April 23, 2017

FL62MAX+/323/1AC Kit (Fluke) has great reviews


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  • Dust and water-resistant: IP54 rated
  • Ergonomically designed: Completely redesigned for a more natural hand fit
  • This fits your .
  • Rugged: 3-meter (9.8-foot) drop tested
  • Distance to spot: 12:1
  • Dual lasers: Identifies area to be measured
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

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General description

This kit is intended to help electricians and HVAC technicians crack problems quicker. Test 1st for overheated electrical devices using an IR thermometer; then use the clamp meter and voltage detector to learn more about the problem.

Compare with similar products:

CDN TM7-W Loud Alarm Large Digit Timer vs FL62-MAX+/323/1-AC

With CDN’s TM7 you will FL62MAX+/323/1AC never miss a timed dish again with this deafening alarm digital timer. Extra big readout is easy to read and is easy to set. It is great for timing cookies or another tasks. Other features are auto recall of last count, stop and start and up and down counting. Times up to 100-minute. It mounts via magnet, clip or uses a fitted stand. Features: counts 100-minute by minute/second, last count recall, big display, deafening alarm, counts down. Restricted 5-year warranty.

FLK-0-CLKT C-Range IR Window Kwik Twist Cover, 3" Diameter, 0.08" Thick, For Outdoor and Indoor Applications

Fluke IR Windows are the most rugged on the market, with a heavy responsibility aluminum housing and arc-flash resistance to increase safety when conducting thermal inspections. Engineered and tested to withstand electric-arcs up to 50 kA for 30 cycles. Certified by UL and CSA for Type 3/12 (outdoor) environments in North America, these C-Range windows are tested to withstand the lasting maturing effects of UV contact. Certified by SIRA Certification IP65 (outdoor) environments in Europe. The CLIRVU covering-exclusive to Fluke IR Windows-seals the optic previous to assembly to protect against moisture degradation. The Quadraband optic is IR-Fusion well-matched, allowing the thermographer to see possible problems in visual light and thermographic mode. Each C-Range window is provided with an identification plate attached for distinctive, on-site numbering for fast place acknowledgement and faster repairs. Each infrared window comes complete with a security access key, installation information and self-sticky drilling template. Maximum temperature: 659 degrees C. Warranty: lifetime substitute against manufacturing defects.

Supco DPG100 Pressure Gauge, Digital Display, -14-100 psi Range, 0.5 Accuracy, 1/8" Female NPT Connection

The DPG Series are digital pressure gauges featuring many units, selectable zero reference and auto power off to conserve battery power. The DPG100/DPG1000 may be used with any media well-matched with 17-4PH stainless steel. 1/8 NPT Female Connection. Long Battery Life. 1 Hour Auto Off. Applications: HVAC Refrigerant lines, steam pipes, procedure piping, compressed air lines, expertise gas piping. Stability (1 year): +/-0. 25 % FS (type). Overange protection: 2X rated pressure. Burst pressure: 5X or 20,000 psi whichever is less. Pressure cycles: >100 million. Operating temperature range: 32 degree F to 130 degree F (0 degree C to 55 degree C). Storage temperature range: -40 degree F to 150 degree F (-40 degree C to 65 degree C). Compensated temperature range: 32 degree F to 130 degree F (0 degree C to 55 degree C). Temperature reimbursement zero:.

I410- AC/DC Current Clamp Carry Case, 600V Voltage, 400A AC/DC Current vs FL-62MAX+/323/1AC

Kit will include i410 1-400A AC rms, 1-400A DC current Clamp, zippered vinyl carry case with moveable divider. Special value kit for electrical professional who is wanting to add on DC and AC current measurement potential to their DMM. Will include a spacious carry case to hold and protect your meter and current clamp, plus extra storage for your test leads, probes and manuals. The Fluke i410 AC/DC 400 Amp current clamp meets CAT III 600V safety ratings and can take correct current readings without breaking the circuit. Fluke current clamps are the ideal tools to extend the current ranges of Fluke tools. Battery-powered hall-effect probe measures 1A to 400A. 1mV/Amp output guarantees easy reading on your meter. Take correct current readings without breaking the circuit. Maximum conductor diameter 32mm. One year warranty. Measurement type: Hall sensor. Nominal current range: 400A, AC/DC. Uninterrupted current range: 1A – 400A AC/DC. Maximum non-destructive current: 400A. Lowest measurable current: 0. 5A. Basic accuracy: 3. 5 + 0. 5A ( reading + floorspec). Useable frequency: DC – 3 kHz. Output levels: 1 mV/A. Zero error modification. Maximum voltage: 600V. Battery life: 9 V, 60 H. Maximum conductor diameter: 30mm, 2 x 25mm. Output cable length: 1. 6m. With shrouded banana plugs.

28IIE/ETL Intrinsically Safe True-Rms Digital Multimeter, LCD Display, -200 to +1090 Degrees C Temperature Range, 7.8" Length 3.93"

The Fluke 28 II intrinsically-safe digital multimeter (aka a multitester) is a true RMS, auto- and manual-ranging meter used in electrical testing applications to measure voltage, current, conductance, responsibility cycle, capacitance, frequency, and temperature, and perform resistance, continuity, and diode tests. This intrinsically safe meter is intended for use in Ex-rated regions, like oil refineries, mines, and pharmaceutical plants. The meter is waterproof, dust-evidence, and drop-evidence, and is rated Ingress Protection certified IP67. A low-pass filter assures correct voltage and frequency measurements and % of responsibility cycle measurements help diagnose variable-speed motor drives (VSDs) and switching power supplies. A capacitance range of 10,000 microfarads tests parts and motor caps, and capacitance measurements perform high resistance and leakage tests. Data features are minimum, maximum, average, and peak catch to automatically record transients and measurement variations. Relative mode removes test lead interference on resistance measurements. An alarm sounds when the test leads are connected to the wrong jack for the measurement being taken. Backlit keypad buttons supply visibility in low lighting, and a reversible holster guards the display when not used.

FLK-TI560 60HZ Thermal Imager for Troubleshooting and Maintenance vs Fluke FL62MAX+ 323 1AC Kit pricing

Find industrial, electrical, utility and R&D problems fast with the TiX560, featuring a full 180 degree articulating lens and the biggest 5. 7 inch touchscreen LCD. Improve image quality and temperature measurement accuracy by turning your 320×240 pictures into 640×480 pictures, that is 4x’s the resolution and pixels with Super Resolution. With a temperature measurement range of -20° C to +1200° C and thermal sensitivity of ≤ 0. 08° C at 30° C target temp (30 mK with filter mode), the TiX560 is great for everyday predictive maintenance & troubleshooting. Save time and money with groundbreaking features like the Fluke Connect App – share pictures in real-time and catch many measurement types as well as electrical, mechanical, vibration, temperature and thermal – all in one report.

FLK-TI200 60HZ Industrial Thermal Infrared Camera LaserSharp® Auto Focus, IR-Fusion® AutoBlend™, Connect™ Wireles vs FL-62-MAX+/323/1-AC

Powerful high-performance features make troubleshooting fast and easy. Technology changes. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you are missing out on important innovations, so Fluke has engineered the Ti200 infrared camera to adapt to change. Being future-prepared is part of its DNA. You may be able to test and measure with wireless speed and ease and connect with other wireless devices. If there is an infrared camera in your future, be sure it is one with a future. A new generation of auto concentrate to ensure in-concentrate pictures every, single, time. The Fluke Ti200 infrared camera comes with LaserSharp Auto concentrate for perfectly focused pictures. Every. Single. Time. Every infrared camera user knows that concentrate is the single most important thing to ensure when conducting an infrared inspection. Without an in-concentrate image temperature measurements may not be correct, on occasion by as much as 20 degrees, so it is much easier to miss a problem. LaserSharp auto concentrate tells you exactly where you’re concentrating. It uses a laser to compute the distance to your target before it concentrates. Place the red laser dot on the equipment you’re inspecting, then pull and release the trigger for a perfect in-concentrate image. Catch up to five extra measurements wirelessly. A free firmware update to help find problems fast will let you to catch up to 5 extra measurements by enabling the CNX Wireless system on your thermal imager. These extra measurements help diagnose problems faster and supply extra data to create more complete reports. Field installable telephoto and large angle lenses are available for extra versatility for special applications and voice annotation makes pen and paper not needed.

62 MA Plus Infrared Thermometer, AA Battery, -20 to +1202 Degree F Range vs Fluke FL62MAX+ 323 1AC Kit review

Temperature is frequently the 1st indication of a possible problem. The Fluke 62 MAX noncontact thermometers are ideal for fast, basic temperature checks in applications where the user needs to be a safe distance from the target area being calculated. This compact, movable tool enables professionals to scan surfaces for hot spots, diagnose problems, and monitor temperature variations without direct contact. Easy to use-just aim the laser sighting at the center of the target area, pull the trigger, and read the temperature on the big backlit LCD. IP54 rated for dust and water resistance, ruggedly built to withstand a 3-meter drop and ergonomic intended for a much more natural hand fit makes the Fluke 62 MAX meters ideal for use in various work environments. These IR thermometers feature Fahrenheit or Celsius selectable units, current/min/max temperature readings, average and differential temperatures, adjustable high/low setpoints with audible alarm, seven-second auto hold, uninterrupted scanning, and power off. What is Included: one AA battery Small and lightweight, still very correct and easy to use Dust and water-tolerant Drop tested to 3 meters (9. 8-foot) Small and lightweight The 62 MAX+ thermometer includes a dual-laser aiming at system with rotating lasers to assist you recognize the measurement area. The measurement area is the spot between the dots.

Ti110 Industrial-Coercial Thermal Imager, IR-Fusion Technology, 30 Hz

A Fluke thermal imager can save you time and money by finding possible problems before they become expensive failures. With the groundbreaking features and functionality in the Fluke ti110 thermal imager and 160 x 120 resolution, you may be able to perform infrared inspections faster and more proficiently and completely document problem regions for extra follow-up.

AC2-FTP Alligator Clips and Adaptors, 1000V Voltage, 10A Current, Red and Black, For FTP-1 or FTPL-1 Fused Test Probes vs Fluke FL62MAX+ 323 1AC Kit price

Will include model a pair of red and black extra big alligator clips plus adaptors to securely attach the alligator clips to Fluke fused test probes FTP-1, FTPL-1, FTP and FTPL. SureGrip has rubber overmolded surfaces for a firm dependable grip. Multi-function tooth pattern grips anything from good gauge wire to a 20mm (0. 75″) nut. Strong, nickel-plated steel jaws for a tight hold. Conforms to safety standard IEC61010-031:2002 +A1:2008, CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V. 10A maximum, pollution degree 2, 2000 m altitude. Operating temperature: -4 to 131 degree F, 95 RH. One-year warranty.

Portable Energy Logger, Basic, No Current Probes

The Fluke Power Logger is the ideal electrician or technician’s power meter for conducting energy studies and basic power quality logging. Set the Power Logger up in seconds with the included adaptable current probes and color display. The power quality meter measures most electrical power parameters, harmonics, and captures voltage events.

PneumaticPlus SAR3000T-N03BG Air Pressure Regulator T-Handle, 3/8" Pipe Size, NPT Gauge and Bracket vs Fluke FL62MAX+ 323 1AC Kit reviews

T type to unlock, unscrew the nut attached to the regulating handle. To lock the handle, screw the nut after setting pressure. When regulating pressure, turning the handle to the right raises the pressure of secondary side. Turning to the reverse(left) direction drops the pressure. Regulating pressure range of the secondary side is less than 85 of the 1st side.

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Models to consider:
FLUKE-721-3610 TP80FLUKE-1503 FLK-Ti110 30 HzFLUKE-566 FLUKE-CV400
FLK-VT02 SW-L1478G250L211 FLUKE-190-204/AMPM9096/201 TP912
CD-2141GXB3000 TM7-WPT12 FLUKE-700HTP-2FLUKE-1621 718-1G
FLUKE-700SC Q2-450AS400 FLUKE-572-2FLUKE-1587 T TL935
FLK-Ti105 30 HZ FLK-3000 FC HVACVPS510-R FLK-TI-TRIPOD3FLUKE-985 Fluke 437 II
SAR3000T-N03BG 07R313ACTL1550B FVF-SC3VPS210-G TP80
FLUKE-355 FLK-3000 FC GMFLK-A3000 FC AC173FLUKE-572-2 I200S
HC120 FLUKE-700G31BP120MH 85RF IIFLUKE-1503 700G27-AMZN
FLK-TI-SBP3 718-1GI3000 FLEX-4PK Q2-450TL1550B CD-2141GXB3000
FLUKE-709 Fluke-805 FCFLUKE-190-502/AM FLUKE-975FLK-A3000 FC KIT FLK-Ti105 30 HZ
Fluke 9040 FLK-TI90 9HZFLUKE-700G10 FLUKE-700RG29FLK-VT02 BC190/808
FLK-TiR105 9 HZ 700PA4SW-L1478G250 T5-H5-1AC KIT/USI3000S PM9082/001
FLUKE-750SW AC285-FTPFLUKE-707EX FLUKE-190-204/AMFLK-Ti110 30 Hz L215
T5-H5-1AC KIT/US TP82PAG158L-160 FLK-Ti110 30 HzFT220 Fluke-805 FC
EOT1 NTD 600JC390 BP120MHVPS510-R FLK-CNX-3000
FLUKE-985 2140GXB1000FLK-TI200 60HZ SW-MW15BW250TL1550B DPG100
KC25-5# FLUKE-700RG29DT450X BB12007R313AC Fluke 434 II
700PA4 MG-100-A-9V87-RETROFIT I3000 FLEX-4PKI3000S FLK-Ti105 30 HZ


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