April 23, 2017

GenuTrain Left (Bauerfeind) has great reviews


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  • Patellar lateralization
  • Irritative conditions, especially gonarthrosis (also the onset of ligamentosis, tendomyopathy, posttraumatic and postoperative)
  • The insert form covers typical pain areas and important receptor zones of the knee joint
  • Jumper’s Knee
  • Knee pain with functional instability due to general muscular disbalance
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General description

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3 Knee Support is an anatomically knitted support intended to relieve irritative conditions of the knee. The compression/decompression effect as result of motion alike to a friction massage aids in the reduction of puffiness. The breathable material and the anatomically contoured knit with the integrated viscoelastic pad supply both maximum comfort and efficient treatment simultaneously.

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Hinged Skin Front Closure Brace – by BioSkin (XXL)

Our Hinged Knee Brace is 11041251010701-MaParent the lightest hinged knee brace available. The offshoot, bicentric hinges conform to the form of the leg and supply extra support to knees with ligament damage. Constructed from BioSkin’s distinctive, breathable 2sL material, the Hinged Knee Brace gives excellent compression to control puffiness and ache caused from a meniscus tear or an LCL or MCL injury, and to speed up the curative procedure in a damaged knee joint. Front Closure variant, for easier application. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: -offshoot hinge decreases pressure at the knee joint -distinctive strapping system minimizes migration -Custom molded soft condylar padding -Hypo-allergenic: Latex Free and Neoprene Free -Constructed of BioSkin 2sL material MEDICAL CONDITIONS & INDICATIONS: -front cruciate ligament (ACL) sprain -Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) sprain -Lateral collateral ligament (LCL) tear or sprain -Medial collateral ligament (MCL) tear or sprain -Meniscus tear.

DonJoy FullForce Ligament Brace, Standard Calf Length, Right Leg – ACL, Medium

The DonJoy FullForce ligament knee brace is an very lightweight knee brace that gives complete ACL protection. The FullForce knee brace combines DonJoy’s proven 4-Points-of-Leverage System, with patented FourcePoint hinge technology. This lets knee hyperextension and average to serious ACL instabilities to be continually corrected. The FourcePoint hinge technology makes you less probably to suffer from an ACL injury because it decreases the amount of time your knee is in an “at risk position” and enhances the 4-Points-of-Leverage by rising the posterior load applied by the brace on the tibia. It improves your natural gait by applying progressive resistance before reaching a firm end point throughout motion. It”s the go-to prefabricated knee brace for competitive and recreational athletes of all kinds, who don”t want to sacrifice speed. The DonJoy FullForce ligament knee brace is intended for athletes that can not pay for to be weighed down by a heavy brace, and aren’t trying to prevent contact. Made from a strong aircraft-grade aluminum frame, you get the benefits of a lightweight, sleek low-profile knee brace that’s also stronger, thicker, and more stable than the other lightweight knee braces on the market.

Hinged Football Protection Brace for Pros & College Linemen-3XL

This football knee brace may help athletes recovering from an injury or prevent an injury from occurring to the ligaments or meniscus of the knee. Football is a high-affect sport where the risk of injury is high, especially to the knee. This football brace is particularly intended for linemen to help with medial and lateral instability, injury or weakness of the muscles or ligaments of the knee, and degenerative joint illness requiring the control of flexion and extension. Wearing a football knee brace gives extra support and range-of-motion controls. The controls of this hinged knee brace let for flexion and extension. The hinges that control the range of motion may be set to some degree or may be locked based on the kind of injury. The hinge is covered to protect contact with other players. The football lineman knee brace has an open back, which prevents bunching. This opening also will assist to increase the breathability of the support. The opening over the kneecap helps to keep pressure off the knee as needed for ACL injuries and meniscus tears. On the other hand, it compresses the leg around the kneecap, decreasing painful inflammation and promoting curative. Another great feature is that it applies compression and needed support, and the lightweight material lets heat and moisture to escape. This hinged football knee brace is available in seven different sizes ranging from size small all the way up to 4XL. Also, the four Velcro support straps of this football knee injury brace let a high degree of flexibility for a customized fit. This is useful to fit a football players big calves and quads. The wraparound design is ideal for treating football knee injuries. Pulling a knee sleeve over the knee or twisting to apply could do more damage to the knee. For sizing, measure 6 inches above your kneecap and also around the center of your kneecap.

Ossur CTI OTS Ligament Brace-M-Right-Pro Sport PCL

Efficient Knee Bracing with the Ossur CTI OTS Ligament Knee BraceFor the highest level of support and protection, the proven technology behind the classic CTI knee ligament brace is available with off-the-counter convenience. Equipped with anatomically correct Accutrac hinges and adaptable cuffs and buckles, the rock-hard CTI carbon frame gives a rigid exoskeleton that stabilizes the knee joint. Breathable liners coated with bio-inert Ossur Sensil Silicone ensure that this knee ligament support remains properly located on the leg, for best working benefit. How Can Knee Braces and Supports protect the ACL? The front cruciate ligament or ACL is one of the four big ligaments found in the human knee. The ACL is attached to the knee and the end of the thigh bone or femur, then passes down through the knee joint to the front of the flat upper surface of the tibia or shin bone. The ACL’s function is to help prevent motion of the shin bone from underneath the thigh bone. Needless to say, the ACL is one of the most important ligaments of the knee and plays a important role particularly for people who engage in contact sports also as for sports that involve twisting and pivoting movements and abrupt changes in direction. It is not surprising, so, that an ACL tear or ACL injury is one of the common knee injuries among athletes and sports fans. A tear in the ACL is frequently the result of a twisting force felt in the knee while the foot is placed on the ground or while falling while the knee is bent. Luckily, knee supports and braces like the Ossur CTI OTS Knee Ligament Brace may help protect your knee-your ACL, in specific-and prevent injuries while you enjoy playing your chosen sport or engage in any tiring physical activity that puts lots of stress on the knee. The Ossur CTI OTS is an ideal knee brace for basketball, a great soccer knee brace, and one of the more efficient professional football knee braces on the market.

Ossur OAsys OTS – XLarge – Silver

OAsys is a dual upright knee brace for on-the-spot relieve of ache related with unicompartmental osteoarthritis. Its double upright increases working support for those patients with ligament instability. We equipped this distinctive brace with our new Accutrac ROM hinge, making it more suited for post-op and long-term rehab >4weeks protocols requiring reduced medial or lateral joint loads throughout recuperation. It’s ideal to use for unicompartmental osteoarthritis or articular cartilage healingPost-op, rehab and working support for protocols requiring reduced medial or lateral joint loads throughout recoveryFunctional support with or without varus/valgus alignmentMulti-dimensional support for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotating and joint instabilities, Low and average actions of daily living. Accutrac ROM hinges with easy-to-use flexion/extension stopsAcculign slide bar for on-the-spot medial or lateral ache reliefHeat-moldable frame for customized fitting by O&P professionalsPivoting, fast-release buckles and 4-strap design for easy application and removalTotal Support System for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotating and joint instabilitiesHeat-moldable frame for customized fitting by O&P professionalsGel Fit condylar pads supply final joint line comfort and cushion bony prominences for improved patient satisfactionReduced medial surface area for simplified fit and improved comfort on fleshy legsNon-corrosive materials, ideal for water sportsAvailable in 3 Colors : Silver, Champagne, Clear Carbon. (Small – Caliper: 3. 375 – 3. 875″ Circumference 11 – 12. 25″), (Medium Caliper 3. 875 – 4. 375″ Circumference 12. 25 – 13. 875″), (big Caliper: 4. 375 – 5″ Circumference: 13. 875 – 15. 875″), XLarge Caliper: 5 – 5. 5″ Circumference: 15. 875 – 17. 375″). Caliper: M/L at joint width in a regular, weight-bearing position, Circumference: just below the lateral border of the patella.

Ossur Unloader One Plus Long OTS – Right/Lateral – XLarge vs Bauerfeind GenuTrain Left 11041251010701-MaParent pricing

Many patients of OA knee ache are overweight. For these patients, containing extra soft tissue is essential for comfy and efficient bracing. That is why our new Unloader One Plus model features a wider thigh strap than the standard variant, plus a gastroc strap that assists secure the brace in place. And because bigger legs require more support, we included a sturdier upright with an Adjustable Dynamic Joint, enabling extra leverage for best ache management. Many, peer-reviewed medical and biomechanical analysis have proven the effectiveness of this technology. Indications for use include light to serious unicompartmental osteoarthritis, Unicompartmental knee conditions requiring load reduction, like Articular Cartilage Defect fix, Avascular Necrosis, or Tibial Plateau Fracture. To find out size, measure circumference: 6″ above mid-patella (thigh) and 6″ below mid-patella (calf). XLarge fits Thigh circ. Of 25-29″ and Calf circ. Of 16. 75-20″.

Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Wrap Large/X-Large #KW6005 – Elasto Gel

Used to offer hot or cold medical care to the knee and will conform to fit better caused by the patellar hole in the gel part of the wrap. The tough, adaptable gel won’t leak if punctured and the 4-way stretch material will assist ensure product durability and efficient medical care and ache management. Like the other Elasto-Gel merchandise, this may be put in the microwave for heating or in the freezer for cooling. Stays soft and pliable, at -20 F. Gives 20-40 minutes of treatment per application.

EVS Axis Sport Brace-XL- vs Bauerfeind GenuTrain Left 11041251010701-MaParent review

EVS Axis Sport Knee Brace (No Patella Cup) EVS Sports became the leader in novelty and advanced technology, developing head to toe merchandise for the most of today’s extreme sports athletes. What started out as one knee brace has evolved into an broad line of knees braces like the EVS Axis Sport Knee Brace (No Patella Cup), neck supports, helmets, chest / back protection and a long list of protecting gear merchandise to keep any athlete safe when doing what they love. EVS Sports pours the same amount of dedication and motivation into their merchandise as you do into becoming the best that you may possibly be. With Hybrid Technology construction, lightweight and strong strengthened nylon injected cuffs / aluminum construction, Tru-Motion 2. 0 and articulating Patella system, you’re prepared for any affect. Hybrid Technology Construction. Lightweight & strong strengthened nylon injected cuffs/aluminium construction. EVS Axis Sport Knee Brace (No Patella Cup) offers an articulating Patella System. Total tracking knee cup for full time protection. Tru-Motion 2. 0. Anatomically correct hinges track natural knee motion. Dual modification strapping system. Adjustable on medial & lateral sides of knee brace. Perfect FormFit Frame. Frame fits to all leg contours for most comfy fit. Sold individually or as a pair. Indications The EVS Axis Sport Knee Brace (No Patella Cup) is indicated for knee support and stability throughout high affect/contact sports like motocross, skiing and snowboarding. Objectives Maximum activity. Delay knee operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs related with ACL/PCL injuries. Improve knee joint function. Final knee protection.

DonJoy Playmaker Drytex Brace (Large – Sleeve – Open Back – No Patella Donut)

DonJoy Drytex Playmaker Ligament Knee Brace DonJoy Drytex Playmaker Ligament Knee Brace is one of the most well-liked ligament knee braces. Functionality and price are the major highlights of this versatile high Level III knee brace. The Playmaker Wraparound Drytex knee brace was used by thousands of pleased customers who require the strength of the DonJoy Polycentric hinge and the breath capability and lightness of the Drytex material. This brace is ideal for patients who have neoprene-established irritations or allergies or live in warm weather climates. Decide from slip-on or wrap-on styles. Now available with the NEW FourcePoint ACL Hinge Kit. DonJoy Drytex Playmaker Ligament Knee Brace features a patented 4-point dynamic leverage system. Polycentric hinge with contoured condyle shells. Suited for light to average ACL, PCL and MCL and LCL instabilities. Low-profile, lightweight design. Versatile strapping. Polycentric hinge gives for extension stops: 10, installed. Extra stops available(extra charges apply). Available in Neoprene Playmaker. With or without popliteal cutout. Cutout in the back of the brace to let more breathability and prevent bunching. Available in slip-on or wrap-around styles. Extra full-circumference thigh strap for CL conversion. 90 day warranty on frame and hinge. Now available with Patella Donut. Now available with FourcePoint Hinge Kit(Extra Charge Applies). FourcePoint Hinge is the only hinge clinically proven to protect the ACL. FourcePoint Hinge hasadjustable spring-loaded “braking system”, to softly control extension. DropLock Hinge Playmaker is available. DropLock brace locks the knee in full extension. Then lets fast release “drop lock”, to let full flexion. DropLock ideal for post-operative use, post-polio and MS patients. Indications The DonJoy Drytex Playmaker Ligament Knee Brace gives reliable support for light to average ACL and/or PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities. Objectives Increase activity.

M-Brace AIR Vega Plus Patella Stabilizer Brace, Blue, X-Large vs Bauerfeind GenuTrain Left 11041251010701-MaParent price

Knee brace for both right and left knees best support and protection following muscle, joint or tendon injuries in the region of the patella, constructed entirely from breathable hypoallergenic fabrics (neoprene-free), the area which comes into contact with the skin is made of soft 100 cotton, an exclusive useful locking system lets the obliged pressure to be varied in three different regions, featuring two distinctive C-shaped pressure pads which, when brought together as the brace is secured, surround and stabilize the patella. 2 low profile 2 mm super light rods, to keep the brace in place 2 substitute super light rods (for product 40 only) 2 multi-centric molded aluminum hinges (lateral and medial, product 41 only) for improved lateral support in cases of patella related pathologies related with minor instability of medial and/or lateral collateral ligaments, this brace conforms to the prerequisites of policy 93/42 CEE-RE. Medical devices and Italian legislation (DL 24 February 1997, no. 46).

Beautyko Compression Therapy Pain and Tension Relief, 85 Count

The Beauty Compression medical care ache and Tension break Knee Support helps relieve hardness and exhaustion. The 1st knee warmer used for medical care. Stable support for your knees. Magnetic medical care was used by the Chinese for centuries to help improve circulation, decrease puffiness and relieving ache. Our knee support is crafted with layers of washable polyester/spandex for warmth and interior magnets that help supply break from exhaustion and hardness in joints and muscles. Greatly efficient way to relieve ache, decrease puffiness and improve circulation. As Seen on TV. (85 PACK).

BraceAbility OA Brace for Osteoarthritis – Right vs Bauerfeind GenuTrain Left 11041251010701-MaParent reviews

The BraceAbility OA Knee Brace is indicated for Osteoarthritis and helps unload pressure from the knee joint. The OTS brace is useful in treating anywhere between light to serious osteoarthritis. It’s an cheap unloader knee support with a laterally applied frame and hinge to better correct either the medial or lateral compartment. An Allen key is included and may be used to secure the fit of the medial and lateral hinges. With hinges on the medial and lateral sections of the brace, side-to-side motion may be restricted and assures the product won’t come in contact with the reverse leg. Made of lightweight aluminum and glass-strengthened nylon cuffs, the OA knee brace is a comfy for all day use. Lined with faux-suede padded liners, the influenced knee has extra protection. An unloader knee brace may help relieve stress and pressure put on the injured knee when walking. The straps and liners included on the offloader knee brace have a silicone grip to keep the brace suspended on the knee. It’s laterally applied with fast release buckles allowing for an easy application and elimination procedure. An OA knee brace may help minimize ache for osteoarthritis, however understanding your other alternatives (operation, treatments) is important also. Patients can wear the knee brace till the ache gets serious enough for a surgical procedure. It may be worn before and after operation for extra support and compression. Usually, the OA knee braces are bulky, however BraceAbility offers a low-profile, lightweight fit. Included with the OA knee brace is an optional calf suspension wrap that may help compress the soft tissue of the knee. The osteoarthritis knee brace is black in color and comes in a common size – meaning one size fits all patients up to a thigh circumference of 30″ (calculated 6″ above the patella). It comes in right/left with alternatives of standard size- patient with height up to 6 foot or tall size- patient height 6′ and above.

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Models to consider:
ZD0500 BCP-3472733313039503-P H&PC-03836CJ-5415 H&PC-23240
B-239540115 B-239540116JB6411 H&PC-23625CT-0107 RS9P-MP
CT-0124 1.19E+11B-239640114 H&PC-23244K2-Comfortline 8-SS-SIZ
OA3SR H&PC-01637DJ141KB07 20233 – – SMALL1110XL 03K1001XXXXL
471100-P B-239540114428R DJ141KB07H&PC-03929 H&PC-21352
DJ141KB31 DJ141KB19KP-REH-7781-S H&PC-206026125o CT-0166
CT-0162 H&PC-07459DJ141KB14 B-240629712THRCPR-KNE-100 TM82144
LM-605 1.19E+11429-Parent B-241629711H&PC-03957 CT-1504
H&PC-23243 4296K-11-N03K0601M 429R7400-P YKP0103019
H&PC-03929 1.19E+11bawk006 B-239640114H&PC-22272 404R
CT-1705 KW6005RS9P-MP CT-0162B-239540115 DJ141KB19
H&PC-23240 7400-P6446R-B-S-CLS H&PC-23244CT-0108 1110XL
RMK(2) DJ141KB307400-P TB10028PC141PA01 CT-0128
BCP-3472 1.11E+11OA3SR SUP1013LG170XTBK ZD1010
DJ141KB35 CT-0165K2-Comfortline 302153BLKOA3LR 03K0601M
OA3CHXLR K2-ComfortlineDJ141KB07 429RH&PC-25255 DJ141KB30
H&PC-07459 ZD050003K1801XXXXL 8-SS-SIZTHRCPR-KNE-100 4296K-11-N
4110o K2-Comfortline471100-P B-239640113512-black-5 1.11E+11
B-241619713 H&PC-03957DJ141KB19 1.19E+117400-P DJ141KB30
CT-0108 03K1002SB-239540116 OA3CHXLR733313039541-P CT-0128
CT-1504 DJ141KB31PC141PA01 302153BLKCT-0184 1-PT-SIZ
H&PC-06821 B-2416297111.19E+11 DJ141KB19DJ141KB30 H&PC-23625
BCP-3472 B-2396001151.19E+11 512-black-5KP-REH-7781-S 06K0101XXXL
BCP-3473 bawk006H&PC-22272 H&PC-040186446R-B-S-CLS 472500-P
H&PC-20602 1110XLUSJ-690L DJ141KB35H&PC-07459 170XTBK
RS9P-MP 1.11E+11471100-P K2-ComfortlineH&PC-20677 03K1801XXXXL
TB10028 429-Parent4110o BEC-09359TKN-202 K2-Comfortline


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