April 23, 2017

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General description

The Beasy boards supply upright, dignified lateral slides, unlike any other lift or move device now on the market. No lifting means that soreness and injury to the patient’s shoulders and arms are largely reduced. Also, the Beasy technology is “tissue-friendly. ” The friction caused by motion is absorded by the system, not the user’s skin.

Recent reviews of BeasyTrans Easy Transfer Systems Beasy II, 27 1/2" Transfer Board:

My husband has ALS and has lost the capability to stand, with help. At the suggestion of our daughter-in-law, a Physical Therapist, we bought the 27 1/2″ Beasy II move Board partly because I can not lift more than 35 lbs caused by another medical condition and because most of the transfers we have to make are in restricted spaces (a important consideration when deciding between the different sizes of Beasy Board). The Beasy made it possible to move my husband, with minimal help from me,from his power wheelchair on and off the bed, the tub move bench,and the commode. He can do some transfers without my help. His power wheelchair has an elevator feature, so we’re able to move him with the Beasy Board into and out of the front seat of our Jeep. The Beasy was a little “scarey” to use at 1st, however easy to master (after looking at a YouTube video). It is a little hard to get him onto the Beasy Board if he does not have clothes on (the Beasy tends to stick to bare skin) but still do-able. If I position the two surfaces (the slide from and the slide to) so there is a slight down-ward slope (and I do mean slight) the Beasy slides easier than when flat. The Beasy Board seemed a little costly when we ordered it, however having the Beasy Board has meant we can delay and maybe avoid (??)the expense of a Hoyer Lift and/or an available wheelchair van. The Beasy Board is much easier to use than a straight sliding board and worth every penny. We’re really happy we bought it.

My husband is a T3 paraplegic. While this board is good for me if he needs help transferring, it isn’t good for independent transfers. It really is a 2 person job as the person using it must lift up or lean over for the other to slide it under the hip. Then, it’s a simple matter for the caregiver to slide the person over. Or the person using it to grab something and pull him/herself over. I could say that this board is more for caregivers than it’s for independent use. And certainly watch the videos as it take some coordination to use.

Replaced a longer Beasy for this one. I think this a great idea for people who aren’t so incapacitated that they can not lift themselves up with their arms. Too much weight placed on the disc immobilizes it. My Dad can not lift himself up to get totally seated on the disc anymore so this did not work well at all for him. I’ll say, but, Beasy move Systems are very costly and some aren’t returnable. Do your homework before you purchase. Note: The pricing of these boards have nothing to do with Alimed.

Compare with similar products:

MTS Medical Supply SafetySure Curved, 3 Pounds

The arched form of the Curved move Board enable a range of positioning alternatives and lets for the sweeping motion of an assisted move. Ideal for bed, car, wheelchair and toileting transfers. Made from semi-rigid polyethylene that may be easily wiped down for infection control. Smooth sliding surfaced with flared ends for a much more stable move platform. Weight capacity 250 lbs.

Patient Devices by CAMBIO360, Safe, Portable Low Cost Wheelchair Device with Brake Pedal

CAMBIO360 movable patient move devices help make bed to wheelchair transfers economical, low cost and safe for both patient and caregiver. The rotating patient move platform incorporates a distinctive patent-pending integrated brake system enabling caregivers to carefully stand their patients onto the move platform while stepping on a foot-operated STOP pedal, then swivel them around to a wheelchair, commode or car. The brake system controls the rotating platform safe patient handling throughout wheelchair transfers. Anti-skid materials used on the top and bottom surfaces of the move platform supply safety for both patient and caregiver. A patient can stand in their bare socks on a soft platform that’s slip tolerant on wood or tile floors frequently used in hospitals or home bathrooms. The water tolerant materials may also be sterilized using Clorox merchandise. This wheelchair move tool is practical for use in the most space-confined regions like bathrooms. It weighs only 4 pounds still can support 300 pound patients. It may also be kept in a bag hanging on the handlebars of most wheelchairs making it readily available when needed. Healthcare provider operational efficiency is increased by enabling one CNA, Physical Therapist, IHSS Provider, or caregiver to single-handedly perform more patient transfers in less time with less effort and cost throughout a single shift.

Mabis DMI Deluxe Wood with One Cut Out, Southern Yellow Pine

Mabis DMI Deluxe Wood move Board with One Cut Out, Southern Yellow PineThis tough wood move board will assist you as you move people from wheel bench to bed, bench, car or commode. The sealed and coated board lets easier transfers as you help the person slide across the glossy surface. The board is priceless as a mobility aid for those who are living independently and need some help transferring from place to place. The cut-out makes it simple to grip the board as you carry or lift it. Protect Your Back as You Move PeopleYou may have seen move boards like this used in some hospitals as they move patients from place to place. Now you may be able to have one in your home also to aid you in transferring yourself or your loved ones. It’ll take pressure off your back as you move the person across as opposed to lifting. This lasting wood board is strong enough to manage up to 440 lbs so you know you have a stable surface to rely on. How to Use a move Board Position one end of the board on the starting point and the other end on the destination to which you want to move like the bed, bench, car or wheel bench. Attempt to keep the board as level as possible and make sure to lock any wheel chairs in place 1st. Help the person to get onto the board then help them as they slide across it shortly movements. Make sure the person is dry to avoid any friction while transferring. Features Sealed and coated board lets easier transfers to/from bed, wheel bench, bench, car or commode A priceless mobility aid for independent living  A cut-out handle lets for easy carrying or gripping Strong enough to support up to 440 lbs. Constructed of smooth, lasting 3/4 inch Southern Yellow Pine  Board size: 7. 25 x 29. 5 x. 75 inches.


Tapered ends and smooth surface supply easy sliding onto and off of board. Curved board lets varied positioning to accommodate a range of move situations. Made from hard, strengthened plastic that’s waterproof and resists chipping, shattering, and splintering. Slip-tolerant pads at each end increase stability throughout move. Supports up to 336 lb. (152kg). Board is 27 5/8″ (70cm) long and 14 5/8″ (37cm) large, tapering to 10 1/8″ (26cm) large at the center.

B Glider 32" L

The 32″ Beasy move Board Glyder movable move system is curved in design to aid in transferring an individual from a wheelchair, especially when the arm isn’t removable or the wheel is an obstacle. The Beasy Board move Board system will include two pieces: a Beasy Board Glyder board and a round disc that slides the length of the board, secure inside the board’s track. The Beasy disc on the move board moves in a frictionless manner and rotates 360 making it simple sit, turn and move down the board. The Beasy seat supports the user’s weight as the move occurs. The friction is borne by the move board system, not the user’s skin.

SafetySure Ease – White – 22"x72"

The SafetySure TransferEaseTM Patient Mover makes transfers over uneven surfaces a safe and simple procedure. Made of semi-ridged polyethylene and covered with an anti-static covering. The SafetySure TransferEase easily slides on a bed or stretcher pad. The anti-static surface protects patients from sticking to the surface while decreasing static build-up. The shifter has 12 fitted handles for easy positioning and may be used to hang the shifter for storage. Weight capacity 300 lbs. 22″W x 72″L. Color, white.

Medium Safety Sure Slide

Medium Safety Sure move Slide plans:Dimensions: Length 27 x Width 37 inches. Thickness: 0. 1 inches without padding. Weight: 4 oz. SafetySure move Slide can be used mainly to: Move a patient up in bed. Turn in bed. Move between bed and wheelchair. Benefits :The SST Slide is useful for small transfers, repositionings and moving from bed to wheelchair. It’s easy to put in place, remove and carry with you wherever you go New super Low Friction material also gives Soft, padded, comfy and effortless transfers. And Prevents shear on user’s skin.

Rehabilitation Advantage 9 Ply Birch, 26 Inch

Treatment Advantage 3/8” Birch Plywood Non-Tapered move Board 26″ Long is intended to help one move to and from a Wheelchair. This move Board is constructed of lasting Birch Plywood. This tough, Resilient Birch Plywood doesn’t splinter in comparison to other alike Multi-Ply. It’s a much harder than pine, more stable, and less vulnerable to warp. Pine will tend to develop, contract, and warp. This stronger Birch Wood is the most lasting. It’s lightweight, still has superior strength and durability characteristics. This treatment Advantage 3/8” Birch Plywood Non-Tapered move Board 26″ Long exactly measures 3/8″ Thick x 26″ Long x 8″ large. It’s sold individually and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. This move Board includes rounded edges for comfy and easy handling, a smooth sanded surface, and professional-like finishing for that polished glaze. This treatment Advantage 3/8” Birch Plywood move Board comes in 10 different styles: Tapered 26″ Long x 8″ large with Hand Holes Tapered 26″ Long x 8″ large with No Hand Holes Tapered 29″ Long x 8″ large with Hand Holes Tapered 29″ Long x 8″ large with No Hand Holes Non-Tapered 26″ Long x 8″ large with Hand Holes Non-Tapered 26″ Long x 8″ large with No Hand Holes Non-Tapered 29″ Long x 8″ large with Hand Holes Non-Tapered 29″ Long x 8″ large with No Hand Holes Non-Tapered 35″ Long x 8″ large with Hand Holes Non-Tapered 35″ Long x 8″ large with No Hand Holes in general, this treatment Advantage 3/8” Birch Plywood move Board was produced to easily move an individual to and from their Wheelchair. This move Board is easy to clean and is competitively priced while making sure long-lasting use and superior durability.

MTS Medical Supply SafetySure Plastic, 30 Inch

Standard 30″ Long SST Board bridges the gap between two move points The upper side is slick to let patient to slide easily SST Board is adaptable it’s comfy to sit on and doesn’t tip upward when, as an example, the patient slides over a protruding wheelchair wheel 300 Lb Weight capacity.

DSS SafetySure StandEase

SafetySure StandEase makes to get up easier for persons with arthritis, recovering from hip operation, osteoporosis, or anybody that has difficulty standing. StandEase is lightweight and movable and installs tool-free. The front legs are height adjustable to accommodate most sofas and chairs and the arms are padded to offer a sure grip. Tubular steel construction offers strength and durability that will last.

Mabis DMI Deluxe Wood Patient Slide, 8 x 30, Southern Yellow Pine

DMI Deluxe Wood move Board, Southern Yellow PineThis tough wood move board will assist you as you move people from wheel bench to bed, bench, car or commode. The sealed and coated board lets easier transfers as you help the person slide across the glossy surface. The board is priceless as a mobility aid for those who are living independently and need some help transferring from place to place.

Medical Gait Belt, Soft Nylon Belt With 6 Handles And Quick Release Buckle, Machine Washable – Back 4" Front 2" High Design For Max

A common GAIT BELT FOR EASY AMBULATION OF PATIENTS AND RESIDENTS. Tired of going through a group of gait belts to search the right size to match a specific patient? Need a dependable gait belt to move residents and patients? Check out our high quality dependable common gait belt that offer maximum ease to the attendant and comfort to the patient. Features and Benefits The soft nylon construction of the gait belt offers a range of benefits. It’s easy to clean, comfy for the patient, and won’t prone by wearing it, and will not tear with hard use. Cleaning on a regular basis to preserve the cleanliness of the lasting Medical Equipment is made easy due to machine-washing capability. The move belt is fastened firmly and comfortably around the patient’s waist with the help of the adjustable fast release buckle. The buckle also lets the medics and caregivers to release the patient now from it. The 4″ high back design offers patients maximum comfort throughout the ambulation procedure andallows attendants to move heavier patients without taking a toll on their backs. The 6 horizontal and vertical hand grips help the caregivers to manage the patient in the best orientation by picking the best leverage point. Show your care for your employees and patients with this high quality gait belt, which offers superior comfort to the patients,and prevent back injuries of caregivers. THIS NO. 1 GAIT BELT IS JUST A CLICK AWAY FROM BEING YOURS. CLICK ON THE ADD TO CART BUTTON NOW AND GET THIS move BELT TO YOUR building WHILE STOCKS LAST.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. Posey Green Six Handle Nylon Gait Belt 6537Q
  2. Secure Transfer & Walking Gait Belt w/ Six Hand Grips & EZ Release Plastic Buckle – One Year Warranty
  3. Beasy Board Transfer System – Beasy Board Original BeasyTrans (40″) – 1100
  4. BeasyTrans Easy Transfer Systems BeasyGlyder 32″ Transfer Board
  5. Physical Therapy Gait Belt with Metal Buckle (beige), 60″
  6. BeasyTrans Easy Transfer Systems BeasyGlyder 32″ Transfer Board
  7. BeasyGlyder Premium Patient Transfer Board
  8. The Original Beasy 40″ Transfer Board, BeasyTrans Easy Transfer Systems

Models to consider:
RTL6122 CBL108319RTB30 SGB-602800A P2300
6035S MCM 122RTL6044 MCM 123RTL6048 RTL6046
2800GA RTL7048RTL6121
6035S RTB30RTL6048 MCM 122RTL6122 P2300
RTL6044 RTL6046RTL6121 CBL1083192800GA SGB-60
RTL7048 2800AMCM 123
P2300 RTL6122SGB-60 RTB30RTL6048 RTL7048
2800A 6035SMCM 122 2800GARTL6044 RTL6121
RTL6046 CBL108319MCM 123


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