April 23, 2017

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General description

The OSSUR AFO Dynamic is a pre-manufactured ankle foot orthosis, made from carbon fiber. It’s dynamic and offers energy return. Suggested for patients with drop foot secondary to a range of musculoskeletal or neurological conditions. The energy storing properties of carbon fiber make it the ideal material for an ankle foot orthosis. With the full length toe lever, front shell and Flex-Foot technology this device gives a light extension moment to the knee to help with light knee instability. Incorporating the best of Flex-Foot technology, the OSSUR AFO Dynamic gives a strong, still lightweight solution for people with drop foot. Indications: Drop Foot Secondary to: CVA MS Charcot Marie Tooth illness Other neurological conditions light knee instability Contra indications: serious Ankle – foot deformities serious spasticity Fluctuation edema.

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Juzo Silver Knee High Short Open Toe 3040mmHg, I, Silver

Comfort Juzo 2060 Series compression socks is made with soft and elastic fabric which gives two-way stretch elasticity, improving wearing comfort Antimicrobial Juzo 2060 Series features an inconspicuous look using greater concentration of the silver fibers on the inside of the garment where they’re need most. Made with silver, anti-microbial and anti-odor threads making it ideal for wound care.

DonJoy Sacroiliac Joint (SI) Support Belt

The DonJoy Sacroiliac Joint (SI) Support Belt gives stabilization of the Sacroiliac Joint (SI) through direct compression. The silicone grip strips prevent the support brace from migrating and “locks” the hips. It is made of a comfy mesh material which is both lasting and breathable, throughout expanded periods of use. The patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System gives smooth and uniform compression, and lets you to customize the tension for a much more efficient treatment. With use, it assists decrease ache from everyday actions like walking and sitting. The easy to use pull handle enables you to swiftly change the support brace to the wanted level of comfort. A Velcro closure lets for easy application and elimination. The low profile design makes the DonJoy Sacroiliac Joint (SI) Support Belt ideal to wear underneath clothing.

Solidea Medical 0433A5 Active Massage Arm Sleeve, Black

Features. This sleeve never slides down Look striking while doing your body good in this super comfy next generation active massage compression sleeve. Lighter graduated compression joint with patented 3d wave knit fabric activates a light massage as your arms move. This massage action works with you to rid your body of extra liquid by boosting micro circulation in the endless network of lymphatic and venous capillaries just under your skin. Improved micro circulation with the wave knit also helps to decrease scar formation fibrosis and cellulite. Signature dorsal support band gives compression to the shoulder which means no more muffin top. Wear it everyday and throughout physical activity for superior results or for air travel and throughout at risk actions. Cutting – edge technology. Non – restrictive and easy to put on. Seamless round knit construction. Signature seamless dorsal support band. Compression free cuffs for pairing with solidea gauntlet. Soft breathable moisture wicking fabric. Silver infused yarns decrease bacteria chance of infection and odor. Lymphedema lymph edema prevention lip edema edema post surgical recuperation fibrosis cellulite. Fabric content – 80 Nylon 20 Lycra. Color – Black. Size – Small. Capacity – 1521 mm. Hg.

AirCast XP Pneumatic Diabetic Walker (Medium)

AirCast XP Pneumatic Diabetic Walker AirCast XP Pneumatic Diabetic Walker incorporates an optimized rocker lone for maximum off-loading of the diabetic foot and an groundbreaking dual density insole to help eliminate pressure points. The mix of semi-rigid shells, full aircells and insole helps regulate shear stress. Two extra insoles (as well as the dual-laminate insole intended with the Impax grid technology), three stockings and one hand bulb with pressure gauge are included. Optimized rocker lone for maximum off-loading of the diabetic footSemi-rigid shells, full aircells and insole to help regulate shear stressIncludes two insoles, three stocking and one hand bulb with pressure gaugeCan be used with Brace-Lok systemDesigned to offer pneumatic support for neuropathic ulcers, hindfoot and heel protection, soft tissue injury, stable foot and/or ankle fracture, and post-operative use6-month Walking Brace Quality Warranty assures the brace is free from defects in materials and workmanship and will fix or replace a faulty product at no charge to buyer Indications Stable foot and/or ankle fracture; Post-operative; Hindfoot and heel foot protection; Neuropathic ulcers; Soft tissue injury; serious ankle sprains objectives Stabilize ankle/foot fractures. Prevent inversion & eversion. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Improve foot function. Improve ulcer curative time. Prevent ulceration formation.

Fabrication Enterprises PresSsion 3Chamber Sequential Compression Pump 004331

00-4331 Features: -Delivers both intermittent compression and 3 chamber sequential compression. -Use PresSsion intermittent sleeves with the sequential pump adapter for intermittent compression. -Use the 3 chamber sleeves for sequential compression. -Adjustable pressure (30-100mmHG) and fixed cycle (inflation 35 seconds, deflation 10 seconds). Product Type: -Rehab Equipment.

Port a Pit Elementary High Jump Pit 30” Sold Per EACH

Elementary High Jump Pit 30” Sold Per EACHCreated to get the younger athlete involved at an early age, this system meets our own rigorous safety standards and is ideal for use in elementary physical education classes and other non-competitive settings. This pit doesn’t require a top pad. Pit Size: 5’6″ x 11′ x 30″.

Teleroid Back and Waist Supportive Compression Undershirt Women’s, White/Solid White, XLarge, 12 Count

Back & Waist Supportive Compression Undershirt Women’s, White, XL is one of the best ways to a sleeker physique that gives all day comfort and support. This Back & Waist Supportive Compression Undershirt is the ideal way to get that leaner look in an instantly while giving essential support for your waist and lumbar region on your back it seems just like a regular undershirt, however features 16 fitted firming panels to tighten and firm your waist, midsection and lower back. Not only can you lose some number of inches around your waist in seconds, however it also gives extra support to your back and improves your posture. It is great for wearing under all your beloved shirts, and will have you looking and feeling more toned and thin.

ProCare Hip Abduction Pillow (Medium)

ProCare Hip Abduction Pillow Ground delivery only. The ProCare Hip Abduction Pillow is an all-bubble construction, with concave sides to hold legs in position. Fire-retardant polyester bubble with contact closure straps. Common designs accommodate large variation in patient sizes. This item is only available GROUND SHIPPING in the Continental USA Easy application helps easy dressing changes. Padding protects dressings and hip fracture. Compression helps prevent puffiness and ache. Washable. Available in 5 sizes. Fits left or right hip. Indications The ProCare Hip Abduction Pillow is indicated to preserve the hips and lower extremities in an immobilization position following hip operation. Objectives Padding. Comfort. Washable. Durability. Easy use.

Truform 15, Maternity Pantyhose, 2030 mmHg Compression, Black, Tall

Truform 1757 from the “classic medical” series use smooth opaque fabric and add conventional design with the added health benefits of compression technology. Used to help restore leg health and decrease signs of leg discomfort related with pregnancy. Doctor-suggested to help relieve tired, heavy, and aching legs, aids in the treatment of spider veins, varicose veins, and puffiness of the leg and fee. Graduated compression gives two main benefits to the legs: increased pressure on tissues under the skin helps decrease and prevent puffiness for the wearer, and the compression action helps control the size (diameter) of the shallow veins that lie just under the skin, preventing the slowing of blood flow so it can flow more quickly up the leg back toward the heart. Truform graduated compression support hosiery helps maintain good circulation and leg health. The comfy medical-grade support delivers a compressive action to the leg that’s greatest at the ankle, then slowly decreases toward the heart. The amount of compression is expressed as mmHg (millimeters of mercury). Superior knit construction uses a lasting weave that stands up to daily wear. Firm 20-30 mmHg medical-grade support. Fit by height and pre-pregnancy weight.

Trulife PneuTrac Traction Collar

Trulife Pneu-trac Traction band The Pneu-Trac Traction band is a comfy, lightweight and easily applied pneumatic controlled orthosis that goes a stepbeyond the conventional over door cervical traction device. Break is offered by an inflatable band that lets each patient to varyair pressure proper to the level of cervical distraction obliged. This distinctive feature gives mobility to help the patientprogress in a continuing home treatment/exercise program. A hand-held inflator bulb with an air release valve puts the patient in control. This lets for static or intermittent cervical stretchto supply efficient management of cervical ache. Let 10-14 business days for delivery. Pneumatic distraction control. Patient adjustable. Velcro closure. Made of semi-rigid polyethylene to form to the contours of the neck and shoulders. The pressure may be varied as indicated by the seriousness of the neck ache. Two part design that lets for varied heights. Safe, comfy, and efficient. Indications Trulife Pneu-trac Traction band is intended for Cervical Radiculopathy, muscle spasms, pressure from compressed nerve roots, arthritis objectives comfy still supportive. Keeps your head focused properly. Easy to fit, easy to inflate. Inflates at the base for efficient cervical distraction. Use while seated or moving around. Improve life quality.

Intensive Colon Cleanse System

Intensive Colon clean by Digestive Science is a natural 3-part system that softly detoxes the body for a range of healthy benefits. Clients who use Intensive Colon clean enjoy healthy weight loss, more energy, faster digestion, better skin, stronger immune system and more. The clean is a light one, at 10 days, after which clients enjoy continuing digestive support with probiotics and the superfood chia.

6350500 Belt Inguinal Hernia Soft Form Elastic Med Beige Part# 6350500 by Fla

The Softform hernia belt gives light break from reducible inguinal hernias. Soft form is intended using the new materials for the maximum level of support and comfort. Constructed of lightweight material and a plush elastic waistband, totally adjustable without the use of uneasy metal snaps or buckles. A simple hook and loop closure lets you to control how tight the belt fits, making it the most adjustable hernia belt available. Adjustable, soft elastic leg straps. Removable bubble compression cushions give light, steady pressure to decrease inguinal hernias. Either cushion may be removed to support a single hernia. Hides well under most clothing. Color: Beige. For correct sizing, measure the widest area of your waist. Small fits 30-35″, Medium fits 35-41″, big fits 41-46″. Note: Measure carefully. For health and hygienic reasons we can not accept returns or exchanges of hernia belts once the factory sealed packaging was opened.

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Models to consider:
BJCAM001 8837R-BKBK-ICB-01-020 ORT130005H&PC-06800 48190EN
SHBB101 DC-02S5070 Cast Cutter 2186-Thigh High3021ACFS 3 6566-BGR-L
DJ143CT07-L 7991DD-BK-3XL02PMR 76582ENTTC-56902 HS-484
PC141NB03-S-MDM G H-40(3) L B5130-BK-L FB-BS0RT00LD1032-15 H&PC-06988
H&PC-01900 02PLRME660 2186-Thigh HighH&PC-02299 9255CR-B-XXXL
13253P 02MLLORT4561 76581ENH&PC-09568 H&PC-09451
V2-MED 13222L46TLS-A MG08-3XL-BESC-2004 412VM99
DD211212B 2186-Thigh High2186-Thigh High MO9500M03BR H&PC-02088
Ann Chery_2031 EB9010ec-6574784 76312AP73000 1757BG-M
13253P DC-02SH&PC-02299 MG08-3XL-BEH&PC-07259 7991DD-BK-3XL
G BSM-715 2XL IV 02PMRMO9500M HS-48448190EN H&PC-06988
02TSL 13251DVH-SH85 REG 03BRORT4561 H&PC-06800
843NSSO35 I HS-484 L3021ACFS 3 SHBB101H&PC-09568 ORT130005
a13060500ux0522 a15071600ux033876581EN a15072400ux05682186-Thigh High ec-6575518
842PxW SG583D10046TLS-A 45843EN02MLL BH161AW01-L/XL
OG-312NP 2186-Thigh High3022ACFS 3 SC-2004EB9010 5115R-B-M
13252PS Ann Chery_2031FB-BS0RT00L 2186-Thigh High02PLR 5130-BK-L
02MLR 9255CR-B-XXXL2186-Thigh High DJ143CT07-LDD211212B 02TMR
PC141NB03-S-MDM 9255CR-B-XXXL5115R-B-M a15071600ux0338ME8100 MKM-PRO102
21981336-bea-sp 1314ABB1050-EAAnn Chery_2031 VH-SH85 REG02TSL 412VM99
48462EN ME660ec-6575518 SC-2004MG08-3XL-BE 8201T-BK-3XL
EB9010 MSO-HTP7906H&PC-09451 G H-40(3) L BH&PC-02299 WP405R4
DD211212B V2-MED7991DD-BK-3XL ORT1300052186-Thigh High H&PC-06800
Ann Chery_2031 03BR02PMR H&PC-072596566-BGR-L ec-6574784
HS-484 76312AINV9070 BH161AW01-L/XL5130-BK-L 5070 Cast Cutter
1064BL-L 5115R-B-MDC-02S H&PC-0467846TLS-A I HS-484 L
DJ141KB11-CL 740-WHT13253P H&PC-0939513251D CB-01-020


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