How I started training

Tony is a personal trainer, weightlifting coach and fitness specialist with 12 years of experience in the fitness industry. He is a mentor to future fitness professionals and works with physiotherapists and swim coaches. Gary also develops and presents seminars, coaches weightlifting and writes articles for fitness publications as well as developing cutting-edge programs for clinical patients and rehabilitation. Gary aims to raise the standard of knowledge available to students, trainers and fitness enthusiasts who are looking to improve results and succeed in their personal training business or personal growth.

Your feelings need to experience the whole cycle, just like food or water does in your body. What goes in must come out, but with feelings, you hold on to it, hold it, hold it — never to be released until the pressure builds up uncontrollably and you erupt like a volcano because someone didn’t return your message. This is the same in any situation; you have to let yourself experience the feelings in any moment. To not judge it and to not let the influence of others judge you for it. Just to embrace the light or the dark feelings and be with it when it comes. There is no need to rush through it, even though it is tempting to move beyond them. All you need to do is to have total faith that you can see this through, because this too shall pass and you’ll be able to handle what will come. It means not having to hide from what’s going on in your life. I had to tell my boss I needed a day off, because I couldn’t face walking into work pretending my life was `good’. I had to tell my family and be willing to bare the pain I was going through to them, because I needed someone to lean on. When I made that call, they all came rushing to my side and we held a family emergency dinner (I like to call it) the very night I had to pack my stuff and come back home.

I reached out to friends I hadn’t been close with since I was in the relationship and asked for them to just hang out with me for days. I had to open up to my boss at work, because I couldn’t pretend anymore, and through it I saw his humanity and was lifted from the worries I had about leaving the workplace. It was in this one week where I openly shared with my audience and clients that I received a tsunami of support I never thought I had. Everyone is scared of being alone. Everyone is scared to be the first to open up, but when you take that leap to be the one to open up, you never know who will come to your side to help you back up when you fall over. Don’t hide from the rest of the world when they come knocking on your door; be willing to just be you, and through vulnerability is where the deepest connections are formed.