April 23, 2017

You asked for it: Junior 4-40x (Bresser)…


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Really a Microscope with a difference The Bresser junior LCD-Microscope lets you to view the magnified specimen on a 2″ LCD screen or move the image to a computer by USB or SD card With optical magnification of 4x, 10x & 40x with electronic detail enlargement up to a maximum of 2000xthis microscope is all you have to start your scientific exploration.

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ITO Conductive Coated Glass 1001001.1mm,6 ohm/sq,10pcs

The product typically takes 7–13 8853000 business days to arrive to your hand after your order is confirmed Description: Size :100100mm Thickness : 1. 10. 05mm Resistance/sq: 6 ohms Pieces : 10pcs Tranmittance :≥85 Processing: slicing, polishing, drilling, steel, edging. Processing equipment: CNC cutting machine, CNC refiner, acid etching equipment, laser etching. NOTE: feel free to tell us about your prerequisite,we’ll supply the most suited product for you. The picture of product can be a little different,they all appear like that rely on your prerequisite. We’ll quote you the price as indicated by your size and prerequisite NOTE: we’ll send the product to you as early as possible If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Digital Electric Industrial Inspection Manual Zoom Video Amplify 110V

Parameter: Screen Resolution :800×600 Voltage :110V Work Table Size :27018528mm(10. 6×7. 3×1. 1) Working Range :100mm(4 ) Varifocus objective :0. 67-4. 6 Zoom percentage :16. 9 Electric percentage :19-135 continual zoom Pixel percentage :600-4000 Working semidiameter :130mm(5. 1) Max. Height of objective :120mm(4. 7) Package Size :430x310x225mm17x12x9) Package Weight :6kg13lb Item Included:1x Digital Industrial Inspection Microscope.

Endoscope Magnifier – Supereyes B008 500X USB Digital 5.0 MP Portable Pen Mini HD Manual Focus Endoscope Magnifier Camera Loupe

Supereyes B008 500X USB Digital 5. 0 MP movable Pen Mini HD Manual concentrate Microscope Endoscope Magnifier Camera Loupe Otoscope with LED and StandInterface USB 2. 0Max Size:17 mm126 mmLight resources: LED illumination (adjustable by control wheel)OSD language: English, Chinese, German, JapaneseSoftware Bundle:Micro catch with measurement and calibration functionFor Mac, use Photo Booth or Facetime to open it. No software for Mac at this timePhoto Taken by the software and hardwarePhoto catch Resolution: 25921944,1280960,960720,640480,320240Photo Format:JPGEVideo:High compression, 11 hours longVideo catch Resolution:320240Video Format:WMVDisplay Speed:Maximum 30f/sPackage Contents: 1 x Microscope Endoscope MagnifierNote:Light shooting and different displays may because the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/-1-3 cm.

Firefly GT820 Polarizing Handheld USB Digital Video

Firefly GT820 Polarizing Handheld USB Digital Microscope is intended to decrease the effects of glare and to help eliminate “hot spots” from greatly reflective surfaces, uniform illumination to bring out more surface detail with minimal glare. To decrease glare in greatly reflective objects, GT820 comes with a polarizing filter that may be manually adjusted for 12 levels of polarization. This product also gives up to 235x native optical magnification and up to 700x digital magnification. Equipped with multi-level glass lenses rather than plastic alternatives, this 2. 0 Megapixel resolution microscope delivers superb focal depth and very clear image quality. GT820 is controlled directly with the FireflyPro professional image processing software which is bundled with the microscope. This state-of-the art software enables users to catch, measure, store and view pictures and videos in concurrent. The GT820 polarizing system with 12 settings is ideal for a range of applications as well as biomedical, printing/graphic arts, surface analysis of jewelry, coins, metal, etc. Compatibility: Windows 7/Vista/XP. Microscope Dimension: 13cm x 3. 6cm x 4cm (5. 2″ x 1. 5″ x 1. 6″). Package will include: Microscope (1x), USB Cable (1x), Software Application CD (1x User’s Manual and software), Calibration Tool (1x), Tripod (1x), Tripod Adaptor (1x), Clip (1x), Velvet Carrying Case (1x). Safety Compliance: FCC, CE and RoHS compliant. Maker’s Warranty: 1 year.

T-19642CP Comprehensive 2 Digital Binocular With Free 6 Feet NETCNA HDMI Cable – BY NETCNA

The T-19642CP complete 2 Digital Binocular Microscope from Ken-a-Vision is a four-objective binocular microscope intended for center school and high school students. The integrated digital camera features a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor and is able of HD video output. The included Applied Vision 4 imaging software is well-matched with Mac and Windows operating systems and lets users to catch photos, record videos, and annotate pictures using a range of analytical tools.

ProScope Micro Mobile Digital Kit for (Samsung Galaxy S4) With Free 6 Feet NETCNA HDMI Cable – BY NETCNA vs Bresser Junior 4-40x 8853000 pricing

The ProScope Micro Mobile Digital Microscope Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4 from Bodelin turns your Samsung Galaxy S4 into a handheld digital microscope with magnification of 20-80x. The kit features an anti-reflection coated glass lens system and the 12 white light illumination LEDs arranged in two 6 LED banks. For getting best picture light, contrast, and detail, there’s a dial type dimmer fitted. You may be able to charge the interior 340mAh lithium-ion battery from a USB power source using a mini-USB cable. When the charging display turns green, the battery is completely charged and you may be able to count on at least 5 hours of runtime. Use the rocker switches to activate the LED illumination and change light. To attach this microscope to your Samsung Galaxy S4, use the included sleeve. Also to handheld operation, there’s an integrated table stand and a 1/4″-20 hole for tripod connectivity.

Dino-Lite Premier AM4113ZT4 – 400X Polarizing Scroll Lock

The Dino-Lite Premier AM4113ZT4 digital handheld microscope features 430x – 470x magnification, an adjustable polarizer, and improved 1. 3MP sensor, allowing a microscope that has high magnification with the capability to decrease glare and have advanced image quality. With the adjustable polarizer, you may be able to change the amount of glare that reflects from what you’re looking at, so you may be able to see good details of surfaces by completely or partially removing the reflection of semi-transparent materials like; jewelry, glass, or plastic. It’s also ideal for examining greatly reflective materials, like metals or solder joints.

BigC Dino-Lite AM413ZT Portable Digital with Built in Polarizing kit vs Bresser Junior 4-40x 8853000 review

The AM413ZTA is one of the most well-liked Dino-Lites for industrial inspection as it’s the most cheap polarizing microscope. Fitted variable cross polarization decreases the glare from more reflective surfaces and creates a more uniform surface detail for inspection applications. The polarization system may be turned On/Off or adjusted to offer full or half polarization. The scroll lock is an useful addition to this model that enables you to fix the magnification level. Simply slide the scroll wheel tab to the ‘Lock’ position. Standard features are included image catch and documentation for still pictures, live and time lapse video, measuring software, touch trigger system, 8 white LED lights (On/Off) and quick USB 2. 0 output. The USB cable is strengthened for improved durability. 2 year warranty. Dino-Lite will include software for both PC (DinoCapture 2. 0) and Mac (DinoXcope) computers. PC software is well-matched through Windows 7 and Mac through OSX 10. 5 and afterward. We have found the software to be robust and dependable with some great features: image catch, storage and email, live (up to 30fps) and time lapse video, linear and geometric measuring, annotation, geotagging, full screen capability, auto and manual contact control, picture inside picture zoom (magnifier) and more. Above all the color resolution is excellent caused by fixed white-balance calibration which is set at the factory using a jeweler’s color balance, the software enables frame import or export, notations and output to many well-liked formats as well as BMP and JPG among others. Will include digital microscope, holster, cradle stand, software CD, calibration slide, deluxe storage bag.

ProScope HR Lab Kit With Free 6 Feet NETCNA HDMI Cable – BY NETCNA

The ProScope HR Handheld Digital Microscope from Bodelin Technologies is a USB interface, hand held digital microscope. With a high-quality 1. 3 Megapixel CCD and common lens mount, The ProScope can become a powerful asset to any classroom or lab. The ProScope’s rugged construction and high-quality parts are tough enough for a crime scene or a K-12 classroom.

Edge AM4115-FKT 20x220x Low IR (780nm) Handheld Digital vs Bresser Junior 4-40x 8853000 price

The brand new AM4115-FKT handheld digital microscope is among the 1st Edge series microscopes to feature Low Infrared illumination (780nm). Key upgrades from the AM4113-FIT include a new generation 1. 3MP digital sensor with state-of-the-art design and 10X-220X uninterrupted zoom magnification. The new sensor offers better image quality and sharpness with less aberration and vignetting. Unlike earlier AM series microscopes, the AM4115-FKT now boasts a completely-usable magnification vary from 20X up through 220X with no gaps in coverage, unmatched imaging versatility and value. Iinfrared lighting helps reveal surface details which could otherwise remain invisible to the human eye. The AM4115-FKT will include 8 IR LEDs emitting an Infrared light with 780nm excitation wavelength, making it ideal for law enforcement crime scene investigations. It’s equipped with a new sensor featuring improved color resolution and more correct white balance reimbursement obliged for forgery analysis, research and parts inspection.

OTSC CPTCAM 25x-1000x WIFI for IOS / Android with 8 LED Lights(CP-MS1000XW)–white

Features:25 x – 1000 x microscope, suited for the iPhone/ipod/Android smartphoneBuilt-in catch function Support manual light adjustmentProvide free Android/IOS App to download to use Specification: Wi-fi standard: the IEEE 802. 11 b/g/n Wifi coverage: 10 meters or less Zoom range: 0 mm to 40 mm Supplementary lighting light source: fitted eight white LED lamp (adjustable light) Static image resolution: 640 640 Pixels Frames: VGA 20 frames per second (illuminance below 600 lumens) Fixed focal length CMOS sensor, high-speed DSP (M – JPEG) magnification: 25 x 1000 x (manual) Power: fitted 7500 mA rechargeable lithium batteries Display language: English/Chinese Product size: 142 mm (L) X 37 mm (R) Net weight (not as well as packaging) : 100 g Product color: white or pink.

SVP DM540 2.7 Digital Mobile /Maginifier with Build-in Camera vs Bresser Junior 4-40x 8853000 reviews

Our LCD Digital Microscope replaces conventional eyepieces with an LCD Screen for easy and comfy looking at for yourself and to share with others. The LCD Digital Microscope includes a fitted digital camera/HD Camcorder for fast and easy snapshots or short videos. Store captured photos and clips on the optional SD card or move them to your personal computer via included USB cable. This groundbreaking product combines advanced professional grade microscope features and an easy to use point and shoot camera, take video. The SVP LCD Digital Microscope is an ideal tool for up close exam of everything from stamps, coins, IC and other common objects to specimen slides of yeasts, molds, cultures, fibers, bacteria and insects.

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Models to consider:
99-10M-5.5-gold TM-XR03910-10mm SR50-500GV037-2 MS52B
DB-IT067 44313-2PkFirefly GT200 AM313TAM4113ZT4 UTP200X003MP
AM413T Firefly GT620AM4116ZTL ST-640MS43L HM-C400S
AM4012NZT TMS-CX3-2300S-V3VT-300 DE-1015TL55 TMS-CX3-OM99T-V7
AM4113ZT AM-7013MZTXAM4023CT-LM3 UM012CDS-6 TMS-C500W-99T-V3
TMS-CX3-OM10K-V3 JFR-3901TS2034060 AM3113Firefly DE300 AM4023CT-LM3
AP70 TMS-C500W-OM136CAM4023CT-LM3 AM3113AM4113T-MS36B MS17TSW-F1
AM413ZTA AM2011MS21WH2510-5M AM5212MNZLDM540 eheV2-USB-S
10-10mm Firefly GT700H2510-3M AM2011MS21WMS33W IL-LED-E2D
AM3011MS21W DM540ME300TZ-M CMO-PK10-R2EMM-100 BWEK263
PRO-10 Plus H800-MGQ-PIC001-30 TS5100MSAK826 Firefly DE300
CMO-PK5S-AN-E MS17TSW-F1UMIC-500white AM4116ZTLAM4113T H800-CL-10MA
UM-02-SS UM039A005+Z001 TM-M200MM-640-P JFS-5502
D-EL1 GR-90AM3113 GT700MM-840 ISD-MAG3
AP70 YTA296DS-6 BPM-300DLUM016 26200A-523
MM-480G SR50-500AM7115MZTL 44313-2PkTS2050-100 AM413T
Firefly GT200 OT-V1TS2050-025 USB200XTS2034150 DB-IT067
JFS-5510 44310-4PKAM3011 AM4113T-MS36BVMS004DELUXE AM5216ZTL
DM540 MM-840H800-CL-9M TE071NDL-025N AM3113
AM4023CT-LM3 DM540-4GBME300TZ-M AM411T-MS22BAM4023CT-LM3 H800-CCD-LL
AM2111 44313-2PkAM4113TL-M40 TS2034150H800-CL-10MA AM7023CT-LH1
GS-M8M-B TS2050-100TL55 VMS-005-LCDAM7013MZT-B UC100SL
AM-7013MZTX 10-10mmYTA340 H2510-5MQIJ1004 GV037-2
IL-LED-R3 AM4116ZTL10-10mm GT70099-10M-5.5-gold CS-M510


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