April 23, 2017

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  • 6 swing speeds, 2 vibration settings, 10 classic melodies, and 5 nature songs soother your baby
  • Metal, Plastic, Polyester
  • Features 5-point harness, plush head supports, and toy mobile
  • Dimensions: 43″(H) x 34″(W) x 33″(D) — Swing up to 30lbs, Bouncer up to 18lbs
  • Swing seat doubles as a bouncer, giving you flexibility to move around the house while keeping baby comfy and close-by.
  • Option to plug-in or use batteries (swing runs on 4 D batters, vibration on 1 – not included)
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General description

Graco Duet Connect LX Swing + Bouncer – Manor.

Recent reviews of Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer, Manor:

My husband put this swing together in about half an hour. It obliged a Phillips head screwdriver. He said it was “no problem” to put together. The pieces went together intuitively and the information were easy to follow. We now have a Graco Glider Petite, which is a more compact variant of this swing. The one big issue I have with it’s the awful quality of the speaker. I was more than a little nervous when we fired this one up and I heard the familiar tune. Happily, this swing speaker is MUCH better. Not only is the speaker decent, however while some swings have a high/low choice only for volume, this swing has a totally adjustable volume. As with the Petite, the seat is plush and deep, so I feel like the baby is secure in the swing, without the easy-to-use five point harness system. The weight suggestions for this swing is between 5. 5 lbs and 30 lbs. My daughter is 7 months and nearly 18 lbs and fits comfortably in the swing. I wish the manual included a suggested length maximum, however only says to discontinue use if infants “tries to climb out or reaches 30 pounds. “This full sized swing rocks with a left to right motion. The seat is set up in a locked position. (I only talk about this because some swings of this type have swiveling seats. ) The complete seat removes from the swing and doubles as a bouncer. I love this feature. When you have a child, you’ll find that your living room, your complete house, becomes swamped with baby things. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff you “need” for a child.

This is a great swing for baby. Well made, pretty easy to put together, with features that will make it simple to accommodate your needs. 1st, assembly is pretty easy. The only hitch is when assembling the seat, it’s a bit difficult to put the legs, then put the two pieces of the seat together. You need a philips screwdriver, to get the screws to go with up is somewhat difficult. After that assembly is a part of cake and the whole procedure should take less than 20 minutes. The whole item is quite big, although the seat can disconnect and act as a bouncing seat so you may be able to take it with you. The seat not only acts as a bouncer, however when connected to the swing arm acts as a light swing for baby. The seat also can recline or be set up more for a much more upright position. The seat also has a vibration feature with two settings. Low or High vibration. This feature REQUIRES two D batteries (not included). The easy to understand controls control music, with decent sounding light songs. The control handle lets you to set swing speed from 1-6. The swing operates silently and swings side to side. It includes a small mobile for baby’s looking at pleasure. The swing can run on half a dozen D batters (again, not included) or run off AC wall power with the included adapter. Because this swing is big, we just leave it plugged in at all times. The seat also has covers for the straps. They easily come off, and I found myself just removing them rather than generally trying to find them. The straps may be adjusted as your baby grows and it also will include a padded head rest. In general, a well built swing with great features and easy to use and assemble.

This swing’s about average in quality and performance, and you get less bang for your buck than with other likewise-shown models. Pros:-comparatively decor-neutral and gender-neutral color scheme-removable bouncy seat is useful and replaces another part of gear if you have to seat the baby carefully in many spaces-plug-in and battery alternatives-pretty easy to assemble (need only a phillps screwdriver for 4 screws; everything else clicks into place-reasonably tough-baby variants of classical music are far superior to common annoying generic baby tunes-toys easily remove from mobile frame and may be replaced with something more engaging. Cons:-deafening motor, sounds like a groaning, cranky metronome. -harness looks flimsy-harness padding is really cheap and impractical – the shoulder pads fall of easily, and the strange padding thing on the crotch strap has to have the shoulder straps threaded through every time you use it – totally inconvenient and cumbersome if you are trying not to rouse a sleepy baby. They are also just cheap and uncomfortable. In comparison to the padded Fisher Price harnesses, they seem like junky throw-away tote bag you’d get at a conference, and make a decent swing look really cruddy. They are also uneasy for a baby and must be pretty tight for the baby to feel secure because they are so narrow. And my baby’s only 14 pounds; I think with a big baby, it could seem like a package tied with twine.

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Soothe and entertain your little 1893831 one in the Ingenuity InLighten Cradling Swing. The swing rotates 180˚ to offer 3 swinging positions at 6 different speeds. The ConnectMe feature lets you to entertain baby with personalized music, photos, or videos. Keep baby smiling with the LightBeams electronic mobile as it projects and reflects a light show and rotates the charming bird toys. The plush seat gives comfy support for baby with an baby bolster, removable headrest, and 2-position recline. The swing folds easily for portability and storage. The Ansley fashion is cute, stylish, and perfect for your little princess.

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Cozy Duet Plus Rocker, Azalea

Cozy Duet calms and soothes baby two different ways – it is a rocker and a swing, in one. In baby swing mode, your little one will enjoy 4 swing speeds. For a second choice to soothe, the plush swing seat removes to double as a rocker. The movable baby rocker seat, with carry handle, gives a soothing spot in any room of the home. With music, vibration, and soft toys, your sweet baby will be comfy and entertained if swinging or rocking in the Cozy Duet.

Big Backyard A24510 Two Person Glider

Twice the fun of a regular swing, this double-seat glider lets two kids play now. Prepared for easy assembly the Glider hangs from any wooden play set and will include tough rope and chains (swing hangers sold individually). The glider is made of molded, high-grade resilient plastic to ensure safety for your kids. Solowave Design warrants this product is free from defect in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of buy. The warranty applies to the original owner and registrant and is non-transferable. This product is warranted for residential use only. Solowave Design disclaims all other representations and warranties of any kind, express or implied.

Bright Starts Elepaloo Portable (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

With easy folding action and plush comfort, the comfort and harmony movable swing travels with baby anywhere. Intended in soft beiges and playful elepaloo style, this movable swing is ideal for soothing a baby boy or girl. If entertaining baby at home or visiting with family, this movable swing calms baby with a light swinging motion. The quality fabrics and trims include plush faux suede, printed brushed poly, soft boa, piping, and intricate embroidery on the T-straps so baby swings in style. With a padded harness for protection, baby lounges snug and safe. Choices of two seat positions and six variable speeds accommodate baby as he or she grows. Add six melodies and baby will be swinging in true elepaloo style. Two plush toys attached to the pivoting toy bar support baby to engage in play. With the timer set to swing in intervals of 15, 30, or 45 minutes and whisper calm operation, baby enjoys soothing relaxation. The machine-washable seat pad and head support make cleanup easy. Extra features are non-slip feet, volume control, and auto shutoff. Requires 4 c batteries, not included.

Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N, My Little Sweetie (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Customize baby’s comfort in so many ways decide from 2 different swinging motions—side-to-side or head-to-toe—whatever baby likes best. (P. S. So easy to change from one to the other ) Six swing speeds offer baby range, also as 16 songs & 2 nature sounds to soothe or entertain. The motorized mobile spins and so do the flowers, which fosters sensory expertise for baby. Mom can decide just swinging or any mix of swinging, music and mobile for baby’s soothing. Also for mom: there’s a plug-in choice that saves on batteries, the seat pad and baby support is machine washable, and the legs on the tough steel frame fold in for storage & portability. Requires 4D batteries. Explanation of Speed SettingsA higher speed setting doesn’t mean higher power •    Speed settings are depending on the angle the seat swings. •    Lower settings will have a smaller swinging motion or angle; higher settings will have a bigger swinging motion or angle. •    Higher settings seem to be going faster because the swing has more to move in a set amount of time. Weight will influence swinging motion and find out the speed setting used •    A heavier child will decrease the amount of swinging motion on all settings. •    The low setting works best for a smaller child while the high setting works best for a bigger child.

158cm 5.18ft Bambi TPE Ultra Realistic Safety Angel Love Adult Doll with Metal Skeleton Lifelike Sexy Toy

The Features: The skin has pure natural lustre and smooth feelings by touch. Her pretty face is sculptured by an experienced sculptor. These dolls will leave you with an experience you never have had before. The body joints are made of fake multiplex metal by new professional technology to ensure the limbs may be free to extend to create all kinds of poses. Maintenance and Cleanness:Your doll should be cleaned every 30 days with light shower bubble. The head should be taken off and cleaned individually. Keep the head away from water. When the skin becomes sticky, clean with bath powder. Dry and use baby powder to make her smooth. – dry with a towel after cleaning and apply baby powder. Don’t use a hair dryer. – Use light shampoo to wash the hair and let it dry naturally. – Suggestion: put on clothes for the doll to keep clean. – Be cautious when moving the doll, avoid dropping / knocking / breaking. Height: 158cm/5. 18ft Material: TPE Arm Length: 65cm/25. 6″ Leg Length: 78cm/30. 7″ Upper Bust: 85. 5cm/33. 66″ Lower Bust: 68cm/26. 77″ Waist: 60. 5cm/23. 82″ Hip: 86cm/33. 86″ Shoulder: 36cm/14. 17″ Foot Length: 21. 5cm/8. 46″ Shoe Size: 36 Bra Size: 32D Underwear: M Clothes: Adult M Vaginal Depth: 18CM/7. 1″ Anal Depth: 17CM/6. 7″ Oral Depth: 13CM/5. 12″.

Fisher-Price – Rainforest Open-Top Cradle

Soothe baby in the beauty of the rainforest. The Fisher-Price cradle swing gives two ways to swing baby: side-to-side or head-to-toe. This baby cradle swing includes six soothing speeds. The rainforest musical swing offers 12 songs in both soothing and playful styles. The Fisher-Price Rainforest Swing includes two nature sounds that improve the rainforest atmosphere. The overhead mobile features a leaf canopy that softly opens and closes around the three plush animal characters to keep your baby entertained all day long. The mobile swings away to offer an open-top design. The two-position reclining seat and an baby head pillow offer great comfort to your little one. The baby cradle swing is easy to clean as the seat pad may be easily removed and machine washed. When not used, you may be able to fold it for convenient storage. Fisher-Price Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing: Swing can move in either side-to-side or head-to-toe motion Rainforest musical swing features an baby head pillow Six soothing speeds 12 songs in both soothing and playful styles Overhead mobile features softly opening and closing leaf canopy Mobile has three plush characters Mobile swings away to offer an open-top design will include a snack tray Two-position reclining seat and 3-point seat restraint Washable seat pad removes easily Rainforest musical swing folds for convenient storage In battery mode, the Fisher-Price swing requires 4 D batteries (not included) Fisher-Price cradle swing may be plugged into any standard wall outlet with included AC adapter Weight bound: 25 lbs. Note: Use this Fisher-Price swing from birth till a child becomes active and can climb out of the seat Assembly obliged.

Cedar Peak Playset and Free Installation

Delivery and installation includedSafety-T-Fuse hardware throughoutUpper fort with wood roof5′ upper deckLower picnic area with benchesStandard step ladder5′ Rock wall with big green rocks5′ Monkey bar5′ Standard ladder10′ Vacuum form slide(2) belt swings(1) trapeze barConstructed of all cedar wood which is naturally decay, rot, and bug tolerant (No chemical additives)Pre-stainedPre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-stained, and stamped lumber for easy assemblyDetailed assembly manualShips in (3) boxes.

Ingenuity Convertme -2-Seat, Sahara Burst

Soothe and delight your little one on the go with the groundbreaking and smart ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat EasyLock technology lets mom to switch from swing to vibrating seat with ease and the Slimfold design assures it folds flat for stress-free storage and travel. Baby will love listening to the eight melodies and nature sounds and five swings speeds ensure a natural beat. The pivoting bar features 2 plush toys and 3 extra loops for entertaining baby anywhere. This movable, covertible swing features neutral, modern fashions and deluxe features that make life easier for mom and relaxing for baby.

Fisher-Price Space Saver and Seat, Luv U Zoo

It”s a swing with six songs, sounds, six speeds and a fun swing-away toy bar. It”s a deep, cozy seat with calming vibrations for baby”s comfort. And it”s all in one space-saving size, so there”s less clutter in your home. So easy to change from one to the other, you”ll love it. extra features are calming vibrations and five-point harness to help keep baby secure. Requires 4 C and 1 D batteries (not included).

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Models to consider:
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1P00GOG MM00118LP53487 CCF38STK0114010082 10121-1-W11
5300-NC WS969-01YAS02-1 60377-3-W11CCH25 T4522
SG-2FT-RO-DZ-BY 1E47LMB1E47ZBA MM00117CHM78 P0098
M08655-02 3810BESX7345 DTB7247AC469 A24528
T8377 V0099P280050 64-Hunter GreenY8648 NE 4604
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DRF91 NE 48861AB48ABG OULUX007BGB32 K7924
CHM56 60413-1-W11AC469 MM00120P0098 CKK59
Y8649 CCL87BGB34-0970 M086511P00GOG 3810BES
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CHM56 INF-2109Y5708 408-BRNCHM84 5300-NC
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10215-3-W11 V1179MM00118 T83779306RS PB 8268
60476-1-W11 CDG12AC469 YAS02-1K7924 NE 4886
1F01GSV BBD0804-0015-G/G 64-Hunter GreenY8647 Y8648
1Y47AFN W9493CJV03 X7050M08651 Y8649
CCF38 SW098AKTWS 4518 DKD85632440M CCH25
60413-1-W11 W9510SG-2FT-RO-DZ-BY STK0114010172PBP-8-2SC-GRN MM00112


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