April 23, 2017

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All merchandise are brand new, sealed and in their boxes. Expiration date: 2017 Check out my other things Formula 1 (26. 4 oz / 750g) Flavors: French Vanilla / Orange Cream / Mint Chocolate / Dutch Chocolate / Wild Berry / Cookies & Cream / restaurant Latte / Dulce de Leche / Pina Colada / Personalized Protein (12. 7 oz / 360g) prepared Herbal Aloe (32oz / 946 ml) prepared Aloe: Available only in Original Flavor Herbal Tea Concentrated (1. 8 oz) Flavors: Original / Lemon / Raspberry / Peach Herbalife Formula 1 Meal substitute Shake Mix If you’re generally on the go and need something fast and easy as a meal or want something to drink to get you energy when you work out in the gym, then the best thing you may be able to do is drink one of the Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix merchandise. It is a healthy and balanced mix of twenty essential vitamins and minerals. Nutritious flavors as you drink this Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix to assist you to manage your weight. Personalized Protein Powder is a convenient way to increase your protein intake, which helps to preserve your energy level between meals, and helps you maintain lean muscle mass. Prepared Herbal Aloe prepared Herbal Aloe holds aloe that soothes the stomach and supports nutrient absorption and intestinal health.

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Prestige Medical 122 Sprague Stethoscope, Neon Pink

The most widely used stethoscope in the healthcare business. Five stethoscopes-in-one design. Comes with a full accessory pouch with interchangeable parts to customize to the user’s needs. Features dual 22 inch PVC tubing for clear sound transmission and threaded soft ear info. The rugged chrome plated zinc alloy chestpiece and chrome plated brass binaurals are constructed to withstand the most calling for of working environments. Lifetime restricted warranty.

Vein Finder Adult and Pediatric EMS Pro

The Veinlite EMS PRO is the most cheap movable vein finder for general vein access in adults and kids. Powered by two AA batteries and with 24 colored LEDs operated by a single switch, the robust but easy-to-use EMS PRO model is ideal for mobile medical responders and is priced to equip the whole team. This product is ideal for: Emergency answer Teams Home Healthcare Providers may be used on Adults and kids.

3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope, Black Tube, 27 inch, 3128

The 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope is intended for clinicians who require remaining acoustic performance joint with exceptional versatility. Its groundbreaking design gives a tunable diaphragm on each side of the chestpiece. The colors shown online are approximations. We have made every effort to show the best possible match to the color of the real product. But, some variation is projected, caused by differences in both lighting and monitor calibration.

Pedia Pals Manuel Mouse Stethoscope ID Tag

Pedia Pals pediatric medical supplies supply an entertaining and calming concentrate for kids while improving diagnosis and treatment. This stethoscope ID tag features Manuel Mouse who little patients will love. 1″ large 2″ long Easily fits around the tubing of any stethoscope will include put for smaller tubing Writeable area for identification Latex-free ABS plastic Ideal for pediatric settings.

3M Littmann Stethoscope Identification Tag, Lit Steth Adj Id Tag Gray, (1 EACH, 1 EACH)

(Item Number and Quantity: UHS-MMM2171-1EACH) 3M Littmann Stethoscope Identification Tag, Lit Steth Adj Id Tag Gray Color-Gray, – (1 EACH, 1 EACH) – Adjustable design lets it to fit securely on all Littmann stethoscope models at the yoke area. Lasting and nice. Buyer has the choice to affix either a write-on or engravable nameplate–both are included in the package. Suggested Billing Code:.

Professional Adult and Pediatric Two Sided Cardiology Stethoscope Black, New in Box vs Herbalife formula 1+Personalized pricing

Adult and pediatric-sided chestpiece, each is with a diaphragm what lets to use both sides of the stethoscope for listening both high- and low-frequency sounds. The big side may be used for auscultating adult patients, the small side is useful for pediatric or thin patients. Patient-friendly, chestpiece comes with non-chill ring. It has the excellent acoustics with clear low-frequency responses. Soft ear – info are with inner spring binaural tubing assembly. Special design of binaural for suiting the ear structure extra spare membrane and different size ear info.

ADC ADSCOPE 601 Convertible Cardiology Stethoscope (Adult/Pediatric), 28 inch, Black

The ADC Adscope 601 Convertible Cardiology Stethoscope with AFD Technology is our most versatile cardiology scope. The convertible chestpiece gives adult diaphragm/bell or adult/pediatric diaphragm configurations. Use light pressure for low, bell-type frequencies, and firm pressure for high, diaphragm-type frequencies, or switch to the extra deep bell for unsurpassed low-frequency answer. Featuring a bi-lumen (dual channel) headset design for improved stereo separation, the Adscope 601 offers remaining performance, comfort, and durability. Your Adscope 601 comes with a scope ID tag and two extra pairs of Adsoft Plus eartips in a convenient storage case. Choose a tactical finish with black tubing or a stainless finish with one of nine tubing colors.

Ausilium Littmann Master Cardiology – 2161 – Black Edition vs Herbalife formula 1+Personalized review

The 3m; littmann master cardiology stethoscope is the final acoustic stethoscope for correct auscultation. This groundbreaking product has a patented single-sided master chestpiece. This lets monitoring of both high and low frequency sounds without turning the chestpiece over. A special procedures adaptor is available for hard sites and paediatric auscultation. Suggested for use by: ; cardiologists ; pulmonologists 1 pc.

3m Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope 27 in./Purple

Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope, Adult Ideal use for Cardiology or another High Performance adult and pediatric applications. Features two tunable diaphragms (adult and pediatric) for listening to both low and high frequency sounds. Two-tubes-in-one design helps eliminate tube rubbing sound. The pediatric side of the chestpiece easily changes to a conventional bell by just replacing the diaphragm with the nonchill bell sleeve included with each stethoscope. Offers a hard stainless steel chestpiece, nonchill rims, and an adjustable doubleleaf binaural spring. 3M Littmann Snap Tight Soft-Sealing eartips supply an excellent acoustic seal and comfy fit.

KaLaiXing® Denture Bath – Srage Container for Soaking Dentures, Retainers & other Dental Appliances–dark blue vs Herbalife formula 1+Personalized price

Denture Bath Box Case Dental False Teeth Storage Container Rinsing Basket Keep your denture or retainer clean and healthy Compact and lasting for pocket / handbag storage Strong, lasting cases won’t crack or break Deep design fits more appliances Convenient to keep, easy for travel Material: PP Top width: 6. 5cm Bottom width: 7. 5cm Thickness: 8cm Height: 7. 5cm Package: 1 x Denture Box.

Yiqi Beauty Brightening/Whitening RED COVER (6 pcs)Products Certification & FDA approved (Exp.2018)Ax3, Cx3

CREAM A (Day Cream) Ingredient: titanium dioxide arnica, vitamin e, bear berry etc. Effect: stops the black element from forming, moisturizers and whitens the skin slowly, dissolves speckles. Makes the skin tender, smart, elastic, shrinks the pore and makes the pore tiny, removes the black speckles. If you use the product extended period of time the speckles is not repeated. Your skin generally show red in white, smart for ever. Handling: after cleaning your skin every morning, place a correct quantity or the product on your face, massage your face lightly to make the skin take in it totally. CREAM C (Night Cream) Ingredient: natural Chinese herbs essence lotion(yoyumn), vitamin a, d, e, moisturing factor, active regeneration element. Effect: improves the skin to be white quickly, guards the skin from being old desalinates the freckle, butterfly point, the grey point, the black point and skin ulcer etc. Improves the skin condition, supplies the faint skin deep protection and make the skin recover smart and moisture. Handling: after cleaning your skin every morning, place a correct quantity or the product on your face, massage you face lightly to make the skin take in it totally.

STEELMAN 06606 ChassisEAR/EngineEAR Combination Kit vs Herbalife formula 1+Personalized reviews

The STEELMAN ChassisEAR or EngineEAR mix Kit lets the user to detect squeaks and rattles features the EngineEAR electronic stethoscope and the ChassisEAR under chassis sound and vibration finder. The STEELMAN ChassisEAR lets user to listen to up to six different places in one road test and hear noises that can not be duplicated in the stall. Professional headphones shut out bordering sound. Six color coded, super sensitive microphone clamps attach to the problem area with 16-foot wire leads that can reach to all car places. Clamp the six sensors on to springs, torque rods, shocks, body mounts, brakes, dash assembly, door hinges, drive train, rear or front axle, transmission, move case, suspension, sway bars, tie rod ends, struts, axle hubs, ring and pinion bearings, mufflers, catalytic converter, O2 sensor, oil pump or an un-torqued screw. The EngineEAR functions as an electronic stethoscope and may be used under the hood, along windows etc.

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Models to consider:
MDF757PT04 WEL5079-325PMMM3135 600BDMMM2171 SO035-0000
MMM2290 MDF797DD10LER2427 ESR112-SF1689-WHT 2206Tag
WEL5079-321 WEL5079-336MMM2290 DR747XP11ESR11223 WeiDouJia-5se-x1
KT-120 613BKRBMDF740PR SKU1327Lovestore2555 BND3100NB
MDF747XP01 7-1378-A6087-RED MDF797CC11AD60207N S121-STE
2205Tag 665RB-100MDF79711 2211_2Lovestore2555 400L
MAXMM601N UA038LPHPS122-HPK UA126ORLisingtool 2016 BND-2451
AD647Q DSS-920422Lovestore2555 BND-2296S108-F-ROY MDS926206
WEL5079-104 2211_2WEL5079-125 MDF740BBOLIV02 ESR11223
DYN 72 SK122MDS926206 98STH2-33V126-PUR MMM2290
602N-P S108-STELovestore2555 KT-120UHS-882291 MMM2290
S108-P-HPK UA133BKHPHPMDS133038W SK124S121-PUR DR747XP11
UA038LPHP BT0282T701 BND-2296UA126OR SK124
3M 2201 RCL107B016SWOIF6 665RB-100BNDBLACK-22 2113R
1689-WHT S121-F-PURAD647Q 3MH378113200BK27 600BK
MDF797CC11 U56005E999 Lisingtool 2016126-NGN 7-1378-A
6087-RED BND-24512205Tag WEL5079-182MDS92250 WeiDouJia-5se-x1
MDS926206 MDF797CC11WEL5079-104 KT-120UA133BKHPHP WEL5079-336
BND3100NB 126-BLKCBL109302 DR747XP11S108-STE Lisingtool 2016
MDF777I04 128-PURMMM2171 602N-PLovestore2555 PM-A2—–LPC
WEL5079-328 MDF740BB200-LAVENDAR BT0282DSS-920422 SK124
2211_2 RMC110SK122 S108-P-HPKL36568 126-STE
MDS92250 400LUA126OR S121-PURMAXMM601N A2-AQS
MDF757PT04 3200BK27MMM2290 98STH2-33613BKRB B016SWOIF6
vet7 E999Lovestore2555 ESR112-SFMMM2290 MDF747XP01
WeiDouJia-5se-x1 S122-REDMDF77723 WEL5079-182400BL OLIV02


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