April 23, 2017

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  • 19th century design style-21st century optics & technology
  • Durable metal body with antique brass finish for an elegant look.
  • Electronic eyepiece and software for on-computer view and recording
  • All glass lenses, fully coated
  • 100x maximum magnification
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General description

The iOptron® Electronic Antique Microscope is made as indicated by designs of 19th century instrument models, however with the new optical technology. You may be able to watch and study plant and bug slices under either transmission light or reflecting light with variable magnification goals. You may also watch objects on your computers and save micro pictures straight to your computer using the digital eyepiece. The straightforward design is ideal for the beginner student. Still its classic look also makes it a beautiful and decorative part to have around the home or office.

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Carson zPix USB Digital s with Intregrated Camera and Video Capture (MM-640, MM-940)

The zPix (MM-640) from Carson Electronic Antique Microscope is a powerful USB zoom digital microscope that displays the magnified image right on your computer screen. The remarkable 35x-165x zoom magnification lets you to see details of common objects you never knew existed catch a picture to keep using the fitted 640 x 480 resolution Digital Camera. You may be able to catch close-concentrate video The MM-640 zoom digital microscope is well-matched with the following: Mac OSX 10. 4. 9 or afterward; Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit), Windows 8/8. 1, Windows 10 or earlier Windows variants like Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista (32 bit or 64 bit). Software included is for use with Windows OS platforms. If using the device with Mac OSX 10. 4. 9 or afterward, this item may be used with applications which support the looking at of USB video devices (these applications aren’t included). USB 2. 0 or 3. 0 is needed. No batteries obliged. Visit the Carson web site to download any software updates for the zPix.

Mustcam 5M Handheld Mobile LCD Digital with 1200x magnification, Micro-SD Storage, Photo and Video Capture, Measurement by Software (Grey)

Plans: Image sensor: 5M high quality Image Sensor Magnifications: 10x-300x, up to 1200x Resolutions: 12M, 8M, 5M, 3M Lens: High quality microscopic lens Display: 3inches TFT panel, 4:3 percentage Light resources: 8 LED with adjustable light Power resources: Li-ion 3. 7V / 800mAh battery Working time: 3. 5-4hous; Charging time: 5 hours Frame rate: 30fps Adaptor: Input:100-240V, 50/60Hz; Output: 5V, 1A OSD languages: English/Germany/French/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Japanese/Chinese Software languages: English/Germany/French/Spanish Measurement: By software Size: 130x103x29mm Weight: 300g (with battery).

Inspection Camera for Android Smartphone – 2M IP67 2.0MP 8mm Waterproof Endoscope Borescope HD USB Endoscope OTG for Laptop Mobilephone

Noted that “Support Android Phone has OTG and UVC fuction after installCameraFiapp from google store. Specification: Lens Diameter: 8. 0MMResoluction:640480 1280720 1280960 12801024 16001200Sensor Size: 1/6inchFrame Rate: 30fpsView Angle: 70 degreeWaterproof Level: IP67Exposure Light auto Operatig Temperature 0 Degree to 70 Degree8. 0MM Len with 6pcs adjustable LED lights waterproof. 10M Long USB CablePower Supply 5V DC via USBSupport computer: XP W7 W8 VISTA;Not for Win10Photo Format: JPEGVideo Format: AVIHow to connect your Android Phones? 1) Google Store download the “CameraFi” OR Scan the QR code. 2) Directly download the APP by link: http://ypc. Oss-cn-shenzhen. Aliyuncs. Com/AN97-2. 4 apkHow to connect your computer? 1) Scan the PC drive QR Code and download the AN99 Zip or AN99 Zip by the link: http://ypc. Oss-cn-shenzhen. Aliyuncs. Com/AN99. Rar2) Open the AN99 Zip and decide the ViewPlayCap and install the setup. Exe on PC. 3) Connect the USB 2. 0 adapter with this advice and plug it to your computer. 4) Open the ViewPlayCap,, then decide the USB. 2. 0 PC Camera in the device. More available smartphones pls refer to the below:For S3 seriesI9308 I9300) (Galaxy S3 SHV-E210K) (Galaxy S3 SHV-E210L)(i9308)For S4 seriesI9508) (Galaxy S4 SHV-E300L) (Galaxy S4 GT-I9405)(i9500)(GT-I9200)For S5 series/S6 seriesFor NOT seriesNOT2 NOT3 NOT4 NOT5For SCH-P729 nexus10 E230L SM-T805 N5100(tablet P600tablet Tab s2(tablet m7For SHV-E230L N915L SHV-e301 SM-T805 SHV-E160L A7 A8 ON7For HTC E8 M8 NEXUS9 9088 802D M7 M9 M8t D826w m9+For Motorola NEXUS6 MOTO E XPRO Moto GFor LG NEXUS5 D855 F400S F400I F350L F320S F320L F310I F240L G3 GPro2 G2 Optimus G Pro Optimus LTE2 / Optimus G V10 L24 G4 For Sony Sony Xperia-Tablet Z1 above L50H Z2 LT26i C3(S55T) SGP321(tablet Z3 Xperia SL SGP312(tablet Z2L50H Z139TFor google 5 nexus6.

Bodelin ProScope HR CSI – Lab Kit

The ProScope PSHR2QCLAB is a hand-held digital microscope from Bodelin Technologies for PC and Macintosh platforms. Using a single USB 2. 0 port, the HR2’s state-of-the-art 2 MP Aptina CCD puts high-resolution imaging in the palm of your hand. The HR2 produces extraordinary live-view presentations by streaming pixels at full resolution – this technological advancement not only produces stunning high-magnification imagery, it also lets intensive image-modification. Because the ProScope HR2 lets you to take the microscope to the subject in its native environment, it is an invaluable tool for science education, law enforcement and industrial quality-control applications. ProScope PSHR2QCLAB QC Lab Kit which will include the following things; 0-10x lens, 30N lens, 100x lens, 200x lens, ProScope adaptable stand, HR software, LX ProScope HR software and a deluxe carry case. Optional lenses for specific applications (50x, 400x) are available individually. Other optional accessories include adapters for borescopes and analog microscopes, a measurement software-package that’s correct to 10 microns and a picture analyzer software-package. The ProScope HR2 is made in Oregon USA and it’s RoHS compliant. It is a UVC plug-and-play device that is bundled with Windows and Mac software for capturing stills, video and time-lapse pictures. The HR2 may also be used live over the Internet with programs like Skype and Apple’s iChat.

WyreStorm EXP-CON-DAC ExpressTM Converter

Changes Dolby audio signal to stereo analogue signal for connection to AVR The WyreStorm EXP-CON-DAC Audio DAC-D lets any Dolby audio signal to be transformed to a stereo analogue signal for connection to AVR, Hi-fi or another audio devices, with switchable input choose and LED power indication. This digital to analogue audio converter is able of decoding connected S/PDIF coaxial or TOSLINK optical audio resources to standard analogue stereo (L/R) audio with inputs selectable via onboard input choose switch. The stereo output signals can then be fed to external devices like an amplifier, Hi-Fi, recording deck, or powered speakers via standard phono style (RCA) jacks. Very easy to connect to modern digital resources If fast, dependable and cost efficient conversion of audio to analogue is a prerequisite for your project, the EXP-CON-DAC makes it very easy to connect modern digital resources, like AppleTV, Blu-Ray/DVD, DAB, digital computer audio to a legacy analogue sound system without requiring costly extra conversion equipment. .

BEST Digital USB 2.0MP Advanced CMOS Sensor, Zoom, Video, 1600 x 1200 HD Still Imaging, 8 LED Adjustable Light Source, Home, Health, Colle vs iOptron Antique Antique Microscope pricing

OPTI-TEKSCOPE have to be able to see something up close to examine good details, troubleshoot a problem, take HD photos for collections or sales, or simply study its every detail completely? Wherever you decide to use it the OPTI-TEKSCOPE OT-V1TM DIGITAL USB CAMERA- MICROSCOPE- ENDOSCOPE is the ideal instrument to reach for whenever you have to see things in richer detail. The OPTI-TEKSCOPE OT-V1 may be used in three different ways: – As a regular microscope with up to 200x magnification – As an endoscope for examining the ears, nose & throat – As a USB web camera with the focal distance set to infinity Versatile and easy to use, the OPTI-TEKSCOPE features eight LEDs that dim and brighten to offer best lighting conditions around the camera lens. The large focal range of 5 millimeters to 30 millimeters gives you the freedom to examine objects and specimens as closely or as distantly as needed. You may be able to use the microscope to view details live while connected to your Windows or Mac computer. Once you have the camera connected, you may be able to take still photos and save them or catch AVI video at a frame rate of 30fps at 640×480. With the adaptable scope holder and acrylic base, the OPTI-TEKSCOPE OT-V1TM is ideal for: – Magnifying stamps, coins & watches for appraisals and repairs – Studying insects & other living or preserved specimens – Manufacturing & repairing printed circuit boards – Performing good detail work on crafts or hobbies – Examining skin and other tissue samples – more Software driver supplied on a CD-ROM disk (standard size 120mm) or may be downloaded from our web site. Order the OPTI-TEKSCOPE OT-V1TM USB DIGITAL SCOPE today.

AmScope H800-3M Digital Monocular Inspection, 0.7X-5.0X Zoom Objective, 11X-80X Magnification, 4-1/8" Working Distance, Pillar Stand,

The AmScope H800-3M digital monocular inspection microscope has a 0. 4x C-mount camera adapter, a 0. 7x-5. 0x zoom objective, and an 11x-80x zoom range. The 3MP camera has a CMOS color sensor, a reduction lens, image catch and editing software, and USB 2. 0 output to catch or display still or video pictures on a computer or projector. The microscope has a 12. 9 x 17. 1mm maximum field of view and a 1. 8 x 2. 4mm minimum field of view. The working distance is 4-1/8″ (105mm). Ambient lighting illuminates the specimen, eliminating the need for power or batteries. The microscope stand has an 11″ pillar and a 13 x 10″ table (W x D, where W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the vertical distance from front to back). A digital handheld stand microscope, on occasion called a shop microscope, can be used in field, lab, and quality control applications, and in home and educational settings, and where image catch, in depth records, or documentation is needed. The 3MP digital camera has a CMOS color sensor for showing still microscopy pictures and streaming live videos to a computer or projector. The camera has 40x magnification and a 0. 5x reduction lens that assures that the display has a alike field of see as the microscope eyepiece. The camera may be mounted in a C-Mount or any 23mm eye tube. The camera will include image catch and editing software that gives still image and live video catch and editing capability, as well as measurement functions. The software supports JPG, TIF, GIF, PSD, WMF, and BMP file formats and is well-matched with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8; Mac OS X; and Linux. Camera drivers are well-matched with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8; Mac OS X; and Linux. The software will include Windows APIs for native C/C++, C#, DirectShow, Twain, and LabVIEW that enable custom application development. The camera has a USB 2. 0 data port (cable included). Microscope SpecificationsZoom objective0. 7x-5. 0xTotal optical magnification11x-80xCamera mount0. 4x C-MountField of view12. 9 x 17. 1mm (maximum); 1. 8 x 2. 4mm (minimum)Working distance4-1/8″ (105mm)Pillar height11″Table dimensions13 x 10 inches (W x D)Power input110V-240V, auto-detectingW is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the vertical distance from front to back. Camera SpecificationsResolution3MP (2048 x 1536 efficient pixels)Image typeStill image and video display and captureCamera typeBrightfieldCamera sensor1/2″ Aptina MT9T001 CMOS (color)Magnification40xReduction lens0. 5xMounting size23mm or C-MountFrame rate43fps at 680×510; 22fps at 1024×768; 8fps at 2048x1536Computer connectionUSB 2. 0 (rearward well-matched on PCs only)File formatsJPG, TIF, GIF, PSD, WMF, BMPSoftware packageImage catch and editing for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8; Mac OS X; and LinuxCamera driver compatibilityWindows XP, Vista, 7, and 8; Mac OS X; and LinuxMicroscopes are instruments used to improve the resolution of an object or image. Types include compound, stereo, or digital. Compound microscopes use a compound optical system with an objective lens and an eyepiece. Stereo microscopes show object depth in a three-dimensional image. Digital microscopes were used to display a picture on a monitor, rather than looking through a lens. Microscopes can have monocular (one), binocular (two), or trinocular (three) eyepieces, with varying magnification abilities. Magnification capability mentions the size of a picture. Resolution, aka resolvant power, mentions the clearness of the image. The interaction between field of view (FOV), numerical aperture (NA), and working distance (WD) establishes resolution. Microscopes can control magnification through a fixed concentrate, or through a range of modifications. They may also use LED, fluorescent, and mirror light resources to help control looking at potential. Microscopes are widely used in education, lab research, biology, metallurgy, engineering, chemistry, manufacturing, and in the medical, forensic science, and veterinary industries. United Scope manufactures microscopy equipment and accessories under the brand name AmScope. The company, founded in 1996, is headquartered in Irvine, CA. What is in the Box? Monocular zoom microscope with 0. 7-5. 0x objectivePillar standFocusing rack3MP digital camera (MU300)0. 5x reduction lensUSB 2. 0 cableSoftware CDDust cover.

Dino-Lite MS52BA2 Articulating Boom Stand with Base vs iOptron Antique Antique Microscope review

The MS52BA2 combines the versatile MS52B articulating boom arm with a hard desktop base plate, making it ideal for those applications where the workspace does not permit use of a regular C-clamp. The base plate is 2. 8 lbs. Of hard metal with a protecting black finish and an included mount adapter for the articulating boom arm.

Plug-able USB Digital 1000x Magnification 8-LED Mini Handheld Camera Magnifier with Stand for Windows,Linux and Android

Application: 1. Textile industrial for textile inspection 2. Printing inspection 3. Industrial inspection: PCB,Precision machinery.. 4. Educational function 5. Hair exam 6. Skin exam 7. Microbiological observation 8. Jewelry & coin (Collections) inspection Sensor: HD Color CMOS Sensor Picture Resolution: Standard 640×480, Highest 1600×1200 concentrate Range: 0 200 mm Stand: Adjustable Stand CD: DRivers, Measurement and User Manual OS prerequisite: CPU 1G, Ram 128 mb, HD Space: 150 mb, 16 bit VGA, CD-ROM, USB 2. 0 / USB 1. 1 Picture/Video: Supported Video Resolution: Standard 640×480, Highest 1600×1200 Light Source: 8 LED (adjustable) Language: English, Chinese.

X2000 Microprojector 2 Digital (US Version) With Free 6 Feet NETCNA HDMI Cable – BY NETCNA vs iOptron Antique Antique Microscope price

Ken-a-Vision ‘s 110VAC US voltage well-matched X2000 Microprojector 2 Digital Microscope Is built from the ground up to optimize student’s learning experience by allowing a simple VGA video-output interface for use with projectors, computers and other digital display systems. Using the familiar stage and concentrating mechanisms students and instructors were used to lets for an easy transition from conventional instruments. The complete optical system is inverted with a digital camera replacing the eyepiece and a single zoom objective replacing the nosepiece and turret, all located below the stage.

MD Scope MS101 Video Otoscope/Earscope, ENT otoscope, Veterinary Otoscope + matching cradle + 2 plastic camera guards + 1 video-out cap + 2 x "AA

Dual Imaging and Training A compact 2. 4" LCD monitor gives a very clear image for looking at the auditory canal and ear anatomy with vivid colors. It has a picture Freeze function. A video outlet enables concurrent display of the image on an external display device to offer a great tool for enhancing the interaction between the doctor and patient. Life Span up to 4 Hour Low power intake gives up to 4 hours uninterrupted handling. Safe and dependable design guarantees a long and nice operating experience. Powered by 2 "AA" alkaline batteries that are commercially available to most user. Variable Function Camera Tip MD scope is the world's 1st inter-changeable camera tip otoscope. He patented design of the camera tip has widened its diagnostic applications to both human and animals. This device gives high upgrade flexibility. Mobility at its Best Compact and User friendly carrying case with complete accessories. A light-weight and ergonomic hand held gear for ENT and family doctors. Low power intake guarantees a long operational life cycle for better mobility. The MD Scope MS101 Video Otoscope comes with agreeing cradle, 2 plastic camera guards + 1 video-out cap, 2 x "AA" alkaline batteries, 24 disposable specula, 1 instruction manual, 1 ensure card (legitimacy of 1 year), 1X1. 5M video cable, 1 nylon zipper case. When you compared the NEW MDScope MS101 2013 model compare to the 2012 model.

GiraffeCam 3.0 Rigid LongFocus Flexible Semi-Rigid Endoscope Borescope Inspection Camera Android PC Mac 2.0 MP HD 6.5 Feet (20" Focus) vs iOptron Antique Antique Microscope reviews

We’re the lone owner of the GiraffeCam brand and related intellectual property. Patent-pending. Any counterfeits or infringements will be vigorously pursued. Not well-matched with iPhonesWe have taken your feedback and made GiraffeCam better. Waterproofing- ImprovedUSB Connector – Upgraded to a sturdier, Micro USB adapter. Cable hardness – Increased hardness for better maneuverability. Cable Covering – Glossier, stronger material for better stain and damage resistance. Features The camera has a 0. 33″ (8. 5mm) diameter housing that lets it to fit in tight places – 6 adjustable LED lights lets for different light settings to match the handling environment – 2. 0 megapixel, 1600X1200 resolution gives HD video and pictures – The waterproof design (rated IP67) lets it to be used in nearly all environments User-friendly – True plug & play on Windows 10 and Mac devices. Just input the camera in, pull up the default Windows or Mac camera software, and choose “USB2. 0 Camera” to view and catch video and photos – On well-matched Android devices, just download the app from the App Store, open the app, and plug in the camera. Well-matched Smartphones -Android (4. 4 or higher) systems with OTG function -Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300, i9308), S4 (i9500, i9508), S5, S6; Note2, Note3, Note4; SONY Z2 L50H; SONY LT26i; Nexus 5 many Applications -vehicle / Diesel fix and Maintenance -Inspection of hard-to-reach regions -Plumbing, construction, restoration applications plans -Diameter: 8. 5mm-Sensor: 2. 0 Megapixel CMOS-Resolution: 1600 X 1200-View angle60-Focal Distance20″ – Infinity -Interface: USB2. 0, Micro USB -Light: 6 Adjustable White LED Product Contents 1 x GiraffeCam 3. 0 Camera 1 X Micro-USB to USB adapter 1 x Manual.

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  1. AmScope M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope, WF10x and WF25x Eyepieces, 40x-1000x Magnification, Brightfield, LED Illumination, Plain Stage, 110V, Includes 0.3MP Camera and Software
  2. Celestron 44302 Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope 2MP
  3. Celestron 5 MP Handheld Digital Microscope Pro
  4. Celestron Amoeba Dual Purpose Digital Microscope – 44325
  5. DBPOWER 5MP 20-300X USB Digital Microscope Magnifier Video Camera with 8-LED, Base Stand,Software for Windows, Mac, Vista
  6. Carson zPix USB Digital Microscopes with Intregrated Camera and Video Capture (MM-640, MM-940)

Models to consider:
AM2111 AN97CMO-PK5-AN-E AM-2011MS52BA2 MS43L
DS-6 26800C-551V22XWE3T AM QS.90200-PTMS-CX3-2300S-V7 AM3011MS21W
AM5212MNZL H800-MUM012C QS.20200-PGT620 AM2011MS21W
NK6869 AM7023CT-LH1STMS23B Firefly GT600MS35T TL55
B011 UM012CUBW500X0200M AM4023CT-LM3STTMS-C500W-OM136C AM411T-MS21W
JFS-5510 JFR-3903MS22W AO-48708-05QS.20500 MC018D
AM3113MS21W UC100SLMC108 MS52BA3AM5212NZT 99-10M-5.5-gold
YPC99 H2510-10MAIR-P311 BM00001QIJ1004 YTA319
eheV3-L T004MS36WA2 UMIC-500whiteMM-100 JFS-5502
YTA289 MS35BMS36B ex-2B-979QS.20500 S-CA-4099G
AM4012NZT V22XWE3T AMDM540-4GB M05-001NK6869 YTA319
H2510-3M AM4023CT-LH1MAC2-PK1-R3 AM7023CT-LH1STAD413TL AM5212NZT
V1-WiFi LER4416TS2050-100 H800-10MATMS-C500W-OM136C AM4023X
UWT200X0030W YTA272MM-740 AM311STNDL-025N UM016
AM3113 AM3113MS21Wusb -002 YTA340H2510-5M AN97
MSRK-10A MD300-CKAM-2011 YPC99WF-10 MS36WA2
B003+ ME300TZ-MMS101 UM038AM3011MS21W TS2034300
AM2011MS21W SSH-9NVFZR0UM-05-S 10-10mmUSB2-MICRO-250X UM012C
AO-48708-05 AN97NDL-025N CMO-PK5S-AN-ETS2034300 TS2050-100
H2510-5M MS12CH2510-3M AD413TLusb -002 VMS-005-LCD
AM4111T-MS22B MS101S-CA-4099G AM4012NAM4023CT-LH1 AM411T-MS21W
AM413TL-M40 V71P30T AMJFR-3903 H250AM311H MS43L
UM012C DM540SSH-9NVFZR0 UM-05-SFirefly GT620 TE071
26800C-551 QS.20500DB-IT065 M05-001YTA289 AM7023CT-LH1ST
Z008 CMO-PK5-AN-EGiraffe 1 DE-1015AD4112NT AM4113ZTL
YTA319 AM4023CT-LM3AIR-P311 JFS-5510AM5212MNZL AM4113T-MS35B
TMS-CX3-2300S-V7 IL-LED-E2DQS.20200-P V71P3T AMAM4023X AM4023CT-LM3ST


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