April 23, 2017

Genie Bed (Mattress) has great reviews


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  • Fully inflates in less than 1 minute – raising the head of your mattress up to 40 degrees, or about 26 inches
  • New 5700 series model includes a re-designed motor and remote assembly, designed for increases reliability and longevity of the motor, eliminated air leakage from motor assembly, and introduces a lighter remote with ultra-thin flexible control wire.
  • Works with weight of up to 1000 pounds
  • No exposed mechanical moving parts
  • Gently deflates using gravity and body weight – in less than 3 minutes
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General description

Transform your mattress into an adjustable bed for a small percentage of the cost. With just the touch of a button, you may be able to increase your bed to the angle that best suits your needs. Read, watch TV, work and relax in bed with the Mattress Genie.

Compare with similar products:

Carex Round Cervical Pillow (Packaging may vary) vs 50-111-R-1-387

The Carex round cervical pillow 50-111R-1-387 is ergonomically intended to offer ideal spinal alignment and a therapeutic sleep posture to decrease head, neck, shoulder and back discomfort. May also be used under the back, knees or ankles. The high quality memory bubble in the Carex round cervical pillow 50-111R-1-387 reacts fast to offer instant break and comfort, and gives slow memory bubble recuperation for longer support. The removable soft polyester and rayon cover zips off easily for machine washing. Hypo-allergenic.

Clinton 3713-10 Upholstered Apron Recovery Couch with Wedge w/double draw storage

Clinton Industries recuperation Couches are available in easy clean laminate sofa, classic chrome leg sofa, or wood leg sofa. All cupboards are assembled using steel fasteners for strength and stability and feature easy-clean laminate surfaces. Clinton 3713 Upholstered Apron recuperation sofa with Wedge3 versatile styles 2″ super-firm bubble padding 1″ thick, hard plywood, frame construction All cupboards are assembled using steel fasteners for strength and stability Easy clean laminate models, or classic chrome or wood leg models Paper dispenser included with all models Color coordinated laminate and vinyl 300 lbs. Capacity Premium, stain-tolerant, woven, knit-backed vinyl upholstery 3-year restricted warranty – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – recuperation sofa DetailsEasy-clean all laminate construction Double Drawer Storage Adjustable pillow wedge headrest Easy-clean all laminate construction Cabinet style base with Euro-style laminate & steel drawers Adjustable pillow wedge headrest fitted paper dispenser Cabinet style base with Euro-style laminate and steel drawers fitted paper dispenser 3713-10- choose Series 2 Drawer sofa w/Wedge 3713-15- choose Series 2 Door sofa w/Adj Head (10 positions that vary from 0 to 75 degrees) 3713-16- choose Series 2 Drawer sofa w/Adj Wedge Shipping Charges are dock to dock.

Jobri Spine Reliever R Extra Large Wedge

Jobri Spine Reliever Bed Wedge has a 1 viscoelastic memory bubble topping to offer a custom contour to the body, relieving back ache. The wedge may be placed in one of two ways for your choice of reclining positions and the neck roll changes for a perfect fit. Great for anybody who enjoys reading or watching TV in bed. Maker’s Patent Number 5,836,653.

Avana Contoured Wedge Support Pillow for Side Sleepers with Cool Gel Memory Foam

The Contoured Bed Wedge Support pillow is perfect for side-sleepers offering natural break through elevation. Ergonomically intended, your whole torso is softly lifted by our soft bubble which gives an ideal sleep surface. The Contoured Bed Wedge Support Pillow is made from super comfy polyurethane bubble that gives you the perfect amount of support, while the added level memory bubble conforms to your body and cradles you during the night. The removable antimicrobial cover features a breathable bamboo-rayon fabric on top, bookended by plush camel Microsuede on the sides, and it’s machine-washable to make cleaning a breeze.

Mabis Healthcare DMI Foam Wedge Leg Rest Back Support Pillow, White, 12 x 24 x 24

DMI bubble Bed Wedge Leg Rest Back Support PillowThis best-selling slanted bubble bed wedge is ideal for head, foot or leg elevation. Use it at the head of the bed to help relieve the signs of acid reflux, respiratory problems or neck and shoulder ache. Or at the foot of the bed to help relieve knee, leg or back ache. Or just prop yourself up in bed while reading, watching TV or working on your tablet. It comes with a removable white zippered cover that’s machine washable.

Wedge Size: 11" vs Mattress Genie Bed 50-111R-1-387 pricing

ARW14-001-01 Size: 11″ Features: -Wedge Only( Half Moon Pillow NOT included). -decreases snoring, heartburn and chest ache caused by acid reflux. -Prevents acid reflux from burning the lining of your esophagus while you sleep. -gives relaxing elevation for the head and shoulders. -Gives extra support to the upper back and neck. Product Type: -Bed Wedges. Dimensions: in general Height – Top to Bottom: -24″. In general Width – Side to Side: -22″. In general Thickness: -6″. In general Product Weight: -5. 5 lbs.

OPTP Professional Wedge – 16" x 13" Gray (020158)

This professional-quality positioning device considerably improves comfort of supine patients while behind many exercises. Use it to elevate lower extremities, for lower-extremity exercise or to place the joints and muscles of the low back in a neutral position. The Professional Wedge is constructed of a hard lightweight fire retardant bubble core covered with a soft lasting vinyl. Available in 16″ or 20″ width, 13″ or 15″ height. 21″ long. Color choices: Blue, Black and Gray.

Deluxe Knee Bolster, Black Conductive, 16 x 7-1/2 x 24 inches vs Mattress Genie Bed 50-111R-1-387 review

Deluxe Knee Bolster firmly supports upper thigh to midcalf throughout long procedures. Same graduated angle on both sides of peak. Made of high-density bubble. Available with Black conductive cover or Protecta-Coat. Use as Lumbar Positioner for maintaining lumbar region in the flexed position for spinal injections and imaging. Washable. 16″W x 7-1/2″H x 24″D.

InteVision Four Position Support Pillow (20.5" x 8" x 4.5") with 400 Thread Count, 100 Egyptain Cotton Cover

New This pillow is exactly intended with a memory bubble level over a greatly resilient base bubble to offer the comfort you want while preventing it from becoming “flat”. It may be used as a knee support pillow, lumbar support pillow, or leg spacer. It comes with a high quality, 400 thread count, 100 Egyptian cotton cover that’s removable for easy cleaning. The product was placed in a vacuum sealed package. It’ll expand to its original form once you take it out of its packaging.

Vinyl Covered Foam Positioning Wedge Pillow (24" X 24" X 12") vs Mattress Genie Bed 50-111R-1-387 price

Lasting triple laminated vinyl fabrics 14-oz. Vinyl cover that’s impervious to fluids, antibacterial and mildew tolerant – easy to clean. Over Firm Polyurethane bubble. If in the home, school or treatment department, this mat is excellent for basic medical care and exercises. Latex free. Positioning wedges may be used in physical education, physical medical care, gymnastics, or for home use.

AliGel Select Positoning Set

AliGel choose Positioning Set offers more complete pressure redistribution and nerve protection than the Basic set, with parts that include perineal cutouts for unobstructed surgical access. Ideal for range of surgical procedures. Will include: Adult Head Donut; Head part of Table Pad Overlays, 20″Wx9″L; Armboard Pads, 4-1/2″Wx24″L (pair); Ulnar Forearm Protectors, 13″Wx18″L (pair); Torso part with Cutout, 20″Wx39-1/2″L; Foot part with cutout, 20″Wx20″L; Heel cups (pair).

Black PU Reiki Portable Massage Table Carry Case w/Free Two Bolster Pillow vs Mattress Genie Bed 50-111R-1-387 reviews

Don’t get fool by the low price of this great massage table, the price is low, however the quality is high. This massage table isn’t only a great bargain throughout this sluggish economy, however also comes complete with all working parts. The frame is made of birch to ensure professional strength with a weight bound of 450LB. This table is easy to fold and unfold and comes with a free carry case. The upholstery is made up of two-inch thick high density small-cell bubble padding and oil & water-evidence PU leather, not cheap PVC used by others. This table is ideal for students, new practitioners, home users and anybody who wants to have a great massage table with restricted budget.

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  5. Bed Wedge 2 Pack Someone You Love Needs The Wellness Wedge
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Models to consider:
ARW14-001-01 W15099DBP10900 MDT21988CC3015WQC FW4060MO
WPRP-001-03 5550-3231BK-2C-B100E W40161MJ4020RSB P204
BWP 28 B-1-PinkBWP 02 F1510FScia-Sad-P1 BW_Wedge_12inch
W40164 U9W-2-Pink3R-XR4C-7TEO 101798j.jW40163 FW4050
BW_Wedge_7inch BW_Wedge_10inchFW4010 C-B02U9W-2-Blue 30-475R
MHP #28230 50-411R-1-390CBL108680 rtl3827P10700 2859AMZ
FW4020 C104C-02A ZZ2407FWFW4010BL BWS3HC1
W40157 W4015930-550R FW4020BLCVRU9W-2-Black CO5405
MJ1798MO 50-311R-DS-389
5550-3231BK-2 BW_Wedge_12inchW40159 B-1-PinkZZ2407FW 30-475R
P10900 FW4020CBL108680 50-311R-DS-38930-550R W40163
3R-XR4C-7TEO MJ4020RSBFW4010BL BWS3HC1C-02A 101798j.j
ARW14-001-01 CO5405FW4020BLCVR W40157FW4010 MJ1798MO
FW4060MO P204F1510F U9W-2-BlackP10700 W40161
WPRP-001-03 MDT21988BW_Wedge_10inch W40164C104 rtl3827
FW4050 BWP 02BW_Wedge_7inch 2859AMZBWP 28 C-B02
50-411R-1-390 U9W-2-PinkScia-Sad-P1 U9W-2-BlueC-B100E MHP #28230
W15099DB CC3015WQC
W40164 3R-XR4C-7TEOMHP #28230 CBL108680F1510F C-02A
BWP 28 MJ4020RSBWPRP-001-03 CC3015WQCARW14-001-01 U9W-2-Black
FW4020 C104BWS3HC1 B-1-PinkC-B100E W40159
W15099DB FW4060MOZZ2407FW P10700FW4020BLCVR 30-550R
W40163 50-411R-1-39030-475R CO5405rtl3827 W40161
W40157 U9W-2-Pink50-311R-DS-389 BW_Wedge_12inchP10900 Scia-Sad-P1
101798j.j BW_Wedge_10inchFW4050 C-B02FW4010BL MJ1798MO
MDT21988 P204FW4010 BWP 022859AMZ 5550-3231BK-2
U9W-2-Blue BW_Wedge_7inch


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