April 23, 2017

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  • Natural Healing With Intranasal Light Therapy
  • Includes: Controller, Applicator, Pouch, 1.5V AA Battery, User’s Guide
  • Life long wellness
  • No herbs, no drugs, natural healing using just light
  • Stimulate your cells to achieve homeostasis
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S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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General description

Earlier called Qi-Light, it’s a non-laser established intranasal light medical care product. The basic plans include a diode (LED) releasing light with wavelength in the observable red spectrum (633 nm) powered by a managed dose of energy to illuminate the nasal cavity. It rouses the body to restore systemic homeostasis through its total-body answer to the signals generated by the light, strengthening the condition of the body. It’s depending on the scientific fact that our cells react to low-energy light signals by curative itself. Followers of natural energy medicine will recognize this as complementary the important energy or “Qi”. The nostril was found to be an efficient non-invasive channel to introduce these signals that was produced by light energy to be circulated to the different parts of the body and the brain. Intranasal Light medical care is a way to stimulate the body to re-establish its natural interior balance (or homeostasis). Throughout this procedure, the wellness of the body is projected to enhance, as well as reports of elevated energy levels and wellness of body and mind. The nasal cavity was found to be a greatly convenient and efficient way to deliver this effect. Till the invention of the Vielight devices, for a long time, advocates didn’t think it was possible to accomplish this through the nasal cavity. The Vielight merchandise have been intended with parameters to deliver the effectively with great convenience and low cost. Many regular users have stated elevated levels of wellness. No assert was made for a cure, and results differ between users. They haven’t been evaluated as medical devices by regulatory authorities. Visit www. Goodhealthtech. Com for more info.

Compare with similar products:

NSKI Dentist Wireless Curing -cordless LED Lamp Cure Dental Curing Device Black

Features: Made for Dentists The charger base is for holding the mainbody Lithium Battery 3 Working Mode: Strong Light; slowly Light;Pulse Light Sound Alert when the electric is low The charger base is for holding the handle Detail Description: 1. Rechargeable battery Capacity: 2200MA/H3. 7V 2. It can cure the resin which the wavelength of 420-480 nm,and used to fix the teeth in the department of stomatology 3. It uses the import SMOS parts,the capability is stable, no sound, no vibration 4. You could use this item 80-100 times when it full of charge 5. This instrument uses the imported LED, blue high light sensitive Package: 1x Optical fiber 1x Power unit 1x Charger 1x English manner 1x Light evidence screen.

Michael Todd True Organics Clear Bi-

Clear BI-LIGHT represents a true breakthrough in the treatment of light to moderately serious inflammatory acne. The secret is the two forms of light energy – blue and red – that make the Clear BI-LIGHT so uniquely different from other light treatments that use only blue light to treat your acne. Medical studies demonstrate that phototherapy with joint blue-red light – by combining antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action – clears light to moderately serious inflammatory acne better and faster than blue light only or 5 benzoyl peroxide cream. Convenient and easy to use. Clear Bi Light does the work for you. Hold it against your face, the lights turn on. Take it away, the lights shut off. And when you are done, the product shuts off. Big powerful treatment heads treat big regions of your face and body in the shortest amount of time. And, the rechargeable battery makes it movable for complete freedom of motion. Use the Clear Bi Light while your watching tv, studying, nearly anywhere. Anytime Safe and painless. Clear BI-LIGHT isn’t a LASER, doesn’t use damaging ultraviolet light and doesn’t require any downtime. Helps clear blemishes quickly and prevent future breakouts without the possible side effects of antibiotics or severe topicals like benzoyl peroxide (which can because sensitivity to sunlight and increase redness, irritation, dryness and flakiness of the skin).

Verilux CleanWave VH03WW4 UV-C Sanitizing Travel Wand

With the Verilux movable Sanitizing Wand, you may be able to easily eliminate bacteria, bacteria and viruses from public surfaces. Safety shut-off guards against unwanted contact to eyes and skin. Fitted light indicates when unit is active. Comes prepared to use- just load batteries for hours of cleaning convenience (batteries not included). Low battery warning light in general dimensions: 10. 39” H x 1. 5” W.

dpl Nuve Large Head for Pain and Skin

Get efficient ache medical care in Minutes – Now Available in Two Sizes. Deep Penetrating Light medical care was 1st used by NASA to treat injuries in space. Now it’s available for home use. DPL(r) Nuve Handheld Light medical care Systems target swollen joints, inflammation and hardness with soothing, curative LED light. This infrared light penetrates deep into the muscle tissue to help cellular regeneration, to speed curative and ache break. Use just some minutes a day to loosen tight muscles, increase blood circulation, decrease puffiness and increase your life quality. Decide the Original system featuring 60 powerful ache-penetrating LEDs or the new Oversized system allowing a 40 bigger treatment area with 72 LEDs and an adjustable strap for hands free use. Non-invasive and drug free. FDA listed. Will include travel bag and AC adapter. Auto shut- off. Original 71/2″ L x 21/4″ W x 13/4″ H; Oversized 73/4″ L x 31/2″ W x 11/2″ H.

Combo Way Mouth props

This is the tool of choice for lingual-mandibular differentiation and stabilization, and may be oriented as needed for each client. 2WMP were used to stabilize the mandible while training the tongue to make different placements and excursions. 2-Way Mouth Props have also demonstrated to be a useful tool to train singers to open their mouths large throughout stabilization exercises.

Wellness Programs for Seniors Medicomat 7D-NLS vs VieLight Intranasal Light pricing

RemoteNLS bioresonance healthcare service computer system introduces modern info technology and the new developments in communication, also as biological systems. This new technology and principle of practicing medical care holds important promise of improving on big health care delivery problems. RemoteNLS equipment: Medicomat-36 7D-NLS Computer System. RemoteNLS makes it simple to manage your health. Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of bioresonance NLS testing and medical care system. All you need is an internet connection. Sit down comfortably in your beloved bench, and the remote therapist will remotely operate with the equipment and perform all testing and therapeutic procedures. Medicomat-36 7D-NLS is the new in non-invasive equipment for bioresonance and NLS analysis of the human body, medical care, nutrition ideas and supplement testing. Medicomat bioresonance technique is totally safe and non-invasive and will let us to tailor your medical care more exactly. Computer non-linear analysis (NLS) as a dynamic informative technique is being used more and more widely to examine the state of health. NLS technique lets the evaluation of the state of bio-energy of each organ individually. Accuracy of measurement: Medicomat-36 gives big virtual recognition models of human organs with accuracy 85-95. Not only can see the health position of the interior organs, and also easy to know health trends after 3-5 years. Recognizing bacteria, viruses and parasites; Recognizing allergens, food, supplements, pharmaceuticals; Medicaments analysis and tests; Making preparation. Medicomat medical care is aimed at correcting the deranged intrabodily balance via particular mixes of frequencies found to resonate with the current state of ill-health. Medicomat NLS isn’t invasive detection, the test won’t have any discomfort. Read more at Medicomat. Com and view product video at Medicomat. Com/yt36. Php.

3Gen DermLite II Multi-Spectral Dermascope

DermLite II Multi-Spectral is the worlds 1st pocket dermatoscope with four-color epiluminescence. With this groundbreaking technology, you have the unparalleled capability to optically cut up skin cancer using different colors. DermLite II Multi-Spectral has the biggest lens in its class, button activated color control, a rechargeable battery, and optional oil immersion epiluminescence with a retractable spacer. DermLite II Multi-Spectral embodies a giant leap into the future of movable skin imaging. Cross-Polarized, Color-established Imaging. The DermLite II Multi-Spectral paves the way for the detection of both groups of common skin cancers pigmented lesions like melanoma, and non-pigmented lesions like basal and squamous cell carcinoma. DermLite II Multi-Spectral gives instant color control over lesion visualization; ranging from white light epiluminescence, surface pigmentation using blue light, shallow vascularity under yellow light, to the deeper pigmentation and vascularity with the deeper-penetrating red light frequency. With its fixed cross-polarization system, powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 10x magnification and 32 bright-white light emitting diodes (LEDs) eight per color DermLite II Multi-Spectral is the most groundbreaking and available color-established dermoscopy tool to date for advanced skin cancer imaging.

Aphrodite Intraoral Camera – High Quality, user-friendly Digital Video Imaging System for Intra Oral Photography – Aphrodite MD740 – Works with Window vs VieLight Intranasal Light review

Key features of Aphrodite MD740 Intraoral camera: – very clear Picture Quality – Simple and easy Plug & Play installation via USB port (Windows XP/Vista/7/8) – will include free proprietary Dental Imaging Software which lets to see, catch, edit, and save the pictures – completely well-matched with DEXIS & Apteryx, also as stated working w/ EagleSoft, PracticeWorks, SoftDent, DentiMax, AbleDent, CliniView, ProfSuni, Digora, and more. Features: The pictures may be saved, compared and printed via software Super-large auto adjusting-concentrate lens auto power-off function Works on Windows 7/8/XP/Vista(This oral camera is the only one on Amazon which was updated to work with Windows 8,so you do not have to worry about your future computer system is uncompatiable with it. ) Image format: JPEG Anti-fog, non-spherical lens,Super-large auto adjusting-concentrate lens kind of concentrate: Auto-concentrate of AF Picture : max – 3. 8 million pixels,1. 3 million pixels (dynamic) and 3. 8 million pixel(static) Picture Pixels:1280×1024 Scope of concentrate: 5mm 50mm Lentch of handset: 200mm Lead: lenth:2m Connect port:5 pinhole Package Contents – Intraoral camera hand-part – USB 2. 0 cable (8 feet/2. 5 m) – Pack of 50 disposable, single-use protecting sheaths – Magnetic wall holder and screws (camera shuts-off automatically when placed in the cradle) – CD with Imaging Software (may be installed on unlimited number of computers) – in depth User Manual (English).

LFT9000 Led Unit

With its sleek, convenient design and considerable treatment area, the LFT9000 is by far our most well-liked unit, giving you the final in temporary break from minor muscle and joint ache, arthritis and muscle cramp. Intended entirely for in-home use. Timer for our patented EPS Treatment, telling you when to move the device onto the next area. 7 user-controlled settings you choose which work best for you. Full Cycle Setting take the guess work out of finding the right frequency for your ache break. Easy to use. No negative side effects. Plugs into any standard wall outlet U. S. Voltage only. FDA and Health Canada cleared. ISO Certified. Call buyer service for international standards. Available accessories:Car adapter for extra convenience. Strap kit with accessory handle & elastic straps for hands-free treatments. Wt. : 1. 5 lbs. :: Treatment Area: 20 sq. In. :: Power prerequisites: 7. 5 VDC 500mA.

AM Landen® 1.8mm Non-slip Silicone Nose Pad for Eyeglasses 5 Pairs (BLACK) vs VieLight Intranasal Light price

Selection of high-quality imported soft silicone material, made use of advanced technology, non-slip comfort when worn, not easy to yellow, better durability and corrosion resistance with easy yellow color, etc. nose and paste to make contact with the skin surface frames isn’t easy sliding. Now, the market different brands of plate frames tend to be big box sweeping design; nose stickers may be a good solution like wearing plate frames but suffer from the bridge of the nose or nose width can’t hold up glasses trouble. The nose pads and easy to use sticky previous to use, make sure to washed and air-dry or clean clean, then paste the operating parts of the nose pads to avoid residual water stains, oily and dirty glasses nose pads position trace, due to stickiness and tenacity of residues on direct affect. Nose and paste before the paste operation, don’t now open the glue surface, should be the amount you have to paste the place of, decided that a good sticky position, then torn off stickers directly on the sticky. Attempt one operation sticky nose pads sticky side isn’t secondary functionings, and to do so could largely decrease the sticky firmly. There are two sticky technique: The 1st is: sticky coated Apply to parts of the original nose pads shorter frames, stickers when big tracts of part of the booster role, paste it into the frame nose pads lateral, small pieces of reinforcing part is over and affixed to the inside of the nose pads to elevate and growth of the nose pads effect. Second: single-sided sticky related to a large frame of the original nose pads site, you have to tune the narrow frame. Paste with scissors before subtracting the nose pads and a small part of reinforcing part torn off stickers, big tracts of part affixed to the nose pads lateral to the role of non-slip and padded nose pads.

DPL Deep Penetrating

Dpl medical care led light treatment ache break system is for the treatment of ache, break of muscle and joint aches, sprains, back ache and the ache and hardness related with arthritis. The dpl system uses a form of energy called photons to penetrate deep into the body easing ache and repairing damaged tissues. The dpl medical care system is a non-invasive, drug free medical care which may be applied to your particular and individual needs. Light medical care was shown in over 40 years of independent research global to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and life forms. Both observable red and infrared light have been shown to influence at least 24 different positive changes at a cellular level. Observable red light at a wavelength of 660nm penetrates tissue to a depth of about 8-10 mm. It’s useful in treating problems close to the surface of the skin like wounds, cuts, scars, and treating infection. Infrared light at 880nm penetrates to a depth of about 30-40 mm which makes it more efficient for bones, joints and deep muscle problems.

DAVID De – Innovative non-pharmaceutical Tool to increase Mental Health, increased Relaxation, uce mild Depression, Sleeping problems and Anxi vs VieLight Intranasal Light reviews

The DAVID Delight gives a distinctive fusion of audio-visual entrainment (aka brainwave entrainment) sophistication and simplicity. Our sessions have been completely tested and are intended depending on most current research results to ensure you the most efficient results. The sessions on the Delight are supported by research studies which include Seasonal Affective Disorder, stress reduction, insomnia, improved mood, mental sharpness and balance (reduced risk of falling) in seniors, and reduced worry plus enhancements in concentration and memory in college students. The Delight sessions also include our proprietary randomization procedure, which helps support dissociation and brain frequency tracking to the stimulus. The Delight features bigger easy-to-read, easy-to-operate buttons which lets users to choose a session easily. It features five distinct groups of sessions: Energize, Meditate, Brain Brightener, Sleep and Mood Booster. There are two selections for each group.

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Models to consider:
VA2BLHSBK Luminette2D-GG22 D-2.5SB2 Pack SB-682
IR-300 D-3.5LRgoLITE M2 HF3471/60HF3510/60 VT05FWW1
IR-300A QSL-2322169x26kit HP3643_0124 Plus 2714x28kit
HF3506/65 D-3.0RRMedicomat29+L O-NH-320F485C-Purple HF3550/60
M4040 F40-4012 oz EW0603PEAF-280 LT-100
PLA11WW1 HF3506/66VA06WW3 T-962AL6060 2283x26kit
HF3500/60 VT16WW1VT04BB1 P80100SP9882 AT-852D+(220V)
3 – 8 oz 2169x32kitO-158LS O-48LSTSRMD01 VH03WW4
BELT28 AAK-1KNEE-4A OMCQ-36II2 62 oz Glass D-AM(220V)
P80200 90LR15LR014 -16 Ounce CQOMS236AP8221 PAG-992
CCFDL93011 O-NH-320O-NH-L8 2169x32kitHF3480 D-GG22
D-2.5RJ KNEE-4AHF3506/66 D-3.5XLBPLA11WW1 2283x32kit
HF3510/60 3800ACEAF-280 VA2BLHSSISM 2000 E7070
VT04BB1 Sun3652156x24kit HF3471/60goLITE M2 185 PAD
F485C-Purple VL655VT05FWW1 009-dQ 110VModel 100 4 Oz
LT-100 D-3.0LRSD-4 D-3.5SBOMCQ-36II VA06WW3
Medicomat-30 O-48LS2 Pack TSRMD012283x26kit D-5.0R
VB-5000B F40-40A531401 WMS-1SU2X Medicomat33e
VH03WW4 VT04BB12714x30kit 2169x32kitQSL-232 P80100
2158x26kit Model 100CCFDL93011 VB-5000BHF3485 SP9882
2283x30kit 185 PADHF3321/60 HF3500/01TSBMD03 VA2BLHSBK
2 62 oz Glass 2156x24kitD-3.5LR HF3480D-3.5RB GTS-1000
D-3.5SB L6060VHCP02WW4 UV-5GLModel 100 KS 9800
AAK-1 A531401HP3643_01 009-dQ 110VKS-9800 HF3500/60
2283x28kit Medicomat33eLuminette2 LT-100IR-300 P80200
2158x32kit PAG-9921900AC 2158x28kitD-10J M4040
HF3510/60 DL2000Medicomat-30 OMCQ-36II12 oz 2283x24kit


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