April 23, 2017

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  • Knobbed silicone insert activates several key joint muscles (vastus medialis, gastrocnemius)
  • Reduces swelling and edema and optimizes temperature regulation providing a cool, comfortable fit
  • See Image Gallery for Sizing Chart
  • Decreases pain and swelling in the medial compartment
  • Lightweight, breathable, anatomical knit provides controlled compression
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General description

Bauerfeind Genutrain A3 Knee Brace The Bauerfeind Genutrain A3 Knee Brace softly supports the knee by controlled compression during the joint, while relieving pressure over the patella. The Bauerfeind Genutrain A3 Knee Brace centers the patella throughout joint motion and rouses the skin receptors and nerve endings in the muscle-tendon transition around the knee to improve proprioception and decrease ache and puffiness. Knobbed silicone put activates some number of key joint muscles (vastus medialis, gastrocnemius). Decreases ache and puffiness in the medial compartment. Lightweight, breathable, anatomical knit gives controlled compression. Decreases puffiness and edema and optimizes temperature guideline allowing a cool, comfy fit. Special stretch knit in calf area helps easy donning and doffing. Silicone banding at the top on the support and medial/lateral stays prevent migration. Great for athletes or more active people with patellar and arthritic ache. Promotes proprioception, heightening sensory awareness in knee for increased joint stabilization. Special, non-irritative weave in the important area behind the knee prevents bunching and pinching. Machine washable makes it simple to care for and cost efficient. GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE. Indications The GenuTrain A3 is indicated for knee strains/sprains, pre & post-operative, knee inflammation, arthritis degenerative joint illness chondromalacia osteoarthritis. Objectives Increase activity. Delay operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Improve knee joint function. Improve life quality.

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Bort Umbilical & Abdominal Hernia Truss Belt-#3

The Bort Umbilical and stomach 11041251010601-MaParent Hernia Support Truss Belt is a great product to help decrease umbilical hernia ache. Hernia ache may be painful and uneasy, and this hernia belt for men and women may be worn to help ease that ache and discomfort. Umbilical hernias usually happen when the intestine fat or liquid pushes through a weak spot in the stomach, causing puffiness near the stomach button. This product has two splints, one on each side, which gives the belt extra support. The brace is 5. 1 inches in height, which covers the complete stomach button area. It’s made of breathable, elastic compression with Velcro fastening that assists to support an umbilical hernia. The removable pad cover is made of soft terry cloth for maximum comfort. The truss belt also will include a curved pad with an sticky level that lets for individual positioning under the cover. Replacements for the pad are available to buy when needed. This bandage comes in the color white and is to be worn underneath your clothing. The Bort Umbilical and stomach 11041251010601-MaParent Hernia Support Truss Belt is available in three different sizes ranging from of 23″ to 60″ in hip circumference.

Juzo 1921SA L Slippie Gator-Slip On Aid – Long

The Juzo Slippie Gator is the newest donning and doffing device in the slippie family. This product works with both OPEN and CLOSED TOE stockings. This product may help put on and take off your hosiery in an easy and convenient way. Features: -; One device for donning and doffing -; Pull up tabs to decrease bending over -; Re-usable bag for storage -; Works with open & closed toe stockings -; Regular size fits most – big size for those with big feet & ankles -; Easy-to-follow information included -; Pad sold individually.

Aspen Vista Collar

The Aspen Vista band is a totally new height-adjustable device that’s intended to fit almost every size patient. Now, just one product is all it takes to get the perfect fit the 1st time sizing the product to the patient’s neck. Unlike the standard model, the Aspen Vista band features a brand new telescoping height adjuster that requires just a fast turn to increase the height for a small to a tall patient. All bubble padding is removable for easy washing and substitute padding is an available choice for the Aspen Vista. The Aspen Vista cervical band is every bit as comfy to wear as it’s supportive for limiting neck motion.


SLPR SOCK BRTC XWD DBLP 2EA/PR 48PR/CS MCK BRANDBrand: Medi-Pak? PerformanceManufacture Id: 40-1099-001Medi-Pak? Performance Terries Slipper SocksDouble ImprintBariatric, Extra WideRoyal BlueDouble-printed slippers guarantee that skid-tolerant tread is generally in contact with the walking surface. Premium-quality terry cloth. Constructed with loops on the inside, beside the wearer’s skin, for comfort. Soft, breathable poly/nylon knit. Greatly-elastic, comfy cuff and body help supply a secure fit without being constrictive. Color coded for easy sizing. Machine washable. Not made with natural rubber latex. Packaged: One Pair Per Package, 48 Pairs Per Case.

#413174 Convatec SUR-FIT Natura ® Two-Piece Closed End Pouch – 1 3/4" Flange Box of 60

ConvaTec 413174ConvaTec SUR-FIT Natura Standard Closed-End Pouch is a two-part ostomy system that offers versatility and may be interchanged or removed with other pouch types without removing the skin barrier. This 51413174 closed-end pouch is intended for one-time handling, which makes it ideal for special instances, everyday use or for intimate times. The ConvaTec 413174 pouch removes the need of emptying a pouch and manipulates a rear closure.

Women’s Ultrasheer 30-40 mmHg High Sock Size: X-Large Full Calf, Color: Classic Black vs Bauerfeind GenuTrain Right 11041251010601-MaParent pricing

119016 Size: X-big Full Calf, Color: Classic Black Pictured in Natural Features: -Sock. -Material: 60pct Nylon, 40pct spandex – latex free. -Fabric: Sheer. -Toe type: Closed toe. -Accuracy, quality and durability come together in one of the most fashionable lines of support stockings in the complete business. -Fashion and effectiveness rolled all into one. -Lightweight, comfy and greatly efficient in optimizing leg health. -Easy to wear. -Seamless round knitted for a soft, silky look and comfy feel. -Reciprocated heel and toe for better fit and durability. -Nylon and spandex yarns joint with a silicone blend softener for easier donning and comfort. -Condition: degenerative venous insufficiency (CVI), deep vein thrombosis (DVT), average / serious puffiness, varicose veins – average / serious. -Sold as a pair. Alternatives: -Available in some number of colors. -Available in small, medium, big, big full calf, x-big and x-big full calf sizes. Dimensions: -Style / Length: Knee high.

Prenatal Cradle – V2 er – Large

Prenatal Cradle – V2 Supporter – big throughout pregnancy, vulvar varicosities can happen for many reasons. Increased weight of the enlarged uterus on occasion creates pressure on veins in the pelvic area and interferes with the flow of blood returning from the legs. Naturally higher levels of estrogen advertise growth, while increased progesterone tends to relax the smooth muscles of the vein walls. The relaxed veins can become distended and ””””pop out”””” as vulvar varicosities. Wearing the V2 supporter before increasing in the morning, helps prevent extreme puffiness of the vulvar veins. The V2 Supporter gives clinically proven compression medical care suggested for: Vulvar Varicosities (also used post sclerotherapy) Lympedema Perineal edema Incontinence External prolapsed bladder or uterus The V2Supporter is: Doctor suggested Adjustable for maximum comfort and support Safe, efficient, and convenient Soft, lightweight, and machine washable (line dry) ? Size Pant Size (pre-pregnancy) Weight (current) big 20 – 28 201 – 240 Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Refer to the product description.

Tecnomed Belt Slimming Body Shaper Back Pain and Lumbar vs Bauerfeind GenuTrain Right 11041251010601-MaParent review

TECNOMED strength is presently the Best waist trimmer Belt available all over the world, with this belt you’ll decrease unwanted inches around the waist in a short time, Also Helps supply support to stomach and lower back, The Belt has a distinctive design that emphasizes correct alignment in your core muscles. Most stress and damage is put on the lower back throughout exercise, Tecnomed strength waist belt is Available in Size Extra-Small, Small, Medium, big and Extra-big. Also come available in different colors: Pink-Black, Blue-Black, Yellow-Black, Orange-Black, Green-Black, Purple-Black and totally Black. (The Belt isn’t constructed with neoprene) distinctive construction design wich offer the best quality results in your waist, Avoid hard trainning without a correct Core muscle protection.

Teleroid Back and Waist ive Compression Undershirt Women’s, White/Solid White, X-Large, 12 Count

Back & Waist Supportive Compression Undershirt Women’s, White, XL is one of the best ways to a sleeker physique that gives all day comfort and support. This Back & Waist Supportive Compression Undershirt is the ideal way to get that leaner look in an instantly while giving essential support for your waist and lumbar region on your back it seems just like a regular undershirt, however features 16 fitted firming panels to tighten and firm your waist, midsection and lower back. Not only can you lose some number of inches around your waist in seconds, however it also gives extra support to your back and improves your posture. It is great for wearing under all your beloved shirts, and will have you looking and feeling more toned and thin.

LipoBelt Advanced Cold Targeting Technology Complete Box Set (L/XL) vs Bauerfeind GenuTrain Right 11041251010601-MaParent price

Cryotherapy was used for centuries to treat different illnesses and injuries, and became a widely accepted technique for biological regeneration and curative. In recent years, the exceptional effects of Cryotherapy have also been observed in body aesthetics by firming, toning, and smoothing the skin and body. LipoBelt was worked on so that you may carefully and effectively harness the power of Cryotherapy right in your home. Patented Cold aiming at Technology makes LipoBelt distinctly different from standard cold packs. Our proprietary gel refrigerant formula reaches 15-20F below standard packs, and its chamber design absorbs and diffuses heat during the surface of the pack. By diffusing the heat, LipoBelt can maintain a exactly low temperature range for over 60 minutes – three times longer than the 20 minutes offered by standard packs. Joint with a specially woven fabric barrier to protect the skin from frostbite and cold burns, and a soft neoprene belt that hugs the body for compression, the LipoBelt system is unparalleled in design and engineering.

Posey Ergonomic Walking Belts, Large 36-46 in.

The Posey Ergonomic Walking Belts is constructed of lasting, heavy cotton with plastic handles on each side and a rear cotton handle to offer a firm grip for attendants on either side of the patient. Plus, medical research shows the Posey Ergonomic Walking Belt decreases caregiver back injuries by 50 when used in conjunction with teaching interventions.

Bennoti Men’s Circulation Improving Muscle Compression Slim Shirt, Black vs Bauerfeind GenuTrain Right 11041251010601-MaParent reviews

Look pounds and inches slimmer instantly. Wear our cool and comfy Bennoti Men’s Circulation Improving Muscle Compression Shirt under your clothing to slenderize your figure, while also improving your posture. Revolutionary spandex-blend fibers and compression and support. Machine Wash. This Compression thin Shirt offers many features. One of the features is the Corrective Back Support which soothes minimal-light back soreness or muscle cramping. It targets your vertebrae with your lumbar region excellent support and improving your over all posture. The Compression Shirt is uniquely intended with Slimming Side Panels which target your oblique regions/love handles. The front part of the Shirt offers a front firming panel which assists in slenderizing your stomach area while giving you that “Tummy Tuck” break.

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Models to consider:
V2-MED ec-65747846566-BGR-L a13060500ux05222186-Thigh High PC141NB03-S-MDM
EB9010 H&PC-07259VH-SH85 REG ORT4561ME8100 3022ACFS 3
H&PC-03014 WDP33022ACFS 1 MKM-PRO10202TMR ME660
5130-BK-L 5115R-B-M5070 Cast Cutter 1757BL-TH&PC-01900 H&PC-09395
48510EN 2062ADSH I13251D H&PC-06988ORT21200 2186-Thigh High
13253P 02PLRTONUS 0511-01 1757BG-M76312A CB-01-020
119 BEI XL ASP-995031SG583D100 D1032-15DJ141KB11-CL 514R-B-M
6566-BGR-L 3021ACFS 4H&PC-02299 a15071600ux0338OG-312NP 5115R-B-M
101-CC 7991DD-BK-3XL46TLS-A DJ143CT07-L0355A5 G H-40(3) L B
ORT12300S H&PC-019003022ACFS 3 V2-MEDMKM-PRO102 5115R-B-M
21981336-bea-sp H&PC-02299H&PC-09451 46TLS-ASC-2004 8837R-BKBK-I
101-CC 45843EN5115R-B-M a15072400ux0568FB-BS0RT00L CB-01-020
H&PC-20326 8201T-BK-3XL0355A5 5130-BK-LORT130005 48462EN
ME660 48190EN3021ACFS 3 7.11769E+1102MLL a15072400ux0576
G BSM-715 2XL IV MO9500M1757BL-T 412VM9902TMR 514R-B-M
MG08-3XL-BE 2186-Thigh High13251D a13060500ux05222062ADSH I H&PC-07259
OG-312NP 514R-B-MSCMXL550 I HS-484 L02MLR DJ143CT07-L
SPO-2420000WL BH161AW01-L/XLG H-40(3) L B DJ141KB11-CL2186-Thigh High 3022ACFS 1
H&PC-09451 OG-312NPORT12300S a15072400ux05688201T-BK-3XL SG583D100
BH161HG01-M 13253PDC-02S 48462EN45843EN I HS-484 L
1757BG-M 6566-BGR-LFB-EBSLT00L 101-CC2186-Thigh High 3021ACFS 4
H&PC-03709 V2-MED5115R-B-M 48190ENP73000 a15072400ux0576
H&PC-01900 a13060500ux0522H&PC-02299 H&PC-20326HS-484 F-CPWHT6-010
2186-Thigh High ec-657478402MLL ORT13000502PMR 13252PS
H&PC-09395 2062ADSH ICB-01-020 46TLS-A76312A 1757BL-T
MSO-HTP7906 SCMXL5505115R-B-M BJCAM0018837R-BKBK-I 5130-BK-L
3022ACFS 1 WDP3119 BEI XL DJ141KB11-CLAnn Chery_2031 MKM-PRO102


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