy transporting Can hold up to 600lbsTraction Tape48″L x 30″W x 2″HWeights only 24lbsFolded: 15″W x 48″LFull 6061 Aluminum constructionNote:This product is intended and finished for use in a commercial environment. So surface imperfections like scratches, scuffs and indents can be found. This is normal and to be projected on merchandise of this nature.

Threshold, Rubber w/ Beveled Sides vs 500 Lb Capacity review

Slip tolerant and made completely of recycled tires, the EZ-ACCESS Transitions Angled Entry Mat is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and gives a safe and smooth ground-to-sill transition. It’s particularly practical for sliding glass doors because it doesn’t get in the way with the door track. Usable width is 36″ (40″ and 43″ in general as well as bevels) with a maximum height of 1″ and 2″.

120" Triple Loading

EZ-Access Trifold Ramp – 10 Foot Long – The TRIFOLD ramp offers the length obliged for wheelchairs and scooters to access mini and full-size vans, steps, and raised landings with ease. The distinctive 3-fold design gives the compact storage and portability earlier available only in smaller ramps. The Light-weight ramp is made of aluminum and features a fitted carrying handle and lasting, non-skid driving surface.

Trifold Advantage Series 6′ vs 500 Lb Capacity price

6 x 29. 5 Curbs 1-3 Steps Minivans Some Vans & SUVs The TRIFOLD Advantage Series ramp with its distinctive 3-fold design offers the length obliged for wheelchairs and scooters to easily access steps vehicles and raised landings The ramp is intended to be used and carried as one unit or if wanted may be separated into two individual sections by just removing two hinge pins the ramp quickly separaes into two lightweight halves each with their own handle Ergonomically intended adaptable non-breakable handles offer convenient carrying and a comfy grip The patent pending hinge design features interlocking brackets to offer smoother operation and reduced pinch points Ramp features an applied skid-tolerant surface with reflective safety stripes also as self-adjusting bottom transition plates for easy conversion from ramp to ground made of welded aircraft-grade aluminum Weight Capacity: 800 Lbs.

Rage sports THR1 Aluminum Threshold

These modular, free-standing threshold ramps are available in seven sizes to work with a range of doorways, raised landings, or single steps. The ramps are made of lightweight aluminum with a non-slip surface and include predrilled holes for optional permanent mounting. Hardware for assembly and mounting is included.

EZ Edge Hicap Access – 1-3/4" H x 18" D x 49-5/8" W vs 500 Lb Capacity reviews

EZ Edge Rubber Threshold merchandise are a safe and efficient solution to nearly every vertical rise barrier that will bound accessibility to those with disabilities. SafePath merchandise are environmentally green, safe, and meet particular ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) access code-compliant rules. These rubber transitions are easy to install and are a less costly solution in comparison to the alternatives. Effectively eliminate trip hazards in doorways, step in showers, and any other obstructions where there are uneven surfaces. Never again will you must be contained or have restricted accessibility caused by a disability. These rubber transitions offer a non-slip solution that may also establish direct wheel bench access. The 49-5/8″ large EZ Edge Ramp comes in two pieces to be glued down side by side for a seamless ramp. Price listed is for (1) 1-3/4″ H x 18″ D x 49-5/8″ W EZ Edge Rubber Wheelchair Ramp in the color Black.

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  1. Highland (9210600) 6′ Blue Cambuckle Tie Down with Hooks – 4 piece
  2. EZ-ACCESS ories Power Chair Cover, 3.25 Pounds
  3. Master Lock 2866DATSC Swivel Head Receiver Lock, Chrome
  4. Drive Medical Universal Cup Holder
  5. TMS Folding Strong Electric Wheelchair Hitch Carrier Mobility Scooter Loading Ramp
  6. ALEKO 500Lb Capacity Wheelchair and Power Scooter Folding Cargo Carrier Rack with the Foldable Ramp
  7. Maxxtow Towing Products 70275 52-1/2″ x 29″ Aluminum Cargo Carrier with 60″ Folding Ramp
  8. Best Choice Products SKY1700 Mobility Wheelchair Carrier (Electric Scooter Rack Hitch Disability Medical Ramp)

Models to consider:
FTR-6 SUITCASE SS5A12608A19 Right: 305223RTWR-V2-10 AR106
HOM2500 THSS24SFW530 A13608A19SCG-5Rage thresh 5″
THR15 BAWR-G-38-12A2610KL TMER 2SKY1700 BPR648
THR 250-1 SFW530ST1904 SY-259336-LSL530 TH2432
THR1 STDS1095UTW630 TAER 24BAR836 WCR630
BPR448 AWR-G-38-16ATAEM 1.5-1 TH1232TH1632 RAEZ1110
MPEB55 A13607A19MF10 WCR830WCR730 ST1901
THRESH 1 TWR-V2-3-5WCMF-8 A13007A19BAR836 3PRAMP
RAEZ1110 HOM2650BAR536 HOM2500-GFSKUTH1232 305221R
THR 250-1 XPS536A13608A19 SY-259336-LWCR830 SUITCASE TFAS05
THRESH 6 UTW630thresh 5″ SL430AWR-G-38-16A UTW830
RAEZ1310 SFW430SCG-5Rage WCMF-5MF10 BAR736
HOM2650-GFSKU 305221LDWR-7 3PRAMPAWR-G-38-16A 2610KL
SKY1700 A13607A19MPEB66 WCR730SUITCASE TFAS05 ST1904
WCMF-8 WCMF-5ST1901 HOM2600-GFSKUUTW830 SY-259336-L
A13606A19 TMER 2AR106 BPR448UTW630 (1)PKR2727-YEL
MF10 TAER 24A13007A19 AS 8KP-EZ-TMEM 2.5-1 THR1
AR103 HOM2500SFW530 TH2432THRESH 1 TMR5B
TH1232 THSS24WCR530 A12608A19SL530 MPEB55
XPS536 WCR830Pathway CS10 SL330BAWR-G-28-14A UTW1030


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