April 23, 2017

What we found out: Opticlude(TM) Orthoptic (Nexcare(TM))


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General description

Intended for comfy vision-occlusive medical care.

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GT 4" Cotton Elastic Bandage with Velcro Closure on both ends, 4 ches wide (13 to 15 ft. when stretched), 2 Pack

4 Inch Premium Elastic Bandages 1539 4 inches large x (13 to 15 feet) (stretched) 2 pack Latex Free To be used when compression is needed Secured with Velcro-style self-closure on both ends, sewn on Also look for (search) our 2″, 3″ and 6″ GT Cotton Elastic Bandages Questions call 800-527-1995.

Sterile Esmarch Bandage Late-free Foot (Size: 4"12")

Used to control and exclude blood flow throughout surgical procedures, the Tetra Esmarch is constructed of strong, white synthetic material to offer maximum compression in a totally latex-free product. The polymer used offers excellent elongation and good tear strength with no weak points prone to breakage in applications requiring expanded stretching. A light covering of talc contributes to the easy application. Sold in 4″ widths in12 foot lengths. Each roll is CSR wrapped, enclosed in individual peel down Tyvek/poly pouches, filled 10 per box and gamma radiated.

Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages, Variety Pack, 280-Count Assorted Sizes (Pack of 2)

40 – 1 in x 3 in; 111 – 5/8 in x 2-1/4 in; 100 – 3/4 in x 3 in; 24 – 7/8 in x 7/8 in; 5 – 1-3/4 in x 4 in. Assorted sizes. Range of sizes and shapes. Wet-Flex bubble for extra cushioning that stays on when wet; Sheer, breathable protection to stay on long. Clean unless individual wrapper is opened or damaged. Made in Brazil.

Teenage Mutant Nja Turtles Band-Aid Bandages – Per Pack

Awesome TMNT bandage variety. Each box of Band-Aid® Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bandages holds 20 bandages; 10 small and 10 big bandages that will include an variety of designs that feature pictures of Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo also as TMNT sayings and logos. These bandages are latex-free, but, their packaging does contain latex. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans will love these colorful and happily intended bandages.

Performance Bandage Adhesive Fabric Strip 3/4"3" Late Free – Bo of 100

Maker Part Number: 16-4813 (1/Box of 100) – McKesson sticky Fabric Bandage Strips Features: adaptable, lasting fabric. Stretchable for extra comfort. Helps protect cuts and scrapes by compliant to skin with an absorbent, non-stick pad. Clean individual packages help advertise hygiene and more protect against infection. Comfy fit, long-lasting sticky. Clean. Single Use. Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex.

Fall Transitions Camouflage Camo Novelty Bandages-Pk or Green (Green) vs Nexcare TM Opticlude TM Orthoptic 1539 pricing

Do you rough and tumble Outdoorsy people, Hunters or Fishers have an owie?? No problem – fix that Honey ‘Boo-Boo’ with the stylish pink or green camouflage bandages. Each full color flip top tin will include 32 3/4″ x 3″ self-sticky strips in Fall Transitions Camouflage pattern by CB Outdoor. Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for the outdoors fan.

Ortopad Elite Boys Eye Patches – Patterns with Glitter Accents, Regular Size (50 Per Bo)

Ortopad Orthoptic Eye Patches have been helping kids effectively treat amblyopia (lazy eye) for over 10 years. Ortopad Elite patterned patches differ from other patches in that the mix of the pattern and the glitter accents make the 5 designs in every box distinctive and fun. Also, Ortopad patches maximize comfort through a latex-free sticky. Simply apply the Ortopad patch and the pressure sensitive sticky will use the body’s own heat to create comfy fit. The patches are easily removed from the face without the common discomfort. Ortopad Elite Orthoptic Eye Patches for Boys are available in three sizes – Junior (for kids up to 2), Medium (for kids 2 – 4) and Regular (for kids over 4). These fun designs are available in all sizes for both boys and girls.

BAND-AID Fleible Fabric Bandages, Etra Large 10 ea (Pack of 3) vs Nexcare TM Opticlude TM Orthoptic 1539 review

Extra Flexibility: Stretchable, comfy fabric moves with you to fit better – great for knees and elbows. Non-Stick Pad: Absorbent pad won’t stick to wound for light elimination. Longer Lasting Plus lasting: distinctive sticky and form help bandage stay in place longer. Sterility guaranteed unless individual wrapper is opened or damaged. For medical emergencies seek professional help.

Saf-T-Tape Sticky Gauze Tape, 3/4 30 Yards, Green – MS80700 (10 packages)

SAF-T-TAPE Prevents bruises and skin burns, protects against abrasivesurfaces, lessens harmful effects of friction. Improves grip on tools. Lets the skin to breathe. Sticks to itself – not to the skin. SHEET METAL FABRICATION 1) Cuts 2) Wrist protection 3) Finger protection NEEDLE TRADES ELECTRICAL 1) part handling 2) Wire twisting 3) Coil winding MEAT PACKAGING PLANTS MANUFACTURING 1) Glass 2) Plastics molding 3) Silvers 4) Deburring 5) Protects gloves TANNERIES 1) Leather 2) Sewing.

Mepile B Sacrum Self-Adhesive Foam Dressgs 9.2"9.2", Bo of 5 vs Nexcare TM Opticlude TM Orthoptic 1539 price

Mepilex Border Sacrum is an all-in-one bubble dressing exactly shaped to fit the sacral area. Mepilex sacral dressings may aid in the prevention of pressure ulcers and bed sores by defending the skin. Mepilex Border sacral bubble dressing is self-adherent and requires no secondary dressing. Minimizes ache and shock at dressing changes and may be lifted and adjusted without losing its adherent properties. Each bubble bandage measures 9. 2″ x 9. 2″ (23 x 23cm). Box of 5 individually wrapped dressings.

Dyn View Guard Transpnt Sterile Dressg, 4 ch 4 3/4 ch (Pack of 4)

View guard transparent, clean, self sticky dressings, 4 inch x 4-3/4 inch are semi permeable and supply a breathable barrier that lets air in while keeping moisture vapors and liquid out. Dressings are easy to apply. They conform to hard body contours. Ideal for use around iv sites, useful in wound care and surgical site protection.

Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage, Tensoplast Tape 4 5 Yd by BSN Medical vs Nexcare TM Opticlude TM Orthoptic 1539 reviews

(Item Number and Quantity: UHS-JOB2596-1EACH) Tensoplast Elastic sticky Bandage, Tensoplast Tape 4in X 5 Yd Size-4″ x 5 yd, Stretched, – (1 EACH, 1 EACH) – Tensoplast (previously Elastoplast) heavyweight stretch tapes control and decrease post injury edema. They supply excellent compression and support. Clips and extra tape are eliminated caused by the strong sticky. 100 cotton backing. Conforms to the body while allowing stretching and motion. Won’t loosen. Holds latex. Suggested Billing Code: A4450.

Models to consider:
B005JAT6FQ 88MS08R1540 NON25600BLPRM086004 RM007
NON250412 NON80328DMSC2502D HT799CAD16317-X2 H109
KT3RBB 1626WGTCEB3 O58732MSC2066EPZ NON25510 – BX
MSC2066EP 9506WJJ-1307B COK-0043-1BND-46110000 SSJ14
BEI00303 NON25510BL800-512VC H3584TM82124 PDX-810-L-10
NON25660 RM0041-120M B1559SVT3D BSN00340
CUR136103RB B005JAT6FQCR-3T MOL-671290CUR5018 MSC2504
MSC9604EP BND-5200BL-036TM82114 FMC405-BX-ISG2GVQ-028 02598002-2PK
1626W B005NHBB6W88MS08 50509388-CHSRM004 GTCEB3
NON25660 TM82117KT3RBB B005JAT6FQBND-5200CMCP 1624W
B005JAT6FQ MOL-671290NON25600BL RM007CUR5018 02598002-2PK
SSJ14 B1559800-512VC MSC2504MSC9604EP NON25600
SVT3D 53MTL104-CHSBND-62794008532 H109H3584 FB7605
G122 BCA1MSC2066EP JJ-1307B7200SC BND-46110000
hfs-koi-zk-a2016 B004Z6MQIENON256131 NON25510 – BXMSC2066EPZ 1-120M
MSC2502D JJ-2206BB005CPGN1S CUR14926RNON250412 JJ-1290B
BAU85060 9506WMSC9506YDH HT799COK-0043-1 BWB06
B005JAT6FQ 7200SCSVT3D CR-3Thfs-koi-zk-a2016 MOL-671290
50509388-CHS HT799NON25510 – BX BAU85060NON25660 RM007
CAD16317-X2 JJ-1282BH3584 G122JJ-1307B PDX-810-L-10
PRM086004 KT3RBBBINPS611025R CUR5007JNJ2983-BX-ISG2G R1540
BND-62794008532 BND-5200CMCP3100TN-030 MIINON4707053MTL104-CHS MSC9506YDH
JJ-1293B TM8211488MS08 R1547CUR45230 NON80328D
CUR136103RB FAE3000UNS4956 RM004VQ-028 JJ-1290B
MSC2504 B005CPGN1SRTC006 MDS090855NON250412 PTD-ITM-HT37614
FB7605 NON256131JJ-2400 H1091624W GTCEB3


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