April 23, 2017

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The Model 6. 5 UV Index Meter uses a Silicon Carbide (SiC) Photodiode under a hermetically sealed UV glass window cap with Eeff (erythemally efficient) filter and diffusor. Applications include monitoring instant UV index measurement, UV index comparison, monitoring reptile lamp intensity and maturing, monitoring uv lamp intensity and maturing, and UV index tracking over time. To operate, press and hold push-button switch on face of unit. Aim sensor window in top panel of meter directly at UV source. Note reading on LCD and record if wanted. Battery operation voltage is 9V down to 6. 5V. Below 6. 5V the LCD numbers will begin to dim, showing the need for battery substitute. Under “common” service load, the battery should last roughly 2 years.

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Sper Scientific 840020C Lux and FootCandles Light

Monitor observable light levels anywhere Solarmeter Model 6.5 with fast, stable and correct answer. Results are easily read on the extra big LCD (1½” high, 38. 1 mm) with bar graph, low battery and over range indications. The color and cosine corrected sensor meets C. I. E. Photopic spectrum. Will read LED light. Includes RS232 computer output, min/max, auto power off, external zero modification, hold function and a tripod back. The lux / footcandle light meter comes prepared to use with a 9V battery, information, soft padded case with shoulder strap, and a removable sensor (with 44″ cord) with cover for easier substitute or fix. N. I. S. T. Traceable certification of calibration available.

Hanna Instruments HI96750 Potassium Portable Photo Sample Cettes, 719/32" Length x 43/32" Width x 211/16" Height, 10 to

Potassium as a chemical element is usually found in nature. It’s present in soil and drinking water and is an essential element for the growth of plants and animals. Potassium concentration is important in determining the quality of soil in many greenhouse, agriculture and horticulture applications. Potassium salts are a common part of fertilizers. The HI96750 calculates the potassium (K) content in water samples in the 0. 0 to 10. 0 milligrams per L (ppm) for low range and 10 to 100 milligrams per L (ppm) for medium range. The HI 96750 uses the Tetraphenylborate technique. The reaction between potassium and reagents causes turbidity in the sample. HI96750 uses an exclusive positive-locking system to ensure that the cuvette is in the same place every time it’s placed into the measurement cell. 0. 0 to 10. 0 milligrams per L LR and 10 to 100 milligrams per L MR range, 0. 1 milligrams per L LR and 1 milligrams per L MR resolution. +/-1. 5 milligrams per L +/-7 of reading at 25 degree C accuracy. Light emitting diode. Silicon photocell with narrow band interference filter at 466nm light detector. Battery Type / Life: roughly 40 hours of uninterrupted use, auto-off after 10 minutes of non use life. 0 to 50 degree C (32 to 122 degree F); RH maximum 95 non-condensing environment. Measures 7. 6″ length by 4. 1″ width by 2. 7″ height. Tetraphenylborate technique.

Testo 0560 0545 ABS Pocket Pro Light Intensity /Logger, 0 to +100000 Lux, 9 Volt Battery, 4 Line LCD Display

Light intensity in workplaces must fulfill minimum values and must be checked on a regular basis. Using software, a site list may be stored and individual luminous intensity values may be connected to form a curve. This light profile gives info on the uniformity of the lighting. Multi-point or timed mean calculation. Stores up to 99 file places. Logger function (3000 readings). Fast documentation on place with Testo printer. 4 line LCD display. -4 to +160 degree F storage temperature. 32 to 122 degree operating temperature. 9 volt battery. 50 hours of battery life. Measures 8. 7″ length by 2. 7″ width by 2″ height. ABS housing material. Probe type Lux. Measuring range 0 to +100000 Lux. Resolution: 1 Lux (0 to +32000 Lux), 10 Lux (0 to +100000 Lux).

COMBO Hanna Instruments Checker HC Phosphate Photo (includes HI 713 + HI71325 Reagents)

Correct AND cheap PHOSPHATE MEASUREMENT Orthophosphates are found in natural and waste waters. They’re usually added to drinking water as a corrosion inhibitor. The instant analysis of orthophosphate by colorimetric motivation gives fast results using a regular analysis technique. The HANNA HI 713 CheckerHC bridges the gap between simple chemical test kits and professional instrumentation. Chemical test kits aren’t correct and only give 5 to 10 points resolution while professional instrumentation can cost hundreds of dollars and may be time consuming to calibrate and maintain. The HANNA HI 713 CheckerHC is correct and cheap. The HI 713 CheckerHC movable handheld colorimeter features a resolution of 0. 01 ppm (250 points) and 4 0. 04 accuracy of reading. The HI 713 Checker HC uses an adaptation of Standard technique 4500-P E. The contoured style of this CheckerHC fits in your palm and pocket perfectly and the big LCD is easy to read. The auto shut-off feature assures the battery life won’t be drained if you forget to turn it off. The HI 713 CheckerHC is very easy to use. 1st, zero the instrument with your water sample. Next, add the reagent. Last, place the vial into the HI 713 CheckerHC, press the button and read the results. It is that easy. Easier to use and more correct than chemical test kits Adaptation of Standard technique 4500-P E Accuracy 4 0. 04 ppm (mg/L) of reading 0. 04 ppm (mg/L) resolution (250 points) big, easy to read digits Auto shut-off Small Size, Big Convenience Weighing a mere 65 g (2. 3 oz. ), the CheckerHC easily fits into the palm of your hand or pocket. Use for fast and correct on the spot analysis. Single button operation: Zero and Measure Operated by a single AAA battery.

Hanna Instruments HI96710C Free/Total Chlorine and pH Portable Photo Kit

Free/total chlorine and pH movable photometer kit. Kit will include photometer, hard carrying case, 2 sample cuvettes, scissors, cuvette cleaning cloth, battery and instruction manual. 6. 5 to 8. 5 pH range; 0. 00 to 5. 00 milligrams per L (ppm) free Cl range; 0. 00 to 5. 00 milligrams per L (ppm) total Cl range. 0. 1 pH resolution; 0. 01 milligrams per L free Cl resolution; 0. 01 milligrams per L total Cl resolution. +/-0. 1 pH at 25 degree C accuracy; +/-0. 03 milligrams per L +/-3 % of reading free Cl accuracy; +/-0. 03 milligrams per L +/-3 % of reading total Cl accuracy. Tungsten lamp. Silicon photocell with narrow band interference filter at 525nm light detector. 9V Battery power supply. Auto-off: after ten minutes of non-use in measurement mode, after one hour of non-use in calibration mode, with last reading reminder. 0 to 50 degree C (32 to 122 degree F); RH maximum 95 % non-condensing environment. Phenol red pH technique; adaptation of the EPA suggested DPD technique 330. 5 chlorine technique.

P PenRay 90001201 11SC1 Mercury Lamp, 254nm Longwave, 2.12 Inches Lighted Length vs Solarmeter Model 6 5 400nm pricing

One of the most well-liked Pen-Ray Lamps. Its simplicity of physical dimensions lends itself to a mass of applications. Lamp’s lighted length is 2. 12″ (53. 8mm), in general length is 4. 62″ (117. 3mm). Lamp emits Merciry specturm with the main energy at 254nm. The nomical voltages are 800V (starting) and 270V (operating). Suggested power supply 99-0055-01 (or 99-0055-02).

eXact iDip Photo 486107 570 Smart Photo

The thrilling new eXact iDip 570Smart Photometer System is a 570 nm variant of the original eXact iDip Smart Photometer which was the 1st handheld photometer to offer 2–way communication with a Bluetooth SMART (4. 0) prepared Apple or Android smartphone/tablet (patent pending) with the capacity to the most usually tested water quality parameters. The 570 variant lets the iDip to test parameters requiring a higher wavelength like Ammonia, Fluoride, QAC, and more. Data is seamlessly moved between the two devices when paired with the eXact iDip smart photometer using Bluetooth SMART wireless technology that syncs and transmits test results in concurrent. The eXact iDip photometer is waterproof (IP-67) and incorporates a permanent fitted sample cell which removes loose parts, streamlines the test procedure and improves accuracy. The multilingual eXact iDip app is the brain of the system which lets for instant software updates/upgrades, test customization, and mobile sharing of results via email as a CSV file It comes with 4 tests installed as well as pH, Free Chlorine, joint Chlorine and Total Alkalinity. Over 35 extra parameters are available for in app buy, making the eXact iDipa really customized experience. Joint with the fitted smartphone/tablet GPS function all results include time, date, and place to improve test honesty. Water technicians appreciate eliminating recurring data entry tasks while saving time and money. The eXact iDip uses a patented iDip 4–step reagent delivery technique, a fast still safe and easy procedure for water analysis. Choose your test then push a button and dip an eXact strip into the 4 ml water sample for 20 seconds using a light back and forth motion. Discard the strip and read your results.

Thomas 3247 Traceable Light Pen, 1 Resolution, +/5 Percent Accuracy vs Solarmeter Model 6 5 400nm review

Meter reads from 0 to 1,860 foot-candles with a resolution of 0. 1, and from 0 to 20,000 Lux with a resolution of 1. Accuracy is +/-5 of reading plus 5. Simple operation removes the have to refer to directions. Intended for intuitive, easy operation by everyone. Tough ABS plastic housing with O-ring seal and membrane keypad keep out dust and dirt, assuring a long life in serious lab or severe plant environments. HOLD button freezes the reading on the display. High contrast 3/8″ high LCD digits are easy to read. Traceable to NIST: To guarantee accuracy an individually serial-numbered Traceable certification is made available from our ISO 17025 calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA. It indicates traceability to standards offered by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Rugged ABS plastic case is 1-1/2 diameter by 8″ height; weight is 5 ounces. Supplied with a Traceable certification and four AAA batteries.

eXact 486700BTKP Micro 20 Photo SMART Bluetooth Pool Kit

The final water quality tester our eXact Micro 20 with bluetooth smart is a powerful dual-wavelength photometer system that harnesses the technology to connect wirelessly to your smart device. It quickly does on-site testing for over 40 direct read water quality parameters as a stand alone unit or paired with our new eXact iDip smartphone app. The dual narrow band wavelength filters ensure delivery of the most correct resultsThe Micro 20 Pool Kit IncludesComes with bottles 25 of each DPD-1 DPD-3 pH486639 TA TH Calcium Hardness Copper Phosphate Total Iron Nitrate Bottle 50 of Biguanide Cyanuric Acid II carrying case cleaning brush mixing cap mini dilution kit information.

eXact 486757 Micro Chloride/Salt III Strip for Photos vs Solarmeter Model 6 5 400nm price

For use with eXact Photometers, the eXact Strip Micro Chloride/ Salt III incorporates the patented eXact reagent delivery system produced by Industrial Test Systems, Inc. Which is ideal for technical and non-technical users. By dipping the eXact strip into a photometer cell, the exact amount of reagent is released into the water causing a change in color or turbidity. The change is calculated by an eXact photometer giving the user fast and correct results. Each unit consists of a bulk bottle of 25 tests.

YSI 9300 Economical Photo Hard Sided Carrying Case, 1051/64" Length x 551/64" Width x 3" Height, 0.001 AU Resolution, LCD D

The YSI 9300 is economical photometers in small packages for any application. These movable photometers let you to easily take readings directly in the field for 100+ parameters. On-screen information virtually removes reading manuals. Many languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian). 100+ test choices. The 9300 with Hard sided carrying case, 8 sample tubes, 1 dilution tube, 10 crush rods, 1 cleaning brush, 1 light cap, instruction manual. Accuracy: ±0. 5 % at 4 % transmittance; +/-0. 005 at 0. 3 AU. Display: graphic, backlit lcd with on-screen information. Operating wavelengths: 450, 500, 550, 570, 600 and 650 nm. Power: 3x AA batteries. Test cells: auto modification from 12-20 mm diameter. Measures 10-51/64″ length by 5-51/64″ width by 3″ height.

Hanna Instruments HI83215100 Sample Preparation Kit, For HI83215 Nutrient Analysis Photo vs Solarmeter Model 6 5 400nm reviews

Kit include 10 mL cuvettes with caps (4 ea. ), 100 mL plastic beaker, 170 mL plastic beaker, 100 mL graduated cylinder, 60 mL syringe with screw rim, 5 mL syringe, funnel, filter discs (25), spoon, pipettes (2), carbon powder packets (50), and demineralizer bottle with filter cap for roughly 12 liters of deionized water.

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Models to consider:
486900-W HI96745CA813 AL-HT630LM-1 EA30-NIST
HI96752 486699-K486900-CD YPT950EA31 HI96713
HI96741 1196F50EAYPT930 MW302HI96728C HI713+25 Combo
486700-WD HI96708CST-1301 HI967101227T86EA YPT804
HI96734 HI 96729CYPM272 OLB-1000SH0F00LM-81LX Mi412
MA887-BOX HI96734CAF0901526 HI96750SD-1128 486700-BT-KP
HI96786 HI 83742486696-PLUS HI96710C850009C 840020C
486691-K 486700-KMA800 HI96750CHI96104 HI83215-100
EA31-NIST HI96728
HI96741 Mi412840020C OLB-1000SH0F00YPM272 HI96752
YPT804 486700-BT-KP486900-W 486700-WDHI96750 HI96750C
AL-HT630 LM-81LXMA887-BOX HI713+25 ComboSD-1128 HI 96729C
486900-CD HI96728HI96713 AF0901526HI96710 YPT930
HI96728C MW302YPT950 HI96104486699-K EA31
HI96734C MA800EA30-NIST HI83215-100HI96710C HI 83742
HI96734 LM-1486696-PLUS 850009CEA31-NIST HI96708C
ST-1301 1227T86EA486700-K HI96786HI96745 1196F50EA
486691-K CA813
HI96710C HI96734CHI 96729C MW302HI96752 ST-1301
MA800 HI713+25 ComboHI96734 YPM272Mi412 YPT804
486696-PLUS EA31486900-W HI 83742850009C HI96750
HI83215-100 HI96708CHI96728C 486699-K486691-K HI96745
HI96710 EA31-NISTSD-1128 1227T86EAYPT930 MA887-BOX
486900-CD HI96728EA30-NIST LM-81LXHI96786 LM-1
OLB-1000SH0F00 HI96713486700-K HI96104HI96750C YPT950
486700-BT-KP CA813486700-WD 1196F50EAAL-HT630 HI96741
840020C AF0901526


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