April 23, 2017

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40 part kit for Practitioners. 40. 25 oz bottles.

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TMRG Saline and Oil Spray Professional Vocal Cord Remedy 100 Natural Herbal Voice Supplement (50ml) Sore Throat Hoarse Voice (50ml)

The renowned TMRG Saline and Oil Spray (50ml) Amazing Vocal Cord Remedy 100 Natural Herbal Voice Supplement for professional speakers, singers, actors and educators. Suited for: This product is meant for those who tend to have extreme sinus issues, post nasal drip, recurrent pharyngitis, throat infections and extra mucus in the mouth.

Bach Rescue Remedy Pet

Bach Rescue Remedy Pet are calming drops for your pets that need help overcoming different emotional or behavioral issues. If it’s fear of deafening noises (automobiles, thunderstorms, fireworks etc) or another issues like shock, shock, abuse, loss of companionship, separation anxiety or trouble adapting to new bordering, pets can get uneasy in many scenarios and in such a case, it is your responsibility to take the pet to a vet. It’s painful for both your pet and you to deal with something like that. Made with pure herbal extracts, Bach Rescue Remedy Pet causes an direct calming effect on your pets, thus reliving them and to get them rid of barking or hissing. Some pets can be sensitive, in such a case it’s suggested that you dilute these drops 1st. Product Features: it’s made with pure herbal extracts. They’re drops for your pets that need help overcoming emotional or behavioral issues. It bring about direct calming effect. Add two drops to normal drinking water. The safe, light formula is veterinarian suggested as a natural pet stress break.

Bach Original Flower Remedies – Hornbeam 20ml

The Bach Original Flower Remedies are 38 plant and flower established essences that were worked on by Dr Edward Bach for emotional wellbeing in our everyday lives. Our complete system is intended to help you in understanding and complementary your emotions through an individual and personal approach. We pride ourselves in being the Original Bach Flower Remedies and we continue to produce the full 38 remedies essences using Dr Bachs original techniques, so generally look out for the Bach signature.

Flower Essence Services (FES) Five Flower Formula Spray

Five-Flower Formula Spray by Flower Essence Services 1 oz Spray Five-Flower Formula Spray 1 oz Spray Dr. Bachs natural stress break remedy. Suggested Use As a nutritional supplement Spray in mouth as needed or mist around body. – Or as directed by your healthcare professional. Other Ingredients brandy water flower essence infusions of Cherry Plum Clematis Impatiens Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem flowers wild-amassed in Britain. 40 alcoho Warnings Keep out of reach of kids. As with all nutritional supplements consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more info.

Erborian BB Flash Essence Immediate Radiance Essence 1, 30ml

Erborian BB Flash Essence direct Radiance Essence has the following features:Inspired by the Ancient Korean traditions and high-technology. Brings an direct tensor effect to your face. Greatly concentrated in actives in a light pearly gel texture helps to smooth the skin. Your skin is soft and velvety, with a perfect-like finish.

Bach Original Flower Essences, Oak – 20 ml vs Healing Herbs Practitioner pricing

Oak by Bach Flower Essences 20 ml Liquid Oak This Essence helps you when are exhausted but you keep to struggling on. You’re usually strong and courageous but because of your sense of responsibility you ignore your tiredness and don’t let yourself rest. You feel tired irritated stressed and depressed. Oak helps you restore your energy and make you recognize the have to take time off to relax and watch yourself.

Siddha Teeth and Gums Homeopathic Liquid

1 fl oz Sidda Teeth and Gums, Cell Salts plus Flower Essences, in a homeopathic oral spray. These homeopathic remedies are intended to improve physical and emotional wellness. Jump-start your body’s natural capability to heal – balance tooth, gum and in general dental health. One bottle of Teeth and Gums lasts about one month. All Sidda Cell Salts plus Flower Essences address the different blockages and disturbances in the electrical part of our nervous system caused by interior and external stress.

Bach Rescue Remedy Original Natural Stress Relief Flower Essence, Dropper, 20 ml vs Healing Herbs Practitioner review

What is RESCUE Remedy? reliable for generations, RESCUE Remedy is the natural way to help restore your inner calm and regain control in stressful situations. RESCUE Remedy holds nothing but natural ingredients. Worked on by a doctor, more than 80 years ago, the formulation of flower essences in our RESCUE brand has helped millions around the globe stress less, stay calm and in control. Made from a blend of five of the Bach Original Flower Remedies, over-the-counter RESCUE merchandise supply light, non-habit forming everyday stress break. Keep at home in your 1st-aid cabinet or in your desk at work for easy, discreet stress break. Four drops are all you have to feel the calming effects of Rescue Remedy. The claims for these merchandise are depending on conventional homeopathic practice. They haven’t been reviewed by the Food and Drug governance.

Cherry Plum 20 ML

Bach Flower Remedies Essence Cherry Plum Description: Helps you act rationally and think obviously with a calm and balanced mind when you fear losing control. “Fear of mind being over-strained, of reason giving away, of doing fearful and dreaded things, not wished and recognized wrong, still there comes the through and impulse to do them” notice These statements haven’t been evaluated by the FDA. These merchandise aren’t meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness. Ingredients : Bach Flower essences are homeopathically prepared from the flowers of non-toxic plants. Each is for a particular mental and emotional state. Size : 20 MLPack of : 1Product Selling Unit : each.

Clematis 20 ML vs Healing Herbs Practitioner price

This Essence helps you when you loose interest in the present. You have difficulty in concentrating, caused by a tendency to daydream rather than lack of innate capability. Clematis helps you get a lively interest in the world around you and in life. The Bach Flower Essences is a system of 38 Flower Essences that corrects emotional inequities: negative emotions are restored with positive. The Bach Flower Essences are 100 safe and natural, also in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy and medications; safe for everyone, also kids, pregnant women, pets, elderly and plants.

Bach Original Flower Essences, Chestnut Bud, 20 ml

Chestnut Bud (sculus hippocastanum) is a flower essence for persons who fail to learn from past mistakes leading to an inability to progress in life; frequently fall for the same partner; continue to work in an unsuitable job; and attempt to forget past difficulties giving them no base for future decisions. This Essence helps you when you keep doing the same mistake over and over again, you just do not seem to learn. You keep repeat the same mistakes, like falling over and over again for the same partner, or continuing to work in an unsuitable job. Instead of learning from past mistakes you tend to forget them. Chestnut Bud helps you to take full benefit of daily experiences and learn from them so that you may advance in life.

Flower Essence Services Quintessentials Supplement Dropper, Mallow, 0 Fluid Ounce vs Healing Herbs Practitioner reviews

The FES Quintessentials flower essences are liquid potentized extracts resulting from flowers grown in the Biodynamic gardens at Terra Flora, or pristine wildflower habitats. Produced in “Natures laboratory” through a cautious orchestration of the four elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, FES essences add the 5th quintessential element of the sensitive attunement and awareness of the preparer to produce remedies which serve to nourish the human soul. The FES Quintessentials were worked on to meet the needs of modern consciousness, adding to those identified by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. The Quintessentials flower essences include remedies for current issues like interpersonal and family relationships, spiritual unfoldment, career concerns, over-sensitivity, creativity, sexuality, and more. Corroborated by over three decades of case studies and practitioner reports from around the globe, the FES Quintessentials have worked on a hard professional repute for excellence and effectiveness. These extraordinary remedies occupy a distinctive niche in the health care spectrum as they address the emotional and mental parts of mind-body wellness.

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  2. Rescue Remedy (20ml vial)
  3. Bach Flower Remedy Set of 40 x 10ml Stock Bottles. Boxed Practitioner Kit of Traditionally Made Remedies
  4. Bach Flower Remedy GIFT SET in WOODEN BOX. 40 Quality Bach Flower Remedies Kit, a Pack of 38 Bach Divination Cards and 4 x 30ml Dosage Bottles NEW Gift Set
  5. Bach Flower Remedy Kit (38 x 10ml) with Case + 2 Recovery Remedies
  6. 50 Remedy Kit, 30c

Models to consider:
BF01468 S0233494NKER0601 mp-137008S0234054N BACH-01395
ANVA-0409 SPK-226837FS0210 BND-3053SID-00212 ORGRD2
BOI-05250 S0410167N2PKWF2US986 S0377424Nmp-137009 S0233411N
BND-TM-2655P FS000533000-FSRRE BND3061mp-137016 SID-00213
S0234054N WF2US986S0377424N SID-00213BACH-01395 SPK-226837
S0233494N ANVA-0409S0410167N2PK BND-3053mp-137016 SID-00212
S0233411N ORGRD2FS0006 FS0005BOI-05250 33000-FSRRE
BND-TM-2655P BND3061FS0210 KER0601BF01468 mp-137009
mp-137009 mp-137016FS0210 S0377424NBACH-01395 BND-3053
S0233411N S0234054NBF01468 ANVA-0409BOI-05250 SID-00212
SID-00213 mp-137008S0410167N2PK BND-TM-2655PSPK-226837 FS0006
KER0601 BND3061S0233494N WF2US98633000-FSRRE ORGRD2


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