April 23, 2017

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The Quincy Lab 12-140 incubator is an analog, thermal convection incubator with temperature vary from ambient + 2 to 62 degrees C, an interior capacity of 2. 0 cubic feet, and a +/- 0. 75 degree C stability at 37 degrees C. It comes with one fixed and one adjustable chrome-plated wire counter for customization. The bimetal temperature controller has an analog temperature handle that changes the temperature. An illuminated power switch indicates when the unit is powered on and a heat-cycle light indicates when the heater is cycled on. It has a see-through tinted acrylic door for safety and temperature consistency. This incubator has an interior of aluminum and outside of cold-rolled steel that’s powder coated in ivory colored paint. This unit complies with Underwriters Laboratory for the United States (UL) and Canada (C/UL) standards. This incubator is intended for warming cultures, test kits, eggs, and other biological samples in medical, industrial, and academic settings.

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Benhmark Sientifi H00-H MyTemp Mini Digital Inubar with Heating Only,

With digital temperature control, the 12-140 Benchmark Scientific H2200-H MyTemp Mini incubator gives convenient “set and walk away” operation, eliminating the need for external thermometers and recurring “good tuning” of an analog control handle. Simply decide the wanted temperature and the H2200H will now begin to heat up while precisely monitoring the chamber temperature and conveniently showing the temperature in concurrent on the big LED control panel. In spite of a simple footprint of 14. 5 x 13″, the H2200 H MyTemp incubators feature big interior chambers, able of storing flasks and bottles up to 2 L. Also, the incubators include two adjustable/ removable shelves for increased capacity. A mini nutating rocker (supplied with both flat and dimpled mats) is available for agitation of samples throughout incubation.

US SkWakrays Aumati Egg Inubar Poultry Hather Brooder Aumati Egg Turning hiken 11 Eggs 110V

Material: Metal and Plastic Incubator Size: 48. 3 x 46. 3 x 37. 5cm/18. 8 x 18. 1 x 14. 6inch (L x W x H) Package Size: 51 x 52. 5 x 42. 5cm/7. 8 x 20. 5 x 16. 6inch (L x W x H) One level Height: 12. 3cm/4. 8inch Capacity: 112 eggs Layers: 2 Layers Voltage: 110V, 50HZ Power: 80W Plug Type: US Plug suited for: Chicken, Birds, Duck and other fowl eggs LED Screen Display: Temperature, Humidity, Hatching day and Egg Turning Time Function: Reproduced Machine.

Benhmark Sientifi H00-H MyTemp Mini Digital 0.75 ubi Foot/0L apaity, Heat only, 1 60 10

The Benchmark Scientific H2200-H MyTemp digital heating incubator has a 0. 75 cubic foot/20L capacity to keep samples at a constant temperature. The temperature range is ambient + 1 to 60 degrees C. The incubator has a temperature uniformity of +/- 1. 5 degrees C and an accuracy of 0. 5 degrees C at 37 degrees C. Temperature may be set in one degree increments. The LED panel displays the interior temperature. Two storage shelves are adjustable or may be removed for taller objects. The incubator weighs 15lbs. /6. 5kg and has a 14. 5 x 13. 2″ footprint (W x D, where W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back). Variable 100 to 240V, 50 to 60Hz power supply. SpecificationsTemperature rangeAmbient + 1 to 60 degrees CCapacity0. 75 cubic feet/20LTemperature uniformity+/- 1. 5 degrees C at 37 degreesTemperature accuracy+/- 0. 5 degrees CDisplayLEDFootprint14. 5 x 13. 2 inches (W x D)Interior dimensions12. 8 x 10. 3 x 9. 3 inches/32. 5x 26 x 23. 5 (H x W x D)outside dimension18. 7 x 14. 5 x 13. 2 inches/47. 5 x 37 x 33. 5cmPower supply100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, autorangingWeight15lbs. /6. 5kgH is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back. Incubators maintain best conditions like temperature and humidity to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures. They’re usually used for experimental work in biology, microbiology, and molecular biology labs. Benchmark Scientific manufactures sterilization and temperature control equipment, centrifuges and mixers, and other laboratory merchandise. The company, founded in 2008, is headquartered in South Plainfield, NJ.

1-180E Steel Digital 1.8 ubi feet,, 35W

E models add all the features of our analog models but offer easy temperature setting and the stability of a full PID microprocessor that precisely maintains settings inside +/- 0. 5 C in varying ambient or power supply conditions. A distinctive temperature tracking feature stores temperature deviation from set point. This feature helps to confirm stability or point to any control malfunction or power loss during a procedure period. The control features big LED’s that continuously display procedure temperature and a setting lock mode that protects against inadvertent modification.

Benhmark Sientifi BSH1001 Single Position Digital Dry Bath 0 Width x 8 Height x 3 Depth m, A, 5 150 Degree

This Single Position BenchMark Digital DryBath offers digital control over both temperature and time, eliminating the need for an external thermometer or timer. The unit is very space economical. The cavities of the high grade aluminum blocks are precision machined to go with the conical size and form of 0. 5, 1. 5, 2. 0, 15 and 50ml tube sizes, unsurpassed temperature uniformity. Nine assorted blocks are available in total for compatibility with almost all common tube sizes. Custom blocks are available upon ask. This Benchmark Dry Bath offers a fitted user recalibration function to ensure lasting temperature accuracy. The Dry Bath will include an easy-to-use block lifter with a temperature insulated handle for fast, convenient exchange of blocks while they’re still hot. Single Position unit holds one block at a time. Temperature range: ambient +5 to 150 C. Temperature resolution: 0. 1 C. Temperature accuracy: +/-0. 2 C. Temperature increments: 0. 1 C. Temperature uniformity: +/-0. 2 C. Timer: 1 to 999 minutes. Dimensions (W x D x H): 20 x 23 x 8cm (7. 8 x 9 x 3. 2 inches). Block dimensions: 7. 6 x 9. 5 x 5cm (3 x 3. 75 x 2 inches). Chamber: fast heating aluminum. Operating temperature range: +4 C to +65 C. Electrical: 115V AC, 60Hz (ask for product in 230V, 50Hz). Warranty: 2 Years. Sold individually. Benchmark Scientific #: BSH1001.

Benhmark Sientifi BSW13 Aluminum Dry Bath Heating Blok for Digital Dry Bath 0 x 1mm or 13mm Test Tubes apaity vs Quincy Lab 12-140 115V pricing

Block holds twenty 12mm or 13mm test tubes for Benchmark Digital Dry Bath (BSH1001, BSH1002, BSH1004). Block cavities are precision machined to go with the conical form of the tube size, unsurpassed temperature uniformity. Block size: 3 x 3. 75 x 2 inches (7. 6 x 9. 5 x 5cm). Capacity: 20 test tubes. Tube size: 12mm to 13mm. Material: high grade aluminum. Sold individually. Benchmark Scientific #: BSW1213.

Inubar 30 Liters

Lab. Incubators are general function laboratory incubators which are ideal for cultures, eggs, microbiology, and other biology in hospitals, industries, and laboratories. PID Temperature Control gives auto reimbursement after load changes, setting changes or door opening for excellent accuracy. Natural convection heat distribution combines with the adjustable air vents to offer excellent uniformity. Double wall construction, fiberglass insulation provided on 5 sides also as between inner and outer walls, and silicon rubber door sealing decrease heat loss and power drain. Stainless steel interior chamber and shelves are corrosion tolerant, lasting and easy to clean. Powder covering outside is beautiful, lasting, and corrosion tolerant.

Thermo Heratherm 5108063 Model IGS60 General Prool Mirobiologial orary Interior Glass, 13.9" Width x 0" Height x vs Quincy Lab 12-140 115V review

This Model IGS60 General Protocol incubator has a 75L capacity. The Thermo Scientific Heratherm incubator is supported by a two-year warranty on parts and labor, meaning confidence for your investment. Offers safe view of samples through interior glass door, without affect on temperature. An interior light helps sample observation. Safe conditions with superior temperature uniformity. Safe containment with auto overtemperature alarm. Alarm in case of temperature deviations. Easy temperature setting with intuitive user interface. Easy to take off “One Click” counter system. Easy to clean interior with rounded corners. Big vacuum fluorescent display for easy reading. Economical small footprint to optimize benchtop space. Conveniently stackable without the need for tools or stacking kits. Economical utilization of interior with adaptable counter system. Will include RS232 data interface. CCSAus certified. Gravity convection gives light airflow, with minimized drying out of samples. The best choice for applications with open plates, or open containers. Corrosion tolerant stainless steel chamber (AISI 430). Airflow technology: Gravity Convection. Temperature range: ambient +5 – 75°C. Spatial temperature deviation at 37°C: +/- 0. 6°C. Temperature deviation over time at 37°C: +/- 0. 2°C. Footprint: 0. 3sq m/3. 2sq ft. Chamber volume: 75L/2. 6cu ft. Chamber (W x H x D): 13. 9 x 20 x 16. 3in. Outside (W x H x D): 20. 9 x 28. 3 x 22. 2in. Supplied with 2 shelves; can hold 13 shelves maximum. Weight: 88lb. 120V/60Hz. Thermo Scientific #: 51028063.

Four E’s Sientifi Mini Dry Bath Inubar with Heating Lid with 15 x1.5ml heating blok, 5 100 Degree

Plans: Model :TC0401006 Temperature Control Range:RT + 5C100C Timing Range:099h59min Temp. Control Accuracy:0. 5C Display Accuracy:0. 1C Heating Time (25C to Max. Temp. ):≤15min Heating cover:yes Dimension(L x W x H) mm:164 x 116 x 98 Net Weight:0. 90kg Company profile: Guangzhou Four E’s scientific Co.Ltd is founded to serve the laboratory market global and was recognized as one of China’s leading manufacturers and marketers of top quality scientific instruments and laboratory supplies. Certified by ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003,we concentrate on dependable quality in the most ocst efficient way. We care about our product and value our customers. We generally strive for finished buyer satisfaction and our mutual success.

R-om MX-SURO Plati/Metal Digital Inubar vs Quincy Lab 12-140 115V price

The R-COM Suro has auto Egg Turning by the use of the turning cradle but more important it has full humidity control and temp control with digital readout. It also has a common tray for all egg types. For cleaning the incubator it easily disassembled, in fact the design is such that it’s one of the simplest incubators to clean on the market today. A great economical egg incubator, giving amazing features for the price. Features: High refined design with simplified form. For the beginner to the professional, the most competitive with high quality. Auto Temp and Humidity Setting and Control function. Temperature and humidity calibration and setting function by user ( Factory setting: 37. 5 degrees C, 45). Temperature display, ‘C/’F changeable. Auto egg turning available with Auto Egg Cradle (EGG VAN) as per 1 hour. Humidification control Function with auto Pumping System (A. P. S. ). Big clear View Window. 24 Hen egg capacity (or equivalent) · Electronic Control parts on- touch attachable and removable. 4 air ventilation holes. Duplicated insulation base by bottom body and egg tray. Common Tray for all egg types.

.0 ubi Ft Analog ontrol Steel Inubar 1-180

The 180 Series of incubators picks up where the 140 Series left off, as far as having a better temperature range and a higher upper bound of 200F/93C. It was intended and developped for laboratories that needed a more reliable and compact incubator for cultures, test kits, eggs, and other biologicals. For lab applications that require a constant thermal environment, this series is ideal for medical, industrial and school laboratories, physicians’ offices, and as a general function warming cabinet. Featuring economical analog controls, and a light-pressure thermal convection system, the interior is manufactured from high grade aluminum, while the outside is cold-rolled steel that was powder coated in a “cleam room” ivory color. A steel door completes the unit, helping to shield any light-sensitive merchandise. With a exact bimetal controller, the 12-180 can maintain temperatures up to 93C, with a stability of 0. 75C (calculated at 37C, under controlled ambient conditions). The control panel has an illuminated power switch, also as a heat cycle pilot light. One fixed and one adjustable chrome-plated wire counter are inside the unit for use, and the interior temperature may be gauged using the enviro-friendly spirit thermometer.

net Mini Inubar for Life Siene s, Temp. Range: 5 60, Max. apaity: 9. liters vs Quincy Lab 12-140 115V reviews

Labnet’s Mini Incubator is compact and inexpensively priced, still offers features not usually found in a basic incubator. The housing is all metal, as is the door frame. A plexiglass window in the door offers full visibility to the interior. One counter is included, and may be adjusted to three different levels – extra shelves may be bought to increase storage capacity. The heating elements in Labnet’s Mini Incubator are incorporated into the bottom and sides of the housing. This gives better temperature stability and uniformity than other incubators in its class. A grommet hole in the top of the unit can hold a thermometer for correct temperature setting. Also, the Mini Incubator has a port in the rear of the chamber which lets for an electrical cord to be routed out the back. Labnet’s Mini LabRoller is a perfect fit and may be used in the Incubator with any of the available rotisseries. A combo package is available which will include the Mini Incubator and LabRoller, with the accessory rotisseries.

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  1. Quincy Lab 10 140 Acrylic See Through Door Incubator, Ambient + 2 to 62 Degrees C Temperature Range, 0.7 Cu. Ft. Capacity, 115V
  2. Benchmark Scientific H2200 H MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator, 0.75 Cubic Foot/20L Capacity, Heat only, Ambient + 1 to 60 Degrees C Temperature Range, 100 240V, with US Plug
  3. Quincy Lab 12 140E Digital Acrylic Door Incubator, 2 Cu. Ft. Capacity, 115V
  4. Thermo Scientific Heratherm 50125590 Model IMC18 Compact Microbiological Laboratory Incubator, Mechanical Convection, 17 to 40 Degree C Temperature Range, 0.65 Cubic Foot/18L Capacity, 100 to 240V, with US Plug
  5. BEAR 23I Digital Incubator 23 Liter Capacity
  6. BEAR 10I Analogue Incubator 10 Liter Capacity
  7. AKDY 12 Bottle Single Zone Thermoelectric Stainless Steel Freestanding Wine Cooler Cellar Chiller Refrigerator Fridge Quiet Operation
  8. Across International AT09.110 Stainless steel AccuTemp 5 Sided Pad Heating, 0.9 cu. ft. Vacuum Oven with Back Fill Capability

Models to consider:
12-140AE BMK-BSW1213I5110 MX-50TC0401005 H2200-H
TC0401006 10-140AEH2200-H WH002113DSI-300D 10-140E
BMK-BSH1002 12-140ECOMBI-SV12/110V SKY2442BMK-BSH1001 12-180E
COMBI-SV12/110V 10-140AEDSI-300D BMK-BSH1001H2200-H BMK-BSW1213
TC0401005 BMK-BSW1516I5110 H2200-HMX-50 TC0401006
12-140E SKY244212-140AE 10-140EWH002113 BMK-BSH1002
DSI-300D H2200-H10-140AE BMK-BSH1002TC0401006 12-140E
MX-50 I5110BMK-BSW1213 WH002113COMBI-SV12/110V 12-180E
SKY2442 12-140AETC0401005 H2200-HBMK-BSH1001 BMK-BSW1516


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