April 23, 2017

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  • Kit Measurements: 10″ high, 16″ wide, 7″ deep / 6.4 pounds
  • New bag design Featuring 36 different products and 153 items
  • Rated to service from one to three horses
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Since we’re a totally mobile society with our horses, where ever the challenge calls from, we load and go. Injury, illness, or sickness can ride with or near us at every turn of the trailer rig. You may be hours from the nearest equine practitioner, and surely from your expert. A wound, soreness, hardness, or going off of feed from the stress and wear of travel alone can because the need for at least temporary emergency medical attention. EquiMedic USA has intended the Trailering Equine 1st Aid Kit that should meet most of your emergency needs while traveling down the road. In a strong red color of lasting polyester fabric that will be easy to find any where in your trailer tack compartment, this kit may be hung or carried for ease and convenience when you have to use you medical supplies. A smaller variant of the dependable EquiMedic Barn series, the Trailering series offers you a major zippered compartment, and some number of outside pockets to manage your medical supplies for easy access and the peace of mind that you’ll find what you need when you need it. Inside of this well intended 1st aid kit you’ll find the medical supplies that you may want to have to tend to most emergency medical needs while traveling. Your EquiMedic Small Trailering Kit is sized to accommodate those extra supplies that you already own, or may wish to buy on our website, to supplement the standard kit inclusions. Make this kit what you need it to be so that it can service your temporary and emergent health care needs while you travel down the road to what ever your destination can be. Retail Value 180. 00.

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BLS Medical Supplies Module by Rescue Essentials

Contents: 1 CPR- Pocket Mask, 16 1 X 3 sticky Strips, 6 2 X 4 sticky Bandage, 10 4 X 4 Gauze Pads – 12 ply, 2 Emergency Pressure Dressing, 2 3″ compliant Gauze, 10 BZK Wipes, 5 Antimicrobial Hand Wipes, 1 1″ X 10yds Cloth Tape, 2 3″ Elastic Bandage, 1 3″ Black Cohesive Wrap, 2 Triangular Bandage, 4 Eye Pads, 10 Antibiotic Ointment Unit amount, 4 Cotton Swab, 1 4 X 4 WaterJel Burn Dressing, 1 Survival sheet, 6 Nitrile Gloves (L), 1 Eyewash, 1 SAM Splint (36″), 1 SHEARS/EMT 7. 5″ BLK, 1 Penlight, 2 Cold Pack, 1 shock Dressing, 2 5 x 9 ABD Pad, 2 4. 5″ Fluff Dressing, 6 Iodine Prep Pad Wipes, 1 Mini Tweezer w/Vial, 1 1st Aid Instruction Booklet, 1 Guedel Airway 100mm, 1 Guedel Airway 90mm, 1 Nasopharyngeal Airway 28 Fr, 1 Xeroform Dressing, 5 3 x 3 Gauze Pads, 10 Alcohol Prep Pad Wipes, 1 Hand Sanitizer (1. 5 oz Tottle), 1 Lister Bandage Scissor, 1 Hemostat, 1 Emergency sheet (Yellow), 1 BP Cuff/Stethoscope 1 e-Gear Headlamp 1 Knife w/ Window Punch & Belt Cutter.

Military Tactical Tourniquet. Combat, Hiking, Hunting, Survival

And’s Lightweight tourniquet is made with heavy responsibility materials as well as a steel tightening rod, dual locking rings, and tightening screw. It’s easy to use one handed throughout an emergency. The extra long tourniquet can support arms or legs of big diameter. It has a white label where you may be able to record the time when the shock occurred. This may be useful for a medical professional’s reference. Information are included in the factory packaging. Imported. Ships from the USA.

PHP 4 Gallons of Certified Pure 35 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide With 4 Amber Dropper Bottle

The list of usages is long and link to handling info is sent with each order. Check other listings for super bargains and distinctive health merchandise found nowhere else. NOTE: For private labeling, we’ll need a description of what you want on the label and a jpg file if you have a logo or pictures. NO addl charge. Contact us thru Amazon. We’re THE biggest supplier of health and nutritional supplement stores in the USA. Contact us by Amazon for details. 35 concentration is the strongest you may be able to purchase. REDUCED concentrations aren’t only a bad deal if you do the math you find you really are just paying more for usually just water. Worse, it also means someone diluted it – you do not know how or with what – and it means they aren’t purchasing 35 – and Food Grade isn’t made except in 35 and 50 concentration (50 can’t be bought at a buyer level). Lower concentrations are really FAR costly and are high-risk to your health by quality. We greatly recommend against lower concentrations and EVERY study done has ONLY been established upon 35 CONCENTRATION. There ARE good reasons to purchase and use ONLY 35 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide – not the lower concentrations people greatly dilute with tap water in their home or apt and labeled as “Food Grade,” if it’s or not – – not just for real cost savings caused by dilution – but also you do not know what you really are to get with home or apartment established businesses using tap water to dilute what ever real hydrogen peroxide quality they’re using.

Lightning X Jumbo Medic Responder EMT Trauma Bag Stocked Advanced Fill D

THE BAG – The Modular ALS Bag is an excellent size and layout for EMS agencies. It features a zippered compartment that holds one “D” sized oxygen cylinder with regulator that lets easy access to the cylinder without having to take off it from the bag. Padded top has storage compartments on inside Removable storage compartments over oxygen cylinder Inside compartment has removable color coded pouches Elastic loops for loose tools End pockets supply extra storage alternatives Removable cylinder pad strengthened bottom to prevent attrition Triple trim reflective striping and reflective embroidered star of life Padded shoulder strap and fast grab handle Heavy responsibility zippers Made of heavy responsibility water tolerant nylon material Easy access zippered oxygen cylinder compartment Dimensions: 19. 75″ x 14″ x 9″ – THE KIT – This kit will include the following supplies: Deluxe Kit, Tweezers, Kelly Hemostats, shock Sheers, Bandage Sheers, Penlight, Am Ampules, Band-Aids (100), 4″ x 4″ Gauze Pads (50), 2″ Roll Gauze (2), 3″ Roll Gauze (2), 4″ Roll Gauze (2), 2″ Self-Adherent Bandage (2), 2″ Elastic Ace Bandage (2), 5″ x 7″ ABD Pad (2), 8″ x 10″ ABD Pad (2), 1″ Roll Cloth Tape, 2″ Roll Cloth Tape, Iodine Wipes (10), Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes (10), Triple Antibiotic Ointment 1/2 oz, Instant Cold Packs (2), Eye Pads (2), Triangle Bandage (2), Eye Wash, Exam Gloves (4), common SAM Finger Splint, Glutose, Sting Pads (10), Adult BP Cuff, Sprague Steth, Barrier Mask, OPA Kit, (6) 10″ x 30″ shock Dressing, NC Tubing (2), NRB Mask (2), BVM Bag, 4-1/4″ x 36″ Roll Splint, 4″ x 4″ Occl Seal, Adjustable C-band, 2oz Burn Spray, 2oz 1st Aid Spray, Emergency sheet, Blood-Stop Dressing (4), Buckle Tournqt, Iodine Wipes (10), Medline Ox Reg 0-15 lpm, Worth/Lux Alum “D” Ox Cyl (empty), (4) Color Coded Removable Pouches w/ Clear Vinyl Window & Zipper – all arranged nicely and packaged together in a box for you to customize to your liking. Restricted lifetime warranty from Lightning X merchandise.

Trinity NutraLab 4 Gallons of Certified 35 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide + 2 Filled Dropper Bottles + The True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path

YOU get 4 Gallons of 35 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, four filled 1 oz dropper bottles of 35 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, and The True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path to Wellness book. THIS IS A NEW PRODUCT OFFERING we’re OFFERING ON AMAZON so a reduced discounted intro-price. This 35 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is bottled by Trinity Nutralab and less than 15 days from shipping to you. It isn’t a rebottled hydrogen peroxide. Others offering Trinity Nutralab peroxide don’t have Trinity Nutralab labels – meaning someone is re-bottling it with not known conditions. It comes with 4 FILLED and labeled 1 Oz dropper bottles – one each for each bigger bottle. THE big VOLUME YOU ORDER, the less per oz it costs – so check out the drop-down menu we’re a rightful, real commercial company and a big supplier to health store merchants since 1983. We aren’t someone bottling in a kitchen. The F. D. A. Has warned that over 80 of home-seller health merchandise sold online don’t contain what is claimed. ONLY purchase health merchandise online from real, established businesses or you don’t know what you’re REALLY receiving. WE STOCK WHAT WE SELL -WE SHIP FAST.

Medique 40120 Multi-Purpose, 120-Piece vs Equine Horse pricing

This new movable 1st aid kit is a great kit for use in the home, at the jobsite, in the car, on the sports field. Wherever you need basic 1st aid. These things are filled in a tough polypropylene carrying case with convenient carry handle. Organized tray keeps contents neat and organized. This 120 part multi-function 1st aid kit will include: 20 bandages, 3/8″ x 1-1/2″ plastic 1 gauze roll, 2″ x 4. 1yd, 30 bandages, 1″ x 3″ plastic, 4 gloves, Vinyl Latex-Free, 1 tape. 5″ x 5 yards, 1 instant cold pack, 1 triangular bandage with 2 pins, 5 burn cream ointment,. 9gm, 2 cotton info 3″, 5 pack, 6 antibiotic ointment,. 9gm, 2 finger splints, 12 alcohol prep pads, 1 1st Aid Guide – Bilingual. 3 sting break prep pads, 4 gauze pads, 2″ x 2″ clean, 12 antiseptic prep pads, 4 gauze pads, 4″ x 4″ clean, 1 scissors, 4. 5″ pointed, 1 shock pad 5″ x 9″, clean and 1 3″ slant edge metal tweezers.

Moore Medical Nurses Bag – Each

Two outside pockets with one cover flap with hook and loop closure and one open. Big interior compartment make it ideal for carrying medical supplies and will include a separate area for patient charts and files. Has both hand and adjustable shoulder straps. Made of lightweight, lasting 1,000 denier Cordura nylon for long life and professional look. 17 1/2″ long x 12″ high x 5″ large with strengthened bottom. Blue with teal handles.

MedSource Fully Stocked Highway Patrol Medical Cab Bag Pack vs Equine Horse review

This is the model MS-75163. This is a great bag with an remarkable set of professional quality contents. Perfect item for any EMT, Paramedic, Ambulance Service or Physician. The bag itself may be carried by the carrying handle. You won’t find a higher quality bag and contents at this price anywhere. Highway Patrol Medical Cab Bag usually comes in Red color standard, however if wanted this kit may be filled into either NAVY, ORANGE, Or RED. Will include: – (10) Pairs Nitrile Gloves, size L – (1) 4oz Alcohol Gel – (50) Assorted sticky Bandages – (10) 2 part clean 2X2 Gauze Pads – (4) 1″ Tansparent Surgical Tape – (4) 4″X4. 75″ Site-Loc Transparent Dressing – (1) EMT Shears – (4) 5X9 ABD Pads – (10) 2 part clean 4X4 Gauze Pads – (1) 12″X30″ Multi-shock Dressing – (6) compliant Gauze – (4) Non-woven Triangular Bandages – (2) 2″ Elastic Bandages – (1) Berman Oral Airway Set with 6 Sizes – (1) 5. 5″ Bandage Scissors – (4) Wooden Tongue Depressors – (1) Penlight with Pupil Gauge – (1) 4. 5″ Forcep – (15) BZK Wipes – (26) Alcohol Prep Pads – (2) Biohazard Bags 23″X23″ – (2) Flex-All Splints – (1) CPR Face Mask with One Way Valve & O2 Inlet – (1) Rubber Ear Bulb Syringe – (1) Sharps Shuttle – (1)Mylar Emergency sheet – (1) 3. 5oz (100g) fast Clot Gauze – (1) SOF Tourniquet – (1) MedSource Infection Control Kit: – (1) MedSource Face Shield – (1 Pair) Nitrile Gloves, Size L – (1) Ear Loop Face Mask – (1) Gown with Neck Tie – (1 Pair) Non-Slip Shoe Covers – (1) Biohazard Waste Bag.

Lifeline 85-Piece Large Hard Shell

This compact 1st aid kit comes packaged in a tough hard shell bubble case for easy storage and portability. Kit holds basic 1st aid supplies. Each kit holds 85 pieces of 1st aid, contents include; Hard Shell bubble carry case, carabiner, 1st aid guide, scissors, tweezers, 2 vinyl gloves, 14 alcohol prep pads, 3 sting break pad, 6 antiseptic towelette, 20 small bandages, 10 regular sized bandages, knuckle bandage, 2 knee/elbow bandages, 10 wound closure strips, 7 clean gauze pads, add dressing, compliant gauze roll, triangle bandage, sticky tape roll, emergency whistle.

Lightning X Hi-Vis 104 Piece Emergency Survival w Bag for Camping, Workplace, Travel & Sports vs Equine Horse price

A must-have for schools, sports teams, hiking, biking, camping, travel and other family actions. Our 104 part 1st aid kit holds a healthy variety of 1st aid and survival supplies needed to deal with some emergency situations. It is small enough to keep in your glove compartment, backpack or a purse so it is out of your way till you need it. Do not let the size fool you although – we did not skimp on the supplies. You will not believe all the things that we fit in this bag. To ensure everything is organized, we have pre-arranged the things for you in four separate transparent compartments inside the bag – each with a velcro closure to keep them in place. The bag is easily identifiable and made of hi-vis fluorescent yellow fabric on top, with a semi-reflective piping across the front with the words “1st AID KIT” printed in all caps below. Also, the bag features dual zippers that may be tagged together to prevent tampering and recognize, when and if, the kit was opened. This is useful for businesses that may have many kits in service in the field and want to keep them completely stocked at all times. The following is a full list of supplies and amounts in each kit: Fire Starter and Flint (1), Paracord (1), Medical Gloves (1pr), Triangle Bandage (2), Sting break Pads (4), Sewing Kit (1), Bandage Shears (1), Safety Pins (4), Rescue Whistle (1), Razor Blade (1), Rain Poncho (1), Moleskin Blister break Pad (1), Metal Tweezers (1), Glow Stick (1), clean Gauze Pads (3), Medical Tape 1/2″ (1 roll), Carabiner (1), LED Flashlight (1), Emergency Foil sheet (1), Elastic compliant Bandage (1), CPR Facemask (1), Cotton Tip Applicator (10), Compass (1), Instant Cold Compress (1), Butterfly Closure Strips (6), Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes (6), Alcohol Prep Pads (10), Standard sticky Bandage (25), sticky Knuckle Bandage (3), sticky Fingertip Bandage (3), Extra big sticky Bandage (4), stomach ABD shock Bandage (1).

Elite Tactical Trauma FA142 OD Green

The Tactical shock Kit #1 is intended by a former pararescueman to be used by those who may find themselves in the line of fire; police, military, tactical groups and hunters. The pouch offers easy access to all essential things in case of an emergency. The Tactical shock Kit #1 comes with the M. O. L. L. E. Strap system so can be attached to waist belts, backpacks, vests, etc.

Adventure Medical s UltraLight & Watertight .7 vs Equine Horse reviews

The Ultralight / Watertight Series features proprietary DryFlexbags for the final in ultralight, waterproof storage.   For the multi-sport athlete that refuses to be let down or weighed down by his or her gear. The Ultralight / Watertight. 7 is intended for adventure racers, multi-sport fans, and anybody looking for an ultralight kit with enough supplies for two people up to four days. Inner DryFlexwaterproof liners and seam-sealed outer silnylon bags supply many layers of protection from the elements. Intended for one to four people on trips up to four days, this is the kit for adventures where contact to the elements will be an issue.

Models to consider:
CFAK100 KB-8004999207N 10480B1002MD 1050-RC-0103
AVU5001-T10FAC AA-74SA-110HEM-18 QD610-16720F QW-H5F7-7REF
0329B 4294AAA45-VWH2-DXW4 019704-0003L71602312354M FA138
AQPFAK-100 MS-B3351KRK8102 738M1DCI8669 15-7611007000-P
2202K SL77680019700-0001L B0026MRZMQADA-500 10-OUT-02012
500-223-U/FAO BKit23(SM202) 019725-0012LTS42000B FA-462
807M1 SAT-3000KSR4P FR-MF-5STP-SL-10-BR-35 FAO-440
260-U/FAO 1350-RC-0103M5008 734M1STP-QS-900-PY-00 IDKIT-054
249-O/P 636841KSKBP2DD FAC100CAT00010 PLT-K100
SL77680 745M1M5008 6155RSLING 21 10-OUT-02012
STP-QS-900-PY-00 17137-ERBRK8102 SS-EMT1FR-MF-5 1350-RC-0103
249-O/P 1001-RC-0103CFAK100 019700-0001LBCD3Z8 Battery CAT00010
ADC-01P PB-3048-M2AE-VWSJ QW-H5F7-7REF734M1 SKT4
PD-90 FAO-442SL92026 X5/RIDKIT-054 RS-08-COMBOKIT
MA41010 FC 4000RC-562 QB1422SB61350-FAE-0103 4180AAA
500-223-U/FAO FA13871602312354M MS-B3351KRAD64058004 STP-SL-10-BR-35
4294AAA 1001 (DMi KTFA-504 03W0202XL121002MD 260-U/FAO
SAT-3000 FA-462B0026MRZMQ FA-TK8TB(SM202) HIMCONF6006
RAD64058006 SL77680999208N SAT-4500QA238 1001 (DMi KT
745M1 ADA-500FAO-440 CFAK100JJ-2322 1001-RC-0103
STP-SL-10-BR-35 First Aid_1001_X6720F CAT00010RC-562 KB-8004
PB-30 740P25P738M1 260-U/FAOB300X50 FSSK12
SLING 21 FA-504STP-QS-900-PY-00 4176AAAFA-462 2202K
71602312354M 019700-0001Lfa-145 6155RFA-912-NB LUTR24BK
FR-MF-1 FA-TK8TBMS75155 10W0501UM228CP FAC100
FR-MF-5 AA-74SA-110ADC-01P MS-B3351KQW-H5F7-7REF SS-EMT1
SKBP2DD 4180AAAWMDK-001 500-223-U/FAO03W0202XL12 1002MD


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